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Eve Eve was expecting a date, but when the video game plan came up she was happy to put it off to have some time with her friends. She came wearing a knee-length pink t-shirt and she's carrying two pizza's in one hand and holding up a video game in the other. "I found it!" She sing songs, a grin on her face. "Gauntlet, the original, who's up for this?"
Tabitha Tabitha arrives shortly after, as if trailing the smell of Pizza.. or she's just got some sixth sense for pepperoni. Either way, "I'm in", moving to begin digging in the small fridge for sodas.
Maxim Maxim is a bit out of his element again. He's dressed in his normal attire, not really a relaxed wear or slumber party type. Or maybe he just doesn't know. One also might wonder how he got the smell/stains from the place they were at out. Either he's a miracle worker at laundry or he has a closet full of the exact same outfits.

Still he is there to see everyone, though the mention of the game makes him blink. "Gauntlet? What is that?" He looks at the game in her hand, as the coin he usually fidgets with comes into his to flip over his fingers.
Elliott     Giving up going out on a date for a video game really speaks to the nerd. And El is totally up for it. He shows up in sweats and a pullover shirt, not exactly owning 'PJs,' and flashes a grin as his gaze trails over to Eve as she holds up the game. Lifting his hands in gesture, they drift apart with his fingers splayed. "Wizard! Just claiming it now," he announces as his eyebrows wing upward together. He glances towards Tabitha with a nod and a smile, and then a look of feigned shock as he looks over at Maxim. "Only just a fantastic game, mate."
Eve Eve grins at Maxim as she places the pizzas ont he table. "An old video game, of course." She glances around and then shrugs. "I want the Valkyrie, don't make me have to wrestle someone to get it." She announces, snagging a glass of wine for herself. "We've got sleeping bags, and I plan on playing until I'm worn out." She grins and settles on the floor near the television.
Tabitha Tabitha takes a slice of pizza. 'I'm very rusty. You guys gotta put up with me being horrible for, like, forever'. she moves to a good spot on the floor, a paper plate sporting her pizza.. "we're not doing something like when you die you take a shot, are we? I dont see something like that going well"
Maxim Maxim blinks as he looks at them all as they discuss the game. "I.. have never played." He goes to get some pizza as well, and asks, "Is it a difficult game?" He makes his way over to a spot where no one else looks like they're going to sit. The coin disappears as he goes to try some of the pizza.
Elliott     "You're not alone," Elliott responds to Tabitha, his lips curving lightly as he chuckles. "I forget all of the buttons." His smile turns into a grin and he glances at Eve. "But I'll still take out more of the enemies than you," he challenges playfully, eyebrows lifting as he flashes teeth. He looks back at Maxim as he moves over to grab a beer. "You'll learn quick enough. We'll learn together." Using the bottom of his shirt, he twists the cap off the bottle and takes a drink. He rests his hips against the edge of the table as he watches Eve and the television, waiting for it to be brought up.
Eve "It isnt' a difficult game, just a dungeon crawl." Eve says, smiling at Maxim. "If you don't enjoy it, we'll try something different for you." She starts to dole out controllers and squirms for a moment, looking excited. "Okay, who's ready?" She leans forward slightly and selects the Valkyrie before she leans over to snag some pizza. "You'll try." She returns to Elliott, giving him a playful wink. The game comes up and the music starts to play.
Maxim A nod is given while they set up the game and gets controllers out. Max goes to pick out a controller and says to Elliott, "I will try my best." Looking to Eve he nods and will say, "Show me the basics, and I will be ready. Or... I will figure it out." At the mention from Tabitha of shots he raises a brow. "Shots? What would we be shooting?"
Elliott     Shots would be an improvement since the last time Elliott played. But El does not say that aloud, just flicks out a smile in amusement as he grabs a slice of pizza and moves over to grab a controller. He sets the beer down, takes a bite of pizza, and then takes the controller in two hands to select the wizard class. Chewing, and then swallowing, he says even as he chooses, "Blue Wizard is ready to go." He sinks into the sofa, leaning back, relaxed.
