Umbrella Surveillance System
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Vinz Vinz glances through his notes once more before putting his portfolio back into his backpack and heads to Archene's office. He knocks sharply on the door and pokes his head in, "You got a few minutes Archene? I got some information back from some of those leads I was following."
Silent Night Archene is just typing things away on his laptop, sitting on his desk, wearing his usual suit and having his standard glasses covering his eyes. He looks at Vinz, and smiles, "Come in and have a seat," He motions to a chair, "I can make as much time as it is needed, but let me know what you've found out."
Vinz Vinz slides into the office, shutting the door behind him and taking his usual seat. He opens his backpack, removes the portfolio and begins to read off from his notes, "So, that Doctor Carter, he makes some interesting requests to the university he worked for. He wanted to lead an expedition into the southern mountains of Bolivar. The request was ultimately denied but the good doctor believed there was an undiscovered city there. I was able to track down his funding for his projects in general as well, back to a Lord Oswell E Spencer, who I imagine you are familiar with. He did it through a russian museum to try to hide the money i believe." He realizes he is talking without pause and then decides to give Archene a chance to speak in between.
Silent Night Archene gives a single clap as he clasps his hands, "Oh, so that is what Spencer was doing down here a while ago. I assume that they probably found what they were looking for, and that what the old executives from Tricell stole from Umbrella was precisely what was found. Matters related to this Las Plagas." He hmms looking away from Vinz and typing a number of things on his laptop before looking again at Vinz, "Have you found anything regarding the location of the site?"
Vinz Vinz shakes his head, "I am afraid i just have a rough location, but i can see if i can narrow it down further sir. I would also say that the museum was more than likely just a shell company, it died off almost instantly once Umbrella Asia folded. All of the rest seem to point back to Umbrella Euro, which if the rumors are true, i figured i better keep my fingers out of that...too heavy to swing at without leaving traces and im not setup nor have the equipment for something like that."
Silent Night "I will be thankful for that, if we can get the location properly, we can send a new expedition ourselves." Archene nods before saying, "Very likely, it was. But I've had my problems with Umbrella Euro, likely they are involved in a way or another given how their company works. It was a wise choice to not look too deep into them. Their surface is too, clear, even with all other Umbrellas falling."
Vinz Vinz frowns a bit and nods, "Yes, I heard they have an actual AI running their systems, i can hack some heavy metal...but thats insanity...if its even true, i would give my left eye to take a look at that source code." He grins then and replies, "I will take a look and see if i can get more of his hands, sadly, he was terribly analog, so trying to get my hands on much is difficult. I we have any satellites we could get some time on? Maybe scan over the area in general if i can find it?"
Delia Delia walks into Archene's office with some paperwork in her arms, though not much. Her steps bringing her to the desk to set it down within its proper boxes before she signs "Am I interrupting anything?" Her gaze looking back and forth between Archene and Vinz
Silent Night "No, no, dear." ARchene smiles at Delia as she comes in, "Doctor Vinz was only telling about the development regarding his investigation on Umbrella," With that he looks at Vinz, "Yes, they likely have. And I recommend you to not go mess with it, because likely their technology is one or two or thirty levels above the rest of the world for all we know. So be as careful as you can. In regards to satelites, I'll have to speak with the Vice-President. I don't know if I can get authorization for that, but if you give me concrete details, I'll pull as many strings as I can to ensure you have what you need."
Vinz Takes another look through his notes before closing his portfolio with a nod, "Alright, well that is all i have collected, though my systems have gotten another hit, i am waiting for my algorithm to put together a report for me. Once I have it, i will put it in your hands." He gives a smile to Delia, "Good to see you again, even better in a non-combat situation. Still having dreams about that last one..." He rubs his face a bit and slides it back into his backpack. "Anything you want me to do? I also wondered if it would be possible for me to put in a request for some servers in house? Something I could really up my searching power with?"
Delia Delia smiles and nods to Archene and finds herself a seat to join them. Her legs crossing at the knees as she relaxes back in the chair, armed per usual but also hidden under the flair of her skirt. Her eyebrows raise with interest at the mention of a development regarding Umbrella and she focuses her attention upon Vinz. A smile is on her lips as she signs "It is nice to see you as well Vinz. Or do you perfer I call you doctor? If you could research more into Papa under the radar for me it would be lovely. Just be very careful. I would sign the lingo but I don't know it. Just don't get caught alright?"
