Umbrella Surveillance System
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It's early morning when you're assembled in in a meeting room on the Navy Base. Passing out a file to each of you, Alejandro says, "Our mission is to disrupt the enemy leadership in the city. I plan to accomplish it by killing or capturing this man, Colonel Jaime Fernandez and the mayor of Puerto Cabello, Antonio Blanco." Theres a brief pause while he shows the pictures he's talking about from his own dossier.

"They will both be attending a strategy meeting tonight to discuss the possibility of using their forces to push through our lines and allow themselves to be resupplied. It is important to our plan to strangle the government forces to death that this not be allowed to happen and we believe that killing the people planning it will be enough of a deterrent to keep it from occurring."

"The meeting takes place at Restaurante Diaz, located here," He shows them on the map where it is. "It will be heavily guarded by army regulars and policia. Routes to it from the mayor's house and Fernandez' headquarters are planned to take them along these routes." The maps in your files actually have the planned routes highlighted, "But if they are smart these routes will change. Anticipate this."

"Fernandez and Blanco both travel with their personal vehicles, a Mercedes S class for Fernandez and a Cadillac limo for Blanco. Additionally, Fernandez has two gun trucks with four soldiers in each and Blanco has two police jeeps with two men a piece."

"The restaurante is laid out like this: Double doors lead into the dining area. There are sixteen tables, all of which have been reserved by the mayor for this meeting. We can expect them to be pushed together or a conference table brought in. Theres a set of bathrooms off to the right side after you enter through the front. There are three stalls in each. The kitchen doors are almost directly opposite the front doors and are swinging double doors."

"There are nine people scheduled to work at the restaurant this evening. Four kitchen staff, four wait staff and a maitre'd."

"Unfortunately we have no idea how many people will be attending the event as guest or who many of them are."

"Now, how should we approach this operation?"
Natalya Natalya looks around at the people gathered and then she leans forward and taps the restaurante with a finger. After she thinks she has Alejandro's attention she signs. 'Anywhere I can sniper squat to cover for these guys?' She pulls her rifle from her guitar case and slings it over her other shoulder.
James Scott "Crush them." Balor says from behind his helmet. The man has went out of his way to avoid showing his face. "If we can stop them before they make it to the restaurante that would be best. I can handle four men, that's nothing but a thing." His claw tipped fingers steeple as he looks over the room. "We have a sniper, she can aid one of the strike teams from a distance." He motions to Natalya as she produces a rifle. Unfortunately he doesn't understand sign language, so her suggestion is lost to him.
Ward Ward stretches out, dropping the unlit cigarette previously hanging on his lower lip as he yawns. He hurries to stop stretching and scrambles for a moment to catch it before it rolls of his leg onto the floor, placing it back in his mouth. "Well, charging in seemed to work fine last time, and that was practically in the middle of the warzone, so what's stopping us from doing it again?" He kicks his feet up onto the table leaning back in his chair. "Don't tell me that last operation spooked you out of a gunfight!" Ward chuckles a bit and looks over to James "Besides, we've got god damned Edward Scissorhands over here, surely he's not afraid to take a few hits!"
Grant Senan Grant sat hunched over in his chair. He looked visibly disturbed, and most likely understandably so. He was once more being expected to go into the fray of a fight, and hadn't even had time to use his new lab. However, the appearance of a man with claws brought him hope that this mission would be much more interesting. Sitting more upright, Grant decided to pitch his idea. "What do we know about the restraunte staff? Is it possible to infiltrate their ranks and take the group by surprise from an unexpected angle when they're not in military grade vehicles?"
Alejandro Shuffling through a couple more papers and photos, Alejandro pulls out a picture that shows there's a park across the street from the restaurant to show to Natalya. For an experienced sniper there's plenty of concealment available there. And a little further across the park is a three story apartment building with a flat roof.