Eve Eve gets to her feet, settles on the couch, her feet pulled up and the controller resting on her knees. "Valkyrie ready." She announces, snagging a slice of pizza and taking a decent sized bite. She balances the controller on her legs as she quickly tries to eat and finally she glances over at Elliott and smiles, her dimples showing. "Gonna stay and snooze in the sleeping bags?"
Maxim Maxim looks at the choices of characters, and then shrugs. "I will select the warrior." It takes him a bit to manage the controls but he starts to figure out what does what. He stretches out the fingers of one hand, then the other, passing the controller back and forth as he does, and settles in starting to focus on the screen. Apparently he'll even take game playing seriously.
Tabitha Tabitha picks up the controller, not sitting on the sofa, but in front of it, leaning back against it, pizza within reach. she takes a bit, chewing, muffling around a mouthfull "felf iff fweady"
Elliott     Elliott is caught in a rather large bite of pizza as Eve asks her question. He glances at her, one eyebrow arching, but mouth closed around the mouthful as he tilts his head. One finger goes up while he finishes the bite, leaning forward to pick up the bottle as his mouth curves in amusement. "I might be too afraid if you aren't beside me," he jokes, his pale blue eyes twinkling as he takes a drink. When that, and the pizza, are set down, he takes up the controller eagerly. "Let's see if I can get the right spells working."
Eve Eve starts the dungeon and it flashes on the screen and they're in the first scene. She leans forward and intently keeps track of her character as it moves and slashes with a sword. A crust of pizza is still in her mouth and she looks like she's taking this game seriously. She moves to gather gold, picks up food and laughs when a zombie dies in a funny way. The stress has seemingly melted away from her. "Too afraid to sleep here?" She finally asks Elliott, grinning at him.
Tabitha Tabitha does her best to try to back-up her group mates, sniping from a distance.. which means she can pause for bits of pizza.. the arrows ceasing to fly as she nabs the next bite, hurring to catch up as she chews.
Maxim Maxim blinks as he starts out not so well. a lot of flailing as he learns the controls. He starts to get the hang of it but mentions after a bit, "His reaction time is.. not so good. I could dodge that much easier." Still he seems to be getting the hang of it, though he has gotten so into it he's forgotten about his slice of pizza. At the mention of Elliott being afraid to sleep he raises a brow, but the question goes unasked as he's too busy thwacking enemies on the screen apparently.
Elliott     Humming thoughtfully, brows creased as El watches the screen, the wizard follows behind as he slowly re-learns the controls. His smile grows slowly, chuckling and sending out bolts at the enemy, occasionally letting out, "Treasure," as he bounds the character on screen toward the chest. He laughs in response to Maxim. "Right, mate? I always found the warrior too slow." Elliott turns his head a fraction to glance at Eve, lifting his shoulders a little. "I don't know, but it sounded like a good excuse to me," he answers honestly, flashing a charming smile.
Tabitha Tabitha does her best to keep up. she is passable. Her aim isn't what it could be, but she does her fair share. She gets one or two great shots off, followed by a buttload of mistakes and even shoots the food one.. well, maybe twice.
Eve Eve leans over and bumps shoulders with Elliott, shaking her head slowly before she puts her attention back on the game. She hums to herself as the Valkyrie slices with the sword, her attention fully on the game. She does manage to grab a slice of pizza in the lull and take a quick bite before she sets it aside.
Maxim It seems Max is so busy killing foolios that he's not up on eating food enough. His health has slowly started whittling down, though he still avoids a fair bit of hits even if the Warrior isn't as good an armor as the valkyrie. His brow furrows some more as he progresses and he starts to worry his bottom lip some with his teeth.
Tabitha Tabitha leans forwards, conentrating. ignoring a dob of pizza sauce on her chin.. giving it all she can muster, which isn't that bad, but she's giving it a great deal of effort, and even getting a tad vocal about it.
Elliott     "Mhm," Elliott murmurs against a drink of his beer. One handed - with the controller in his lap - he moves the joystick while stretching his fingers to hit a button. It hits an enemy, but with one hand he's not quick enough to avoid the hit from another. "Bloody hell, that hurt," he lets out brightly. "Max, food up here," he says, even though the wizard's own health is hurting. In fact, the narrator's concern is met with a, "Blimey, I'm all right."
