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Richard Stadler The CP itself is set up just outside of Coro. A bit of a psychological move, to be certain; at this time, there was only a token build up of forces around the city just yet. It still made a very good backdrop showing exactly what was at stake in this upcoming battle. It also was probably there to make General Barquisto feel it was the beggining of a siege. That being said, it was certainly a temporary affair, not structured around any existing buildings, just in case some light artillery decided to make a demonstration. There were some green tents set up around the area, a few sleeping quarters and a mess tent, along with a briefing tent here. Most vital electronic were buttoned up in what look to have been rather ancient M113-varients, including at least two command tracks, with their pleathora of attenna's whiping slightly in the wind.

The briefing tent doesn't have many people of importance in it right now; most were government troops, some FBC grunts, and one or two civilian attaches. They'd be helpful, but the briefing itself was more for those who ate difficult missions for breakfast and asked for seconds at lunch.

There's just a small amount of 'Hurry up and wait', today. Rick seemed to have timed things in a proper way that he's coming from the rear of the tent, laptop carried under his arm, before it's snapped open and connected to the field projector set up. Thank God they didn't have to use slides, or overheads. PowerPoint deserved a goddamn Army Commendation.

"All right, folks! Listen up. This is a preliminary briefing for Operation Chessboard. While we will be firming this up furthur down the line, I wanted to get some basic facts and assests out of the way, before opening the room up to brainstorming and assignments. I don't plan on taking much of your time, as I all know you've got places to be and zombies to kill, but I do want to get a good baseline today."
Cecily Cecily stays silent. She's cleaned up a little after the recent operation, and recovered mostly from the shellshock of being, well, shelled. Still, despite the harrowing events, the mission was a success, and here she is, waiting for that lunch helping of whatever is going to be thrown at them. She'd rather be back in her tent, making her her guns are weatherproofed as much as they can be for the environment, but her tinkering can wait. Intel is more important, for certain, and she respects Stadler a great deal.
Trixie "Tents and tracks from 'Paco's Good Used Tanks' for an HQ... this job just gets better and better," Trixie grumbles, making her way toward the middle of the tent and drawing up beside Cecily. "What's the latest dirt, Boss? I'm all ears. Before they melt, anyway."
Buck Rogers Buck is not part of the F.B.C. He has no attachment to any branch of the United States government or its military. He does not have the respect of the locals or a mandate to operate in this capacity. So far as the BSAA is concerned, the man ought to be focused on pursuing bio-terrorist threats and hunting B.O.W.s, albeit with immense discretion in how to pursue that.

But Samuel Barquisto has sown the wind, and Buck is the whirlwind to be reapt. The murder of the rogue general will do much to indebt the local dictator to him, and his cooperation will be instrumental to Buck's plans.

And so, the giant has come to this briefing, adorned in his massive armor and draped in an ornate reinforced trenchcoat. The only weapon he bears is the queer-looking sword hitched at his hip. His elaborate, skull-painted helmet is hanging on the opposite hip from a looped bit of belt.

"Let's hear it, soldier boy," he commands with a grin. "Figure I'll do you a favor and get the bastard's head 'fore I get back to Valencia."

For context, Buck has taken it upon himself to hire a small army and chosen to wield it against the country's industrial center. It's going well so far.
Barns Barns walks into the tent sightly tired but he got over it real quick as the breifing started.  "I have to ask are we getting artillery support again my ears are still ringing from last time. " The old marine joked as he looks to trixie as she enters.
Silent Night Another person who has no attachment to the U.S. government or its military, much less the F.B.C. was Sir Archene Night. As an attache to the BSAA, all that he needs to care about are problems related to Bioterrorism, however as a Regional Director of Tricell, Vice-Mayor of Maracaibo or any of his few other fuction, he understood the need to properly free the city.

If all he had to do to make this work better was to spend his time and a few bullets (and possibly risk his life), there was no reason for him to not do so. Thus, there was Archene is a formal suit fitting a businessman like himself, only having a silver case besides him, certainly carrying a weapon given its size.

