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Esa Thursday
March 17 2006
Achaguas, Bolivar

Over the course of the last four days, the Bolivarian Government has worked with the Federal Bioterrorism Commission regarding a large operation going on in North western region of Bolivar, in a town called Achaguas, south larger cities of Valencia and Barquisimeto. At town of only a hundred people whom have been evacuated quickly after word got back to the Government of a contamination leak.

However, there were still dozens of civilians in the town and the government had kept quiet regarding what kind of contamination plagued the town. For the last four days, the F.B.C. has worked in the background in transporting civilians to the larger cities for checkups and bloodwork, all in the name of the Government.

Finally, the Government opened up to the F.B.C. A bioterrorist attack happened in Achaguas. They believe a T-Virus was released, turning many of the citizens into zombies. They were unable to find the source of where the infection began. Thankfully, those that escaped the attack were believed to have to be uninfected.

But, as the death toll rose, getting to the last of the civilians was hard. In total, they believed about twenty-five civilians were held up inside a church. Outside about thirty or so walkers, or so the Government claims.


Raptor Team and Black Sword was debrief of the situation: Get the civilians out at all cost with the use of the Blackhawk. Deal with the Walkers as they went, but not a priority. Mission objective was only for the Civilians needing rescue from the Church.

The Bird was already in the air with the team, heading toward the town and were about 5 minutes out.


At the Special Operations Center (SOC) at the FBC, Esa was getting the team ready to go live. Tapping the mic, he calls out "Check, Check. SOC is live. SOC to Alpha-Team leader, we've got you pegged at five minutes out from target site. Once on the ground, you'll proceed North to mission objective. Sattellite feed will be up about two minutes after landing." He informs them.

"Also, a little inncetive music." He adds with a grin, flipping a switch. Inside the Bird, the following music plays:
Trixie Trixie groans softly as the singing starts over the earpieces. "/Great/ choice, Sock," she grumbles into her mic, wincing and using the easiest and fastest way to say SOC right off the bat. "It was fine until that screechy liittle scrub opened his mouth." She looks out through the doors of the 'bird, straining her eyes for any sign of the target and environs. "Anybody see anything out there?" she asks the rest of the troop bay, raising her voice to be heard over the engines, rotors, and screechy singing.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler stares out over the land below, the sunset shading the trees below in a goldish hue. She looks uneasy, but quickly recovers a moment later. She looks over to Esa and calls into the mike, "How original. Think some 70 year old guy tried seducing me with this once.", she smirks playfully before turning back over the terrain.. "Nope, looks normal, but then, when has it ever... I mean, sept for Raccoon, that was a total fuck fest.". She shakes her head, ponytail swinging.
She quickly adds, "This won't be that.", she strokes her trusty M4A1, which is broken apart across her lap. She finishes pulling through the gunoil rag and reassymbles it in a swift series of motions.
PrestigeAndrei Perhaps unknown to the rest of the gang that might be flying in the helicoptor towards teh city.. a small volvo is putting along on one of the dirt roads.. or paved, who knows given the state of infastructure towards the city itself. Inside rides a few indivviduals, all dressed to the gills in combat gear.. and one of which is a man by the name of Andrei Kirov cheerfully humming under his breath as he rides along in the front seat, looking out the window and tapping his fingers against the door.

"So whats the plan here again?" An elderly gentleman calls out in the back as Andrei continues to listen to some unheard beat.

"Dunno! Fuckin wingin it buddy! JUst got to show up long enough to get paid probably!" Andrei cheerfully calls out.. even as off in the distance a black dot might betray the approach of the rest of the FBC forces
Barns Barns starts moving carefully threw the chopper helping the others check there gear to make sure they work. He of all people knows the worst ting in a combat situation is to have faulty gear once satisfied the old timer checks his own gear once done he talks into his ear piece"solid copy SOC were in rout"
Richard Stadler Rick mused, for a rare few moments on the helicopter where he had nothing to do but tighten his hand around the grip of the carbine he was carrying, wating for the helicopter to arrive at the area of operations. He had to real with the standard amount of conflicting thoughts one got when heading into another biological hotspot. Given the numbers on this one, the right sight lines and choke points should have made this an easy mission, but they were dealing with 25 scared civilians. In terms of outbreaks, that was minor. With the numbers they normally deal with, 35 zombies or 60 zombies just meant wasting more ammo. It was lucky for Stadler... depending on you defined lucky, that he had experience on the other side, and knew what it was like, thinking the Powers the Be might abandon you because the numbers simply didn't add up. So. Not this time.