Eve When Eve's character dies she hunches her shoulder and wrinkles her nose. "Welp, I don't have any more coins so I'm out." She climbs over the back of the couch and goes for another glass of wine while she finishes the slice of pizza that's long since grown cold. She stretches her arms over her head and groans softly before she makes her way back to the couch.
Maxim Maxim hmms and looks to where Elliott's wizard is, and tries to get to him but is hit by an enemy and dies. He frowns, and looks down at his controller. "I...thought I was doing well." Apparently Max doesn't like to lose. Though since he died he does finally notice his slice of pizza he had neglected, and goes to take another bite, even if it's cold he doesn't seem to mind. He looks over to Eve as she's out as well and shrugs.
Tabitha Tabitha doesn't move fast enough misses a dodge and dies most unceremoniously. she pouts and proceeds to console her loss by nibbling on pizza crust. She sets the controller down as she watches the screen.
Elliott     Elliott shifts his eyes briefly as Eve moves, but has his gaze back on the television again. "Sorry," he murmurs as the warrior dies. His food now then. "Might as well make the game happy." He smirks. "We can finish this just the two of us, Tab," he encourages. Meanwhile, using the controller one handed as he's biting into his pizza. Elliott is just relaxed, playing the game gleefully. Though he does grimace and murmur, "Bloody hell," when his character is one his own. Bringing it up a notch, pizza and drink being ignored, he picks up the controller, tongue slipping out to touch his upper lip. He fairs pretty well, too, until he runs into Death. "I'm done," he lets out on a chuckle, sitting back as he sets the controller to his side and simply picks up his pizza, tearing off a bite just as he watches the enemy land the finishing blow.
Eve Eve gazes at the television for a moment and then she glances around. "Anyone have any other games that they want to try?" She says, a grin on her face. "Or is it sleeping bags time?" She tilts her wine glass a bit, an impish smile on her face.
Maxim Maxim stretches lightly, arms out moving his head back and forth. He looks to Eve when she mentions another game and hmms at that. "Nothing we could do safely here." He thinks a moment and his coin slips back out into his hand again to flip over the fingers as he thinks some more and adds, "One of the Uchitel' used to put a ball under one of three cups, and then we would have to find it after he moved them about." He shrugs and shrugs, moving to get some water to wash down the pizza. Seems he passes on the wine and beer.
Tabitha Tabitha smirks softly. "sleeping bag time might be fun, or some other kind of game, played amid sleeping bags", she offers ee a smile and a wink.
Elliott     Those blue, captivating eyes move to whoever is speaking as El thinks quietly. A little, low humming as she ponders. "We could relax and watch something on the telly," he suggests even as he raises a brow at Maxim curiously. "What did you have in mind?" he asks curiously as he gives Maxim an expressively inquisitive look. A small, "Mhm," is given as he glances over at Tabitha, gaze locking on her as he studies her. "And you," he asks, sharing the question he asked Max to her, giving his head a little shake.
Eve "We could watch something on the television, can you think of anything we might all like?" Eve asks, turning to gaze at Elliott, a sleepy smile on her face. "I'm just okay to relax here and drink a little bit more wine."
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes lock on Elliot's for a second, one eyebrow lifting with a smirk, that side lifting the smudge of pizza sauce she still wears. "I'm up for anything. Zoning out in front of the tv sounds good." She stretches, breaking eye contact with Elliot, and finally decides she's got something on her face and grabs a napkin, her cheeks flushing as she does.
Maxim Maxim grows quiet when Elliott asks his question. He grows quiet and gets some water, downing it quickly and then disposing of the bottle. "The games I played growing up were much different than most. Perhaps it is the best to try something else." He nods to Eve when she mentions TV, though he sniffs the air a bit when she mentions wine. "What is wine like Eve?" At Tabitha's blushing he raises a brow, but instead heads back over to the others and settles back down.
Elliott     Elliott looks briefly to the television. "I don't know, just a bit of background noise." His mouth curves pleasantly as he looks to Eve. "I'd be too distracted to watch the telly anyway." A brow lifts, his eyes slowly moving away from Eve as the corner of his mouth tugs lightly. His gaze slides onto Max again, craning his head a little as he looks at him with more curiosity. He doesn't pry, but now his mind is wondering about said games. Then, amused and half-teasing, looks to Tabitha as he shifts on the couch. "I'm surprised you haven't made coffee yet."