Looking towards Balor he nods his head, "That might be ideal, but we're not one hundred percent sure of the route. I worry that we may miss them as they pass by. Additionally, how would you go about stopping their convoys?"

His attention turns towards Ward, "It's probably doable, but I'd hate to get chewed up by machine gun fire. Let's look at some other options before rushing at them."

To Veir he'll give a nod, "One of them is already working for us. It may be possible to replace members of the staff with ourselves. Good thinking."
Natalya Natalya looks pleased, and she leans in to study the photos, tapping on the apartment building with a finger. She moves back and lets the others plan around the convoy, listening as they discuss the pros and cons of each action.
James Scott "I suppose without an intelligence department we don't have a way to pin down the most likely route." Balor reaches up to rest his hand on the lower jaw of his skeletal mask. "Then we need to replace some of the staff. When we get everyone in position we could cut the lights and flash them. It'll give us more than enough time to strike and move out."
Grant Senan "This will also give us ample opportunity to capture the leaders instead of kill them. Perhaps we could learn any other future plans or actions they're considering." Grant chimed in.
Ward "Oh great. I always wanted to be a Chef." Ward mutters sarcastically as he puts his feet down and leans forward to inspect every lying on the table in front of him. "So when that's all said and done, what's the escape plan?" he asks, staring blankly at everything on the table while feeling around in his pockets for a lighter. "We takin' the Shoelace Express this time?"
Alejandro "Excellent. We've got a working plan," says Alejandro with a faint hint of a smile, nodding to both Balor and Grant. "The possibility of taking them alive pleases me greatly. Not just will they be valuable for their intelligence but they may have value as hostages as well." When Ward asks about the plan of escape Alejandro says, "We have a number of cars and vans at our disposal. It would not be unusual for a panel van to be out back of a restaurant, after all."

He takes a moment to think things over, "So our tentative plan is to replace members of the staff and infiltrate that way. That probably means we'll be limited to handguns, grenades and knives and the like."
Natalya Natalya stands off to the side, her arms loosely folded across her chest as she listens to the planning. She starts to make a check of her ammo when it seems like they're coming to the end of the talking phase.
James Scott Balor nods slightly. "In the end it won't really matter who we have hostage. We should destroy the Umbrella Prime facility here, shut off their connection to plagas and t-virus." The teen crosses his arms, gaze directed at Alejandro. "But I suppose these guys will work for now."
Grant Senan "I doubt you'd experience nearly as much success in your 'adventures' without the help of Umbrella. Judging from the little you show of yourself, it seems you've already obtained some permanent help from them." the scientist casually remarked. "Alejandro, where would you like me in this mission? You know I'd be little more than an obstacle for the team itself in a fire fight."
Ward Raises an eyebrow inquisitivley at Balor. "Right..?" Ward gives up looking for a his lighter and sits back down with a frustrated look on his face. "Anyway, let's get this over with, Weapon X over here is getting eager apparently."
Alejandro "We can deal with any threat they may pose here at a later date. Puerto Cabello comes first today," Alejandro says to Balor with a nod. "Though I imagine taking their facilities would grant a certain scientist access to laboratory equipment beyond their dreams." A little pause before he goes further. He looks at Grant thoughtfully before saying, "I think that we will need you to keep the manager in line. Stay close to him and be ready to shoot him if he doesn't play nice with us. I feel that if we can keep him under control then he can explain the new staff members to the old as temporary hires for this engagement."
Natalya Natalya goes still at the mention of Umbrella but she doesn't move to sign anything, she simply keeps a watchful eye on the discussion and waits for final orders from Alejandro.
James Scott "And without my father you wouldn't have access to the Stairway of the Sun." Balor's physical expression doesn't change, but annoyance is clear in his voice. "If that's all we have to do, let's gear up and head out." He pushes to his feet, looking expectantly towards Alejandro.
Ward Ward stands up as well, giving a comedic scowl to Grant as he shakes his head back and forth to mock the previous remarks from Balor. He begins patting his pockets and feeling around for a lighter once again as he follows the rest of the group out.
Grant Senan Grant follows his compatriot Ward out, his facial expression a set frown, unchanging towards Balor's words. His mind however, was reeling from what little information he had just revealed.
Alejandro "Very well, time to get ready," Alejandro tells the assembled group as they head on to the next stage of the mission.

