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Tabitha in a rare scene, Tabitha, yes, miss 'i dont cook' is actually cooking in the kitchen. the smell of bacon fills the kitchen as the overhead vent struggles to hide her activities from the rest of the bacon-eatin' household. Coffee has long since finished, and Tabitha is at the stove, scrambling eggs. She wears a pair of scrubs.. the legs and top cut-off for comfort, heat dispersal and possibly to denote them from her work scrubs. She's hard at work attending to eggs.
Maxim Maxim's nose knows the smell of bacon. Well not really, other than he knows something smells goooooood. Sniffing the air, he makes his way into the kitchen, perhaps a bit surprised to see Tabitha in there. She must have already had some coffee. Max does something, not necessarily characteristic of the big man. He smiles. "Greetings." There's the faintest of sheen's of sweat upon his brow as he walks toward the stove, perhaps to see what's cookin, literally.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles and is savaging a pan of scrambled eggs. She doesn't let it sit on the burner. Instead, she lifts it up and down, controling the heat in a most direct manner.. Without looking up "get two plates.. hurry.. almost done..", demanding in a way of He Who Wants Eggs Must Obey.
Maxim Maxim blinks as he almost would have been mesmerized by her cooking. But then she's asking for things. Plates. Somewhere. Max quickly looks about the cupboards, and finds where they're being kept, doing as instructed. After all, anything to help facilitate breakfast. Moving them over to her he holds them out one balanced on each hand. "Here you go."
Tabitha Tabitha lifts the pan and begins scraping eggs onto the plates. She sorta goes back and forth to distribute evenly. The pan is tossed onto a back burnter before she festches bacon from the oven.. a pan filled.. "Always loved the idea of Bakin' bacon", she says with a giggle and proceeds fork the rashers onto a paper-towel covered plate. Then, its jelly for toast. For someone who doesn't bake, it seems she does a great job of having everything ready at once. Toast and bacon are added to the plates before she's moving over to the table, plate fetched from Markus's hand in one of hers, the other sporting a jar of orange marmalade and a long-handled spoon
Maxim Maxim follows along after her, moving to a spot at the table. He moves to have a seat and looks like he can barely contain his mouth from watering. "It smells, and looks...Delicious." He moves to pop a piece of bacon into his mouth, and then looking at the jar asks while chewing, "fwut's phat?"
Tabitha Tabitha lifts an eyebrow. "You never heard of Paddington Bear and Orange Marmalade? for Shame", moving the jar over. "I got a thing with textures. I'm very very picky about my eggs.. so picky that I have to cook them myself.", shoving a piece of bacon in her mouth.. as far as average breafast, this one seems particularly bacon-heavy. Lots of protein everywhere. not much else. well, there's toast.. and orange marmalade has fruit in it so.. theres that.. but mostly bacon and eggs.
Maxim Maxim seems to be fine being bacon heavy. He just attacks it, not saying anything for a bit, though he shakes his head in answer to Paddington Bear, and nods about the eggs. Eventually he keeps his mouth empty enough to mention, "Thank you Tabitha. It is very tasty." He tries some toast next, though he looks at the marmalade, perhaps unsure of it.
Tabitha Tabitha murfles around a mouthful of bacon. "I dont cook", pausing to shove more toast into her mouth. "I Dont.. Ever.. cook.", waggling a piece of bacon at Maxim. "Understand?"
Maxim Maxim blinks a bit at that. Because they are eating food she just cooked. "I... I do not understand. There is food here..." His free hand has the coin slip out, flipping over it and he furrows his brow. "Is this one of those things where one is asked to overlook something by stating it has not happened?" Yes, he seems perplexed.
Tabitha Tabitha holds a piece of bacon up like she would a finger "shh.. is a secret. I say i dont cook, no one asks me to cook. Secret. see?", she says. "Besdies", crunching the silencing bit of bacon. "i only do breakfast really.. and steaks. "
Maxim "Ah. I see. I will try to finish eating quickly then so we can hide that you...did not cook." Max sniffs at the marmalade, his curiosity piqued and seems ready to try some, but not before attacking the eggs before they get cold.
Tabitha Tabitha seems of the likewise persuasion. Cold eggs suck, so they're the first thing she devours. She then takes the leftover bacon, slathers the toast with marmalade, and makes a sorta fold-over marmalade and bacon sandwich
Maxim Maxim blinks as he watches her make a marmalade and bacon sandwich. He tries a little bit of the marmalade on a piece of toast, and seems pensive as he eats it. While he doesn't follow her footsteps he doesn't seem to hate it, course most things probably taste wonderful after the diet he grew up with. He grows quiet as he goes back and forth between bacon and toast, watching Tabitha as they sit there.