Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov had been.. well let us say scarce for the past few days. Things had been heating up throughout the country and yet the mercenary group that Andrei had perodically working with Terrasave and the rebels had been nowhere to be seen for quite some time. Yet they were there in the country..

Or more specifically one dat the Ole Cobble Pub and Restraunt one day where Andrei Kirov for the time being is utterly alone, dressed in normal clothes trying to look like a normal person.. drinking a frosty beverage of some sort and enjoying a nice read of an newspaper. He'll look through the articles, all of which are in spanish and humm to himself. "Really should think about learning this language eh?"
Emma "Ya - ya want me ta translate?" Comes a voice. The maker has a thick Scottish accent and long red hair, her face has freckles and big grey-green eyes. Of course, it is Emma. She has a bag in hand, suggesting she was just shopping.

"Be - better yet Bumber, I - I can teach ya Spanish." She offers in her shy, sweet way.
PrestigeAndrei "I'm just enjoying the pictures beautiful, but I think there may be something productive in your offer." Andrei responds cheerfully enough as he carefully moves to fold the paper in his hands, once then twice before leaving it a proper neat little bundle before he tosses it lazily onto the table itself. Those lips of his twist into a visible smile that betrays a sense of humor in his expression.

"How are things goin in whatever that place was called again? Been keeping busy? I've been swamped with constant work. F.B.C wants this, government wants that, BLF wants me to go shoot at something. Always more and more work to do in a place like this." Andrei trails off as he rests his hands on the table, the left one tapping its index finger against its surface.
Emma Emma, if allowed, would go to sit and join him, and smile in her shy sweet way. "C - Cabimas? It is well, we're back now, a - a small group had stayed back ta - ta help." She is quiet a second, fingers idly drumming in the table. "Ha - have ya spoken ta Agent Collins as of late?"
PrestigeAndrei "Agent who?" Andrei responds cheerfully as he lifts his hands to rest beind his head as he leans back then as he looks and studies Emma for a bit. "Agent Collins.. Agent.. Collins. That sounds like someone you think I should know. IN the FBC? I know a major Stadler.. an Albert Wesker. Uh.. Cheerleader.. Suicide.. Monkeyman. Ace. Oh, Esa? I think his name is?" Andrei inquires as his left brow lifts and looks questioningly towards Emma.

"Why? Do you two talk a lot? PLanning on breaking my heart eh? With another F.B.C agent eh? Fair enough. The uniform is pretty good. I guess. I wouldn't know. What do you need to know?"
Emma Emma sort of stares at Andrei a moment, a brow lifted. She looks a touch amused, in the way her smile is. There is a slow shake of her head, with a soft, light hearted laugh.

"Ye - yer to much sometimes, Bumper. He - he helped with Cabimas, aye, buy I guess another problem has come up, in another city an' - an' well, we, being TerraSave, may be needed. He mentioned ta - talkin' ta ya over it. There may be an attack."
PrestigeAndrei "An attack? Like with guns?" Andrei inquires as his fingers lightly tap against the table once more as that smile grows across his face. "I have to say, I'm not a big fan of getting shot at. Or eaten. Or really hurt in any real way. What exactly is the job you have in mind?" Andrei inquires then as his left brow lifts ever so slightly then before he reachs out to grab at his glass and take a small sip, humming softly afterwards.

"I mean, not that I couldn't do it.. or be persuaded to do whatever you are looking for. I mean, you can't find better than me at shooting shit.. and then also not being a total psychopathic murderer or worse still.. a celebrity about it!" Andrei notes before pausing to add, "Oh uh, whats the name of the city?"
Emma "I - I am not to sure. PITE is behind it, th - they are a branch off of TerraSave." This of course makes Emma frown some. "I - I dun think anyone is a fan of being shot at. But I think Agent Collins wanted ta - ta talk ta ya 'bout some things." She says this in her thick Scottish accent, yet tone is shy and sweet. "Oh damn, th - tha name? Barquisimeto, I think it was. A huge city."
PrestigeAndrei "PITE? Oh I remember them. They were the ones who made Paris into a total fuck-up. That was fun. I think you were there too.." Andrei trails off as he leans his head to the side and rests his elbow on the table, clearly remembering back to those good ole days of being nearly killed. "Well, I guess I could help you and Mister Collins. I don't ocome cheap though, yah? I mean, a Man's got to eat and live a fullfilling life outside of getting shot at and eaten by the undead."

Andrei gives a little grin then before he lifts his finger to point at Emma. "And while I would love to have a delightful and cute doctor indebted to me, no doubt to be paid off ina series of dates and dinners.. I don't think my friends would be happy with that. Even if they were invited to attend.. and you paid for everyone."
Emma Cheeks redden, Emma looks down shyly as she tucks some hair behind her ear. "I - I won't be tha - tha one hiring ya, if it comes ta that. If ya - ya are wanting dates, ya can ask Agent Collins, maybe he can buy ya a few dinners." She smirks a little.