"I truly lack the time to be personally present at a needlessly long meeting, I have business to do after this, so let us waste no one's time."
Richard Stadler Stadler does look around the room once he manages to get settled at the podium. Cecily gets a brief look in the sweep, having just gone through mortar fire a day before. It was harrowing enough for him, and he had training in it. It had to be fascinating that people could learn to deal with zombies, but still be scared of artillery! Trixie gets, of course, a look. "M113s, Sergeant MacKenzie. I'm sure we'd all prefer Bradleys, but this isn't Fort Carson and we made due with them '91, so deal."

Buck Rogers gets a rather long look in the costume he's in. He honestly wanted to tell that showboating barbarian to see his ass back to Valencia, but he suppressed the urge to bite back, and simply gave a nod. "All right the, Mr. Rogers. So good to see you at this briefing. Maybe I'll attend the one you'll have for Valencia, if I haven't missed it. Your expertise is vauled." Oh, lord, that was through some gritted teeth, but it hopefully would pass. Buck Rogers was still a celebrity, and he didn't need a rupture in the chain of command spooking troops.

Barns gets another nod. "That's what's up in the air at the moment. When I know more, you'll know more." And then there's Archene, who also get recognized. He'd ask the same question in his head he would of Buck, if that man didn't have a reason to be litterally everywhere. But Stadler didn't quite know if he'd like that tone... and he actually had a good response for it. For once. "Not to worry, Mister Knight. Forgive me if that isn't the right form of address. If you need to depart, I am recording this briefing for dessimination after the fact."

After that review of those there, he's going to the laptop, running the presentation program, and bringing up a map of the city. "Ladies and Gentleman, Coro. I hate to say it, but we have very little information on exactly what sort of things we're up against, beyond general numbers. You can see the city is primarily residential," A laser pointer is used, indicating each point, "with farmland to the east of the city, the Carribean Sea to the north, and Caujarao and what's currently left of the El Isiro Resivioir to the south. More importantly, it's a junction for Highway's 3 and 4, and it controls the land route to Punto Fijo, on the peninsula to the north. It's rather too close to comfort to Maracaibo on the coastal road for it to be controlled by a rogue general, so we're going to take it back."

There's a brief pause while he moves to the next slide.

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Cecily Cecily casts a smile at Trixie, then Barns, though the other two men she only knows in passing. The folks in the FBC are her family, and the other two, well, they're not part of the family, but their presence just the same at least brings some measure of 'hey, more guns to the party' that puts her a little bit at ease. She looks the map over, though, and purses her lips, frowning just a touch.

She lifts a hand, bringing the first question to the table. "...this looks like a full military assault, and we don't have intel on whether or not the residential zone is filled with civilians or zeds?" she asks. "...or is this not an infected region just yet? Do we have the numbers and support for something of this scale?" she considers, glancing back at their dated command vehicles, stuff that's older than she is.
Barns Barns listens intently to rick's breifing when the guy in his suit trys to sound more inportant barns dicides to press his luck " you sure you want to join us on this cupcake, wouldnt want to get your mokey suit dirty " then barns listens to cecily " if this equipment  got me threw my time in the marine core im sure itll be fine"
Trixie Trixie nods to Barns and Cecily in greeting, giving them a faint, brief smile. Buck and Archene are given a nod each and a faint smile that is a bit wider for Buck.

"Tracks, then. That were antiques even in '91," she reiterates to Stadler. "Are they the same vintage as the mortars that almost killed us on the last job? 'Cause the intel's not much newer," she adds, pointing out the obvious; there's almost nothing to go on. She hasn't forgotten the intel and surveillance glitches from the last job by a long shot.

"For what it's worth, I'm wondering how easy it would be to get in by sea... he'll be focused on those roads for sure, and possibly the farmland," she continues, the sardonic edge gone from her tone. "Maybe if we could sneak some smaller teams in to chew up his defenses from behind, camo cloak and dagger work, while the regulars make noise from the obvious directions, we could soften him up... maybe even take him out with snipers and watch it all crumble."
Esa Esa was not physically present at the arranged meeting in Coro; instead he was connected via a live stream channel back in HQ, listening and seeing those present in the field.

He listens quietly, jotting down intel information on paper as Rick spoke about the mission plans. "What do we know about the Rogue General, Major. Is he Rebel, Liberation or more on his own?" Inquires in a steady voice.