Eve "This is a dry wine, so it's..more of a subtle taste." Eve answers, offering Maxim a grin. "What kind of games did you used to play when you were growing up?" She asks, her voice slightly lower. She gets to her feet and pads towards a sleeping bag, pulling her hair from their pins so that it falls around her shoulders. "Maybe we can tell a ghosty story?" She suggests, her gaze landing on Elliott briefly as her cheeks go pink.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes widen "Oh, damn. you're right. Thanks!", and she hops up to go make coffee. "If I skip too many cups, the headaches kick in." She grabs a mug with the words "It's Medicinal" on the side and begins turning beans into heaven.
Maxim The coin flips to his other hand, moving over those fingers as he sits down and gets comfortable, looking back and forth among the others. Max nods to Eve as she describes it, but then wrinkles his lips as she asks about the games. He thinks a moment. "Well, there was the obstacle course. I was very good at that, I even could beat Araris. then there was sparring. The cup game, as I described. And the coin game."

Along with his bronze coin two other coins slip into his other hand, looking like decent sized coins of some nation's currency perhaps. "We would flip them in the air and catch them, more and more each until you could not catch them."

At the mention of ghost stories Max raises a brow. "Ghost stories? What are those?" He looks to Eve and Tabitha as well to see who might explain.
Elliott     A hearty chuckle escapes Elliott as Tabitha springs up to make coffee, shaking his head lightly in his amusement. "Headaches if you don't have enough?" His gaze is then sliding onto Eve, light eyes watching as her hair is let down. Letting out a wordless murmur, a short laugh as Eve asks the question he wanted to know, a smile tugs against his lips as he looks to Maxim, nodding his head thoughtfully. Scooting on the couch, El rises, letting out a breath as he gestures. "I'll take a walk," he suggests. "Maybe pick up doughnuts." He shrugs lightly.
Eve Eve snuggles into her sleeping bag, her eyes on the other occupants in the room. "A ghost story is a scary story that people tell each other to try to make them think that something is coming to get them." She hiccups sleepily and then murmurs. "Bring back chocolate doughnuts." She manages to get out before her eyes get heavy and she falls asleep.
Tabitha Tabitha does thing thing that's probably not good for the coffee maker where she pours it back through to brew a second time, so it's twice as strong, but when she's done, the coffee has real body to it.
Maxim Coffee. Strong coffee. Max sniffs the air. It's surprising Eve isn't woken up, cause that smell is probably.. Well divine if you're a coffee drinker. Blinking, Max tilts his head and regards Tabitha. "What is it that makes coffee so good? I have never had it."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "You want some?", she offers. "It is like Excitement in a cup. you may not like it when you first taste it.. but you may like it a few moments later." she smiles. "I like it sweet.. earthy.. thick.. thick enough to almost chew.""
Maxim Maxim blinks and stands. He looks over Eve a moment, to see how she is, if they'd woken her up. He moves over to Tabitha so he can speak quieter and adds, "Sweet and thick... I... I guess I could try it." He seems slightly skeptical, but then adds, " a cup..hmm." Yes apparently his curiosity is piqued.
Tabitha Tabitha tries with a bit extra sugar in Maxim's cup. She passes it over and then sips from her won, mmming softly. she moves to tug the sleeping bag up more over Eve and moves over to the side letting the woman sleep.
Maxim Following behind Tabitha, Max sniffs at the cup after she prepares it for him. He blinks a few times, eyes going wide. "It... is something." He's reserving judgement on excitement. Still he has a seat next to her and takes a small sip. His mouth wrinkles some. "I... do not know if I like it." Still he smells it again and takes another few sips, perhaps trying to reserve judgment until he's drank more. "And you drink this... all the time, yes?"
Tabitha Tabitha smiles and gigles. "It is like mother's milk. I need it to survive..", she says, smilking. Her legs tuck up beneath her
Maxim Maxim stops sipping it after a moment. "I feel...strange." He blinks some more, and rubs his chest with his free hand. "I see what you mean...excitement." He holds his hand out from his chest a moment, and there's a slight shake to it, as he frowns.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles and sips hers happily, holding the cup in both hands as if it were a treasure. "Welcome to my world", she says with a chuckle. "So, Tell me about the coin"
Maxim Pride. It's about the easiest way to explain his feeling when she asks about the coin. "You mean this?" The coin slips to his hand, it looks like he might keep it hidden somewhere up his sleeve, perhaps something in the sleeve or his glove. He holds it out for her to look at.

