Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Eve sits in her office chair, laptop off to the side on her desk as she taps on that and the desktop in front of her. The printer occasionally hums, printing out a piece of paper. Her legs are crossed and one leg swings idly as she works. She's clad in a pair of black trousers and a sleeveless, pink blouse with ruffles along each side of the buttons. Her hair is pulled up in a messy bun, and a pair of glasses are sitting on her nose.

A pair of ear buds are smooshed into her ears, and the music is turned up loud enough that the soft haunting tones can be heard to any who might walk into her office.
Tabitha Tabitha knocks on the door, hears no answer. She pokes her head in, waving to get Eve's attention. Barring that, Tabitha wil stomp on the floor a few times to see if that gets Eve's attention. Sound, then sight, then vibration. A bit of a grin dances on Tabitha's face, not seeing Eve distracted much.
Eve To her credit, Eve doesn't jump or get startled. She spots the wave out of her peripheral vision and raises a hand to wave Tabitha in while the woman is stomping. She pulls one earbud out of her ears and gestures to a chair in front of her desk. "Have a seat, I'm gathering lists of supplies, for..whatever it is that we're going to be doing. I can't say that it's easy to gather things when you have no clue for what."

Her gaze shifts to Tabitha and she smiles, slow and warm. "How are you doing this evening? Finding things to keep yourself occupied with until we're roughing it again?"
Tabitha Tabitha moves over, not taking the seat opposite Eve's desk, but sort movig to lean agaist the edte on Eve's side. "well, it all feels like we're play-acting at life while we're waiting. Nothing seems like it's going to last past the next assignment", her ankles crossing as she leans back, hands on the edge of the desk, hip resting back against it. "I was hoping you had more information on what we were going to be doing."
Eve "Unfortunately, I do not have any idea what is going on either." Eve says, shrugging a shoulder. "I was told to gather medical supplies so I'm getting the basics together and will do some speed ordering for more targetted materials once I know where we're headed and for what." She says, leaning back in her chair as she rubs her temples with her fingers.

"I haven't been play acting at life." Eve says, grinning over at Tabitha. "Too busy in meetings and other things going on to have much time for ...too much funn, at least."
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Eve. "I.. I dont know what else is going on, but.. um.. something.. is up .. with my head. I dont know what it is", lookind down at her shoes, watching one foot flex and relax.. flex and relax. "It's hard to explain. I know i'm getting amazing at navigating crowded streets and traffic. Its like I never get sideswiped now by some dude onna bike in a hurry", smiling a bit. "and I'm gettng a bit better control over the.. other. things. "
Eve Eve locks her gaze on Tabitha and the swinging of her legs slows down as she gives the Doctor a once over. "Do you want me to schedule you an appointment with the company Doctor?" She pauses and holds up a hand before Tabitha can argue with her. "I know that you're a physician, but I have been told in the past that Doctors make horrible patients, and we need you in top shape."
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head. "Markus and I spoke of ..this..", making some vague gesture about her head. "He seems familiar with it, but couldn't realy offer anything more. I'm a bit in explored territory, but other than letting things run away with me, and the kick to the feels that first day of relief work", a shiver washes over her as her arms move to hug herself tight, "..other than that, i'm fine. Caffine addition. And maybe my hormones have kicked in for some strange and ungodly reason", she says with a blush.
Eve Eve nods, her eyes going back to her desktop screen. "If you say so, but if you continue to feel strange, I might insist on a doctor's visit. Or at the very least, you speaking with Emma about it." She looks up at Tabitha and frowns slightly. "You've got to be careful, do you understand?"
Tabitha Tabitha winces at the frown Eve gives her, and sighs softly. "I will get examined by whatever doctor you want me to. I will take your advice", she smiles softly.. ", her brows knitting for a moment.
Eve Eve feels that sensation, like someone is watching her again. Thus far she's only really felt it around Tabitha and it makes her sit up in her chair. "Is that you?" She asks, a slight frown on her face. "I ..get the strangest feeling around you sometimes."
Tabitha Tabitha nods slowly, eyes still watching Eve. "thats me.. I'm trying to feel what you are feeling.. ", she says, words soft and a bit dreamy. Her track Eve, but do not focus harshly. As if wanting to view her through a misty haze. She continues, not stopping unless Eve asks her to, but continues so that Eve can play with the sensation a little bit.
