Umbrella Surveillance System
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Elliott     Elliott, wearing nicer pants than just sweats, obviously changed since last night. He sits at the table, a notebook opened as he hunches over it. His tongue is settled just between his teeth as he writes, focused on that and occasionally giving a glance around the room with a rather distant look. A box of doughnuts - with plenty of chocolate ones - sit in the middle because, yes, he brought some in.
Emma Emma has been busy working, most would if seen that. She emerges from her office with a glass, looking to Elliott for a moment. "H - hello." She greets with a tired smile and then goes to fill her glass from the RO system.
Elliott     Finishing, Elliott closes the book as he rises to his feet just as he hears the greeting. Letting out a, "Hmm," he turns his head, and his smile is pleasant as he gives Emma a nod. After a quick intake of air, he greets amiably, "Emma." He regards her quietly, tapping the pen still in his fingers lightly on the cover of his book as his tongue wets his lips, thinking. He turns back to the notebook, sliding it into his bag El hrms, looking toward Emma with both eyebrows raised in question. "Get yourself a doughnut?" he offers warmly.
Emma Her glass is filled, Emma turns and leans against the counter, and crosses her ankles. A few small sips of the crystal clear water is taken. Grey-green eyes move to the donuts and then back to Elliott, she shakes her head. "N - not to hungry." The lass says casually. "Wh - what were ya workin' on?"
Elliott     Elliott leans as he shifts his bag under the table and out of the way. His pale blue eyes slide back to Emma, smiling as he answers, "Write ups of interviews, evaluations, investigations." He glances at the box of doughnuts as he thinks, fingers tapping his leg before he lets out a breath and lifts his head to look back to Emma. Considering as his gaze glances to the side briefly, he eventually approaches, and casually leans against the counter beside the redhead. After a second, he says lightly, "So what are the chances we can be friends this time around?"
Emma There is a slow nod. "G - getting inta people's brains?" She asks, smirking a little. Still she drinks her water, finding it refreshing.

"F - friends?" A brow arching grey-green eyes look to Elliott. "Ya - ya know, old you wouldn't have do - done all that. So, it - it could be a decent chance."
Elliott     Elliott shifts his position a little, crossing his arms in front of him as his lips curve. He nods silently, giving him a moment of thought. Then eventually, he comments off-handedly, "When you learn you can be so much more..." His shoulders lift casually. His gaze wanders around the lounge as a few thoughts run through his mind, and he lets out a soft sigh. "Thank you, by the way," he says, now shifting and turning his gaze to Emma as he regards her. "For not bringing all that... past stuff up." At least El assumes she hasn't, and he watches her reaction closely as his stomach muscles clench tightly.
Emma "It - it isn't anyones business." Emma replies, looking to Elliott shrugging and with a small smile. "We - we may not see eye ta - ta eye, but I am not gonna run ones name th - through the dirt." Then, the lass seems to asks, hesitantly. "Why - why did ya change?"
Elliott     That gives Elliott some relief. Some of that fear easing away a little. He smiles appreciatively as he nods his head. He looks back out around the lounge, and a short laugh escapes him as she asks /why/ the change. With an easy shrug, his first response, "Do you know how difficult it is to work at being that... that way?" He mouth twitches at his joke before he sighs and gives a small shake of his head. "No," he adds to emphasize that he was only playing. He shrugs once again and says, "I got my eyes opened and, believe or not, got help from the therapist that inspired me to become one." Without bringing up the loss of his friend, which he still doesn't really like talking about.