Umbrella Surveillance System
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Eve Eve stands outside of the TerraSave building, clad in a pair of jeans and a white button down blouse. Her cache is hugged against her chest and her hair is pulled up in a prim chignon. A pair of black framed glasses rest on her nose and she seems to be looking around for someone or something.
Elliott     Elliott walks through the town casually, well-groomed with his hair neatly styled. He's wearing simply a black shirt and black pants, along with dress shoes. Looking around curiously as he makes his way along, his lips are puckered as he, well, as he /tries/ to whistle. Really, all he gets is a bunch of air with the occasional little squeak. When his gaze passes over Eve, his attempts at whistling are abandoned as a warm grin appears on his face. "Hello, Eve," he lets out, offering an amiable nod as he studies her. "All right?" he greets, British accent pronounced.
Eve Eve offers Elliott a warm smile, her dimples showing as she takes a few steps forward to greet the gentleman. "Good afternoon Elliott, I hope the day finds you well." She says, dipping her head slightly to nod at him. "I'm sorry I was a little late, had some things to take care of back at the house." She gestures to the TerraSave building, shining with in the sunlight. "Are you ready for that tour, then?" She asks, a cheeky smile on her face.
Elliott     "It's been brilliant, thank you," Elliott responds, smiling brightly as he angles his head a fraction. His light blue flicking over Eve, taking her in approvingly. "Not to worry," he says, turning marginally to gesture around him. "Gave me some time to check things out." He offers an eager smile and a bob of his head. "Ready. Lead the way."
Eve "All right then." Eve says, turning to walk towards the building. "If you have any questions, any at all, don't hesitate to ask as me move along." She remarks, pushing open the door and greeting the two armed security men standing in the reception area. The front desk is manned by Christoph, one of Eve's security men and while this may not be the job he was hired for, he seems to be quite good at it. He fields calls with ease, screens people to go forward and turns away the media with suave ease. Eve comes to a stop and turns to face Elliott. "We've got the building secure, and now people need verification to get past reception. The security check isn't...invasive, but if you don't have business here you won't be let in."
Elliott     Elliott moves in stride with Eve, following her as his teeth flash as he smiles warmly. When she mentions questions, there is a twinkle of amusement in his eyes and a short and quiet chuckle in his throat. "How old are you?" Asking the first question that comes to mind after the offer, amusement settling in around his eyes as a single brow arches. Curious, but also judging by the humour in his expression, not expecting an answer. "Any question, right?" Sobering, leaving just a faint smile against his lips - the corners threatening to grow - he looks around with more of a solemn expression, nodding his head in acknowledgement. "Right."
Eve Eve gazes at Elliott, her eyes on his face as she answers his question. "I'm twenty one." Seems she'll take any questions face value. She grins back and looks just as amused as he does. "How about you, Elliott?" She asks, turning to lead him further into the building. "Any question, within reason. I'm sure you'll not cross any crass barriers without buying me dinner first, at least?" She glances over her shoulder, winking at him as they walk. "Everyone has offices here, some use them more than others. We take meetings with different organizations offering aid and the like."
Elliott     Elliott is quite pleased when she answers, judging by the bright smile that flashes across his face. Both eyebrows lift, giving more notice to his eyes as they show warmth. "Thirty one," he offers in turn, and hums thoughtfully as he turns his head to look around as he follows Eve. "Huh," he murmurs out, lifting his shoulders slightly as he shoves his hands into his pockets. "Funny that you should mention dinner when that was on my mind." A grin tugs against his lips briefly. He'll nod in the direction of Emma's office, showing familiarity in his silent look. "Which one is yours?" he asks curiously, sliding his eyes to Eve again.
Eve Eve points to an office near Emma's the door smaller and set off to the side. "Dinner was on your mind? Are you hungry then?" She asks, setting down her cache for a moment as she looks around. "I could have something ordered in if you like." Her cheeks go pink for a moment and she clears her throat, squinting slightly at Elliott. "Are you flirting with me, or am I reading you completely wrong?" She gives him a guileless look, her teeth worrying her bottom lip as she speaks.
