Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa Placing his food on a plate, he heads over and sits next to her. "I see. Well it is good that ya'll are back in town." He replies before digging into his burger quietly. the basket of fries is placed between them. He pauses for a moment before asking, "So it appears the FBC is working with the government on something big.. I need to get ahold of, john was it? About it ... And of something else of equal importance." He tells her lightly before taking another bite of the burger.
Emma Emma, having retaken her seat takes a bit of her burger, putting it down and turning a bit to regard him. "J - John Black? Why wh - what is it?" She seems quite curious, idly taking a fry up to much on. "O - okay, spill tha - tha beans."
Esa "FBC and the Government are planning a strike against Coro. I need to relay that to John so he can pull whatever forces might hidden in the city. I know it's under a rogue generals control currently.. or what the Government considers a rogue." Esa tells her calmly before taking a bite of his burger.

"Secondly, I have intel for him regarding Barquisimeto. Apparently there is a legitimate threat against the city by PITE that the government is choosing to ignore for whatever reason." He adds quietly, looking to her. "So... I really need to talk to him."
Emma Emma doesn't go to eat yet, she is much more focused with this. "PITE?" She says, sounding worried. "I - I got a way ta - ta get in contact I will. But, I - I wanna help, PITE is a branch off of us."
Esa He hesitates, pausing as he looks from her to the food and takes a bite. Then another before setting the burger down and leans back. A soft smile creases his lips as he says, "If we can use Terrasave sure. If not, then I will at the first least try to capture a PITE member to be handed over to the Rebels for questioning." He tells her kindly.
Emma "Well wh - what did you need for us?" Emma asks, finally grabbing another fry and eating it. "I - I have a personal interest in PITE. It - it is best ta send them tha - tha Rebels. I don't want ta be tied ta torture."
Esa Esa winces at the words tied and tortured, his head nodding in agreeance and sighs. "Depends on what happens, really. We may need relief assistance in the city if their attacks are successful. I won't know really until .. well when shit hits the fan. I'm hoping the rebels can stop the attacks and maybe... Andrei can help."

He pauses, picking up his burger and takes another bite. "But first." He says chewing then swallows. "I need to talk to John." He says with a fond smile being given to her.
Emma Emma grins back and nods a little. "We - we should still prepare, supplies don't co - come in over night. If PITE goes through, well it could be bad. Do ya - ya know tha population of tha city at risk?"
Esa "I do not. at least not yet, hoping John can shed some light regarding population size." Esa replies as he looks at her lightly. "And I'd say go ahead with basic medical and food. Even if it's not used there, it could be used elsewhere."
Emma Fingers drum on her desk, Emma pushes her chair to her computer and goes to pull up a webpage. "Wh - what city is it? I - I can look up the general population for an - an idea."
Esa "Barquisimeto.. But you don't have to worry about it right now, Em's.. You really should eat." He says politely, giving a genial of a smile as he says it.
Emma "Wow." Emma says, stunned. "Th - that's a lot of people." Her mind is turning now, if this many well need help. Food, ia forgotten, she doesn't seem to eat much anymore. "Ya - ya think tha whole city needs it?"
Esa "I honestly don't know." He replies truthfully to her as a soft shrug is given. "Just depends on the outcome really.."
Emma "Be - best we can - can do is start." She says, turning to go to eat a fry. "Al - always work."
Esa A ever so slight nod is given to her as he smiles "Seems like it." he replies softly.