Umbrella Surveillance System
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Rain Ocampo Lieutenant Rain Ocampo has a resume about a mile long. Her accolades amongst the Umbrella Security Services is legendary and scuttlebutt around the base is that she's onsight looking for replacements lost in a now infamous raid on one of their facilities.

Some people say she killed her previous members. Some people say they turned into flesh eating corpses.

A lot of it is speculation.

There are definitely growing reports of undead walking in packs through Raccoon City, so it is without a doubt that whomever she picks will be right in the thick of hell.

The black clad ''Storm'' moves purposefully across the tarmac after sliding out of one of the blackhawk helicoptors. Her helmet hangs from her combat belt, heavily modified carbine slung down across her chest, and her balaclava pulled down from off her face. Her dark hair is matted, but still pulled back into a tight ponytail out of her eyes, which are about as compassionate as a rattlesnake.
Angela Wylde It may be a blessing in disguise that some of the newer faces around the facility don't yet know about ol' Storm's reputation, or the fate of her previous squad. Ignorance is bliss! It's also easy to overlook a well armed and black-clad figure roaming about the tarmac since that's how everyone looks around here.

Angie is one of these new faces, one which could be easily lost amongst all of the others if not for the one side of her head being buzzed to onyx stubble or the matter of part of her neck and head being tattooed in thick black lines. By this count alone there's a very good chance that she wasn't pulled directly out of the military's toybox. She's not nearly 'clean and proper' enough.

Similarly, her hands are covered in grease. There's a tech manual open beside her though it seems to have been mostly ignored. It's been left opened on the tech illustration of the Humm-Vee's weapon hardmount, which isn't going to do her any good half-buried beneath the hood. She's busy familiarizing herself with the motorpool's offerings in ways which only a mechanic, or one heck of an enthusiast, can manage.
Rain Ocampo So it is by some great destiny that what Rain is looking for, what she specifically needs, is a mechanic. This brings her purposefully towards the motorpool with solid clicks of her boots upon shifting material when she steps inside.

She is quickly saluted and a sargeant steps over to discuss with her quietly. There's an air of military on the base, but it's hardly a military base.. and generally speaking... Rain gets whatever she wants when it comes to personale and materials.

"Wylde!" The Sargeant shouts, "Off your ass and get over here.."

Rain, for her part, is sizing the half buzzed girl with a level stare.
Angela Wylde Well, this mechanic isn't the jumpy sort. When the name is called out Wylde makes an attempt to cover the annoyed sigh and rolling of eyes, something which is fortunately easier to do while still digging around in the truck. It's quickly abandoned, her black-stained hands given a quick rub as she steps forward and makes a passing attempt at being more presentable.

There is some military training to be found, though it's not particularly recent. She has more of that 'seat of the pants' arrogance which one might come to expect out of a mercenary outfit. Rain can see as much in the other lady's eyes when she passes a glance back to Ocampo, similarly sizing up the other. Then she looks to the Sargeant. "If this is about the M113, I had nothing to do with it."

Engine fire. Smoked out several of the bays. An oil can may or may not have been involved.
Rain Ocampo "It's not about the M113... This is Lieutenant Ocampo. She's come looking for recruits... specifically an engineer." The sargeant motions to the Lt. who continues to stare directly at, into, and straight through the much younger woman.

The air of menance is not intentional.

When she finally speaks it's to the Sargeant, "And she's your best?" Turning just a little to face the man, who squirms beneath her raptors gaze.
Angela Wylde Uh huh. Not about the fire. Okay, cool. With the explanation given Ang looks back to Rain, this time for more than a quick glance. There's a bit of a height difference involved, though she's heard all about 'the short ones' before. Maybe not a whole lot to look at, but that -stare-...

It's kind of unsettling. It's also, curiously, not just Angela who feels that way. When Sarg looks equally uncomfortable with the stare it becomes her cue for concern. Enough that she starts to answer -for- the Sergeant. "Best is..subjective," she sort of mutters as if hoping to deflect some of the attention away from herself.

Go ahead, read the file! There's better. There's -always- better. Though she's taken some risks, and survived them, which the Army did not approve of. At all. You could always do worse than a Wylde.
Rain Ocampo "Alright." Rain says flatly, releasing the Sarg from her glaring captivity to fix it fully on Angela, "Do you have a problem going into almost certain danger, against almost certain unfathomable threats to complete an objective? Will you follow orders without hesitation?" That's a tall order, but this is Umbrella. Aint not telling what they'll be called upon to do.

Especially not Rain's squad.

"I need someone familiar with every vehicle in our arsenal. I don't particularly care if you are absolutely better than every other individual... all of that is ''subjective'' anyways..."
Angela Wylde Mistake Number 1: Drawing the attention of the Storm. It's in this moment that Angela properly notes the collection of dog tags hanging off of the smaller woman, which results in an involuntary swallowing motion with a throat that's gone rather dry. She's barely gotten her feet on the ground here and already it feels like she's being signed up for death row!

