Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten The Paradise Islands - Isla Sornla

In his almost year long investigations into the Paradise Islands, Buck Rogers had come across information that there was /something/ that had escaped from an abandoned Umbrella Research Laboratory lurking on one of the Islands.

It wasn't hard to figure out where when you considered that one island in the chain was quarantined and at least one tabloid paper that you would see in a grocery shop has reported 'Dinosaurs walk the Earth once more' thanks to a poor quality photo from some fisherman.

Using his BSAA Contacts, Buck had been able to organize a small team to investigate the manner covertly and take down whatever it was or retreat and call in some heavy firepower coming from a near-by US Navy Vessel with ballistic missiles.

After several hours of exploring the island, you come across what appears to be a pile of boons and black goop in a pit. You have little time to investigate it as the trees around you begin to crash down and a horrifying mixture between a Tyranausarus Rex, a mixture of genetics and a whole lot of t-Virus comes rushing out towards you.

All three of its mouths were open as it roared, snaking tendrils visible in place of a tongue.
Kitten Poor Delia. Had she never seen Jurassic Park? THOSE THINGS SENSE MOVEMENT!

As the two men move into positions of stealth, the massive t-virus infested monstrosity rushes straight for the poor girl as it ejects clouds of toxic spores from not just its backside but all over its entire body.

It starts to catch up on the girl swiping at her with one of its arms which would have been laughable except thanks to t-Virus the arm adapt and mutates into a long limb with claws at the end!
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov for his part just closes his eyes. This was not what he expected would be happening today. Dinosaurs are not things that exist! So here the man is cowering under a tree, or behind a tree now as he checks over his reaper carbine, hands shaking even as he steadies his breathing and turns to look over his shoulder.

Somehow he had made his way several dozen feet away too.. moving.. far far away.
Flynn Flynn's PI investigations from time to time was hired by the local Governments of Bolivar and Paradise Islands to help with investigations, or to be an extra gun hand. They also had a contract with BSAA (supposedly), thus why Dresden was with them. The man known as Andrew Dresden to the group (AKA Flynn), walked with the group when the happen across the pile of boons and black goop. Squatting down, the man look at it and muttered "What the fuck?"

It was about that time when the trees began crashing as something moved toward them. Withdrawing his twinsies guns, he stands up and stares down the treeline. When the Tyrannosaurus burses through, or rather the Tyrannosaurus on T-Virus steroids, Flynn looks to his guns, then to the dinosaur.

"Nope." He states, turning and ducks into the ferns and high grass.
Natalya Natalya came for the promise of money and doing a little good. One look at the thing they were meant to kill and she decided that money is not that important. As she started to back away and turned to run, a wash of spores is released and after inhaling she grabs at her throat and continues to move. Ducking awakwardly into whatever cover she can before she collapses on her ass.
Delia Delia had completely forgotten about Jurassic Park apparently and started to run, pausing to shoot the zombified T-Rex. And she might even been screaming if she were truly able to. Hopefully the T-Rex gets distracted so she can just keeps shooting at the creepy creature and she doesn't have to keep running!
Markus Berger Markus joined the exploration since any informations about what Umbrella has been doing is worth a lot. Although at the sight of the monstrosity that came to greet his interest in everything abruptly falters quite fast and he starts running as well to stick close to Delia who theortically is his and Archenes bodyguard, only taking a moment to fire off a bullet at the Umbrella-made monstrosity and introducing Delia to a good dose off Umbrella-made first aid spray. You can say what you want, that stuff is extremely good even though its likely also a result of their virology research.
Buck Rogers The tree line shatters. Wood splits with the force of thunder, sending up enormous clouds of dust and flurries of leaves. And come from the forest, a myth out of history, delighting every childhood fantasy he'd ever had--

"Imagine that," Buck marvels, his voice a gravely rasp tinged metallic through his gas mask's filter. "It's kind of a dinosaur."

Then the Tyrant lizard king is lumbering toward them all, shaking the earth around it. The group immediately splits-- spores fill the air, the dinosaur comes toward Delia, and in Buck's peripheral the group shrinks as some of them vanish. Fuckin' BSAA manager, he thinks-- someone gave him the B-Team.