Elliott     Elliott's eyes follow the indication, sweeping over Emma's office and falling on Eve's with a slight nod. Then, more interested in the woman herself, brings his gaze back to her, only a tiny smile flicking against his lips. "I don't want you to order anything in," he says with a small shake of his head, his amusing smile growing a little. Leaving off looking around the space, he turns to face her completely. "Yes," Elliott lets out on a breath. "I am. I really just want to take you out on date," he ushers out quickly, his smile turning lopsided as he lifts a single shoulder, arching a hopeful brow at her.
Eve Eve gestures to her office. "Would you like go go i.." She blinks as she turns to face Elliott and she glances around the hallway they're in. " want to take me out on a date?" She manages, her hands fluttering a clear indication that she's not sure what to say for a moment. Finally she regains her composure and she locks eyes with Elliott and shrugs back. "I think that might be nice." A beat. "What..what did you have in mind?"
Elliott     Elliott's striking blue eyes study Eve with amusement, his smile twitching lightly as he dips his head. He hmms, eyes sliding to the side briefly as he gives into a moment of thought, and shrugs a little. "I don't know the area very well, so..." One corner of his mouth twitches. "If there's something that you'd like to do, I'm game." And there's a pause, his eyes shifting to the right as his mouth twists, clearly his mind active inside. "Probably," he adds with a smirk. Elliott turns to look towards Eve's office again. "Yea, let's have a look."
Eve Eve looks uncertain for a brief moment before she takes a breath and offers Elliott an shy smile. "I honestly don't know what to make of you." She admits quietly, turning to walk into her office. "I think I'm going to need you to lay it out straight what you're up to before I'll agree to squire you around town." She murmurs. She opens the door to her office and gestures for him to proceed inside.
Elliott     Elliott shakes his head marginally, offering out a disarming smile. "Where would you go if you were going out to have some fun?" he asks in response. He looks to the door as she opens it, stepping up and pausing before entering to turn to her. "I just enjoy your presence," he murmurs honestly, small smile twitching warmly against his lips as he back steps into the office. Wetting his lips with his tongue, he lightly bites down on it as he looks thoughtfully over her. Then El lets out a breath with a small shake of his head. "You've got this attractive flair, you know. I don't even know if you realise you're doing it." The smile he offers her is given out timidly, and then he turns around so he can take in the office.
Eve "I'd go to the pub of course." Eve answers, moving behind her desk to take a seat. When Elliott speaks she watches him with her cornflower blue eyes, a small smile on her lips and then she speaks up, a blush on her cheeks. "You're a very flattering fellow, aren't you?" She asks, gesturing to the tiny fridge in the office. "Please, if you're thirsty, have something from there, or I can make you some coffee if you'd like."
Elliott     Elliott bobs his head in acknowledgement, giving his head a tilt as he raises his eyebrows. "Then we'll get a drink or two at the pub," he decides. "Maybe a bite to eat." He shrugs casually as he watches her, taking a couple steps to the seat before his gaze slides off Eve to cast a glance at the fridge. "Coffee would actually be brilliant," he says, his gaze flicking away from the fridge and back to her. His faint smile tugging at his lips, El lets out a chuckle as he lifts his shoulders. "Shall I continue flattering you?" he asks, arching a brow. He turns once around where he stands, looking around the office as he bobs his head. "I'm impressed. Twenty one and you seem to have it all together. And you've been in corporate security, an assistant, has her own office."
Eve Eve gets to her feet and moves to the coffee maker. She starts the process to prepare coffee, and once it's brewing she glances over her shoulder at Elliott a sheepish grin on her face. "I was a very attentive student in school, graduated early and went right to college." She seems embarassed to talk about herself but she continues, her voice soft. "I wasn't very social, so I had plenty of time to get myself together, you know?" She steps away from the coffee machine and lets it do its work, electing to rest on the edge of the desk while she speaks. "Corporate Security is boring, by the by, all paperwork and directing people to get things done."
