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Esa Saturday, March 26 2006
FBC Refugee Camp

Located on the base for the Federal Bioterrorism Commission is part of the Achaguas refugee camp. The other half was located outside of the FBC base and in a reclaimed warehouse being used as a shelter. The base acted as a processing location and the shelter was the out processing after everyone was cleared medically.

It has been a week since the Achaguas incident. Most of the citizens have been cleared to the warhouse where mix tents and canopies are setup inside to providing privacy and shelter. Most of the people are scared, confused and clearly unsure what is going on. Whispered rumors are quietly being hushed by government agents to keep what actually happened a secret.
Trixie Trixie stands near a corner of the warehouse's inner space, standing guard, trying to forget just how much she's sweating just standing here, watching the government agents milling around among the crowd of refugees, and wishing she understood more than a dozen words of Spanish. She has a sneaking suspicion she knows what they're doing, however, from their gestures and general mannerisms, combined with the little Spanish she does know.

"Whoever decided that keeping what we're doing under wraps is the best way to save everyone needs their head examined. Preferably by opening it up with a chainsaw," she murmurs. "Though the implosion might be messy..."
Esa Two government agents continue to talk to a young woman who looks simply terrified. They argue quietly for a few minutes before she seems to give up and bow her head in understanding. Turning, the woman heads inside her tent and a few seconds later two kids come out and head off to a makeshift soccer field.

A minute afterwards, she steps out, looks around. First to the makeshift soccer field where her kids went, then they land on Trixie before she walks back in. She still looked scared.. terrified even.
Trixie "Something sure seems rotten about this setup..." Trixie frowns, then approaches the tent, shifting her single-point slung XM8 to hang behind her right arm.

As she pauses at the door opening of the tent, she does her best to wipe the anger from her face, then taps lightly on the closest tent pole with a fingernail. "Que habla Anglais?" she asks softly, trying to be as nonthreatening as possible.
Esa The woman opens the tent flap, sees Trixie and closes it quickly. A hand goes to her mouth as she steps back, staring at the closed door. After a few minutes, the tent flap opens again. "Little." She whispers "Please. Go. No trouble."
Trixie Trixie sighs inwardly, then points to herself. "No. No trouble. No hurt. Just talk." She points to herself more emphatically. "Amigo. We saved you, in the church. I just want to know what they were saying to you."
Esa She stares at Trixie, fear still in her eyes and on her face. Finally she caves, and gestures for her to come in "Quickly. No see you. Quickly, in." she gestures before looking out to see if Trixie was seen, then closes the flap.
Trixie Trixie takes a quick look around for the agents, then nods to the woman and even more hastily steps inside, letting the flap be closed behind her.

Once inside, she takes a careful look around the tent, swallowing a deep pang of pity at the bareness of the dwelling, remembering Denver and the Ritz Carlton where some of the refugees from Raccoon City had been housed. This doesn't begin to come close to that. She points in the general direction of the two agents. "Hombres malo... government men... what they say to you, scare you mucho?" she asks, struggling with the language.
Esa Within the tent was a few cots, a burner to boil water and a few chairs. Otherwise, the place was sparse. Not even clothing or a dresser could be seen.

"They ask, keep quiet. No talk about..Them." She says, moving to a chair and sits.
Trixie "Them... los muerto hombres? The hungry dead men? Zombies?" Trixie asks. She's almost sure that's what the woman means, but asks anyway, to confirm it. She points to the FBC patch on her shoulder. "We kill them... so they cannot kill others. The suit men say keep quiet about them. Why?"
Esa "Si.. Si. Los muerto hombres." The woman replies, her head nodding. "Hombres del gobiernoThey said no zombie, no muerto. But Ellos comen carne, mataron a mi hermano" she starts to cry before she sees the patch. The look on her face shifts to pure terror as she stands "Out! You did this!" she pipes up, pointing to the logo. "Vi al hombre con un kit mdico con ese logo" she said in Spanish.
Trixie Trixie shakes her head, wide-eyed, her hands coming up in a placating gesture. "No, no! We /kill/ zombies! We don't /make/ them! Killed the zombies to save you, your children, these other people... a week ago, in the city," she tries to explain.
Esa "Vi al hombre con un kit mdico con ese logo!" she repeats, pointing to the logo "Inject us. Mess with water. I saw it." she states with a fiery look now. "You same. out. Now."
Trixie "No. /Not/ same. Not me," Trixie says insistently. "Only in that city once, to kill zombies, save the people in the church." She blinks. "Wait. You said uno hombre... one man... kit medico... medical kit? Injected the people? Put something in the water? When did that happen?"
Esa "like you no know." She replies, moving toward the ten flap. "Weeks ago he come." She adds before pulling the flap back. "Out. Now. You no better than Hombres del gobierno"
Trixie "Would not /ask/ if I /knew/. Would not save you if I did that. But you no see me... no look. Only see man with kit medico." Trixie shakes her head sadly. "Maybe you see better someday. Adios..." She sighs and steps through the tent flap.

Then she keys up her radio. "Collins. Mac. We need to talk. /Now/."
Esa "This is Collins." Esa replies to the radio. "What do you need Mackenzie?"
Trixie "Your location. This isn't for the airwaves," Trixie replies tersely. "Get somebody down here to relieve me, I.I.N.S."
Esa A few minutes later a FBC soldier comes down to relieve Trixie. Esa himself would be found in his office, sitting at his desk. He is in the middle of review paperwork and would stand as she came in.
Trixie Trixie doesn't bother with greetings of any kind. She's far too angry for that. "We have a problem. Someone in FBC livery was in that town several weeks before we got there... giving injections and doing something with the town water supply. One of the refugees told me... after she accused me of being part of that. And I /don't/ like being compared to a Bolivarian G-Man by someone I helped save."

