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Aidan Aidan makes his way into the Olde Cobble Pub having heard that it was a pretty good local watering hole. Pausing for a moment after he enters he gives the room a quick scan then makes his way to the bar where he takes a seat before he waves the bartender over, "Wouldn't mind a good cold bottle of beer and a shot of whiskey please."
Emma Emma is already there, sitting at the bar. She has a half ate plate of food in front of her, and a bottle of Guiness. She has a open book, and seems to be reading. It's a medical journal. When Aiden comes to the bar, and sits, grey-green eyes look up to him a second. The shy lass gives an even more shy smile, before the red head looks to the book again.
Aidan Aidan had picked a seat that just happened to be almost right next to Emma and offers her a nod as he looks around the bar and at the others seated there, "Medical journal hmm? Just moved to the area myself got hired on to work at the local hospital." He offers out his hand, "Hi, I'm Aidan."
Esa Walking in, Esa heads over to Emmas table and sits across from her. A warm smile is given as he reaches over to take her Guiness and sips from it before putting it back. "How are you Emms?"
Emma Emma slowly looks up from her book, to Aidan. She quirks a brow, looks at his hand and extends her, her hand delicate yet perfectly balanced. "A - another doctor?" Asks the Scottish lass, in her thick Scottish accent. "I - I am Doctor Emma O'Connal, ni - nice ta meet ya, Aidan. What brought ya - ya here?"

Looking to Esa as he enters there is a small smirk, eyes move to the bartender. "A - another Guiness." She asks and looks to him again. "Ev - everythin' okay Esa?"
Aidan Aidan smirks and shrugs a bit, "I suppose I finished school to have a title like that. I focus more on trauma and rural medicine though so I was planning on volunteering much of my time to the doctor's without boarders program." When his drinks finally arrive he tips back the whiskey before chasing it with a sip from his beer, "Love your accent though doc." His accent is a southern drawl from the States, not quite deep south but definately a solid drawl. He offers a nod towards Esa as he approaches Emma and the bar as well.
Emma Tilting her head, Emma nods a litte, obsorbing this information. Cheeks go red, she looks down shyly with a smile in thanks.

"Y - yer with doctors wi - without borders? Ya - ya know, I was hopin' ta get in touch with some in tha - that oeginization. I - I want another group of - of doctors ta help us."
Esa Looking to Emma, he smiles "I'm doing good hun." He replies as the waiter brings a Guiness for him. Taking it, he sips on it before setting it down. "Just busy at the base currently." He informs her kindly.
Aidan Aidan shrugs a bit, "Just got here so haven't linked up with the local group but I'd signed up with 'em back in the States. I suppose I could get you in touch with them when I get in touch with them?" He sits back and sips on his beer a bit while Esa and Emma get caught up.
Emma Emma, not being a big eater, slides her plate towards Esa, while she sips at her Guiness. Attention is on Aidan, grey-green eyes curious. "I - I would like that." She says. "I - I lead tha TerraSave branch here, we - we may have some future projects that we could use aid with. We got a similar concept within us, but I'd - I'd not miss tha chance ta expand our resources."
    Half turning she looks to Esa and frowns there, not hiding the concern from her freckled features. "A - a lot goin' on in tha FBC base lately?"
Esa "We evacuated a small village a few days ago. Outbreak." Esa replies quietly as he takes a swallow of the beer. A soft smile is given to her as he adds "Red Cross along with FBC medical staff to review and check them over. Nothing too seriouss."
Aidan Aidan nods a bit, "I think that pooling resources would be a great idea. So many that we can help out here." He pauses and blinks as he hears Esa talk about an outbreak and shakes his head, "Getting so dangerous these days such a shame. Do you think that we'll need to hire some security when we roll out for our work outside of the city?"
Emma "W - wait what?" Emma says to Esa, surprised to say the least. "Wh - what medical issues?" Her mind can go to so many things.

There is a heavy sigh, she looks to Aidan and frowns further. "Ya - ya have no idea h - how dangerous. I think we're okay here, but in recent relief efforts, dangers have arisen."
Esa Biting his lip, Esa sighs and says something that Emma has never heard from him before, "I cannot tell you. It's been heavily classified." He tells her quietly, a apologetic look on his face as he takes another drink of the beer. A look to Aidan is given, brow raising "Doctors without borders was it? Probably best, government could give a shit less.. and sadly FBC is tasked to help them." He tells him with a heavier frown.
Aidan Aidan nods a bit, "That's terrible that the government couldn't care. And classified sounds ominous. Probably means it was just a gas leak or something right? Wink wink nudge nudge." He grins and shrugs a bit, "I'm sure we can find some security prolly end up paying off the folks who'd attack us with medical care and whatnot."
Emma Eyes narrow a little to what Esa says. She is so unsure, and doesn't push it, not here anyway.

She laughs a little at Aiden though. "I - I have no real combat trainin' an' am - am a danger magnet."
Esa His look is still apologetic as he looks to her, a soft smile given before taking another sip of his beer and listens quietly.
Aidan Aidan chuckles and shakes his head, "I don't see how a lil dainty lady like yourself could be a danger magnet. But I'll be sure to check and see if we've got security before we roll out wouldn't want to miss out on beach season."
Emma Emma nods a little to Esa, giving a smile inn return and then looks to Aidan, cheeks going red. "Ah - I - I am, just as Esa here, da - danger surrounds me."
Esa "She is just a little." He replies with a smirk, hand reaching over to touch and squeeze hers. "But she is good a finding ways out of them." He adds before moving his hand back to his lap. Looking back to Aidan, he nods "There are a few good security companies out there, but remember it's easier for Doctors to be approached if they don't see so many weapons."
Aidan Aidan nods a bit, "Very good point. I'll let the boss handle it I'm just there to patch up holes and fix the sniffles." He grins a bit as he takes a sip from his beer, "Nice lil place here. Ya'll come here often?"
Emma "So - some extreme ways." Emma reminds Esa, with a shrug, and then looks the Aidan. The trio sitting and talking. "Bu - but there are other worries t - than that, it's life, it happens."
Aidan Aidan nods a bit as he finishes off his beer standing up from his barstool he sets some money down on the bar for his drinks before he hands Emma a business card he pulls from his wallet, "Here's my card give me a call some time and we'll see about getting the groups working together. I've got to head out to try and meet up with a real estate agent. Looking to get a little house out here so I don't keep paying for outrageous hotel room bills anymore." He offers a wave to Esa and Emma as he heads out the door.
Esa Esa gives a wave to Aidan, his head nodding "Have a good day sir." He says warmly before looking back to Emma quietly and then to her food, leaning over to pick at it and take a bite.