Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma The morning is grey and dreary, a heavy rain is to come, the clouds are so heavy and thick with it that one can feel the moisture in the air, it's humid, in a sticky cold sort of way, the type of cold that gets to ones bones.

Right now the streets are fairly bare, the sun had risen to brighten the day some. It's about that time that people are waking and going to work, or in the case of Emma, coming from work to her other work.

te TerraSave office is her destination, the lass, who walks with her typical smooth grace, is wearing a coat atop of her dark teal scrubs, her hair had been pulled back into a messy bun, sneakers barely making a sound as she nears her office. There is a backpack being worn, looking as if it is stuffed full of things. In her ears are some headphones, she is listening to music to clear her head post night shift at the hospital and get her in the mind set for a long day at work at the office. Does she ever sleep?
Esa Esa stood by the door, two cups in hand. Both filled with tea. In one hand he held a small doggy bag for her, a bagel hidden within. As she approaches, a warm smile is given as he extends the hand with the bag and cup "Morning Emm's." He says in a jovial tone of voice.
Stitch Stitch a man wearing a black army trench coat with no shirt on underneeth runs through the streets constintly looking over his shoulder like hes running from someone a large wound on his abdomin but that dosnt seem to be slowing him down not until he trips over somthing most likly a rock on the ground sending him toppling over "fuck" he cursed in a heavy scottish acsent
Emma Having been looking down, Emma nearly jumps at the sight of Esa, knowing she was near and looking up while getting her keys out of her coat pocket, the lass gives him a smile in return, with an amused shake of her head. "I - I think yer stalkin' me." Says the red head in her thick Scottish accent, putting the keys back in her pocket and going to grab a tea with a delicate hand. "An' brought me - me food? Is this a ploy ta - ta -"

Hearing someone curse near by, eyes widen and there is a half turn. "Wha - what was that?" Asks the freckled face woman, shuffling her backpack some and going to head in the direction of the noise, sipping at her tea. Grey-green eyes befall Stitch, there is a frown. "Bl - Bloody'ell ya alright?" Asks the doctor, motioning for Esa to come along as she goes to check on the fallen man.
Esa "And now why I would I be stalking you." Esa replies with a wink as he looks at her with a warmth of a smile. His attention is soon caught by the cursing and his gaze shifts to look down the street in either direction as his hand moves to his holster out of reflex. "No sure honestly. Could be nothing, I mean.. it is near morning and drunks and homeless have been known to wander the streets before people show up..." He says as he follows her.

Just after Emma spots Stitch, so too does Esa. "What in the.." He says as he grabs Emma's shoulder "Stop. Look at him. He's pale as a damn ghost.." He bites his lip, then adds "Let me check on him first. If it's safe, I'll motion you up." he adds, looking to her.
Stitch Stitch looks at the two coming up to him "stay back!, its not safe to be near me" he yells as  he takes a quick look down the road "im not going back, they cant make me" he gets up and for a breaf moment you can see injection marks on his chest
Emma Emma playfully rolls her eyes at Esa, to the stalking comment, before she is off to look at Stitch. Instantly, her backpack drops, because she isn't thinking safety. "I'll be damned," She remarks shaking her head some. "No he - he needs help -now-." That's the doctor in her, the person who will help without thinking, even if it means trouble for her. His white skin is spotted, and then the all black eyes. Her own skin pales, this is more than strange. Then, she spots his wound, and there is a deep, deep frown. "Bloody'ell," The lass remarks looking down the road he came from and then to Esa, going to help Stitch up. "Esa, help me carry him to the office, he needs his chest looked at now."

In a more soothing way, the pale man is given a small smile. "Yer - yer safe with us, come on now."
Esa Esa looks to the direction he came, biting his lip and sighs. "Why do I have a bad feeling about this." He mutters as he moves to carry Stitch, wincing ever so slightly as he puts pressure on his right leg.
Stitch Stitch reluctantly accepts the help "i dont want to put you two in danger" he says through gritted teeth due to his wound he gets up and looks at the two of them before asking "i dont know why you want to help me im not worth the trouble but thank you lass"
Emma "Well," Emma states, though her tone is kind, it's also firm. "I - I am a doctor, an' I am here ta help, plus, I know what it's like ta - ta be hunted," She is assuming this, given his current statement. "An' trust me, yer - yer safe with us." She looks to Esa, to silently say, them both, and then looks back to Stitch. "Come alon' now, yer gonna need that looked at, an' - an' my office is right here, nobody will hurt ya there."

She leaves this in such a way that suggests she will not argue over this, and would go to help him with the aid of Esa, to her office. If Stitch allows.
Esa Esa isn't giving the kid much of a choice; Less he fights him, he was bound and determine to carry Stitch to the Terrasave offices.
Stitch Stitch stands in the office with esa and emma as bad as his wound is it dosnt seem to be bleeding much if at all as stands there using Esa for support he says "thank ye lass"
Emma Emma, with the aid of Esa, would help Stitch into the building and up to her office, where the door would be closed. Luckily, she is still in her scrubs, the backpack is tossed onto the giant dog bed - but no dog lays there, her coat is pulled off and tossed there to. She'd of directed Stitch to her desk chair, it leans back some, which will help her to look over the injury. "E - Esa, get me my medkit." She asks, motioning to the shelf.