Their contact is able to procure a waiter's uniform for each of the men. They might not all fit perfectly, but it's close enough that no one will be likely to tell. Plus, they're playing the role of temporary staff. The van they get is a very plain looking one white panel van of exactly the kind used by thousands of small businesses worldwide. Natalya is also provided with a vehicle so that she won't need to rely on the men to get into position or to extract.

When the time comes and the men are dressed and ready Alejandro drives their vehicle into the alley behind the restaurant, making sure to get into position before the guests and their protective details arrive.
Natalya Natalya drives her vehicle to the apartment building, climbing until she reaches the roof. Nobody stopped her, but there wasn't a lot of people there in the first place. She settles gets comfortable on her perch, setting up her rifle so she can line up a shot with relative ease. The quiet is soothing, and she looks through her scope to keep an eye on the "waiter's" and their guests.
Ward Ward looks down at his uniform with a clear look of disdain on his face. He he tugs and pulls around different areas of clothing, trying to make himself more comfortable somehow. "Oh yeah. We should dress up as staff. Good idea Grant you're so smart." he mocks under his breath as he he gets out of the vehicle. He sighs deeply as he looks back toward the rest of the group, specifically to Aljeandro, waiting for instruiction.
James Scott The change of outfit reveals Balor to be James Scott, the youngest son of the now deceased Doctor James Marcus and the former captain of the Umbrella Security Service's Charlie Team. But despite his former attitude, he appears to be at ease with the role, a warm smile on his face. Surely nothing would seem out of place having the scar covered one-eyed teen on the wait staff.
Grant Senan Standing straight with his hands behind his back, Grant nods towards Ward. "Thank you Ward. I'm glad you've finally come to appreciate my intelligence." Grant's small body fit well into the clothing, his tidy habits making him appear formal and at home with the attire.
Alejandro Once they get where they're going Alejandro looks over his team again one more time and tells them, "We'll go in through the back door. Dr. Senan will instruct the manager to act like we're temporary hires and shadow him through the evening. As soon as the flashbang goes off we'll need him to hurry back here and get the engine running." Another brief look around, then he pulls out a cell phone from his pocket and pushes a button.

A moment later, their contact on the inside opens the door to let them come in, "Back hallway is clear. Manager's office is there." Despite being frightened he's trying his best to keep calm.
Natalya Natalya sees the group go in and she settles back to wait, her eyes on the exits as she waits to be contacted.
James Scott "Nothing to worry about, we're professionals." James pats the contact on the shoulder with a gloves hand before making his way in. The teen straightens his outfit up and moves for the back office, waiting for more instructions.
Ward Hands in his pockets Ward strolls through the back door into the kitchen, looking around he tries to find the nearest opportunity to look busy. 'Can't be incognito if I don't look convincing.' he thought to himself. Looking around constantly, Ward was ready to jump into action at a moments notice, or perhaps even sooner than that.
Grant Senan Grant walks briskly towards the manager's office, waiting for Alejandro's sign to instigate his 'conversation' with the manager.
Alejandro "Si senor," The scared fellow tells James, not looking much more relieved but trying just so hard to act the part. Inside the kitchen there are four men working, prepping things for what they expect will be a busy evening. One of them eyes Ward for a second, but he's too busy chopping things to worry about a new waiter.