Elliott     Elliott watches her get the coffee going, piercing blue eyes locking on her as she speaks, nodding slowly as he listens. A small, self-conscious laugh escaping him as he glances down, leaning and resting his hands on the back of the chair. He gives a shake of his head before he looks up again. "Here I was too social and too unfocused," he shares with a smirk. "Too much partying, not enough caring." Another little laugh escapes him as he shrugs. "Now I find it an admirable trait, being able to focus on your goals like that."
Eve Eve chuckles softly and it's at that moment that the coffeemaker dings. She turns and pours a cup, her back to the man. "How do you take your coffee?" She asks, carrying the cup over with a small bowl of sugar cubes and a mini carafe of cream. "I like mine light and sweet, but..I've had it many ways in my travels." She places a spoon on Elliott's saucer and pours herself a cup of coffee. She changes the subject as she scoots her butt up on the desk. "So you were a party boy? In a frat, I imagine, causing trouble on campus and the like?"
Elliott     Teeth peek out visibly as Elliott smiles when she chuckles. His eyes follow Eve as she starts for the coffee maker, him straightening from the chair to move over.. "I like mine-" He starts to answer, but, coming up behind her, when she turns El will try to quickly jump back to prevent an accidental spill. "Sorry," he says, grimacing. "Sorry." He reaches out, not for the cup, but to rest his hands lightly against the side of hers to help prevent any jostling movement he might have caused. He gives his head a shake as he murmurs out wordlessly. "Oh no - I was a party animal /before/ I went to university," he corrects.
Eve Eve finds herself very close to Elliott when he moves to help her and she just manages to keep the cup from upending. A little of the hot liquid sloshes over on her hand and she grimaces, but doesn't move from where she is. She gazes up and makes eye contact with him and then offers a weak chuckle and a grin. "Before Uni? Gosh, how did you ever straighten up enough to manage school?" She jokes, taking a slightly unsteady breath.
Elliott     Elliott will move his fingers underneath the saucer, so that he can take the cup from her and free up her hand. He will then reach around her so that he can set it back down, and hopefully grab a rag in turn, holding it in two hands as he offers his assistance. "By the time I was twenty four, twenty five?" He gives a slight shake of his head, unsure, and carries on, "I was ready to take school seriously." Not going into details or anything, and he flashes a smile, showing teeth.
Eve Eve nods slowly as Elliott tends to her hand, a slight grimace on her face. She nods slowly and then shrugs a shoulder. "That's pretty normal though, isn't it?" She glances down at her hand and then jerks her chin towards the aloe plant. "That might help.."
Elliott     Letting out a 'hmm,' his head lowered, as he encloses the rag around her hand to gently dry it. "I suppose it is," he allows, shrugging his shoulders lightly. He lifts his head, pausing to lock his gaze on Eve's, and then turns his head to shift his gaze to the indicated plant. "Oh. How?" His brow lifts as he asks, unsure.
Eve Eve shrugs a shoulder and explains. "Aloe is really good for simple little burns, it eases it a bit." She says, as she clears her throat and moves away from the Elliott towards the succulent. "Sorry about the slight spill, ruined the conversation." She murmurs, tearing a piece from the plant and squeezing out the juice on her hand. "So ..when do you want to try"
Elliott     "Mhm," Elliott murmurs as he nods his head. "I see." His gaze follows her and gives out a little smile. "It was my fault," he points out. His light eyes drop from her face to her hand, as he watches curiously. "Huh. Handy," he comments. His approaches slowly, his gaze shifting from Eve to the plant to a study it curiously. When El turns his head to look back at her, he flashes a bright smile at her. "How about tomorrow night?" He stops to think, lifting his hand up to run his fingers through his hair.