"Now, sir, te - tell me what is goin' on, yer - yer, well, I guess it's plain, not exactly ordinary lookin'."
Esa Esa nods, turning and goes to grab the medical kit before heading back to Emma. "How bad is the gunshot wound?" He asks as he hands off the kit
Stitch Stitch lets out a struggled sigh "well im not exactly alive nor am i dead i excaped an umbrella facility early this morning thats how i got this here wound" he jesters to the gunshot wound on his abdomin
Emma Emma takes the medkit from Esa, and goes to open it, her focus is the bullet wound, and seeing as there is no exit wound, well the bullet would still be stuck in there. This'll pose a small problem, seeing that they are not at the hospital. She'd shoot a message off on her phone, and then get some gloves on. "I - I need ta inject tha site with numbing, the bull - bullet be likely there still. It'll hurt." Might as well be honest, but first she goes to clean the wound.

When Stitch mentions Umbrella, she looks to Esa, bites her lip and frowns some. "I - I see, why did you try to get away?" Grey-green eyes move to Stitch again. "I - I am Doctor Emma O'Connal by tha way, an' I've seen a lot worse than ya, Umbrella has a mind worse than tha devil with what it can create. But I - I guess I should ask, yer - yer not gonna kill us, are ya?"
Eve Eve walks in from an adjacent office, notebook folded against her chest. She catches what Emma says to Esa and she closes the door behind her. "I cancelled your morning apointments, and most of your afternoon ones as well." She states, placing her bag on a chair. "What can I do to help?"
Stitch Stitch looks at Emma "i ran from them because they turned me into this thing, as for killing ya no i wont them on the other hand ill do everything in my power to make sure they pay"
Emma Looking up, Emma nods to Eve and gives a thankful smile, she then continues to work on Stitch.

"Take notes." She says to her assistant kindly, the numbing then put in place, it would sting some, for Stitch. "Yer - yer not alone in hatin' Umbrella, I've seen what they've done, I've near died myself due to it, they can go ta hell." Sure the sweet, kind redhead can have a bit of anger, why not! "Wha - what did they do to ya?"
Eve Eve takes a seat on a chair, placing her notebook in her lap as she starts taking notes. She quickly sketches out a human form and makes notes of the injuries on the man that Emma is treating. Alongside the sketch are notes in shorthand.
Stitch Stitch shakes with anger "they killed me injected me with a hybrid version of the t-virus mixed with the same one they gave a project called nemasis they turned my into there killing machein and i aint having it
Emma Emma frowns a little, as she works. "I - I am gonna take tha - tha bullet out now, I'll be as gentle as I can." She grabs some long tweezers, and in hails a little, going to, as gently as possible, remove the bullet.

"Yer - yer in danger then." She says to Stitch, after a second the bullet comes out, clean and fast, a true show of her talents. "Ya - ya can stay here, we'll make ya up a room, yer goin' ta be safe here, trust me on that. Plus, I - I wanna sample yer DNA, get some blood, if ya'll let me." She looks to Eve, then Esa, then back to Stitch.
Esa Esa frowns, but nods to Emma regarding Stitch staying here. "I'd like to stay here. I know you have amble security, but an extra hand wouldn't hurt I think."
Eve Eve makes some notes and picks up a phone, placing a call to security and to her assistant. A few words are exchanged and then Eve looks up at Emma. "A room is being prepared on site." She murmurs, turning to continue the conversation in low tones.
Stitch Stitch nods his head and extends his arm for emma to get a blood sample "if it helps expose umbrella take as much as you need"
Emma "Of - of course." Emma says to Esa with a nod and smile. She looks to Eve too. "Th - thank ya."

Looking to Stitch she then goes to clean the wound, and stitch it up. "Well, that - that's good ta hear, ya'know, ta have tha help. I'm aware of a few creations that Umbrella has made, this'll only help us get an outline of what they can - can do."
Eve Eve closes her phone and murmurs. "Celeste's office is empty, it's ready to be used for him until further notice."
Esa Esa gives a small nod to Emma before glancing to Eve quietly. Another nod is given but nothing is said
Emma Once all is said and done, Stitch is taken to his room to recover. Emma, slumps into her seat, still wearing her scrubs. She puts away her medkit and looks to Eve, and then Esa.

"Well t - this could be trouble." She remarks, shaking her head just a little. "If - If he is runnin' from Umbrella, and they find out he is here, well, it's a big risk."
Esa "I will be here as often as I can. There are a few things going on within the .." A pause and he pulls an object out; a frequency dampener. "With the rebels. Top that off, a few things with the FBC are happening. But I will be here when I can."