Umbrella Surveillance System
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Flynn Mon Mar 21 2006

It was a clear day and fairly warm out, even with the wind blowing moderately northwest; which was enough to chill the air a little.

Kathy sat her desk at the entrance to Flynn's PI office, typing on a computer idly and listening to the local Spanish talk radio. Bolivar premier radio about all the good and wonderful things the country is doing and has done.

Flynn is behind a cubicle wall divider reviewing information quietly, a map sits behind him of current 'fires' going on within the country.
Aidan Slowly opening the door a younger man pokes his head in taking a quick look around before he fully enters the room, "'Scuse me miss?" He of course spots Kathy immediately upon entering. He glances back as he closes the door behind him, "Sorry to bother you hope I'm in the right place looking for a Mr Andrew Dresden, buddy of mine told me to stop by and introduce myself to him if I was ever in the area." As he stands off to the side of the door he hooks his thumbs in through either side of his belt.
Flynn Kathy nods ever so slightly and smiles. "Mister Dresden, there is someone here to see you." She semi-shouts.

Coming around the cubicle is Flynn, or rather Andrew. His hand extends out to Aidan, a nod being given. "How can I help?"
Aidan Aidan offers out his hand to shake Flynn's hand, "Mister Dresden I assume. My name's Aidan and my buddy John Smith had said if I were ever in town to look you up. Also to ask you if you knew the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
Flynn "What do you mean? An African or European swallow?" Flynn counters, brows furrowing as he shakes Aidan's hand.
Aidan Aidan hmmms a bit and shrugs, "Huh? I don't know that. Guess it's all part of the inside joke with Mr Smith... Nice office you have here though."
Flynn "No, just code." Flynn replied as he gestures to his office. "How can I help you Aidan."
Aidan Aidan grins and shrugs a bit, "I dunno I was a bit fond of the movies myself." He makes his way towars the office as he glances around again, "My orders were to report to you for duty. I figured my cover would have been sent ahead? Hopefully my kit will arrive eventually as well not sure if it's going to your office or a safehouse or what?"
Flynn "You will need to get a home in the Colonial district to hold up your cover." Flynn says as he walks over to a panel and presses a few buttons. A back door opens and he steps in, waving Aidan inward. Stepping up to a cabinet, he retrieves passports, identifications and papers. "You've been set up with the local hospital in the city. There you will work for part time while your actual duties will be to provide medical aid to Rebels when and wherever needed. Your papers showing you are with Doctors Without Borders will help get you around and provide a minor set of immunity."
Aidan Aidan follows into the back room nodding as he watches Flynn gathering up the documents for his cover. "I see... Sounds good with me. Know a good realtor for the Colonial district? And how soon until I have to report to the local hospital for work? Figured I'd like a bit of time to get to know the city and settle into my identity. Are the Rebels my target to watch or am I here to actually assist them?"
Flynn "I do, actually." Flynn says warmly as he hands over realtor card. "She helped me get a home when I first came here a long time ago. Very easy on the eyes." he says chuckling before going to another cabinet and pulls out a burner phone and gives it to Aidan. "Contact me only on this phone. Texts and phone calls from me will come from here."
Aidan Aidan nods as he takes the phone and slips it into his pocket and looking over the info on the card, "I'll give her a call when we're done here. And the phone's better than a pager or a forum site I suppose."
Flynn Flynn chuckles, his head nodding. "That is true. If you need anything just ask."
Aidan Aidan grins and nods a bit, "I will got your number in the phone... Any word on where my kit will be delivered to?"
Flynn "Here more than likely." Flynn replies calmly as he walks Aidan out and seals the door behind him. He then continues toward the front door. "Till next time?"
Aidan Aidan nods a bit, "Sounds good to me I appreciate all the help. Guess let me know when it arrives. Oh there any files on the who's who here in town?"
Flynn "All that is in your folder." He says, gesturing to the folder with a gentle smile.
Aidan Aidan nods as he takes the folder and tucks it away as well, "Then in that case I'd best be on my way and out of your hair. A pleasure." And on that note he heads towards the door.