It's bronze, a little larger than a quarter, much thicker as well. Stamped on one side is the Death's Head, the other side having the symbol the Serpents of St. Patrick. He holds it out to let her pick it up even from his hand if she likes.

Max regards the coin then says after a moment, "I was given this shortly after I was taken. The coin game I described? It was my first test. I was able to flip and catch more coins than anyone before or since, even Araris..." There's a feeling of disdain, maybe some jealousy at the last part, but it quickly fades as his hand and arm tenses, stopping the slight shaking that it started doing. "I... I do not think this coffee is good for me. It would cause me problems working."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles at Maxim, beaming as she feels his pride, "This is high level coffee.. It is not a beginner's blend.. Just.. to show you the top of the mountain", she giggles. "It takes time to get to this point and not shiver."
Maxim Maxim nods as she talks about the coffee, and the shivers. "I feel it affects my...control. Yes, it would not be good. I am glad that you like it though. I may need to go through my routine before I am sufficiently tired to sleep." He looks over at Eve where she sleeps a moment. He then looks to the door, and finally he asks, "Tabitha, what was your childhood like?"
Tabitha Tabitha says, "full of books, walks in the swamp. foolish dreams", her eyes growing wistful. "lots of stupid mistakes and a lot of forgiving people", eyes focusing on Maxim once more. "what about yours?""
Maxim Childhood. Max looks at the floor at that. Lips press into a thin line, and his hands ball into fists briefly. Finally he speaks, almost distant sounding. "Food, Training, Study, food, training, sleep. The food was... not good. One of the other children called it gruel. The small heating unit in my cubicle though where i slept, I would you say... charcoal? I would take pieces and draw on the wall by the light of it. There were few other pleasant memories, and one person who will never be able to forgive me for what I had to do."
Tabitha Tabitha leans forward, a hand resting on Maxim's shoulder. "that does not sound very pleasant.", her words soft. "My childhood was a paradise by comparison, it seems", her brows knitting
Maxim Maxim does something rather uncharacteristic. He pulls on his glove and takes it off, something no one's seen (well almost but it was dark skinny dipping). He reaches with it and gently rests it upon the hand placed upon his shoulder. It's warm, slightly calloused but not heavily for someone who works with his hands the gloves must keep them soft. he gives a gentle squeeze of hers.

"It was a bad place. I am thankful I was able to escape. I am thankful that you, and hopefully the others did not have to endure it either." His body still shivers slightly, the distinct feeling of dread and loss permeates as he speaks about it. His body tightens again as he tries to make himself stop shaking.
Tabitha Tabitha cant really help herself.. that feeling of loss.. she moves over draping herself across Maxim as she hugs him tightly, sweezing, crushing her form to his as if in an attempt to press some warmtn into that hollow little dark place.
Maxim A blink as suddenly Max is hugged! There's some confusion, and Max stays tense a moment. But as she holds him squeezing, he slides his other arm around her and hugs her back, just not as hard as he doesn't want to squish her. He rests his chin on her shoulder and says softly, "Thank you... Tabitha." It takes a bit, but the hugging does help abate those feelings, shrinking them back into whatever dark corner they came from.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles, pulling back slowly, a finger dabbing at her eyes. "S-sorry", she lies, "I really needed a hug", a half-lie. "I think I better go take this opportunity to freshen up. I get the feeling work is going to be waiting for us very soon."
Maxim Maxim blinks as she pulls away and he sees her eyes tear up. He blinks and reaches to her face with his ungloved hand. "I am sorry if these things were upsetting." He moves to brush at her cheek with his thumb if she lets him and adds, "Work may be soon. I will try my best to keep you all safe."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles, her hand reacing up to take Maxim's as the thumb brushes her cheek. she stands, holding that hand. "And I'll keep you in tip top shape", she says, before moving to the door, letting the hand go reluctantly.