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Flynn Clear skies and warm weather could be felt outside; though a moderate wind did blow in from time to time from the north-west to chill the air.

Inside the Olde Cobble Pub and Restaurant, Flynn sat at a bar eating a Empanada from a plate. Next to the plate say a Corona bottle. The restaurant was quiet this evening.
Audrey Audrey's stomach growled, she was hungry and the heat had only made it worse. There had been rumors that the Pub's food was comforting as well as tasty. She'd yet been able to try it out but today had offered her the opportunity.

After entering Audrey looked about, hoping for a quiet table out of the way. Her eyes fell on a familiar face. She grinned and headed over, "Well well...mexican food and beer? Is that safe?"
Flynn Looking over to Audrey, Flynn blinks. Once, then twice as he stood up and meets her half way. "Well shit, if your hear something can't be good." He jests as he wraps his arms to embrace her. and whispers in her ear "Around here, they know me as Andrew Dresden."

Stepping back, he says "Oh, down here Hispanic food is the best." He turns as he talks, gesturing her to the bar. "Try an empanada, a traditional food from around these parts."
Audrey "Why Andrew," Audrey grins as she acknowledges his name, "I guarantee you that me being here makes everything better." She looks at his table, "You alone? I'd be less nervous to try strange food if there's someone to ensure my safety."
Flynn "I am alone, actually. And your safety is always ensured when I am around." He replies, gesturing to a stool as he sits down and retrieves his Corona. Taking a sip, he looks to Audrey with a mild smile before flagging down Roberto "Roberto! A beer for the lady." He asks in Spanish before looking back to her. "So, when did you arrive?" A beat, then adds "And why are you in Bolivar?"
Audrey Audrey takes a seat and grins, "Why is anyone here?" A playful wink follows, "I haven't been here long, I have a feeling the adjustment will be an interesting one. The heat and I are at odds. No matter how much I shower, I feel as if I need another one."

Her beer arrives and she almost gleefully takes a sip, "Heaven.."
Flynn "It takes a while to get use to the humidity down here. A cool breeze is almost heaven when a storm or high winds kick through here." Flynn replies softly as he brings the beer to his lips and drinks. "Please tell me you are not staying at a hotel?" He inquires, looking to her.
Audrey An odd look covers her face, "Please don't say the word bed bugs. I'm itchy enough already." Audrey's brow raises, "Why?"
Flynn "Nah, most around here are good." He replies calmly. A pause is given before he adds "I just cannot in good conscience allow you to spend money on a hotel when I have a spare room." He notes lightly.
Audrey Taking a sip of her beer she pauses, "Well..." Audrey looks at him, "Is there a shower that's bigger than a foot across?"
Flynn "Garden tubs. Old Colonial home with some modifications. Spare bedroom has its own bathroom too." Flynn replies with a smile before finishing the Corona.
Audrey Audrey smiles and nods,"Well..." She take a sip of her beer, "I guess I can't turn down that. I insist you let me pay you something for the room though. Or at least I have to make dinner or...something."
Flynn "How about dinner and drinks tomorrow night?" Flynn replies kindly, taking a sip of the Corona and then gives a charming smile.
Audrey "I'll check my schedule," Audrey says with a wry grin while taking a moment to glance about the bar,"I guess that also depends when you want me to move in?"
Flynn "Up to you really hon." Flynn replies calmly, giving her a light smile. "Offer is there when you feel like taking it." He adds kindly.
Audrey "No point in leaving when I've paid in advance for the room. Edgey owners. I'm not used to people thinking I'd cut and run." A shrug follows, "I can't blame people around here though. I forget at times I'm not back in the suburbs." Audrey orders her food.
Flynn Flynn smiles gently, his head nodding "Alright, well let me know when you want to move and I'll get the Wrangler over to help out." He says kindly.
Aidan Aidan makes his way into the bar after a long shift at the hospital, he's changed out of his scrubs but he's still got a stethascope sticking up out of his jacket pocket. He pauses long enough after entering to do a quick visual scan of the pub noting some folks and then making his way to the bar where he sits down to order himself a beer.
Audrey Audrey nods, "Can do." She glances at the new person who walked into the bar, her eyes catching the stethoscope causing her to grin, "What have you been keeping yourself busy with? I'm assuming you don't have a partner, as you'd definitely have to ask their opinion before inviting someone like me into the home."
Flynn Chuckling, Flynn takes a drink of his Corona before looking to Audrey again. "Aye, true. No partner. Been down here putting my skills to work as an investigator." He replies gently. A glance to Aidan is given along with a sort wave before looking back to her. "What about you?"
Audrey Audrey shrugs, "You know me, I keep busy." She adds, "Everyone needs patching up or therapy or some kind of help. I'm pretty useful."
Aidan Aidan gets his beer and takes a sip as he turns to watch the room and offers a nod towards Flynn as he begins to people watch... And relax doing real work is hard.
Flynn "Yes.. I do remember." He says thoughtfully. "That was a fun summer, wasn't it?" He adds with a wink before finishing off the Corona. He smiles warmly to her "Glad you are here now though." He adds fondly. Looking to Aidan again, Flynn turns and speaks to Roberto in Spanish. A beer is brought over to Aidan. A nod is given by Flynn as he says "Thanks for helping Natalya the other day. Hope she is doing better?"
Audrey "That it was," A light blush colours her cheek. Her attention shifts to his comment to Aiden, and her head cocks curiously, "Natalya?" She asks, "Something happen?"
Aidan Aidan shrugs a bit, "Nothing we couldn't handle. And it's one of the reasons I enjoy what I do. Taking care of patients." Yup that's exactly what he's talking about no double meanings there...
Audrey "So you're a doctor?" Audrey comments, "And I'm assuming a good one?"
Flynn "I have contracts with the local government, Paradise Islands and a few agencies.. I was tasked to help with something. Trust me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you." Flynn said with a smile. "Anyways, a friend was shot pretty badly. I took her to the hospital. Looking to Aidan, he nods and smiles "Still, thank-you."
Aidan Aidan shrugs, "I specialize in trauma and 'rural' treatment." The rural was said with finger quotes, "And it's not a problem. Glad I could help. I haven't been able to get out with the doc's without boarders yet but I've made contact with some of the members and I should be going out with their next trip. Looking forward to doing some good out in the surrounding area."
Audrey "Well well... someone has made a name for himself," Her food arrives and she gives it a once over skeptically, athough thanking the hands that deliver it without hesitation, "If I get ill, I blame you." Audrey picked up her cutlery and proceeded to investigate the dish, "I'd believe it though. They'll use anyone." Her gaze shifs to the Doctor, "Rather noble of you, wanting to get out that is. Most people want their doctors to stay close. In a cage. Safe."