There's also the part about following orders -without- hesitation, words which bring about one of those micro-expressions in the form of an eye tic. Can she answer these questions with absolute truth? Mmmmaybe not entirely so.

"Getting blood on the tires is a sign of accomplishment, Ma'am," she replies with a little more deflection. "I have familiarity with everything on the grounds, including the personal vehicles in the lot. Not afraid to push their limits, either." Lead-Foot warning.
Rain Ocampo Rain does not let up that stare either. She doesn't have to be vicious, not overtly, her natural demeanor is one of intensity. She's clearly career military, she's clearly very aware of herself as a force of nature. The fact that she carries, so very prominently, the tags of everyone who's died from her unit is either a warning or a memorial.

Either probably isn't relieving.

"You missed a spot." She states, expectantly, "You're under no obligation to say anything other than the truth. The very worst that will happen is that I wont pick you for my squad and you will stay back here in the motorpool fixing bulletcars for half assed units jumping ditches trying to catch up with Zeus' Fury."

She adjusts just a little, waving one black gloved hand outward, "If you want to go where the action is, you'll say yes. You'll know that I'll never give you an order that is against our ROE, I will never send you directly into any danger where I am not right beside you. You ''will'' be in danger, however."
Angela Wylde It's because of this stare that has Angie really wanting to make a joke. Under any other circumstance she probably would, too. This intensity is absolutely felt, and it's human nature to do something to try and 'fix' the matter when a situation is uncomfortable. That, and she spends a fair amount of time 'fixing' things.

At the 'you missed a spot' she hooks a brow upward just slightly and glances back at the Humm-Vee she had been looking over before understanding what Rain meant by the comment. With the disclaimer voiced for all to hear, she offers "I won't jump at a bullshit command and if one is given I'll tell you where to stuff it."

Zeus' Fury. Y'know what, in the short amount of time that she's been here she's heard the name. Usually with some awe, and some emotions from others being glad that they aren't a part of it. Seriously, -this- is what she's now facing?? Which means the Fury's commander--

Wylde just swore at the Fury's commander.


Rain's promise makes a big difference. In fact, when she explains all of this Angie's giving Rain a critical stare right back. Trust has to be earned but the capacity for it has to exist right out the gate. Rain's just earned this much.

So, the options are to stay here and sweep the hangars while waiting for something else to come around, or go where the danger is while riding shotgun to Death, herself. No pressure.

"Then I'm saying yes." Let someone else sweep the damn hangars.
Rain Ocampo "Good. Grab your shit and meet me at the blackhawk." Rain nods to the Sarg, who is trying not to look at Rain, and starts out of the hangar without another word. Rain gets what she wants, almost unilaterally. When she passes, people look away. It isn't disrespectful either, anyone who knows what she's done has a healthy fear of the woman for almost every conceivable reason.

Once at her personal helicoptor she pulls her balaclava back up over her mouth and climbs aboard with her helmet sitting beside her in the seat waiting for their newest addition. The team is down to barebones. Only Mills and Davis remain, the big man with the LMG (Davis) has a heavy wound running down his face and across his throat where something got ahold of him within the last few weeks. The fact that he's patched up and riding the chopper is a testiment to exactly the calliber of the individuals int he squad.

Mills is the medic, mousy, dangerously mousy. Counting his supplies after a restock at the quartermaster.
Angela Wylde "Right on."

There isn't much for Angela to gather. All standard issue, plus an extra set of tools. Rain won't have long at all to wait. As an added bonus, someone else gets to deal with the Humm-Vee now!

Blackhawks are familiar enough. This one gets a healthy slap along the fuselage right as she jumps in, as if showing the vehicle itself some sort of affection or respect. (That detail's also in her file under the Psych Eval section.) The others are noticed (including the facial scar Davis is rocking these days) and briefly greeted as she straps in.

These other two suggest that not -everyone- following Rain is guaranteed an untimely death. Hopefully. Even if some physical maiming happens to be involved. At least the medic is still alive, right?

Though..Rain's in a hurry to get out of here, it would seem. Which makes Angie wonder if there's an active mission. "No part of me is going to miss that boring-ass place." Though feel free to fill her in on what other potentially boring-assed place they're flying out to!
Rain Ocampo "You will." Rain says, staring out the open hatch as the blades start whirling on the chopper. Bucky, the pilot, and Claude, the copilot, radio back that they're clear and Mills reaches over to slide the hatch closed with a click... which means Angie is trapped in there with them.

"You haven't seen how bad it's gotten down there yet." Rain clarifies now that they're in their own personal bubble outside the ears of the rest of the base. "We're doing sweep and clears all across the city.. I've had a temporary FOB set up just outside of town where we'll stage all operations."

