Umbrella Surveillance System
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Tabitha The back patio has been decorated with the dim flickering glow of candles. Nothing too extravagant. Four large citronella candles sit around the patio while three flicker in jars on a small table. Tabitha sits in one of the chairs, a reclining type for sunbathing. Two mugs rest on the table, tucked under a towel to keep them warm
Eve Eve walks out from the house, yawning as she pulls a large white fuzzy robe around her. "Why are you sitting out here?" She asks quietly as she pads closer. She climbs in a chair and pulls her feet up. "It is..nice outside here at night."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles and reaches over, pulling the towel off the mugs.. ..releasing the steam from two mugs of cocoa. Ex-marshmallows have long since started making a little white melted sea of delight atop the surface, helping hold in the heat. "We never use the patio, so I thought 'hey, why not?', and it seems a bit more magical at night. Different bugs at night. Sounds different. more mysterious..", taking one of the mugs herself. Tabitha is in a set of scrubs, a fuzzy blanket across her legs, and thick socks on her feet. While not needed, it does add armfulls of Cozy.
Eve Eve gazes up at the sky, transfixed for a few minutes before she reaches out for the second mug. "Thanks for this, it smells wonderful." She murmurs, taking a sip of the chocolate treat. "The scary bugs don't seem to come out at night, well..except for the spiders."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles. "spiders eat scary bugs. Just dont be a scary bug and you're fine" She slips noisly, the soft sound muffled by melted marshmallow.. "mmmmmm", she mumbles to herself.
Eve "I saw a wolf spider in the office the other day. It must have thought I was a bug because it chased me until someone from Security stepped on it." Eve explains, shuddering as she shakes her head. "I check every single shoe I put on my feet now."
Tabitha Tabitha chuckles softly over her mug. " called Security.. for ", doing her best to keep a straight face. "...for a spider...", snorting just a little "You really Don't like bugs do you?
Eve "Oh no, that spider chased me to Security. I tried to step on it twice and it did a little rearing thing." Eve holds up both hands to her face and hisses. "I thought it was calling me out, and rather than shoot it and alarm security, I allowed them to dispatch the evil spider."
Tabitha Tabitha giggles and tries not to shoot cocoa up her nose when Eve does the evil spider gesture. "oh, gods you are so cute when you do that", she sputters, laughing hard enough she has to grab her cocoa mug with both hands to avoid spilling it..
Eve "Yes well when you see a spider doing it, run, it means they're no longer happy with your presence." Eve murmurs, taking a sip of her cocoa. "I called an exterminator for the house, just in case. I had nightmares for two days."
Tabitha Tabitha sits up on her chair, still chuckling a little, moving to put a hand on Eve's bathrobed knee. "I'm sorry.. " She takes another sip of her cocoa. "I heard some folks talking, earlier and it made me a little sad. Folks getting their own places." Tabitha looks to the small house they've not really been in that long. "I sorta go used to the whole household thing. "
Eve Eve subtly shifts on the chair, moving her knee away and she shrugs. "I would like to have a place on my own in case it's necessary. It could be, and I always think ahead." She glances at the house and adds. "This is a beautiful place, but how long before something bad happens here?"
Tabitha Tabitha leans back, folding her legs cross-legged. She lifts the mug to her lips with both hands, holding it close as she looks back at the house. "How long before something happens anywhere? That's not something you can really be concerned about, or you'll just wind up finding a bunker to crawl into and letting the world pass by. Dont forget, we just kicked some major harship ass. We're awesome", taking a sip from her mug "..for a given value of awesome."
Eve "Tabitha, I'm a realist. I've seen some really fucked up things in the last three years." Eve says, and she takes a breath. "If we're found out, in any capacity, where do you think the first place they're going to look for us is?" She points at the house. "Here, and the office. We may have help, but we're not invicible and we need to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "Well, I mean, we have an office with a sign out front. They've come after Emma, how many time? I think the best thing that's happened to us is being in the public eye. We've been on the news and nothing's happened so far. Maybe we're not a target while we're in the sun. Maybe if we disappear, thats when they decide to take us out; in the shadows""
Eve Eve gazes at Tabitha and after a moment she gets to her feet, her mug cradled in her hands. "Pretending that just because a problem stopped ..that it's gone, is a very..not good way of thinking. You push away the clouds and hope that they won't bring rain. They're not going to stop, eventually the rain will start." She walks slowly towards the house and pauses to add. "We could seek shelter though, and be safe."
Tabitha Tabitha watches Eve go. The words, though not intended to, sting. Tab sits there, gazing into her coffee mug for a bit, trying to ponder just which part stings the most. After a moment or two, tab gazes down into her mug. Some long legged crane-fly has decided to try to swim in her mug. Bugs everwhere. Tabitha stands, tossing thecontents out into the grass. She goes about, snuffing the candles about the edge of the patio. Pulling her hair back, she leans over to blow out the candles on the table, thrusting the area in darkness.