He bellows, "Split up! We've got backup-- keep it distracted, kite it, and book it to our evac! If you're not bein' chased, focus on the air support, get 'em our coordinates!"

Then the thing is coming at Delia, and Buck, well, he's got a spot of chivalry in him-- why do you think he's swinging around a sword in 2006? He hurls himself bodily at the creature, the electrified and all-too-sharp Paladin crackling through the air, and aims to slash at the creature's massive feet and heel, to cripple it as best he can.
Kitten The transmissions are very garbled from the island but the Navy Vessels picks up on a few words from Buck's radio and well, Air Support is one of them. Aircraft are launched to provide close quarters air support and also provide targeting data in case the team dies which might be likely!
Delia While Buck is keeping the T-Rex busy, Delia decides this is a fantastic opportunity. She is going to try and continue to shoot the T-Rex, hoping more that some of her damage will help wittle this dino down.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei after a few seconds of composing himself will peek once more from behind the tree, lifting up his assault rifle then, he'll line up a shot carefully, hands stilled, imagining he was somewhere else even as he pulled the trigger and unloaded several dozen rounds into the animal beyond himself.

Fifteen rounds. Fifteen hits. Or thats what he'll tell everyone else even as he pulls the gun back and glances about the area before exhaling then and trying to get up to slink away.
Flynn "Well, fuck it. When is the last time that I have gotten to claim that I've shot a three headed Tyrantasaurus?" Flynn quips to himself as he takes a kneeling position and aims. His first shot went for the head, while the last three went the largest mass there was; one of those bullets missed. "Although, in reality no one will ever believe it." A beat "Not to self, get a souvenir tooth."
Kitten Buck is very unfortunately snatched up by the Tyrantasaurus Rex while the Aircraft launching from the USS Liberty are given distinct order to carpet bomb the entire area. Orders had just come in from Director-General Morgan Lansdale that the entire Island was at risk and had to be bombed off the map at any cost.

The Paradise Islands Government had authorized it.

Even as Buck is being eaten by the Tyrantasaurus, you can see the aircraft making a pass at your position but they're not just aiming at the T-Rex

They're shooting at all of you.

No doubt in minutes bombs would be dropping to. Your chopper might have even been gone.

The nefarious leader of the FBC had set you all up, not that you knew it..
Natalya As the gunfire rains down, everyone scatters, including Natalya. She doesn't move quick enough and is struck in her abdomen. She is knocked to the ground and as she tries to crawl away she turns to fire at the first threat, the T-Rex. It hits, but she doesn't even register that as she tries to crawl towards whatever cover she can find.
Kitten The bombs continued to drop with more intensity, becoming almost impossible to avoid at this point. The Tyrantasaurus Rex is just chasing after Andrei at this point, intent to add the man to his growing collection of digestible lunchables but unlike the Sarlaac you would die pretty quickly inside of that t-Virus infected pit.

The shoreline is just up ahead and your helicopter is gone.

You had all been betrayed. That much was certain. You had made powerful enemies.

Your only hope was to get to the ocean and hope you get both the Tyrantasaurus Rex and the bombs into the water.

R.I.P. Buck Rogers. A True Legend, and kind of a hero.
Buck Rogers As the group engages the dinosaur, Buck's vaguely aware that no one is trying to coordinate the air support-- something he's distinctly unable to do, lost in the black shadow of the primordial beast and engaged fully in the distraction of it. As the enhanced edge of his blade cuts into the thing's heal, leaving enormous gouges in the viral flesh that spray ichorous blood and whatever else lingers inside it, powerful currents of electricity stab into it, forcing the muscles to convulse.

The t-rex's stamina is enough that even Buck's fierce strength is unable to fell it, but the terrible cuts and the electric bite do draw its attention, even as far-off Wesker's traitorous actions see the air support come.. to try and put them all down.