"We just need to act like waiters until the targets arrive. I'll do the talking as I imagine none of you have good Bolivarian accented Spanish," Alejandro steps inside. Looking at the door to the manager's office he then turns to Veir and says, "All yours, doctor."
Natalya Natalya scans the area around the restaurant briefly, trying to get sight on the targets. She's got a phone on her to text Alejandro if something goes amiss. Until then, she enjoys the view from the roof.
Grant Senan Grant straightens his back and knocks on the manager's door, his body tensing up reflexively.
James Scott "Yeah, unless you want me asking them if they eat eggs all night, that might be a good idea." James says with a nod towards Alejandro. He doesn't seem worried though, trying his best to remain positive so he doesn't attract any attention.
Alejandro Inside the manager's office the man is seated behind a big desk with a computer monitor and a bunch of papers on it. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

The kitchen staff still don't seem to care about new wait staff, aside from one guy who waves a knife in a friendly gesture and says, "Hola." Alejandro replies to him with the same word and kind of gestures for his team to proceed into the restaurant itself.

The seating section of the building is pretty much just as described. There's a bunch of tables pushed together to resemble a conference table around which the actual wait staff is putting napkins, glasses and silverware. This is apparently a high class joint. The real staff looks at Alejandro and his guys with a look of confusion on their face before Al tells them in Spanish, "We were hired for tonight. Just tell me where you need us."
Grant Senan Grant approaches the manager, revealing his concealed weapon as he spoke. "We're the temporary help you hired to help out tonight. If everything goes as planned then there should be no problems from our services. Afterall, we hope to have you leave a good review with our higher ups!" Grant was almost smiling, he felt powerful in his position.
Ward Wards starts moving dirty dishes into sinks and clean dishes on to racks, trying to do everything he could imagine a /real/ employee would be doing. Still looking around constantly, eager for the signal so he could get this over with and get out of this damn Uniform.
James Scott James offers the friendly kitchen staff a wave before heading out with Alejandro. He drags his thumb across the outside of his pointer finger as they move along, just nodding where appropriate. He really needed to get around to learning the language.
Alejandro "Si, senor," The manager tells Grant as he lifts his hands up in a gesture to show that he's powerless. "I will not let my people put up a fight." He's surprisingly calm about the whole thing, but doesn't seem to have any fight in him. He allows Grant to lead him out to the restaurant proper where he makes a little announcement, "I have brought on temporary help for this evening. Please treat them like you do each other."
James Scott James moves about, helping set things up as directed by the regular staff. Something wasn't sitting quite right with him though, so he kepts his eye and ears open, doing his best to keep Alejandro in his sight. He'd be glad when the entire ordeal was over.
Natalya Natalya sees cars approaching on her next sweep and she pulls out her cell phone and sends an "incoming" text to Alejandro. She gets into position and puts her game face on, keeping an eye out for when the action is set to begin.
Ward Ward follows directions from the staff, or at least, as well as he could, his spanish wasn't that great after all. His dislike for his uniform had devolped into a disgust for his surroundings and uniform now that he was actually working among the others in the same uniform as him.

Ward absolutley can't wait to get the hell out of here.
Alejandro The staff is more than willing to allow the team to help. They apparently need all hands on deck. The manager stays in the seating area to supervise, perhaps too scared to try to move.

From outside Natalya can see cars start to arrive. Many of the people park their vehicles in the parking lot out front, but a few others have drivers. There's even a Cadillac limo pulling up with a police escort. Coming from the other direction is a three vehicle military convoy with a Mercedes between two jeeps with manned machine guns on them.