Plus, with their luck, it was /not/ going to be a simple as those who gave the mission thought.

He taps his headset when he looks over to Trixie, before flicking it on. "I don't see a damned thing, Sergeant, but keep your eyes open. And Raccoon was a fuckfest. Sheer numbers mean it's not going to be like that, but I've found being prepared for gigantic spiders at all times helps."

A quick look down to the ground. "Got something, admittedly. Approching vehcile that matches the original brief. Fucking Kirov." He mutters. Man was a good shot, but he could be more of a team player.

Rick switches channels over to the command line. "SOC, this is X-Ray 6-1 actual. I would really be more comfortable if those boys in the NRO had the goddamn sats up before we land, but we'll make it work." He says, before wincing, and rasing his voice over the music. "And maybe play something a little less cliche! Like Eurythmics! Or goddamn Ace of Base!"
Esa Chuckling at Siennas response, Esa replies smoothly "Well maybe Ill play a little Green Day next time. Wake Me When September Ends." He replies to Rick and Sienna playfully. "Or PODs Boom." He adds with a roll of the shoulders.

"And understood Rick, NRO apologizes but getting a sat moved into Bolivar took some work as most Military satellites as of late are focused over the Middle East, Africa and Asia." He notes


About five minutes later, the Bird lands just outside the towns outskirts. Itd be a five-mile trek through the city, mostly straight. The area around them was the slums. Buildings were in rough shape, falling apart and decrepit. The sun hung just to the east, indicting around three pm local time.

After the Bird rises, Andreis volo would arrive.


"Alright guys, five miles to the target. Sat will be in the area in two minutes. I'll inform once we are live with feed. Alpha Team, you are good to go for entrance and extraction. Good luck."
Trixie "Wasn't Axl Rose, was it?" Trixie asks Sienna, off her response to the music. She sighs and climbs out of the 'bird as it settles, shifting her XM8 into a relaxed ready position. "Five mile walk in this..." she grumbles, followed by raising her voice slightly. "Form up and keep your eyes open! No telling if there's any groaners in any of these buildings. And aim for their empty /heads/! Got that?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov for the time being still is riding in his car down the road.. yup. He is here. He might not link up with the main group quite yet, but at the very least a back engine firing might alert his comrades of some movement nearby.. down a road that leads into the town as he rides along.

Oh and the rest of his team of expendable bastards.. becuase Andrei isn't going to drive himself whe he has help hired! Eventually though he'll have to end up stopping the car and hop out to meet up with his friends, waving his team off to wait behind as he approaches..

"Oh hey Che-oh Stadler too? Fuck, like a damn reunion here, this is great!" Anfrei cheerfully pipes up as he looks about between the group assembled before noticing the others around. "Oh.. and uh.. new faces.. like always."
Richard Stadler "I don't listen to this new stuff. Just whines about things these days. Best stuff was in the 80's, when I was in High School. Bled into the 90's a bit but then everything just went to shit." He says. "Tell NRO that I'll accept their apologies if we don't get eaten when we hit the ground." Of course, They don't. That would simply be anti-climatic and they had enough fire power to kill a few zombies lottering on the ground. Though the area they were over wasn't the vest for zombie fighting. A maze of slipshod buildings and roads that zombies could be hiding in. Or other things. Focus on the objective. Church, defend, and then extract. They weren't here for a sweep and clear.

"We've all walked longerthan that." He said to Trixie, as they dropped out of the helo, pointing to get everyone in formation. "You heard the sarge. Everyone keep to your sectors. Silencers on; the echo in a place like this is going to deafen all of us, and it's not like we need the range." He notes. And just sort of glares at that car coming down the road.

