Umbrella Surveillance System
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Buck Rogers Buck is on the mainland for work; with her man gone, Celeste has nothing but free time. He's scheduled her spa days at the resort, offered to have meals delivered to her, and left a credit card with a generous limit on it in case she needs something-- he's also left her with the number to the disposable phone he's using in the event she desperately needs to call.

But, really, what could make her need to? On the Paradise Island, the only threat is skin cancer from too much time bathing in the bright sun. Between mud facials and pedicures and massages and all-you-can-eat buffets of sea food and fruit and guided tours through the beautiful island jungles, one could spend a lifetime indulging here and not be bored.

But! But. Something terrible has happened: the Wi-Fi has stopped working. Rather, it's been flicking in and out, and showing odd, odd behaviors; sometimes, the wrong website loads. Sometimes, when Celeste monitors the bandwidth, it shows an unusually high consumption for what she's doing. Hmm..
Celeste Celeste furrows her brow as she watches the bandwidth and mutters to herself "Now I know someone is messing with our shit. Time to see just who that is and send them a nice little warning message about just who it is they are trying to play mean with. This kitty is about to show her claws." And that is when her window opens up upon her screen and her fingers begins to speed over the keys as she begins to send the needed prompts. Her uPhone hooked up to her laptop so she can hack faster.
Buck Rogers Celeste's a genius when it comes to technology, and like any master craftsman, her tools suit her well-- between the prototype smart phone and her advanced military-grade laptop, the sheer computational power at her fingertips renders her supreme in her field. Screens for tools she'd programmed herself flash in and out as she swaps windows, charts tracking IPs and monitoring ingoing and outgoing traffic. It takes her no time at all to discover it's not a quirk of a signal but instead an actual person piggy-backing off their wireless connection and trying to find something on her computer.

What's she going to do? The other person hasn't figured out she's on to them, yet, and her machine is clearly more powerful. She does have all sorts of programs she's made to track them down, shut their computer off.. activate their webcam and see what's going on, maybe.
Celeste Celeste decides to activate the webcam just to see whom it is that is trying to hack into her computer as she is trying false information into the small part of the PC that the dumbass has managed to get into. Need to keep the novice busy while the master works after all. Her eyes studying everything upon the screen and memorizing it before the webcam loads up.
Buck Rogers The webcam blinks on. At first, the person doesn't notice-- it's just a red dot on top of their monitor, after all. She can make out a man's face, young, scrawny; he's got wide brown eyes, a crooked nose, big glasses and an unkempt beard. He's got a few extra pounds on him, and he's not wearing a shirt. She activates the microphone, too, and can hear his fingers tapping down keys, and hears the telltale whirring and clicking of those rotating electric fans.

He bites his lower lip. "C'mon, TerraSave girl, let's see what you're hiding.."

Behind him, the area is dark. Dimly lit. It looks to be old stone, and there's a slit-like window near the ceiling that lets in a little bit of light.
Celeste Celeste rolls her eyes and murmurs "Oh how pathetic. Let's find out just who your are." She shuts off the camera, continuing to feed minor dumb false information to his hacking as she delves deeper into his computer, finding out all his information and even something to blackmail him with.
Buck Rogers The camera winks out before he realizes it was ever on. But the microphone stays on; it's a more subtle way to spy. "What's this folder? UMB_LA? Huh, it's encrypted.. oh! Umbrella!" There's triumph in his voice-- he begins to download the folder straight from Celeste's computer.

Of course, it's a fake file, encryption over utter nonsense; by the time he's broken it, he'll find nothing more than copy-pasted lines from a smutty romance novel currently lying on the coffee table next to Celeste.

Meanwhile, her retaliatory efforts are proving more fruitful. The computer's ID is HWilson. She's checking the hardware to see what identifying marks might be there-- the mix of parts suggests he built it himself. She remotely accesses his desktop as he works, and in a miniature window on the side of her screen she can see what he sees-- foremost, she sees her own booby-trapped folder, and she can see an anime girl background, scantily clad (or nude-- hard to tell) along with a bunch of shortcuts for computer games, Firefox, and MP3s.

