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Tabitha "Oh man that feels so good.. I've forgotten just how much I've missed that. I may never do anything else but that for a week", Tabitha proclaims with panting satisfaction. She's wearing cut-off jean shorts, a bit baggy, a tank top and a towel around her neck, hair damp from the shower. "real hot water. real soap. real shampoo. A real toilet. Civilization is fuckin' awesome."
Eve Eve nods in agreement with Tabitha, pulling Chinese takeout from a brown paper bag. "So are you hungry?" She asks, glancing over at Tabitha with a slight grin on her face. "Because I bought a ton of food, and I'm hoping someone else will help me eat it."
James Scott James is recently out from the shower himself, but long enough now his hair is starting to dry. He's wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a white tank top when he wanders into the kitchen searching for something to drink. Upon spotting Eve and Tabitha he raises his hand in a brief wave. "Hey there, what's happening?"
Tabitha Tabitha runs over to Eve, wrapping arms around her and squeezing tightly and smooshing against her back. "ILoveYou!ILoveYou!ILoveYou!", Tab proclaims and plants a kiss on the back of Eve's neck. Hugging Eve, Tabitha beams. "Hey James!", before letting go. "Real Food. No one has to Cook. Hot." Tabitha's stomach growls a cheer as well.
Eve Eve bursts out laughing as Tabitha squeezes her into a hug and she squeals softly. "Love you too, there is plenty here, take what you think you might like best!" When James walks in she offers him a wave back and gestures to the food. "Please, grab some food, I got enough for anyone who might be home right now." She plucks up the General Tso's chicken and some friend rice.
James Scott "Hot." James echoes. He's probably talking about the food. He walks over and wraps a single arm around both Tabitha and Eve before taking a fried rice for himself. "So, you girls want to take a few shots to celebrate? Once we get something on our stomachs though."
Tabitha Tabitha giggles at the hug. She decides to be silly and reaches around Eve to look for something with shrimp.. Snow Peas, and grabs that and some of the plain rice. She extracts herself, get a bowl and makes a little rice bowl thingy. She grabs a pair of chopsticks and begins tucking in.
Eve Eve chuckles lowly and nods in agreement. "I'm okay with shots." She comments, taking her food over to the table. She folds herself into a chair and picks up another pair of chopsticks and begins to eat slowly. "Happy to be home, you two?"
James Scott "Oh yeah." James answers Eve. Ge takes up a pair of the chopsticks and heads over to the table as well, taking a seat near Eve. "What about you Tabitha, you wanna get a little loose and have some fun?" He shoots her a grin before he starts to eat some. "How about you Eve, glad to be back? Even if you're still stuck sharing a room with me."
Tabitha Tabitha takes a seat, sorta sitting crosslegged in it. "Oh heaww wyeahw", she mumbles around a mouthfull of shrimp. She swallows. "Definitely a Welcome Home party. Job Well Done party and No More Bugs party."

Tabitha is pretty proficient with chopsticks. She's practiced. And you get to be a picky eater.
Eve Eve glances around the kitchen and she shrugs slightly. "I did agree to be your roomate, so I don't see myself as stuck." She replies, daintly handling a chopstick as she picks at her food. "I'm happy to be back where I can shower though, I missed that a lot."
James Scott "Hell yeah." James is taking his time with the fried rice. It's not something he's gotten much of since he moved to Paris, so he savors it while he can. "I definitely missed the shower. It's always the first thing you really start to miss when the shit goes down."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles and tends to eat quickly. Dantily. Like a long-beaked bird, she seems unable to eat slowly. Before long, she's shoveling the last of her rice into her mouth, turning up the bowl and raking the last grains in with her chopsticks. A few little grains of rice sticks to her cheeks as she sets the bowl down. "ahhhhh."
Eve Eve watches Tabitha eat and it makes her start to giggle softly. "So what will we be drinking tonight?" She asks, glancing between James and Tabitha. "Something strong"
James Scott James takes up a napkin and leans across the table. "Hold still." he instructs, gently wiping the grains away. He sits back down and nods over at Eve, "I've got some maple Crown. Can make a run to the store if you'd rather something else though."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "As long as it isn't wine.. It did not agree with me..", blushing as James brushes off rice. "I'm fine with that, i think." She sets her chopsticks atop her bowl, making sure to not point them at anyone or cross them. ""
Eve Eve glances between the pair and then speaks up. "I'm fine with anything really, I'll be out of the fight after one or two shots anyway. I'm a lightweight." She says, a small smirk on her face.
James Scott "You don't smoke, so I'm betting you both can drink me under the table." James grins a bit, finishing taking another couple of bites before folding his box up. "I can't promise I'll keep my pants on. I always take my pants off before I go to sleep when I get wasted."
Tabitha Tabitha reaches under the table, a bare foot taptaptaping on Eve's leg. "You just dont get to drink that much. But we definitely need to unwind. and no bugs." giggling. "So, where shall this party be? Kitchen parties dont have enough comfy seating."
Eve Eve takes a moment to consider what they're both saying and then she offers a smile. "Game room?" She asks, dimples coming out as the smile gets bigger. "We can play games while we unwind and I'm not a big fan of bugs either."
James Scott "I was thinking our room." James suggests with a slight shrug. "But the game room works just as well." The teen leans back, rubbing at his bearded cheek. "Definitely a lot more to do in the game room. Otherwise we'll get stuck playing drunk truth or dare. There's no way that'd end poorly."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "Bedroom sounds better", Tab offers. "I can crawl to my room from there.. I dont need to navigate stairs.. twice.." She smiles a bit. "Planning ahead helps.""
Eve "The gameroom is upstairs, silly girl." Eve chides gently, leaning in to tweak Tabitha's nose. "If you want to come snuggle in my room though, I'm not going to tell you no." She gets up and starts to clean up, putting away the leftover food.
James Scott James gets up and helps Eve with cleaning up the leftovers so they'll be done twice as fast. "Well, that is part of our evil plan." he informs Eve, voice dropping like he's telling some huge secret.
Tabitha Tabitha moves to help as well, taking her bowl, moving over to get one last shrimp from the box before it's put away, She giggles, hipchecking Eve playfully.
Eve Eve smirks over at James and as she washes up briefly at the sink she shrugs a shoulder. "Everyone should have an evil plan or two, they tend to keep the air clean." She says, shutting off the water and wiping her hands. She winks at Tabitha when she gets the hipcheck and reaches up to unbraid her hair. "So where are we going to drink?"
James Scott "I'm heading up to change and get the liquor. Y'all can come with and we can drink until we crash, or I can meet you in the game room." James says, looking from Eve to Tabitha, as she'll be the deciding voice on where they get shit faced.
Tabitha Tabitha grabs Eve's hand and moves to follow James. For one reason or another, to Tabitha, Barring Emma, she's not up for much more company than she has right now. and getting rather drunk sounds really good. Around good friends, she can't really embarass herself.
Eve Eve gets tugged along with Tabitha a bemused smole on her face. "Where are we going lovely Tabs?" She asks again, giggling as they are soon on the stairs. "I have a feeling this might end with some trouble." She says, laughing softly.
James Scott "Count on it." James calls back to Eve, heading for the room with the booze in it. He hasn't had an opportunity to drink in a while, it was going to be good. Couldn't ask for better people to drink with either.