It's not very long before guests start to arrive. The manager and the maitre'd help them to their seats, greeting most of them by name and positioning them according to some secret system. There's much chatter between them and Alejandro overhears someone giving an order to James and Ward that he quickly translates as, "Grab a bottle of red and a bottle of white and see which the guests would like. Rojo o blanco."
Natalya Natalya keeps people in her sights as they walk into the restaurant. She rests on the flat of the roof, comfortable in her position as she waits to see if she's needed.
Ward Ward keeps his cool and turns back towards the kitchen, entering as he looks around from the wine. "Where the hell do they keep the wine in this place?" he asks himself under his breath while trying to act and seem as inconspicuous as possible.
James Scott James nodes and moves to collect the bottles as instructed. He waits just a moment before walking back out, a smile on his face. He converses quietly with the guests, pouring the appropriate wine and moving on to the next one. Thank you Raccoon High culinary course, it wouldn't be possible without you.
Grant Senan Grant casually stays close to the manager, acting like an assistant more than anything. However, he had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind. A nagging feeling about the manager's actions, and the current situation they were in. Pushing it aside, Grant focused on his current task of staying as close to the manager as possible.
Alejandro Ward is more than able to find the wine as James leads the way to it. The two men help serve it out to everyone, most of whom seem more than happy to pretend the wait staff aren't there after they get their servings. It's at that moment that a couple of police officers leave their vehicle and head into the restaurant. They look at the staff, noting that everyone is doing their job before one of them heads into the kitchen to check out the back of the establishment.

The military vehicles pull up out front and park near the entry so that they can be ready to pull out. The Colonel himself parks his car dead in front of the restaurant, like a dick, and goes to head inside after two of his men from the jeeps grab the doors and pull them open for him.

The colonel and mayor are now in the building. The time to grab them is as good as any!
Natalya When the Colonel parks in front of the restaurant, Natalya was tempted to put a hole in his tire, but she doesn't want to be spotted before it's necessary. She waits instead for people to come spilling out of the eatery, knowing that it is a clear sign that the action started inside.
James Scott James breaks away from the guests, going back into the kitchen to return the wine bottles. He exhales through his nose, reaching under his appron to pull the pin on the grenade he brought. One. Two. Three. He drops the grenade next to the mayor and colonel, eye squeezed shut as he dives away, hoping to avoid too much of the impact himself.
Alejandro When the flashbang goes off and people are stunned or otherwise surprised Alejandro uses this time to charge at one of the colonel's bodyguards. There's a blur of quick strikes into the man's face and torso and soon enough he's down on the ground, dead or unconscious. It doesn't seem to matter which.
Natalya Natalya sees the flashbang go off and she squints into the rifle sight from her perch on the apartment building. She exhales as she pulls the trigger and the only sound heard before the soldiers head explodes is the sound of glass breaking. She looks for other targets, careful to keep her crew in sight in case they need aid.
James Scott Blinded by the flash James gives a growl of rage. Those sharp nails of his tear through the glove on his hand and into the flesh of his palm. The true extent of how much he owes Umbrella for his success is revealed when a barbed tentacle shoots out from the wound and wraps around a neary soldier's neck, barb burrowing into his shoulder.
Grant Senan Admidst the chaos, Grant pulls out his Umbrella Assault Pistol. Guards are dropping all around the room and he's once more stuck in a fire fight. His heart racing, he wonders why he ever agreed to be a part of this. That's when he sees James Scott's tentacle lash out towards a man and he recalled what he was fighting for.
Ward BOOM!