Eve Eve shakes her head and she holds both hands up, her eyes squinting closed. "I don't like that. Please stop." She says, breathing through her nose for a moment or two. "If you want to know what I'm thinking or feeling Tabitha, you can ask me. You don't need to do whatever it is you're doing."
Tabitha Tabitha stops the moment asked. Her eyes widen. "I.. i'm.. i'm sorry.", looking away suddenly. "s-sorry.", moving to the door quickly. "I'll.. Just.. tell me who you want me to see to get checked out" She seems in a rush to leave the office.
Eve "Stop right there." Eve orders, pointing to a seat. "Sit down, we're going to have a little talk." She says, leaning back into her seat, a serious look on her face. "First, what is it you were trying to find out?"
Tabitha Tabitha stops, and moves back to the chair a bit sheepisly.. "If ... I was imagining things", she says, looking down. "You feel it, so it's not all in my head", closing her eyes. "i'm sorry. I wasnt trying to read anything.. just to prove to someone other than myself that it's not all just some fantasy"
Eve "There are a lot of people out there with things that..they keep to themselves." Eve explains, her eyes still on Tabitha, her gaze unrelenting. "It's not some fantasy, but..I'm not always forthcoming to who I am, and that is for a reason. I'm going to have to insist don't try that on me anymore."
Tabitha Tabitha nods. It also seems a bit of a finality to another subject. She starts to take a deep breath to speak.. then pauses, and sighs, letting the words die on her tongue. Then, before she can stop herself, "..I guess dating me would be out of the question.. " Her eyes widen as they notice her ears heard that too. Her hand slaps over her mouth suddenly.. face turning beet red.
Eve "No, that's not completely out of the question. I don't know what tomorrow will bring." Eve answers, her gaze finally softening and a smile curving her lips up. " more of that.." She wiggles her fingers around her temple, chuckling softly.
Tabitha Tabitha blinks, cheeks staying red as her hand lowers from her mouth. "not a no" is not what she was expecting. more expeting something a tad more negative. "R-really?", sitting up a bit more.. "and.. I really realy promise I wont do that anymore.."
Eve "Not a no." Eve says, her arms slowly folding over her chest. "Do you ever shut off an opportunity completely, just because it's not working out how you might have planned?" She asks, her eyes darting towards the computer for a moment. "I'm a bit confused about what happened the other night, but I'm not going to just completely turn my back on the friendship we'd built or ..whatever might come from that."
Tabitha Tabitha looks down. "Yea.. I.. I'm not sure what that was. Not something that was really expected. I mean.. Its been over 8 years since Ive even..", her face blushing.. "and .. I .. ", she lowers her head. 'I.. felt.. how he felt about me.. and I sorta lost perspective.."
Eve Eve opens her mouth to respond to the first part but thinks better of it. She shrugs a shoulder and after a few moments smiles at Tabitha. "It's okay, you don't answer to me. Do what makes you feel good? I guess?" She says this with a giggle and then holds up a sheet of paper. "SO how hard do you think it'll be to get our hands on most of this stuff?"
Elliott     The delicious smell of doughnuts draws ever near to Eve's office. Elliott walks that way, carrying a box of doughnuts, and stops just outside the door. Box balanced on one hand, he raises the other, in a fist, and taps lightly on the door.
Tabitha Tabitha blushes and wanted to say more, but the smell.. or perhaps the thought of the smell.. pre-Doughnut-cognition She looks to the door, then hops up to open it, and not entirely sure why she felt the need to.
Eve Eve calls out. "Come in!" Before she smiles back to Tabitha. She sniffs at the air and a grin curves her lips upward. "I smell doughnuts."
Elliott     His mouth curves pleasantly as Eve's voice calls out, mere seconds before the door is opened. Both of his eyebrows lift expressively, inclining his head a little as he greets warmly, "Hello." He looks to the box he holds beside him, and then brings it around in front. "Sorry if I'm interrupting. I brought doughnuts," he announces. As he opens the box to hold it in front of Tab with a slight grin, his head leans a little to the right to peer around Tab and into the room where Eve's voice is coming from. "Did you say something about chocolate?" One brow goes up as his lips twitch mirthfully.
Tabitha Tabitha moves so Elliott can enter, making way for the beloved confections. She glances between Eve and Elliot, smiling a bit. "and wha prompted you to come bearing sugary sweets?"