After he spoke, he leans forward intently to observe and listen to everything being conducted.
Buck Rogers Buck's response to Stadler's obvious distaste is to flash him a shit-eating grin that's been plastered on commercials in all its white-toothed glory. He runs his fingers through the black bristles of his beard, teasing out a few that have begun to turn silver, and takes for himself a seat in one'a them disposable folding metal chairs. The thing creaks and groans beneath his weight, spilling over the sides of it like a meat blob.

"Doubt we're lucky enough to have his attention split 'tween us and an outbreak," he tosses to Cecily in aside. "So unless you want to round some zombies up and start flinging 'em in, probably just civilians. A whole lotta collateral at risk in a siege." The barbarian rolls a shoulder and twists, cracking his neck. "Just figure out a way to sneak us in and murder him. His men'll fall in line if you stick his head on a spike."
Silent Night "That would be perfect, and I can be addressed as Sir Night. Simplest way I think, Major Stadler." With that, Archene not so coldly offered a smile back at Trixie before taking a seat and looking at the slides. He... didn't seem to have any questions, and was simply understanding (or guessing) any possible unspoken details. Either that or he trusted others to ask the right questions. He also doesn't seem to be holding any opinion towards any tactics until he says, "Sincerely, it is far simpler to attempt to assassinate the general and avoid needless colateral damage."
Richard Stadler Questions after the map itself, it seems. Given how the next slide seems to indicate a number of arrows and NATO-standard unit markers, it seems they might be approching the 'possibilities' section of the briefing. And he moves to address each person in turn, when he can. To Cecily, he gives a shake of his head. "This is meant to be a preliminary meeting. Intelligence of the area is currently spotty, and I'm hoping we'll be able to design plans to firm it up. At this time, we don't have any reports of Zack rearing his rotting face around here, but we all know how fast outbreaks can occur. As in everywhere else, I would be ready for unreported Class 1 or Class 2 outbreaks that occur. Numbers, we have some. Not as much as I'd like, but it should be enough for this mission, pending the size of the city and the size of the General's command."

Esa gets another shake of Rick's head. "That's another thing that needs firming up. He's certainly not on our side, but it doesn't look like he's coordinating with other factions. Certainly not the rebels, though his... style of command may endear him to the BLF. We have to be prepared that they might try to take advantage of the battle to disrupt things in the AO, which is another thing we'll have to watch out for."

Buck get's a long, long look, and it seems like he has to swallow gravel the way he grimaces. "While I don't think I'd agree with the way that Mr. Rogers put that, we... are looking at targeted destruction of command assets as a possibility. Actually keys into a very important part of this operation. The general in charge is relaying on a lot of fear in both the populace and his troops in order to continue operations of this nature. It's unsure on weather he's calculating on a delicate balance keeping everyone responding to his orders, or if he's just gotten incredibly lucky some Corporal with gumption hasn't fragged him yet, but the point is, it can't go on forever. Deposing him and him alone may cause the entire occupying force to collapse, but we need to plan to fill that power vaccum /quickly/, if so."

Banes gets a hard look, as well. Honestly, he should expect those sorts of words from jarheads, but the last thing he needed was the Vice Mayor of Maracaibo causing trouble for them. Hopefully, he would get the message, as he moved over to Trixie. "Mortars, I don't have answers for you. But the attack by sea is another option we've considered, and it dovetails nicely with Mr. Roger's... slightly uncouth suggestion." A flick of the slide, and a number of arrows are shown. "We beleive he'll be expecting a mechanized attack along Highway three, from the east or west. Highway 4 would be difficult to get troops up, and infantry moving in from the south have a lot of open ground to get through. We're not even going to consider the north; that would be a death trap going down the land route, /but/, a force headed in on RHIBs, a small one, might be able to land on the beach at night, infiltrate, and take out the general. We could time it with a general push of forces from Maricaibo at the same time."