Hearing the distinct sound of a flashbang Ward jumps into action, ripping open the button up shirt of his uniform to reveal his two concealed weapons duct taped to his torso. Pulling each of them off he kicks in the double doors of the kitchen and opens fire as he enters the seating area. A loud squelch can be heard as the bullets tear through one of the police officer's skulls, bursting it like a watermelon crushed with a hammer.
Alejandro The bad guys spring into action! At least, they sort of do thanks to being blinding by the light. The only one who's functioning up to par is the cop who comes back in from the kitchen when he hears the explosion and sees his partner of the last fifteen years get his head blown up by Ward. The vengeful officer takes a shot at him, sending a bullet to skim along his torso. The colonel draws his sidearm as well and attempts to shoot James, but his rounds go wide when the young, betentacled man dodges out of the way.
Alejandro Meanwhile, the mayor holds his face, trying his best to cover both his eyes and his ears at the same time as he falls to the ground helplessly, moaning in pain and surprise.
Alejandro Leaping towards the colonel, Alejandro lets loose another fierce barrage of fists, knees and elbows, bashing the soldier's face around with his flurry of blows. It's not a moment before the man is sagging towards the ground and Alejandro is moving in to attempt to get him under the armpits to begin dragging him, though that'll have to wait as the man is relatively heavy.
Natalya Natalya spots a cop through her sight and after she scratches at her nose she sets out another silenced bullet. The cop has time to blink before he falls over dead.
James Scott James rises to his feet, good eye glowing a brilliant crimson. He yanks the soldier tangled up towards him, slamming his other fist into the man's face. There's a sickening crack and the man goes limp but that doesn't stop him from drawing back and hitting him again, caving his face in. The tentacle retracts into the cut on his palm.
Grant Senan Grant, seeing the resistance crumble from the armed men, went to prepare the exit vehicle like Alejandro had told him to do so. He pulled open the side door and popped the key into the ignition before moving to the back of the van. He didn't trust himself to drive if things got hairy.
Ward With no one left to shoot at him, without missing a beat Ward charges towards the mayor and tackles him to the ground. Pinning his elbows to to the ground with his knees, Ward takes some of the duct tape hanging from his ribs and slaps it over the mayors mouth to keep him quiet. Forcibly making the Mayor stand up, while still pointing a gun at him, Ward whispers to him sarcastically, "I don't smell bad, I promise." Ward laughs loudly as he begins to direct the mayor towards the back, sticking a gun to him at all times.
Alejandro The explosive and the explosive actions of the BLF members enable them to take out the cops, soldiers and their two targets with impressive speed. If one didn't know better one could assume they'd rehearsed it together. If they hurried they could even get the colonel and the mayor out the back door before the soldiers and surviving cops made it into the restaurant. Luckily, they aren't beating around the bush and are able to quickly extract their two targets to the van where Grant is waiting for them with the sliding door open. Meanwhile, the mysterious ninja merc is in the front seat, ready to drive.
James Scott James flips his middle finger over towards the exit and rushes out to the van with the rest of the rebels. Prepared for anything he draws the pistol he had tucked into his waistband. "Alright, let's get the sniper and get the fuck out of here." He turns to keep his firearm pointed at the hostages, ready to kneecap them as needed.
Ward Throwing the Mayor into the van before jumping in himself Ward slams the back of the van and yells at the driver. "Lets hot wheel it the fuck out of here! Punch it!"
Natalya Natalya sees the crew pulling out and she gets to her feet, skipping down the stairs to her van. She puts her rifle in her guitar case and moves to drive to the meeting point.
Alejandro Dragging the unconscious colonel along the ground in a very undistinguished fashion, Alejandro manages to make it to the van just as the soldiers that had previously been outside make it into the restaurant proper. The colonel gets shoved through the open door and Alejandro piles in after him, drawing his own pistol to be ready to provide covering fire.
Benny David is indeed the driver today begrudingly at that, but he accepted the assignment without much of an argument since he's paid to take orders not give them. He's waited patiently in the van, parked out back and keeping an eye out for anything that could get in the way of their plans.

When the extraction team radios in and Grant opens the door to let everyone in, he waits for the last person to get in before revving the engine and high tailing it out of there. He had the route planned out well in advance and could probably drive it with his eyes closed but he's got that hi-tech helmet on he doesn't need to do that.