Eve "I did say something about chocolate last night, before I went to sleep." Eve murmurs, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip. "We're discussing medical supplies, Elliott, come join us...and share those doughnuts." She says, grinning at the man at the door.
Elliott     Elliott stands before Tabitha, one hand under the box, other on top of opened cover, regarding Tabitha as he waits to see if she'll take one. "I'm not one to disappoint," he says in answer to Tabitha, presenting a bright smile. When he enters, with a glance at Eve as he flashes a charming smile at her, he approaches to hold open the box to her as well.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes never leave the selection of doughnuts. As if some tipping point is reached, she deflty grabs one and takes a bite, sinking into a chair as she does
Eve Eve takes one of the doughnuts from the box and she takes a bite, her eyes closing with pleasure. After two more bites she gets to her feet and crosses the office to start the coffee maker, pulling out some tea bags as well. "Anyone thirsty?" She asks, her mouth still half full.
Elliott     Teeth flashing as Elliott smiles, he turns and sets down the box on the desk. "I don't have to stay," he informs, looking to Eve and to Tabitha. "I can leave you two to have your conversation. I just wanted to make sure you got one," he says as he gestures at the box, his gaze sliding from Tabitha to lock on Eve.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes follow Elliott's, then back to Elliot, watching his expression when looking at Eve. She glances back and forth between the two, nibbling on her doughtnut and wonder if she should be the one leaving.
Eve "I would like it if you stayed." Eve says, her back to the two as she makes coffee and tea. She shoots a quick glance at Tabitha and gives her a grin before she turns back to the drink prep. "The usual in yours, Tab?" She asks before she turns to regard Elliott. "And would you like some tea, or coffee? I promise not to spill this time."
Elliott     It does not take much to convince Elliott to stay. His smile is bright, teeth shown briefly, as he nods. He glances once at Tabitha, and then back to watch Eve work on preparing coffee and tea. "But that was my fault, remember?" he returns. "Tea, thank you, Eve," he says in appreciation, and then, because apparently staying has been decided, he plucks a doughnut from the box for himself and moves to sink into one of the chairs as he takes a bite.
Tabitha Tabitha tucks her feet up beneath her. Shoes settle onto the floor, kicked off at some point. She doesn't as much sit in a chair as nestle into it as if it were a nook in a storm. She unfolds once Eve offers coffee, and to snag another doughnut as if her fingers were the mouth of some cave moray.
Eve Eve waves away the talk of fault and holds out her hand as the coffee brews. "The aloe did it's job, as you can's not even red." She turns and steps up to the coffee maker, pouring a cup and adding a good amount of sugar. She hands this off to Tabitha and then pours a mug of hot water, handing it to Elliott. She sets down several teabags for him to choose from, oolong, orange and english breakfast. She turns to get herself a cup of hot water and settles a bag of chamomile inside before she grabs another doughnut.
Elliott     Elliott is silent while he bites into the delicious doughnut he selected. Several, large bites are taken, and while he chews, he moves glances again to Eve as he hmms around his mouthful, nodding. When he swallows, clearing his throat, El holds out a hand as he asks, "Let me have a look." The cup of hot water is set aside after selecting English breakfast.
Tabitha Tabitha muses over her coffee.. mmming softly. lost in the delicious little dreams that dance between dougnut and hot coffee and the interplay of flavors that drift from one to the other. Tucked beneath her, her toes curl as numbers are discused. A little nibble of nirvana.
Eve Eve takes a step or two forward and holds out the hand that was lightly burned the day before yesterday. The skin is smooth and soft, with no hint of redness to be seen. "I picked up the tea a few days ago, I've heard some wonderful things about english breakfast tea." She waits for her hand to be examined. "Are there any other kinds that you like?"
Elliott     Elliott moves his fingers to brush under Eve's, intending to draw her hand closer on the pretense of examining her hand. He nods his head in satisfaction, commenting lightly, "Yes, that plant works brilliantly." One corner of his mouth twitches and El will bring his hand up to lift hers, lowering his head so that he can kiss the back of her hand before letting go, eyebrows rising as he looks up to meet Eve's eyes. "I'm not really picky when it comes to tea. Once in a while I'll choose that over coffee. Early Grey's good, too." He turns his head to look over at Tabitha in her silent glory, and he chuckles. "I thought I drank a lot of coffee until I met you, Tab." He grins.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes focus at recognition of her name, or nickname, and settle on Elliott. Mental recordngs sorta replay in her head. "Yes.. I am addited. It is worse than gambling, I feel. When you have mastered drinking coffee in the shower, then you know you got problems."