"Kirov, so nice of you to come down. Getting a payday out of this?" A bit of annoyance in his voice, but that's about all of it. "If you weren't such a good shot, I'd question you being here. But, since you are, earn that princely sum the goverment's probably paying you and take point with those freebooters of yours."
Barns Barns Hops out of the chopper keeping his head on a swivel "copy that Trix " he spoke threw coms wile  walking near the rear covering everyone's six "try to keep chatter to a minimum so we can hear if one of them get near if it dose "
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler grins over at Trixie and says, "Actually, it was Dick Chaney.", she winks and follows after her. Tucking her knees as she drops out of the copter, she does a quick 180 degree scan behind as the copter takes off, not really expecting anything too be there, but the training drilled in regardless. She spots the slight trail of exhaust wavering in the air from the Volvo, and a moment later it pulls up. Keeping an eye out towards their 6, she casts an assessing gaze over the new arrivals, and unsure what she sees, shrugs a shoulder.
She takes a moment to center herself while everybody else is situating themselves before double checking her suppresser is attached securely, taking up position at the rear.
Esa The satellite finally aligns as the group walks. Static shows on the four interconnected seventy-five inch monitors before flicking to real-time feed of the town.

Muting the coms, he looks to Suzy and says "Give me a overlaying of tangos versus our Alpha team." He replies. She nods and makes some quick adjustements.

Soon, fifty red dots crop up in various portions around the city. the heaviest of them was near the church proper. Then, just as quickly it disappears. Thanks to GPS, he still is able to track the Alpha Team.

"What the fuck just happened?" Esa asks, looking to Suzy. A shake of her head is given as she replies "Weve somehow lost infrared of the town sir. Could be technical glitch with the area, some kind of interference or the satellite is on the fritz." She says apologetically.

"Right, Rick aint going to like this one.." He mutters with a sigh.

"SOC to Alpha Team. We have visual, repeat we have visual and GPS lock on your locations. However, we do not have visual on Tangos. Last count was at fifty. I repeat fifty Tangos spread throughout the city with a higher concentration at the Church. Keep eyes peeled. Also, have the Andrei put on Coms. His call sign is Jester."


As you move through the town, there is an eerie feeling of silence that hangs over the town. About a mile in, the slums shift to a more colonial architecture and it is here that you begin to see bodies lying in the streets, shred and torn asunder by something.

Then they come. Five of them to be exact, shambling down the street ever so slowly towards the team. Well, all but Rick who sees a shiny object, perhaps a knife or gun that might call is attention.. it ends up being a lead pipe painted in a shiny silvery color.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will eventually move with the group, always looking back at Rick and Trixie as he walks, offering a cheerful wave to the later before adressing the former. "What do you mean I'm getting paid? The fuck does that mean? I just showed up buddy boy, I'm here t take whatever the fuck I want from this city and then you know.. bail." Andrei offers as he walks along with the group as he looks over the Carbine then in his hands before he continues.

"SO you two been doing good workin for the FB-" One if they weren't watching Andrei would wonder why he just went silent.. those who know the man better though would see him litertally sprinting over to slide behind a car.. or maybe a transformer and crouch down even as the undead approached.
Barns Barns shouts "contact my 12!!" barns says into his coms as he open fires into a zombie then he sees andri run to behind a car "get your ass back here damn it " he looks back to the undead with anger in his eyes
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler spins as Barnes calls out the hostiles. She darts over to some nearby steps in front of a closed door and levels a shot at the zombie furthest back. Squeezing the trigger, a loud pop accompanies the whistle of a high-speed round, the report bouncing off of the walls. The suppressor is doing its job, but the weapon fire is still audible in such confined spaces.
Trixie "'Jester', you keep calling me that and I might mistake you for a groaner some fine day," Trixie half-growls at Andrei, as they move into the city. "And you better be kidding about why you're..."

And suddenly two things happen at once. First, Andrei dives for cover. Second, she spots the zombies advancing toward them. Bringing her heavy carbine to her shoulder, she takes a bead on the closest dead man's skull.

"Get the closest ones! Don't let them get close to you!" she says, and fires. Before she knows if the shot hits, she shifts her aim to the groaner next to him and squeezes the trigger again. Scanning over her optic, she declares, "One zed down."

"That's becoming a habit for him, Barns," she adds to Barns, beginning to backpedal slowly away from the zombies, to keep her aim as steady as possible.
Richard Stadler Stadler keeps to his own sector as they're moving forward. And he's going to be kicking himself later, because he's turned away from the main throughfare for a moment, the glint of something shiny off to the side drawing his attention. He manages to bring his gun toward it, before the call of zombies at the front swings him back. Or, rather, Andrei suddenly disappearing from the comms. If Rick's eyes weren't good, Andrei was a canary in a coal mine. "Goddamn it, need to change my prescription. Thank you for being more of an idiot than I am, Kirov." He says to himself, before taking a look at the situation.