One of the dinosaur's heads swing down, and its jaws seize his leg. They bite down, twist, and he feels a bone snap, or maybe it's just his hip dislocating-- either way, he bites down hard and grinds his teeth, smacking the thing in its big ugly snout over and over with the blade, trying to dislodge himself.

Instead, he gets hurled up into the air, tossed as easily as a child, tumbles rather acrobatically, and the three heads compete to see which can snag him from the air first. As the spore-ridden tongue caresses the armor, and the teeth sink in, the next crack is definitely the leg.

Then he's pulled down a slick, convulsing throat. Not the sexiest way to go, but one of the coolest, he thinks.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov realizing what is going on now as bullets begin to pepper the ground around him looks up then and towards teh T-rex. "BAIL. Official Orders. BAIL! Get to the water! I swear to god I will shoot you myself if you do-" Andrei pulls the trigger then not even really bothering to aim as he points the gun at the T-rex and unloads several rounds into the beast as he starts to abck away and run backwardsd towards teh shoreline, " start running! RUN!"

Every so often a stray bullet from the carbine will be loosed to distract the beast and hopefully keep it rightfully upset at the right person.. though maybe he shouldn't of distracted the animal from their snack.
Delia Delia decides this T-Rex is too much for her to handle and takes off running like a bat out of hell. Also one needs to avoid those helicopters too. She still had to complete her personal goals after all.
Flynn Flynn recognizes the aircraft engines in the air, and the whine sound a Vulcan cannon produces as it begins to staff 50 caliber rounds across the landscape. Turning, he runs.

"Shit!" Dirt explodes upward, dousing the area around him and covering him with loosen dirt. "Damn it!" A second explosion rips open the ground ten feet behind him. "Fuck!" Another explosion off to his side. "God Damnit!" 50 Caliber bullets streak in a strafe on either side of him, hands coming to shield his face as all of this goes off around him.

Then he spots the downed Natalya crawling. He does not hesitate as he runs over to her, sliding the guns away and moves to pick her up and carry "Not dying on my watch love." He tells her with a wink, turning and begins to walk-run as quickly as he can while carrying her.
Markus Berger Welp. Buck Rogers has been eaten by a Dinosaur BOW and aircraft is bombing the whole island off the face off the earth with them still on it. All of this is enough for Markus to completely abandon any attempts at continuing to fire or coordinate any airsupport as he instead turns around and does his damned best to get off the island and into the ocean. Being lost at sea is by far the better option and he has experience with that at least.
Natalya Natalya takes the help from Flynn, too injured to argue. she tries to get to her feet and she stumbles. He picks her up and she holds on, hoping he can move fast enough to get her to the water.
Kitten The Tyrantasaurus Rex reaches the beach even as bombs are tearing it apart and explosions are everywhere. The entire island is ablaze as the group of you reach the water, no doubt with one hell of a swim ahead of you but hopefully with the ability to call some kind of recovery from sources you could trust.

R.I.P. Buck Rogers.

80 Hair Metal Plays..
Buck Rogers The throat's a molten sheath; the air is thick with wet, bubbling with stomach gasses and the beast's instinctive inhalations. It's black all around-- on every side of him, restraining his limbs, is the squeezing vice-grip of the tyrannosaurus' throat. He's dragged lower, pulled and pushed by the contractions of the muscles, until he can feel an even greater heat as lances of vitriolic stomach acid begin to burn through his armor. By now the air's too thin to breathe right, his lungs having no room to expand, and though he sees nothing his vision swims all the same.

"Motherfucker," he growls, using up the last of his oxygen. He thrashes, gnashes his teeth so hard his gums bleed, the pressure crushing every last inch of him unbearably painful-- but with one squirm he manages to grasp the hilt of his fallen sword, and with a twist he stabs it upward, cutting the walls of the thing's stomach and giving himself enough room to move. What was black is now all red, and it becomes a race to see what gives first-- the dinosaur's internal organs, or Buck's consciousness.

When he crawls out of the ruined, bloated mess of its insides, he reckons he won.. albeit with shards of bone sticking out of a mangled leg as he limps his way toward the group, the bombs engulfing it behind him.

"Let's get the hell out of here."