Archne get's a nod from Stadler, as well. "I would agree... Sir Night." Okay, it's polite. Certainly annoying to say to someone like that, but Stadler could be diplomatic. "I would prefer that, to be completely honest. Cut the head off the giant, and prep the place he falls to not crush any buildings." He flicks to the next slide. "So, finally, we have how we're going to make that happen."
Esa "I will run intelligence, see what comes back regarding the Rogue General." Esa replies idly while writing. "What do you need of me, sir?"
Trixie "That sounds like the best plan... maybe, like, fake a mechanized attack and draw him out, tie up his forces without committing fully. Maybe even let him think he's winning. Then get some teams in by night to try and take him and his biggest wigs out. Even if we don't get him, we'll totally scare him to death... like, the fact that we could get in and take a shot at him is all it should take to make his knees all wobbly," Trixie suggests. "Then we watch him panic and pounce on his mistakes. Naturally, /nothing's/ ever that simple, but it's not like we've got a good picture of the situation here yet. What do you think, Boss?"

She looks to Barns, offering a quieter, "Be nice, hm? That man in the suit was in Raccoon City... just like me. Only louder."
Cecily Cecily seems satisfied, for the moment, and goes silent. Her questions are answered and she lets the rest of the briefing go on, her arms folded against her chest. The woman wears an expression of concern, though, because it still looks like quite a lot going on. She's never really been part of a military operation this big before. Small team stuff? Small unit tactics? Sure. This is beyond her usual... everything, however. She's questioning her life choices, to a point, as her lips purse and she observes the projected images.
Barns Barns looks down after reciving the hard look but when trix said the guy in the suit was in racoon city he replied back "ya so was I i even fought nemisis"
Buck Rogers "Destruction of command assets," Buck repeats with a laugh, leaning back and popping his spine over the fragile top of the chair. "Ain't that some dirty business and clean language. The great pig'a war gussied up for prom." His hand drops to his hip, gauntleted fingers tapping along the hilt of his electrified sword. The first of its kind ever issued, a trivia tidbit he's always been fond of. "Here's what you do. You send him a message giving him five days to surrender under threat'a attack. Bullshit him-- you're obviously American, so make like you got reinforcements comin'. You ship me and some fellas out on your lil boats that same night." His smile's all shark teeth. "I'll take his head, we split up the soldiers here. Redirect 'em to the various campaigns. Valencia could use more troops-- a whole lot potential liabilities'll get blown up."
Silent Night Archene quietly listens to Richard then nods at Buck's idea, "While I can say that I had an idea similar to Buck's, his will surely be the quickest. Though there may be some more losses. I can go as a long range support for him to ensure that the General does not escape. And as it is, I will not be requiring extra assistance at my current campaigns, but I hope that both of you will be able to assist me if there is a need as well." He just smiles.
Richard Stadler Stadler nods to Esa... or where the camera is that's directing this briefing to him. "I need to firm up internal intelligence inside the city, Collins. Specifically, current troop morale. If we can turn a general 'everyone hates him' to specific pressure points, that might be able to help use when we conduct the operation." He notes, before looking over to Trixie. "That's a decent plan. Something I've been considering. Uncovering him from his troops and striking him when he's weak is a solid basic plan, but we need more tactical intelligence on dispositions of troops and what sort of mechanized assests they can bring to bear. Normally I'd task that braying-." Pause. "Normally I'd task Kirov, but he's been hard to find lately. I'd put you in charge of finding him, MacKenzie, but I don't know if I can spare you. I'd wonder if you'd be up for intelligence gathering."

Buck gets another look. Rick is running out of those. "Professional people use professional terms, Mr. Rogers. If you have any trouble with that, I'd be glad to assign you a tutor. That being said, the plan itself does have merit. If I need to task you on that operation, Rogers, I will. I'd even send Archene with you. You both seem to work well as a team, from what I saw of Paris. And the United States of America will be happy to assist it's allies in South America with ensuring it's stability. If the resources are availble. I'll be sure to do a review." It was a simple statement, but one that put up something of a wall to Buck's last sentence. This was his command, not a partnership with Rogers, and Rick wasn't going to throw FBC forces at Valencia unless it made sense.

A quick look to Barns. Him too? Jesus, he hadn't thought about it, but there were six survivors of the worse bioterrorism disaster in American history in this tent. That was somewhat uncanny... but then again, world events drew all sorts of people together. Cecily get's another look, too. He'd have to have a talk with her. She seemed to be looking a bit... lost in the briefing. Didn't have military experience, did she? Maybe that was it.