Eve Eve does flush now, her cheeks going pink as she sneaks a quick look at Tabitha before her eyes moves back to Elliott. "I'll remember to pick up some Earl Grey then." She says, settling down on the edge of her desk. "I was wondering if you were still..uhm.." She takes a breath and then smiles at Elliott, her dimples showing. "Are you still interested in that date?"
Elliott     A thoughtful 'hmm' escapes Elliott as he looks to Tabitha again, nodding his head as if in understanding. "Addictions can be difficult to overcome. If you're willing to try, of course." He offers a small smile before his pale blue eyes slide back to Eve. His smile grows and El lets out an amused chuckle. "Well, I'm interested in you and I'm interested in taking you out, so I would say definitely."
Tabitha Tabitha 's smile falters for a moment, replaced with a rake of her fingers through her hair and anoter sip of coffee. She begins unfolding from her nook inside the chair. She glances at Eve before lowering her eyes. "We can go over the numbers later", as she moves to stand
Eve "Will you go shopping with me tomorrow, Tabitha?" Eve asks, glancing over at the woman as she stands up. "I want to get something suitably interesting.." She gazes thoughtfully at Elliott before she smiles back at her friend.
Elliott     And Elliott is up on his feet, shaking his head as he glances over at Tabitha. "No, no, no, I interrupted you're guys' conversation." He reaches for the cup of tea, which he takes several sips from after stuffing the last of his doughnut in his mouth. When he swallows hastily, he glances back at Tabitha. "Finish your conversation. I should finish up a write up I was working on." He turns to look at Eve, drawing in a breath and offers a smile as he looks from her to Tabitha. "Enjoy the doughnuts."
Tabitha Tabitha stands to leave, a bit surprised at Elliot's comment. She blinks with surprise, looking to even with a questioning look, but does eventually concede, giving Elliott a nod of her head, and a smile as she nibbles another doughnut, sipping her coffee.
Eve "I've got to head to the house shortly myself. I've got an early day tomorrow." Eve admits, her cheeks still flushed. "I'll...get in touch with you and we can plan out the details soon?" She asks Elliott, before she shuts her laptop. She nods to the list she gave Tabitha. "Will that work to start?"
Elliott     Elliott brings his gaze back to Eve and he nods, a smile tugging against his lips. "Of course," he responds, dipping his head. He then looks back to Tabitha, nodding to her even as he makes his way for the door.
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Eve, looking over the paper. She looks to Eve for a moment, expresson a bit blank. she doesn't move to leave just yet, eyes fixated on Eve.
Eve Eve gazes back at Tabitha, her brows furrowed slightly. After a moment or two she takes a slow step forward and she quirks a brow. "Are you okay, Tabitha?"
Tabitha Tabitha folds her arms over her chest. "this is because of the other night, isn't it?", looking away.. not able to meet Eve's eyes.. "Its payback, isn't it", catching her bottom lip beween her teeth to try to keep it still.
Eve "No." Eve answers, as she continues to shut down her machines. "I like Elliott, he's a nice man and ..he makes me smile." She glances at Tabitha and frowns. "I'm not the type of person to make someone pay for their own choices. If you're feeling badly now, it's not because of me." A beat. "Do you understand?"
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes narrow. "Then perhaps you shouldn't have gotten my hopes up not moments before he shows up. Perhaps a "oh, I'm seeing someone" might have kept me from feeling like a fool" Tabitha rakes her fingers through her hair. "and Yea, I feel badly. And I suppose I'll go do so somewhere else and save you the trouble. Fucking Hell, I knew I shouldn't even Try" She turns, making for the door quickly.
Eve "Tabitha. I'm not seeing someone. He's taking me out on a date, and he may not stay interested." Eve calmly explains, her arms folding over her chest. "I told you that us could be a possibility, I didn't say it would be one tonight." She finishes shutting down her machines and then she adds. "You need to calm down, I would appreciate that."
Tabitha Tabitha pauses by the door, listening. She doesn't look back, letting her hair hang in her face. Her head nods to Eve's words. Without looking back, her face hidden, she nods once more and opens the door. she gives a little silly wave bak to Eve before she slips out and closes the door genlty behind her.