Umbrella Surveillance System
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Tabitha Tabitha is again at the cafeteria.. differnet meal, more coffee, same scrubs and a whole new level of tired expression on her face. she makes her way over to one of the tables.. something sorta reasonably nutritious on her plate.
Aidan Like Tabitha, Aidan is again at the cafeteria. Later on in his shift and exhausted he's got a tray of food with a coffee mug bigger than the plate of something? Looks like chicken and rice we can go with that. He makes his way to a table as well and sits down and starts eating in zombie mode for a few bites before he even bothers to look up and spots somebody else at the table, "Oh sorry was this your table ma'am?"
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head, having spotted him earlier. She extends a hand "Doctor Winslow.. Tabitha..", she offers, extending a hand. Tabitha is wearing the local scrubs, as well as a TerraSave hoodie over that.
Aidan Aidan stands up from his seat and reaches out to shake her hand, "Dr Drake... Wow that sounds like a terrible rapper name. I'm good with just getting called Aidan though. A pleasure to meet you Doctor Winslow." After finishing shaking hands he sits back down, "So is it always so busy here?"
Tabitha Tabitha says, "Tabitha, Please, or it's DJ Drake from now on.", she offers with a giggle, "This.. is heaven compared to earlier. Were you here for the big cleanup and rescue effort? The hospital here was overwhelmed and we were doing triage and even surgery over at the camp."
Aidan Aidan shakes his head a bit, "No ma'am I just arrived here last couple of days. I'd heard that there was a big Doctor's without boarders group going on here and the hospital offered me a position and I just couldn't refuse to come here. Almost like I was called for this mission." He grins a bit at the idea of DJ Drake, "And Tabitha it shall be because DJ Drake would be a terrible nickname."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles warmly. "I'm with TerraSave and a Doctors Without Borders member too. I think we really did some good work. Sucks working in a camp, but Its worth it, you know? Where were you before here? Where did you train?
Aidan Aidan shrugs a bit, "I was a combat medic in the Army. Got out went up to East Tennesse State and James Quillan School of Medicine. Rural medicine specialty. So the lack of decent facilities is what you could say I specialize in."
Tabitha A smile curls Tabitha's lips. "Duke, nawth carolihhna", letting her southern accent slip free and dance about barefoot for a bit. "And I came her by way of Paris, of all places. Imagine that. 6 months ago, I'd never been out of the my state, let alone the country."
Aidan Aidan blinks and smiles a bit, "Good 'ole country girl eh? And now a world traveler. I never made it to Paris wish I'd had a chance to see more of the world than what I got to see."