It's that last one that really gets her, because there's a subfolder within it titled 'My Band'.
Celeste Celeste scans the folder called 'My Band' before she hacks into it, taking needed precautious to make sure nothing happens to her precious machine that she treasures. If it is interesting enough, she is going to download everything within it. Though she waits for a moment before she makes her next move to fully search through the My Band folder.
Buck Rogers There's a half dozen or so music files in the folder. Listening to one shows he's part of an amateur band where he plays the drums-- she can also pick out a guitar player and a vocalist, though they might be the same person. But as is the nature of garage bands, it's probably three people, not two. It's not terrible, but they're definitely amateurs, playing heavy rock covers.

There's a few pictures in the folder, too. One shows the thin-faced but chunky man with, yep, two other men in literally a garage. But he looks younger in the picture than he did on the webcam by at least a few years, and a calendar hanging by the garage door in the corner of the picture says 2003. Three years ago.

There's a Jeep next to the drum set. The license plate is a bright white, and though it's partially covered by the drums, it says America's Dairyland in red letters.

Wisconsin. And she can make out all but one of the letters in the plate itself.

It'll take some time, but she's got a hook.
Celeste Celeste continues to dig deeper, going to the dmv to do a reverse look up as if she works there, narroring it down by the fact is it a red keep with that plate and finds out all the other needed information she could ever want. Now it is time for her to play rough. Just as he begins to find out that it is nothing more than romance smut that he downloading she freezes his computer and turns on her mic as she says "Hey there Tobias Matthews. Did you really think you could hack a pro. Also you should seriously start working out and get in better shape. Anyway. Why the fuck are you trying to hack my computer, also... how is the weather in Wisconsin right now hmm? Right by Lauderdale Lakes. I don't think you realize just who you are messy with. Do you?"
Buck Rogers She does indeed find out all she'd want to know: birth date, home address, work history. That last one's interesting; he hasn't had a job in about a year and a half, where he took a sabbatical from his relatively well-paying IT job and then seemingly vanished from the face of the earth. There's more information to be found if she's willing to put in the time and energy, but for now, she has enough to spook him.

So spook him she does.

