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Emma It's a cooler March day, yet bright and sunny. The Hospital is quiet, mostly, nothing outside the norm. Emma decided to come and work, check on patients, ect. She has scrubs on, and her hair pulled back into a braid. There is a clipboard in her hand and a stethoscope around her neck as she walks down the hall.
Aidan Aidan makes his way into the Hospital or perhaps down from a hall as he too is dressed in scrubs, no lab coat and is reading a chart as he heads down the hall not fully paying attention to where he's walking.
Emma Annnnd SMACK. The two collide. Emma goes -red-, her papers all over the floor.

"I - I am so - so sorry." Stammers the lass, looking down out of embarassment and goes to pick up the papers.
Aidan Aidan blinks as somebody runs into him... Papers are everywhere his chart is scattered and likely mixed in with her papers... He drops down to his knees to start gathering up the papers, "No no, it's okay ma'am I'm sorry, I wasn't payin a lick of attention myself. You aren't hurt are you?"
Emma Emma is still red, but shakes her head. "No - no not h - hurt, o - only my pride." Says the redhead.

With her papers gathered she sorts them out, eyes moving to Aidain briefly. "Y - yer okay then? I didn' break y - ya?"
Aidan Aidan glances down at himself and then back up at Emma and smirks a bit, "I don't know if you'd have it in ya to break me ma'am." After he collects up the papers he stands to his feet offering his hand to help Emma up, "I didn't know you worked in the hospital too though."
Emma Emma laughs, a little, holding her clip board with papers close.

"Ay - aye I do. I like ta - ta work with people, helps me ta relax. I didn't know ya - ya worked here to."
Aidan Aidan nods, "This pays the bills the Doctor's without boarders is the charity work that I enjoy. You know treatin the folks who can't afford a hospital." He tucks his chart he was looking at under his arm, "Walk and talk or are you done checking in on your patients for now? That was my last one I was reading up on."
Emma There is a quick nod. "I - I see." Then eyes move this way and that, before settling on Aidan. "I - I am on break, we can walk and thanks."
Aidan Aidan smiles and nods, "Well then to the break room... Or to where ever it is you need to go because I'm already hopelessly lost in here."
Emma "I - I was going ta head ta - ta tha Cafeteria ta get a drink an' - an' somethin' ta drink. Yer welcome ta join me." Aidan is given a smile before she goes to walk towards an elevator. "I - Ican show ya 'round."
Aidan Aidan nods a bit as he follows her towards the elevator glancing down the hall towards where the breakroom on this floor would be before he looks back at the elevator, "The coffee good here? And which nurses need extra buttering up? I of course plan on buttering 'em all up but sometimes a little extra helps."
Emma A brow lifts, Emma smirks a little, eyeing Aidan. "Th - tha coffee is good." She says. "As f - for tha nurses, well, I'll let ya - ya figure that out in trial an' error." She smirls, in a faintly devious way.
Aidan Aidan tries to pout a little, "Can't you help a guy out? I don't want to be eaten alive I know they run the place I'm just here to sign off on what they already know to do!" He grins and shrugs as he knows that him pouting isn't likely to solve anything, "Can't blame me for tryin can ya?"
Emma Emma smirks a little, as they await the elevator to go down to the cafetira to get some food. She looks down to the papers in her arms, and sort of shuffles them into order. The lass is wearig scrubs, and her hair is back. Looking to Aidan there is a shrug. "Yer - yer a sly one, aren't ya?"
Tabitha Tabitha unable to sit at home and not work, is lending a hand. It also means she's sporting a new set of scrubs from the local hospital. More than likely, these will also get 'borrowed' and forgotten to get returned once she's left. A cup of coffee in one hand, she makes her way towards the elevators as she follows the arrows to the caffeteria.
Esa Walking through the doors of the hospital, Esa made his way to the cafeteria and sits. Leaning back, he stifles a yawn and waits.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov for his part has already found his way into the Cafeteria. Somehow he had managed to talk one of the lunch-ladies.. or whatever into giving him a bit of a sandwhich. Or maybe he just stole it from teh breakroom fridge. Someone named Doctor Cox was no doubt going to be very hungry today as the man nibbled down and made a face. "Egg Salad." He mutters before looking up towards the doorway, no doubt eyeing Esa, Emma and Aidan as they all enter at their own time, the man clearly downplaying his presence here.
Emma Emma - with Aiden, if he ever returns and decides, come down to the caf, she had by this time organized her papers. Pulling out her phone she reads over something and then puts it back, looking up to see Esa. That's the direction she heads. "He - hello, Agent Collins." She says with a smirk, and goes to sit, looking up to Andrei too. he's given a wave, and also, as is Tabitha.
Esa Esa smiles to Emma, head nodding gently. "Em's, how are you." He asks calmly as he stands up as she and Aiden approach.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov continues to chow down on a sandwich he really doesn't like, occassionally casting a glance aside to look at Emma and Esa than, raising his hand cheerfully in response to the pair before returning to his own 'work' so to speak as he enjoys some quiet time in a place he probably shouldn't be.
Tabitha Tabitha finishes getting her food, stopping by the coffee area, getting a big steaming mug of the Hospital's Finest" and moves to join Emma and company. "Hey! I didn't see you on the list of cases. Just pitching in?", she asks of Emma.
Emma "A - a little hungry." Emma says to Esa, with a small shrug. "Feel like a - a bowl of fruit." Not much but it's food.

She looks over to Andrei and chuckles a little. "I - I just, wanted ta - ta come in and get some extra work done wi - with patients." She says, shrugging to Tabitha.
Esa Giving a gentle nod, Esa looks to her with a slight concern of a look before heading off. Ordering two guacamole burgers, two teas and a fruit bowl, he heads back over to her. Sitting down next to her, he takes the burger and places it in front of her and puts the fruit bowl just out of reach. "Please eat hun." He asks gently.
PrestigeAndrei "Well the good news is you are getting all sorts of working done eating." Andrei offers cheerully before looking to Tabitha then and studying the woman. Clearly she knew Emma somehow and so he just kind of eyed her for a second before giving a wave and looking back to the group as he moves to stand from the table and eventually approach.
Aidan Aidan emerges from his stupor seems he'd gotten into thinking about the new cases he's on... Blinking he looks around, "Oh we're in the cafeteria already dang got lost in my head." He looks around the cafeteria before he heads over towards the line to get himself a chef salad and a big old cup of coffee and makes his way to the table, "Mind if I join ya'll?"