Umbrella Surveillance System
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John Black John is sitting in a non-descript office in a non-descript warehouse type building in a run down industrial part of town. One of his men, a young man barely out of his teens knocks on the door, then opens it and pokes his head in. "Senor, there is a man here to see you. He says his name is...Esa. That you are expecting him?" John looks at the rebel soldier, a greenhorn but dedicated and loyal to the cause. Nodding, "Yes, I am. Let him in." The young rebel nods, then motions for the other soldiers to let Esa pass after they have searched him, taking any weapons off of him before letting him go any further to go see John.

Looking up, when Esa enters he motions for him to take a seat. He's seated behind a wooden desk, seated on a well worn leather chair and watches the FBC Agent with a careful eye, scratching his beard and then stands, extending his hand. "I heard you were looking for me. Name's John Black." If you take his hand, you will notice it is heavily calloused and his grip is firm but not crushing.
Esa One of the perks of being the head of the intelligence division and primary computer forensics officer for Task Force Eagle was the sheer volume of classified data that happened across his team's desk daily the security clearance that was given to him to review said information and repair government technology. There was a certain amount of trust that went in to the Federal Bioterrorism Commission picking the XO for the Task Force and aptly giving that person the clearance needed to do his duties.

That was the trust that Agent Collins was breaking as he drove out to Barquisimeto with critical intelligence that came to him, and him alone. Fragmented data from a claimed laptop with government sensitive information. Information about PITE and about an attack on Barquisimeto. The information was still mostly coded and his software was still attempting to disseminate the information; but he had enough and knew enough.

Through his own contacts, he reached out to the Rebel leader known as John Black. It wasn't his first time working with rebels; the last time was indirectly with Terrasave in Cabimas. This was, however, his first contact and direct meeting.

As he steps inside, he brought a hand up to shake John's hand. "Collins, Esa." He replies firmly shaking his hand. "Time is sensitive, so I think I will get right to it. I have several pieces of critical intelligence that I believe you will need in the coming days. One is in here in Barquisimeto the other in Coro."
John Black "I see, well lets not waste any time then and get down to it." John replies and takes a seat after you have taken your's. He didn't volunteer for this position but because of his experience and natural combat prowess, he was given little choice in the matter but although reluctant, he still performs his duties as best as he can considering the cirumstances. "Lets get to the intel for here for since this is where most of my people are at the moment." He folds his hands on top of one another in front of him, there is a mug of coffee on the table, a laptop computer, piles of papers and a half finished bottle of whiskey. "Would you like a drink first?" He offers and motions to the bottle of liquor, to a pot of coffee on a nearby table and a water cooler in the corner of the room.
Esa "I don't have all of the information as of yet." Esa replies regarding Barquisimeto. A small nod is given "There is an old saying, never trust a man who doesn't drink." He replies with a smile. "Yes please." He adds for confirmation. "What I do know is that Protecting Injustices Towards Earth or PITE, plans to carry out an attack here in the city. The government plans to do nothing. I'm still decrypting the intelligence with my software, but should have more information here in a few days." He tells him quietly.
John Black John nods, reaching into over to grab a clean glass from a small table next to him and pours Esa some whiskey, sliding it over to the FBC Agent. "I'll drink to that." He then raises his cup of coffee, which has some alcohol in it in a toast towards Esa, "PITE, yes I've heard a little bit about them and rumor has it they were once part of Terrasave but went off the rails, so to speak." He shakes his head slightly and then takes a sip from his coffee mug before putting it back down on the desk. "An attack? Here, fuck they have some balls and I didn't think that were that organized to be able to plan something like that. They aren't much more organized than m...well, they must be getting some help is my guess. But regardless, I thank you for this information and I'm not surprised the government won't lift a finger to prevent it. That's why we are here in the first place, our main priority is to put the power back in the hands of the people. They...we need all the help we can get and the BLF isn't helping matters, they don't have the share the same principles we do." He then pauses and looks at your for a moment. "I'm not really sure what you are getting out of sharing this information with me? What is it do you want, Mr. Collins?"
Esa Taking a long swallow of the whiskey, Esa brought the glass down to mid chest level as he listens to John talk. "I am going to lay my cards on the table, so to speak." He tells him, setting the glass down. "I work for the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, who as you know officially works for the Bolivarian Government." Taking the glass, he drinks from it again and pauses. "I am able to move intelligence information to you and the rebellion."

"As to why? Simple, I do not believe a dictator should run a country and murder innocent people. Nor do I believe that the BLF will be any better suited for this country. I spent half my life as a solider and as a black hat devoted to bringing down corruption and providing freedom and justice. I refuse to put my morale code to the side because my agency and Government told me to."

A pause as he sets the drink down and retrieves a small USB stick "Intelligence on Coro. Simply put, it has all the pertinent details of how the FBC and Government plan to bring down the Rogue General. Troop movements, stations etc. I hope this will help in getting your men and sympathizers to your cause out of the city before they attack. Consider this as my gift and assurance that I am here to support the cause."
John Black "You are taking a very big risk by telling me this and even by you being here." John says to you in a low voice after he listens to your reasons why you are here. Taking the small USB stick, he slots it into his laptop and begins reading the files when they pop up. "I thank you for all that you have done for the cause. It will help us greatly and I'm not sure how we can repay you for this kind of information. We don't have much money or supplies, being short on both and all I can give you is gratitude until we've won." After he assesses the information on the usb drive and see's that is quite authentic, he turns his gaze back to you. "Your gift is extremely generous. I know that your time is short so if you need to leave, I will understand and you have my word that you will have safe passage from here. My people will also be keeping an eye out for you and you need not fear any ambushes on your way out of our territory." He seems quite sincere about this.
Esa "Again, I'm not in this for money or fame. If I can give the rebellion a leg up or warning, I will." Esa replies softly and retrieves another item and sets it on the table. "Encrypted Burner phone with an untraceable phone number. Dial 9943 and the phone will literally self-destruct. My contact information is stored in there as Red Skull. If you need anything call me. I will be calling that number when I have more information to hand over."
John Black John takes the burner phone and nods, putting it into his desk drawer for now so he won't forget where it is and takes a small sip from his irish coffee. "I'm running out of ways to say thank you, so please don't take offence if you hear me say it about a thousand more times." He grins at the man but there is a seriousness about him that you can see, a no nonsense take no prisoners kind of look which you've seen in military or ex-military type folks before. No wonder they chose him as their commander despite his flaws and being a foreigner to boot. "So what else is the government up to, if you are able to share that?" He has to ask.
Esa "Not much else yet. There was the fiasco in Achaguas where the township had a virus outbreak, turning people into zombies." Esa replies quietly before finishing his Whiskey. "The FBC is still investigating this. I will let you know if it is worth the attention of the rebels." Standing once more, a hand extends out. "I should get back to Maracaibo and finish the decryption. I'll have something for you in a few days."
John Black "Outbreak? Zombies...I heard about that but didn't think it was real." John replies with a slight frown on his face and scratches his beard once more as he takes a long gulp from his coffee. When you stand, he does and takes your hand in that firm grip, shaking it. "No problem and thanks again. Like I said, I will ensure you safe passage out of our territory and provide you a discreet escort even beyond our boundaries to make sure that you are safe. It is the least we can do for all your help. Take care and stay safe. Look forward to hearing from you again soon." He then walks you to his door, opens it and gives the young Rebel soldier waiting outside the orders to give Esa back his weapons, then get some men to make sure he is okay on the drive away from here.