Silent Night "I'll be glad to read the formal report later," Archene nods at Vinz before chuckling quietly, "You can ask for servers in your house, just be sure to contact local internet provider to link things directly to you high speed. If you need more funds than you currently have, I'll provide them."
Silent Night On a side note, Archene does speak out loud everything Delia says meant to him. Yes, just what's meant to him and nothing more.
Vinz Vinz grins a bit, "Well by in house i meant within Tricell's building here sir. We have the fastest net connection in the area, so it feels like they would be wasted anywhere else. Besides i just staying at the hotel near here, if there was a server room with a couch i wouldnt even leave the building." He laughs softly, "Maybe I need to get out more, but honestly, nothing makes me feel more alive thant following up on these leads and getting results, its all there...just need someone to find it, put it together you know?" He then glances over at Delia and replies, "I can dig into it, im going to need more information, but if you got some info i can dig into for you for sure. Keep it on the down low if i can."
Silent Night "That is doable, I'll see server rates and the like are and will see a room for you prepared so you may work to your best." Archene nods and smiles, "It is good to see the amount of effort you are putting in however, and I hope the server helps you once I have it in place" He smiles warmly.
Delia Delia looks confused as Archene is speaking for Delia and signs to Archene "He can understand what I am saying. Don't you remember from our first meeting all toegether with him?" Her attention then looks to Vinz as she signs "What information do you need? I want to find that son of a bitch nephew of his and him so I can teach them a lesson is all."
Vinz Vinz repleis to Delia, "I just need anything you got. Actual names, cities they lived in, organizations they may be involved with, anything you can put together as a kind of dossier, once i have that, i'll run it through my machines and see if i can get any kinds of hits. Whatever I find i'll pass on to you and you can do what you will with it. Just promise not to give me any of the details on that." He offers a weak smile.
Silent Night Archene hmms at Delia, "Can never be too sure. My mind has needlessly be filled with three city taking campaigns and e-mails, and documents from all over the continent." He grins slightly before looking at Vinz, letting the two of them properly do their bit of information exchange in peace as he focus once more on his laptop.
Delia Delia silently sighs and signs to Vinz "I don't think I know their true names to be honest with you and I wouldn't actually recognize El Papa if I saw him. Never got close enough to meet him. I knew his nephew's name or at least the one I was told and that was Mauricio Vasquez. But I doubt it is his real name. They are a drug cartel. It isn't like they just wave that shit around like a stripper's breast begging for bills." She then smiles to Archene and signs "I suppose you are right upon that though.'
Vinz Vinz takes out his notepad once more and jots down a few notes in his flowing cyrillic script. He stashes the notepad then and nods, "This will do for now. I will see what I can find for you." He then stands, "Yea, but with the cartel's its easier than you might thing, they make a lot of waves and tend to swing their weight around, especially with the authorities which we have some sway with I hear. I bet they would better happy to divvy up some information if it meant that you might make some of their problems just 'go away' as it were." He offers another meek smile, "I'll get started on this right away though. Anything else I can do for you guys?"
Silent Night Archene continues typing along, looking towards Delia's hand as she signs hmming at her explanation to Vinz, then letting out a quiet chuckle, nodding at her, "Yeah, and soon enough I'll have to also help them to assassinate some rogue general. I'll probably be needing your help on that to keep my back safe, I don't really trust the FBC personel. Too unruly."
Delia Delia softly shakes her head and signs "That is all I need in truth. If I think of something else I'll either text or email. Which ever you prefer." A bright smile curls her lips as she looks to Archene and signs "I know you will and I am going to enjoy it so much. I still need to tell you just what I want to do with them, though later." Her attention looking back to Vinz as she signs "I don't want to make you vomit with the detail I intend to go into."
Vinz Frowns a bit at that memory, "Yea, that was rough. Still i'm glad its over and the kids are safe, you guys did a hell of a job." With that he packs up the rest of his things, "Thanks for seeing me, apologies for stepping out so soon, i'll get right to work!"