She hears a gasp as her voice transmits through his speakers. Then she hears him mash on his keyboard-- first intelligently, then simply mindlessly pressing keys, as if in denial and frustration. "The fuck? You tricked me?" A little nasally, but not the nerdiest voice she's ever heard; he could pass for a normal person if he dressed well. ".. huh. Good job. But I haven't been back in Lauderdale in over a year; that's my dad's place." He's calming down. "I'm somewhere else now. A lot closer to you. Look, I'm not a bad guy, it's just-- I was checking out a lot of the available connections here, the machines, and yours was way better than everyone else's. And it's coming from that house registered to the TV meathead, I figured he'd just spent a ton of money to.. whatever. Then I saw you were TerraSave.. I've been investigating them since last year."
Celeste Celeste looks furious and screams "Don't you dare call my fiance a meathead you witless piece of shit! I was in Terrasave. I am no longer. So I may suggest you go investigate someone else you little shit." As she is threatening his she is indeed digging deeper, she wants to find out just where he is. Dig deeper into his files as she then smuggly asks "And why are you investigating them?"
Buck Rogers "Whoah, sorry, sorry," Tobias apologizes, sincere in his haste. "I didn't mean to piss you off. Great guy, yeah? Survived Raccoon City. I watch that YouTube series his friend makes.. anyway." He clears his throat. "All I meant was, he doesn't look like much of a computer guy, so I figured he spent a ton of money on something top-of-the-line. So I was just gonna.. borrow it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good connection where I am?" A laugh. "Don't you think it's weird how fast they grew? How trouble happens around them? They were nothing, nobodies, a laughingstock-- then Raccoon City happens, and the whole world's calling them champion activists. A bunch of rich old dudes start donating to them. There was this bigshot billionaire guy on the Heaven of the Seas before the accident there meeting them. Then there's the Paris leaks. Now they're off in Bolivar, and-- well, why? Why'd they go from anti-bio-terrorism to passing out food? Call the Salvation Army or something instead. No, it's suspicious.. something's going on down there."
Celeste Celeste continues to let him talk as she continues to dig deeper and deeper into his computer, her keyboard makes no sound so he can't truly tell just what she is up to as he rambles on. She asks to get him to keep talking "And what are your theories on what is going on? I am curious to know."
Buck Rogers "It's obvious, right? They're in someone's pocket! Activists my ass-- they gotta be a cover for some sort of government or corporate black-ops." Tobias hasn't noticed what Celeste is doing yet; if he has, he's not given any indication. Her digging corroborates his story. He has a lot of saved newspapers, online articles, conspiracy theorist-esque networks connecting names and places together. "I don't know who they're working for yet, but they're more than they appear. They're hiding something. Maybe even working with Umbrella? Nah.. but I'm still investigating. That's why I'm here on the island now-- it's close to Bolivar, and I've managed to find a lot of information pointing to Umbrella activity here."
Celeste Celeste continues to hack more into his computer for now, saving all his bookmakrs as well as his usernames and passwords for onlinre things as well as determine his exact location. She frowns and says "You should really not be this close to my house.... I can call my man and he will break you. You are to close for my comfort." Then the code to brick his computer is sent. She turns the camera on to watch his reaction as everything goes first and lastly the camera.
Buck Rogers "Wait! I'm not a bad guy, come help me out with this! You're amazing!" Tobias sounds enthusiastic at the prospect, smiling brightly. That he's been locked out of his own computer doesn't seem to bother him right now.

Then she bricks the machine. She can watch, real time, as his face goes crestfallen, then turns to fury. "You bitch!" He screams, smacking the tower, then it all goes black.

His location? It's weird-- Google Maps puts it in the middle of nowhere on the island, near the coast. There's nothing resort-related near there.
Celeste Celeste decides that she can send Buck to go and pay the little nerd a visit. She very much dislikes her privacy invaded, especially on her precious machine. If he is dumb enough to be here with conspiracy theories, then he deserves to fully understand just who he messed with. She unhooks her uPhone and calls Buck.
Buck Rogers Buck picks up after a few rings. The reception isn't so bad. "What's up, sweetheart?" In the background, she can hear waves and a few voices speaking Spanish.
Celeste Celeste leans back on the couch as she says "Some dumb fuck tried to hack my computer. I bricked his. His is researching into Terrasave. I don't like that he called you a meathead and also invaded my privacy. And his dumb ass is on the island no where near a resort. I was hoping you could pay him a visit for me. Cause he has me all upset and now I am tense again after my massage today."
Buck Rogers There's shouting in the background. A gunshot. Buck is remarkably unfazed. "Okay, sweetheart," he says, and she can hear the smile. "I'll swing back by the house in the next few days, you point me where to go. Just a little occupied right now-- you okay?"
Celeste Celeste giggles softly as she says "Okies hunny. I love you. Have fun. Try to find me some weird survivor if you can ok? I am sure something out there has something pretty I could put into a trophy thing of items you pillaged of the bodies you drop. I miss you." Her smile can be heard in her voice
Buck Rogers "I love you too, baby girl," the man says, that growl ever-present in his voice. "Just handlin' a few bad fellas in a fishin' village. I'll bring ya back a crab." He hangs up with a laugh.
Celeste Celeste giggles at the growl in his voice and his saying of bringing back a crab. When he hangs up she hooks her uPhone back up to her laptop, then she is turning on the tv to watch 10 Things I Hate About You.