Eve Eve chuckles quietly and nods, throwing the piece of plant into the wastebasket. "Tomorrow sounds lovely. The pub isn't ..a fancy type of place. You're going to dress casual? I.." She blushes and looks down at her feet. "The last time I went out with someone, I got all dressed up and he showed up in jeans. Felt silly." She clears her throat and looks up at Elliott. "So pub grub, no fancy clothes."
Elliott     Elliott angles his head as he regards Eve for a short time, as if giving this some sort. Then, giving his head a small shake, he smiles and chuckles, shrugging his shoulders. "Casual," he agrees with a nod. A murmur escapes as he tilts his head, lifting his gaze briefly to the door, and then back to her. "You aren't saying this tour is over, are you? That would probably be a disappointment."
Eve "No, but all of the offices are much like this, I can show you the lounge if you'd like?" Eve says, gesturing out of the office. "Or if you'd like, we can stop by Tabitha's office and see how she's doing?" She coughs softly and grins at Elliott. "I'd keep you here all evening if you let me." She admits, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear.
Elliott     Letting out a thoughtful, "Hmm," as El bobs his head, his shoulders lift a bit. "I mean, if they're all the same..." He turns his head to glance at the door, considering, and bringing his gaze back as both brows lift, warm eyes regarding her. "The lounge is a lounge, right? Chairs? Maybe a table?" He gestures outward as if envisioning these set up. He hearty, amused laugh escapes him as he shakes his head, running his fingers through his hair. "The thoughts just leapt in my mind at that statement..." He chuckles further. "Crikey."
Eve "I dare not ask what they are then, yeah?" Eve says, shaking her head slowly. "Yeah, the lounge has some chairs, couches and tables. It's where I do most of my work when the weather is nice outside." She says, picking up her cache. "Would you like to see it?" She asks glancing briefly towards the door to hide the blush on her cheeks. "There are snacks out there."
Elliott     Elliott lifts up a closed hand to touch it to his mouth as he coughs. "Not unless..." One corner of his lips twitches and he chuckles again. "Aye, let's check out this lounge," he decides, moving easily away from the topic of what ideas are in his head.
Eve "Let's." Eve agrees, gesturing for Elliott to follow her. She shuts off the light to her office as she makes her way to the lounge. "Do you think you'll need an office here? We can set one up for you, I imagine."
Elliott     Elliott hrms as he gives the idea of an office some thought, stirring from his position and moving to follow Eve. "I think," he says as he considers, "that as long as I have a private place to conduct evaluations, it would be fine." He shrugs his shoulders simply at this. "Hmm, knowing you're close by might be a little distracting..." he says as he trails off, a grin flashing across his face.

    As he follows towards the lounge, Elliott lets his gaze wander, checking things out curiously and with an interest on various things. Like, for one, the video games. "Which ones are these for?"
Eve "We have a few systems here actually, so anything that you might want to play...well you should be able to find it here." Eve mentions, pointing at the television and the systems near it. "There is beer, wine and some soft drinks in the fridge and some snacks scattered around." She quirks a brow towards Elliott and grins. "Do you play a lot of video games?"
Tabitha Tabitha steps into the lounge, raking fingers back through her hair. She spots the others and begins making a direct line to the coffee maker. Her route deliberately takes her past Eve, where Tabitha gives the woman a friendly squeeze on the shoulder, a smile for Elliot as well and then its all about coffee.
Elliott     Elliott bobs his head in a satisfactory nod, grinning as he checks out the systems. "Brilliant," he lets out in his excitement. He glances over at Eve, flashing a smile, and catches Tabitha pass by. He offers a friendly smile and a nod, "Hello," before he shifts his gaze to Eve again. "I did," he answers, turning his gaze back to check out the systems. "Do you have Gauntlet? That was always a bloody brilliant," he says even as he looks through the games. And then pausing as he glances up, looking towards Tab getting coffee and towards Eve as he flashes a sheepish grin. "You aren't going to have second thoughts about tomorrow if you see me nerd out, are you?"
