Umbrella Surveillance System
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Delia After Vinz leave Delia looks to Archene as she signs "Now that he is gone, do you wish to hear about what I found out about El Papa and how I want to hand him and his nephew?"
Silent Night Archene briefly nods at Delia, before saying, "I'd be glad to hear the news, and yes, knowing your plans will be the best." He nods.
Delia Delia signs to Archene "Some of my research uncovered that El Papa may be supporting all three sides of the Civil War. My theory is that he wants them to all take out each other and then wipe out who is left. Now then. Do you want me to start about what I want to do to my ex fiance and El Papa once we get our hands on them?"
Silent Night "That is expected, the more people fight the more lax the law becomes the easier for him to operate, if any of the factions win this war, in the end, he will lose power." Archene hmms, "Then again he may actually be aiming to take over the nation in the end like you said." He then nods, "Please do." He looks at Delia attently.
Delia Delia grins evilly as she signs "Well. First, slowly amputating each finger individually, than each toe the same way. Of course searing the flesh shut to coterize the wound. Then remove of the hands and feet, with a tourniquet of course. After all if I want to prolong the torture they can't bleed out. I am smell the searing of their flesh now to coterize the wound. Then remove the calves first, than the fore arms. Repeat the process. Then the thighs and the upper arms so that all that is left is a torso. Then.... cut right down the stomach and watch all the entrails fall out. Then allowing them to finally die. Though over a long string of days if not weeks."
Silent Night Archene just nods impassively at the details, not many reasons to smile at torture. "Good thing you didn't tell the doctor all of that, he'd probably have outright quit the job." He sighs, "Just be sure to do that at a private, isolated location where people won't come bother or connect anything to you or us. Even if this is Bolivar." He smiles softly.
Delia Delia signs to him "I am not sloppy. Don't worry and I won't leave a trail. And I am rather sure he would have quit should he technically heard all of that. I just want to cause them as much pain as they did me."
Silent Night "Pay them as hard as you wish." Archene nods at her, "I'll give you my support however I can, dear." He hmms, "And yes, he would and likely he'd go missing which would be a pain given that I'm trying to make this organization a pristine one." He nods.
Delia Delia signs to Archene "I know Archene. And not trying to give the company a bad name, you know."
Silent Night "I know you wouldn't do something that would destroy the company's reputation, that'd make my life a bit harder." Archene smiles softly, "Once we get hold on his location, we can think a bit more on how to capture him. For now, I'm seeing if I can set things properly in Caraora and coordinate with the others in the Government. That should be enough to eventually push him against the wall and facilitate our lives."
Delia Delia nods softly and signs "Just let me know what our next move is. For now I am going to continue to do my research. Hopefully I can find out other information."
Silent Night Archene nods, leaning back on on his chair, "I'll be sure to let you know, don't worry, dear." He sighs, "Let me know if you find more information. As always, I'll be glad to hear."
Markus Berger Meanwhile, a certain Doctor is approaching the office, in fact he is essentially barging through the door although he has the decency to just peek in with the door only mostly open and himself only half a step in the room as he looks about. "Got a moment or two, Arch?"
Delia Delia nods and signs "I will let you know I promise." Her attention looks to Markus as she signs "Hello Markus. How are things?"
Silent Night "Thank you, Delia." Archene nods at her before looking over at Markus, unfazed at his usual barging, "As many as you need, just come in." He smiles, "Just don't forget to close the door."
Markus Berger Markus swiftly closes the door and sits down on the next best chair he finds, briefly nodding to Delia. "Good, good. Anyway, I have a few bits of information you might want to hear about despite my investigations having hit a roadblock or two. Literaly too in some regards."
Delia Delia nods softly and looks to Archene for a moment as he responds. Her attention the focuses solely upon Markus, curious to find out what said roadblocks are.
Silent Night "I'd be glad to hear more about the content of the information," Archene nods with a smile. Yes, his days were usually this busy. 3 reports, back to back to back, but that was the life of someone of importance.
Markus Berger "First, I have camera footage from Bogota, the capital. Nothing too interesting, except for who is seen on it. Lord Oswell Spencer, founder and big boss of Umbrella. Make of that what you will, but him being here in this country at this time means nothing good. Second, I have a name to attach to one of TRICELLs hidden labs. Ouroboros is the name of one and its somewhere in the mountains of Bolivar. Third, keep an eye on the BLF. Heard some tidbits of information that they are being supplied with russian prototype equipment from god knows where." Having finished rattling all that off Markus leans back in his chair and waits for any kind of reacion.
Delia Delia quietly listens as Markus esplains finding Lord Oswell Spencer, the Ouroboros and the BLF. Though the Russian prototype weapon makes her eyesbrows rise and look to Archene so see what his response is.
Silent Night Arrchene nods at the given information, "I've got information about his presence recently here in Bolivar, but it is good to know the precise location of his visit." He ponders on the following information, "It is also good to know the name of the lab, in regards to BLF, I'll be sure to do so. They are my primary focus as it is, will keep an eye on them. As for the prototypes, after there are proper clashes with them, I'm sure we will be able to identify their suppliers."
Markus Berger The doctor nods, having his information being partially revealed as usefull and the coffee filled night wasted. "Good. Anything else happening I should know off myself? I assume you two were sheming something right now, as is normal for you."
Delia Delia silently giggles and signs to Markus "I had just finished telling Archene a personal little dream of mine is all. You didn't interrupt. Not sure if I would call it scheming exactly." Her attention then looking to Archene to see what his opinion on it was.
Silent Night "Just a few small plans for after we have taken care of our business in Bolivar." Archene smiles, "Not much. Also, I'd like to announce that I manage to get hold of Vice-Mayorship in this city. Cost a few words here and there, but at least, I won't have to bother filling any more documents for local government due to anyone's inquiries."
Markus Berger Markus shrugs and looks particularly mock-unimpressed. "Thats actually old news for me, considering my job around here. In fact, I was expecting that so I catched up on it rather fast. At this point you are predictable when it comes to that."
Delia Delia silently giggles and signs "I have more research I need to take care of in truth." Her gaze looks to Archene as she signs "Though I think we should celebrate the vice mayorship. Perhaps tomorrow? I want to get through my paperwork tonight."
Silent Night Archene grins at Markus, saying, "It is not like I'd pass the opportunity to bypass rules around here after all. It was just the simplest course of action." He looks at Delia, "That'd be lovely, I also have some papperwork, and meetings to deal with today after I'm done with the current ones." He smiles.
Markus Berger "Well, I've told you what I know. Security footage and other informations have been forwarded to your database as usuall to keep it away from the others around here. Anyway, that takes care of that then. If someone needs me, I'm in my office a few doors over. Like always. Likely sleeping. Take care." With that said the Doctor gets up and quickly makes his way out of the office.