She takes a deep breath, then another, before asking, less tersely, "Do you know what's going on with that?"
Esa Furrowing his brows as he looks to Trixie, his head shakes. "Honestly I do not Trix." He sighs as he sits back down in the chair. "We are scheduled to launch another mission into Achaguas here soon. Let's go ahead and add their local well as a source to investigate." rubbing his chin slightly, he adds "Talk to Major Stadler and Sargent Delgado and see what they find out about the citizen's blood analysis." He adds calmly.
Trixie "I don't know how you can sit there so calmly... we're being blamed for something we had no part of. It's bad enough to get blamed by a bad news story for making an impossible call, but getting the rap for something we didn't do..!" Trixie smacks both hands into the brow of her helmet with a cry of frustration and rage, as if she were a fed-up Valley Girl.

"I'll talk to them, but I get the feeling they won't know any more than you or me... I think it's too soon to be that rat Thomas, doing it for whoever employed him to rob Terrasave. So either someone is impersonating us, or there are other F.B.C. people here doing things we need to know about. I think it's the first."
Esa "Trixie. I'm calm because I have been suspecting this for a while. We knew of FBC people that have gone missing and of whom we are not sure have been processed out or transferred." He sighs "And I have to keep a levelled head in regards to all of this. As much as I'd like to be angry, annoyed and pissed I can't. People are counting on me to give them information."

"Secondly, they are doctors and scientists. Both will know more about what is flowing through someone's veins then I. If, as you were told, they were giving injections I am certain those two will find out what was injected in to them." He stands again and fishes out some cash, setting it on the desk. "Go, get something to drink and eat and calm down." He says with a warm smile.
Trixie "IF they'll let us touch them... they totally think WE killed their town... their friends and neighbors and loved ones. The fact that we saved all their lives when the government's thugs tried to blow that church to hell doesn't mean a thing anymore," Trixie replies, pacing back and forth while fighting down her temper, ignoring the money. "And there are government men in that warehouse with the refugees, forcing them to keep quiet about what's happened to them. Going by how frightened they are, those suits must be threatening them with something seriously awful if they say anything to anyone. The woman I talked to was scared half out of her mind."
Esa "It is not our place, Trixie. We are here to assist, not to fight against the local government." Esa notes as he watches her quietly. "Secondly, our doctors have been taking blood analysis daily and comparing them to known virus samples from Umbrella that turns them into Zombies. Wouldn't be too hard for the Major and Sergeant to review them further." He adds.
Trixie "It starts to feel a lot more like my place when a woman whose ass I saved a week ago tells me I'm no better than one of those government men... just because I wear /this/ on my shoulder," Trixie retorts, stabbing the F.B.C. patch on her left shoulder with her fingertip, as if she would poke a hole straight through it. "But whatever. I'll talk to Rick and Bob about it. Hope they can find something like that T-virus injection we got in them, or something else. It'd be nice to know we're accomplishing /something/ here besides sweating ourselves to death and saving people who already hate us before they even know us. Ohmigawd... if I didn't hate this place already, I could totally learn to."

She starts to turn toward the door, then pauses. "Anything else I should know about, come to think of it? I might as well ask now instead of having to walk back here later."
Esa Rounding the table, Esa walks over to Trixie and wraps his arms around her; pulling her in to a tight hug. "Yeah, hang in there. It's going to be rough before the calm." He tells her calmly.
Trixie Trixie tenses at the hug, at least at first. "It's /already/ rough..." she murmurs helplessly, the tension bleeding out of her as she weakly returns the hug, her composure dissolving in the face of the embrace. Within seconds she's crying like a schoolgirl after her first breakup, her face pressed into his shoulder.
Esa Esa just stands there, holding her close to him. A hand softly rubs her back as she cries on his shoulder. "I know." He whispers softly, gently to her. "But it will get better." He adds soothingly.
Trixie Trixie is silent for a long time, just internally gathering up the pieces of her calm."Yeah..." she murmurs at last. "I hear Heaven's nice..."
Esa "But you're not going there anytime soon, Trix. Not on my watch." Esa replies softly.
Trixie "Doesn't sound like it's gonna get any better, then..." Trixie whispers bitterly, tightening her half of the hug.
Esa Smiling, he nods as his hands rub her back gently, pulling her tigher as she did. "Yeah, probably. But that is what you've got friends for." Esa replies kindly to her. "I may be your boss, Trix.. but I am your friend too."
Trixie "I /totally/ have mixed feelings about that," Trixie says at last. "Good that you are... bad 'cause people like you are all that keeps me in this three-letter sick joke. Seriously."
Esa Esa chuckles. "I can always get you out Trix. Just say the words."
Trixie "Like you got /you/ out? Besides, where would I go? Here? No way," Trixie whispers, as a smile is born and dies on her lips in perhaps a second. "When I see this hole disappearing behind me, I want it to be for always. Maybe with someone cheering us for heroes for once, like that'll totally ever happen."

She quietly draws back, dabbing at her eyes with the cuff of her left sleeve. "I'm in for the long haul, I guess... I'm just that stupid. Don't ask me why. And not just 'cause I couldn't tell you."
Esa Grasping her shoulder, he squeezes fondly and nods "And I am appreciative and thankful for you sticking around, Trix. But the reason why I am here are different. People are pulled my strings to keep me in. You would be different and I'm sure I can get you a transfer to BSAA or, perhaps, Terrasave could use a hired hand in security."
Trixie "I /will/ think that over. Ask me again, after we're out of Mara-craphole for good, maybe," is all Trixie says.