Eve Eve snickers quietly and she shakes her head. "I'm pretty sure we can make a decent attempt at out nerding each other. I *love* Gauntlet, always played the Valkyrie." She walks over to the games and kneels, rummaging through them. "I'm not sure if we have that or not.." She glances over her shoulder for a moment and raises an eyebrow. "Did you know they came out with something called Gauntlet Legends a bit ago, revamped the whole thing? I loved that game."
Tabitha Tabitha works on doing her best to commit coffee, achileves some level of mayhem and manages to extract something probably twice as strong as necessary. With a satisfied shudder, Tabitha tries the first sip. "..perfect.."
Elliott     Elliott's fingers slip through the games as he looks, but once again glances to Eve, a wholehearted chuckle escaping him. With a lopsided smile against his lips, El watches Eve approach and begin rummaging through the games. Shaking his head once, amusement tugging at his smile, he laughs. "A woman after my own heart," he murmurs out. "Blimey, it would be disappointing if the game isn't here," he adds in, returning to his own searching. "No, I didn't," he answers as he glances again to Eve. "Bloody brilliant."
Eve "If it isn't here, I'm going to order it." Eve declares, redoubling her search. "I'm sure a game store *somewhere* has to have it and is willing to ship it." She leans back on her bottom and wrinkles her nose. "I don't see it, do you?" She asks, glancing over at Elliott, a grin on her face. She blinks and turns around to call out to Tabitha. "Hey, Tab, did you ever play Gauntlet before?"
Tabitha Tabitha blinks and nods.. "Um.. ", moving over to the table. "Yea, they had an old one at a pizza place I grew up near. Thats the 'oh no, need food badly' or something. Not a lot of games had 4 players at once.", sipping her crime-of-coffee.
Elliott     Elliott flips through, his tongue touching his upper lip as he looks. His head shaking, no, until, "Wait a min- Oh, Gatling Gears... Hmm." He grins, glancing to Eve again, and then glancing toward Tabitha. "Blue Wizard needs food....badly." His lips flick mirthfully, nodding his head. "Wizard," he adds, both eyebrows lifting as he angles his head, holding his hand out in gesture. "Blimey, I can't even remember the right keys for the deadly electric attack."
Eve Eve glances back at Tabitha a wry grin on her face. When she focuses on Elliott she chuckles softly and shakes her head. "Focus, we need to find Gauntlet so we can order some pizzas tomorrow and play games. The damn pub can wait." She jokes, reaching out to prod Elliott in the ribs. "If we can't find it, then I need to go out and buy it. How does that sound?"
Tabitha Tabitha smiles. "I think that sounds fantastic!.. wait.. we can get Pizza here?", eyebrows lifting. "", she says, wistfully
Elliott     "Oh, we're going to find it," Elliott murmurs out eagerly. He glances to Eve again, arching a single brow as he regards her. His gaze shifts to Tabitha briefly, his smile twitching briefly before he blows out a breath. "Agreed, but..." Elliott hums out, his eyes looking briefly to the side as he thinks, before one corner of his lips curves. "Still going casual, right? Because if we're doing robes and slippers, you're going to have to let me know," he jokes.
Eve Eve spends a moment or two considering before she responds and then she nods, grinning over at Elliott. "That actually sounds fun, we can set up sleeping bags and it can be kind a sleep over party?" She leans in closer and lowers her voice. "We'll do the pub thing a day or two after? Just the two of us?" Her cheeks turn pink as she grins slowly, gazing back down at the games she's looking through. "Success!" She says, holding up Gauntlet. "So tomorrow is all set then?"
Tabitha Tabitha smiles. "Sounds like a plan", smiling over her coffee at Eve and Elliot as she takes a sip. She draws her legs up, sitting crosslegged in the chair. "..slumber party sounds fun."