Davis checks his weapon with a snap-click and glances up at Angie, "That's Davis. He's a beast with an LMG." Rain points with two fingers. Then over to Mills, "That's Mills, when you get hurt, he'll run into a zombie horde to drag your ass out." ''When'' you get hurt.
Angela Wylde Okay, that does it. "Are you always so cheery?" Angie asks the incredibly stoic Rain. "I'm just saying, some positive thinking is good for team morale." Also, thank god they're away from the Sergeant and Co. You just can't have any fun around those guys.

Sweep and clears. So what she's been hearing thus far really is true. Full-on outbreak. 'Zombies.' It looks like she got to the party at just the right time. To both Davis and Mills she greets with a pseudo-wave of her hand, "You two are the right kind of pals to have on hand for this." Then back to Rain, she asks "Strictly mopping up or are we trying to get civvies out?"

This is Umbrella, not the military. Not soldiers of fortune. She's not entirely certain what their focus is. She's also not treating this as seriously as she probably should be. Give it a little time, and some proper exposure. It changes everyone.
Rain Ocampo "Davis, how are you feeling today?" Rain's attention snaps around from staring out the window, to staring at Angie, The answer comes instantly, with a surprisingly friendly voice... friendly and scratchy because his throat is damaged; "Like killing some zeds, L.T. It's a beautiful day for it."

"How about you Mills? How's the wife and kids?" Rain answers, narrowing her eyes a little in scrutiny of Angie, Mills is perky, almost playful, "Miles away from Raccoon City, thank God."

Rain takes a slow breath and pulls her face shield down with a twist of her head once it nolonger covers her mouth. "If I'm curt, it's because I've been dick deep in necrotic enemies since the early part of March... If I'm unpleasant to be around, it's because I've had to make very difficult decisions that I alone have to live with. You are not going to find ''mother hen'' here.. I will fight with you, I will kill with you, and I will die with you... but I will not powder your ass and make you feel good inside. People want on my team because they ''want'' on my team... not because I'm Mother fucking Teresa. We clear?"
Angela Wylde Through all of this Angie watches and listens. There's no shying away this time, no more looking for distractions or attempts at deflection. If this is her new team, and her new CO, she wants to know what makes them tick. Sometimes the best way to do this is to push a couple of buttons.

Since she got her answer and hasn't been thrown out of the chopper she probably pushed just the right amount of buttons.

Despite Rain living up to her name by being surrounded in perpetual gloom, Angie's looking partly amused, or relieved, by the end of the rant. "Perfectly. Just wanted to make sure you didn't have the standard issue stick up your ass like everyone else seemed to back there."

"Look, I know I'm the arrogant new kid here and by popular vote am probably the next one to not make it home, but I'm not looking to be coddled. I respect that you can make the calls no one else can. Maybe life is gonna suck but at least I can count on you to give it to me straight."
Rain Ocampo "You can be sure of that." Davis says with a smirk, clearly having earned his right to talk back... but even he does it quietly and he goes dead silent when fixed with Rain's stare. Even if she is smirking herself.

A smirk that is gone when she looks to Angela, "I'll never sugar coat anything. If a mission is going to be one way, you'll know... you'll still go... but you'll know." Apparently the optional part was back at the base. This is Rain's world now.

"But there's benefits. We get priority extract. We get ammo, armor, weapons... vehicles. If we need it or can figure out a way to make something we want sound mission necessary, we'll get it."
Angela Wylde At this moment any hints of arrogance or amusement have disappeared from Angela's demeanor altogether. She can still keep eye contact with Rain, as challenging as it can be, and the gal still unnerves her something fierce, but now she knows the kind of person that she's dealing with. It wouldn't be the first time in her life that it felt like she was allying herself with the Devil.

It doesn't seem to bother her that she just signed away her freedom of choice, either.

The mechanic's next series of thoughts can be easily summed up with "I'm with you." Everyone here should know the score now. What's left is for her actions to speak for her. With one question left unanswered...

"Civvies. Assets, or liabilities?" Save 'em, or gun 'em down if they get in the way?
Rain Ocampo "Good." Rain doesn't flinch away, but there's very little that can cause Rain to flinch anymore. Maybe she's just crazy or maybe she really has seen the business end of hell. Only one way to find out.

"Depends on the civvie. If they get in the way of mission objectives, liabilities. If they are our mission objective, liabilities..." Her lips purse a little, "If they've just gotten themselves into a situation that we are more than equipped to get them out of without messing with our mission objective... asset." She shrugs a little, fractionally, "We clean up misses. There's a big ass mess down there, but I'm not a butcher either. If they're not in my way or fucking with my calm, they can go about their marry."
Angela Wylde Also noted in Angela's psych eval, she's not very good with other people. That she remains wholly indifferent to the current subject could suggest there are some sociopathic tendencies lurking in there. This time she isn't looking at Rain, however. Anywhere but directly at Rain. She can only take so much of staring at the eye of the Storm. "I hear ya."

Set down, find bearings, hunt and shoot a lot of zombies... Should be one heck of a first day on the job.