"In any case." Stadler says, looking at his watch. "That should set us up for now. Next goals are primary intelligence gathering. Once we have a clear picture, probable strategy is going to be a fient or diversionary attack, to cover a commando raid ingressing from the Carbbiean Sea to neutralize enemy command structures. Any last questions before we dismiss?"
Esa Esa shakes his head "No sir." And once the meeting is adjourned, he turns off the line and exits out of the building.
Buck Rogers "Ain't nothing professional in a euphemism, soldier. Just a pretty coat'a paint thrown on the fact you're plotting how to kill a man in cold blood who's done you no harm. But hell, if it helps you sleep at night." Buck rises to his feet, bones creaking like the chair, until he looms like a mountain in a tent that suddenly seems much too small for him. "I ain't interested in a dick wavin' contest; we all know mine's bigger. You want to get the job done, you take my advice, and give me a call when you're ready." He looks toward Trixie and flashes her a smile-- and this one's got none of the predatory aggression of the murder-smiles of before. The crinkles around his eyes are friendly. "Have fun playin' around, sweetheart. Celeste's lookin' forward to your next visit."

He raises two fingers to his temple in mock salute, then wanders outside.
Trixie "Not really my area of expertise, Sir, to be real nice about it... but if you're offering lessons, I'm totally taking 'em," Trixie replies to Stadler, nodding. "Other than that, I think I've got it all." Glancing at Cecily, she gently lays a hand on the taller woman's shoulder, offering her what she hopes is a reassuring smile.

Barns is given a thoughtful look. "That's one groaner I totally didn't mind missing out on. Even if I would've totally liked to have gotten him back for what he did to those first evac birds," she adds soberly.
Cecily Cecily really didn't have the military experience, no. She was a small time cop in a big city, didn't even hit the streets. Only reason she's here is because she wants to keep another Raccoon City from happening again, the world deserves that much. But disposing of rogue generals? It leaves questions in her mind. She just looks on, eyes on the map, thoughts taking her elsewhere. A nap on the beach? Or a dark room with her tools and her guns. It's a fantasy, either way. Not some South American tent city. She sighs when the hand is on her shoulder, glancing at Trixie and giving her a terse smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. The talk between the other survivors doesn't help her any, either.
Silent Night "As long as you contact me, I will be here when it is time to strike." Archene stands up taking his case from the ground, "If you," He takes a brief look at the others in the room, "Or anyone, has any requests that may require my assistance. Contact me. I am sure that all of us in this room want to make this country a better place." He smiles a last time at everyone, ready to leave in the next instant from the looks.
Richard Stadler Rick gives a last nod to Esa's camera. Nothing more needs to be said there, it seems. Good man, that Agent Collins. It left him with a lot of energy to be somewhat annoyed at Buck. As if he really didn't know how to do that, at this point. God, he wanted to make some snide remark about Buck seizing the moral high ground early in a conflict, but he bit his tongue. It would only make him look horrbily unprofessional, and those quips never sounded as good as you wanted them to in real life. So he would just overlook the holier-than-thou attitude and the attempting at marking the strategy itself like a German Shepard, and simply give Buck a choppy saluate. "I'll call you when I have something, Mr. Rogers. Thank you for coming." That did not sound as concilatory as he wanted. Christ, maybe he wouldn't have to call him.

Trixie, at least, gets a nod. "I'm afraid I don't have much training myself. But if you've got a good eye and can keep yourself hidden or moving, I think that'll be all we need. I'll write up a plan for you, if I can." And Archene's offer for assistance was a bit of a relief. He's got a number of resources, and he's already made one deal wih a devil to try to smooth this operation out. What was another? "Thank you Sir Night. I'll have one of my people contact you once we have a firm plan written up."

And then Stadler's addressing the room. "Any other questions? No? All right then. Dismissed." And with that, he's snapping the laptop closed with finality, disconnecting it, and heading for the door. That went... well, average. Good points, good learning, /some/ difficulties. Stadler had to admit that the lack of intelligence was crippling them. And resources. And troops. And everything. But it wasn't the first time he'd pulled together an operation with spit and bailing wire, but it was getting old. Hopefully every one of those Raccoon veterans still had their edge.