One the Colonel and Alejandro are into the van, he's ready to rock n'roll! The van is a lot easier to drive than the supply truck that he stole, so he knows that he can really push this vehicle if he needs too and the tires squeal with delight when he gasses the accelerator.
Alejandro As David's van peels out from the alley and onto the road it takes a moment for the bad guys in their jeeps and police cars to get going. But when they do they haul ass after the escape van with alacrity. The gunners on the jeeps hold their fire for fear of injuring their commanding officer. The cop cars pull into traffic but one of them has an unfortunate, for them at least, collision with an oncoming city bus. The driver of the cop car comes flying out of the windshield and splats on the pavement. The other three pursuit vehicles manage to keep pace with the slowish van.
Grant Senan Grant secures himself against the van's wall, his gun at the ready and his heart feeling like it's going to explode.
Benny David pushes the van to it's limits, the engine is working so hard that it is literally shaking but he knows just when to dial it back a touch so that the engine doesn't blow up. "Hang on." David says in a modulated voice through his helmet, as he takes a hair pin turn almost putting the van on two wheels as he takes the corner much faster than anyone should.

David's driving skills are indeed worth the money and Alejandro was correct to give him this job, because his natural reflexes are helping him significantly. He's able to out drive and outrun the chase vehicles, weaving in and out of traffic like a boss and going through red lights or stop signs without getting t-boned. He's like some crazy ninja merc race van driver!
James Scott James swears softly to himself, lowering his aim from the hostages and moving to the back of the van. "Soon as they get close enough I'm gonna light them up." From the same pocket he had the flash bang the teen produces a thermite grenade. "Blow their window out if you can."
Ward "Fuck this!" Ward cries as he smashes open one of the small windows on the van's back doors. Pointing his weapons out the window he fires wildly towards the following vehicles.

Ward sees the jeep closest to the van, having eaten multiple bullets and having a horribly cracked windshield, begin to swerve erradicly. 'I must have hit the driver.' he thinks to himself, though he isnt sure. Either way, the jeep swerves off the road, hits a bump and begins to violently roll and tumble through a park full of people.

'Well, least I got em'.' Ward thinks to himself.
Alejandro The two remaining vehicles are still in hot pursuit, one cop car and one jeep full of soldiers. The BLF members are gaining quite a bit of distance thanks to David's fantastic driving and Ward's solid shooting. Soon they should be to one of the BLF checkpoints that are waiting to receive them. Once there they'll be home free!
Natalya Natalya is not surprised that nobody was following her, but she drives carefully nonetheless.
Benny David glances in he rear view mirror, seeing he still has two vehicles in hot pursuit but they don't call him crazy ninja merc for nuthing! He pushes pedal to the metal, the van lurches forward and the engine whines, smoke starting to come out from under the hood even as the driver pushes it to insane speeds. He peels around another corner, drives into oncoming traffic even to get around some slow vehicles and then squeals the tires, as he ducks the van into an alley and then emerges out the other side, while laying on the horn trying to lose the jeep and the cop car.

Does this guy even have a license because the way he's driving is like he's in a video game!
James Scott "Alright." James takes a deep breath then throws the door open. Drawing back he pitches a thermite grenade through the windshield of the pursuing vehicle. It sparks and lights everybody inside up before burning through the floorboard and rolling off into a storm drain. The vehicle starts to swerve before it hits a curb and flips. The flaming vehicle skids a ways before stopping, likely to explode at any given moment.

"Take it bitch!" James shouts, giving the dead cops a one-fingered salute.
Ward As the doors fly open, Ward takes no time to question it and instead uses his extra maneuverability granted by not having to shoot through a window, he turns his attention to final cop car having seen that James is taking care of the nearest one.

BRRRRRT. The sound of Ward's gunfire fills the back of the van like a firecracker in an echo-chamber. The bullets penetrate the cop car, shattering glass and punching holes in the frame. The car begins to swerve before spinning out of control and smacking into a building, tearing down the wall and taking multiple unlucky pedestrians with it.
Alejandro As David drives and the others shoot, throw grenades or cover the hostages the van manages to make its way through safely to the checkpoint. Though guys with guns point their weapons at them they're allowed to pass as the vehicle is recognized and Alejandro calls out to them over the radio. Natalya is likewise able to make her way to safety. Once things are through there the vans make their way around to the Navy base where the prisoners are escorted to a lock up to be interrogated and held for ransom.