Five of them, quickly approching. Not a big threat, but getting bitten by those things would cause problems and he didn't trust the vaccine. "All right, people, five zombies. Keep your eyes on your sectors and engage. No need to panic with this sort of concentration, but I want good spacing as we engage." Calmness was better than urgency in this case, and his people were doing what they were trained to do. "Once we're clear, advance slowly. Could be MA-39s or Lickers out her and no one's getting suprised if we can help it."
Esa The first lead walker takes a hit through the chest, doubling back a bit before shambling forward again. The second walkers head explodes open as a round passes through; killing it on the spot. The third and fourth walker continue to drive forward, while the last walker is hit in the shoulder, flinches back and then moves forward again. Next round they will be able to attack.


As weapons discharge comes over the headphones, Esa frowns. They really needed eyes. "Suzy, get ahold of NRO. I want fucking eyes." He states sharply as he unmutes the line again. "Talk to me Alpha Team." As Rick talks, he nods listening. "Copy X-Ray 6-1 actual."
Barns Barns consintrates as the fireing starts and sees says his montra "aim small miss small" before fireing and killing one of the zombies then fireing at two others "I didnt come here to be breakfast for the undead !"
Trixie "Whoever that was... aim for their /heads/! Like this!" Trixie snaps, taking a bead on the closest groaner's head through her H&K optic and squeezing off a shot. Tracking slowly to the side, the advanced carbine coughs once, twice, and again. Each shot caves in a zombie's skull, blasting bits of rotting flesh, bone and grey matter out through the backs of those skulls in a gory burst.

Panting softly, she lowers the heavy weapon slightly, frowning faintly. "And /that/ is how you mash melons in Raccoon City, people. Any questions?"
PrestigeAndrei The good news for Andrei is that everyone else seems to be handling their shit pretty well. "Oh go fuck yourself Stadler!" Andrei calls out from his hiding spot.. the men with the blazing guns no doubt a far more juicy looking target. "If your men couldn't handle the.. like seventy zombies over there! You know.. I'd uh.. You'd not blame me! So uh.. who.. don't get killed!" Andrei calls out before he looks about and peeks around the corner at the approaching 'horde'... before.. well..

"Oh hey you got it. Good job guys. Good teamwork." Andrei states as he points at the group and Sienna then. "You too new girl. Kept it together. You? Fuck man..." Andrei points at Bran as he walks along. "You know.. gotta roll with the punches. One day you'll be running from a giant ass spider and go.. what would Kirov.. the master Spider tamer do in this situation."
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler dives forward over the steps after letting off her shot, not even bothering to check her hit; these were good people, she trusted them. Coming up on her feet in a crouch, she does a 180 and quickly sweeps her muzzle in a slow ark watching for anything hostile.
She huskly coos into the mic linking them all, "You looked bout ready to shit your pants there Volvo.".
Cecily "--swear I'm going to shoot you myself if you keep hiding every time a monster shows up!" comes an angry voice after some static. "Finally! Am I transmitting? Lights are green. Good shooting." It's Cecily. She's been there in the middle of the group the whole time. Heavily armed. She's got no less than three firearms on her person, the barrel of a light machine gun poking out of her backpack, but something much smaller held in her hands. Close quarters combat, just in case. Callsign 'Fox' or 'Kitsune', though Sienna calling Andrei 'Volvo' makes her snicker.

"Hopefully all this noise won't bring the rest out of the woodwork.."
Richard Stadler Stadler was on the radio net again. "Ops, X-Ray 6-1 actual. Five Zulus apporched, five zulus dropped. Nothing we can't handle, so far. That leaves 25 to 30 probables remaining in front of us. I'm hoping they didn't hear the rifle fire, but if they did, we need to be ready. What's the sat take say? Anything heading toward us?" Oh, this would be a good or a very bad time to tell Stadler that doesn't exist. Luckily, his ire would have been focused on something else, as Andrei comes out of hiding. He walks up to the man, reaching into his pocket, and pulling out a crisp 20 dollar bill, before tossing it at his feet. "Hey. That's for gas money, even though it's pretty cheap here. Why don't you and you're team of misfits get the fuck out of here, if you're going to hide after each little battle? If you're going to be useless, I don't want you here. If you're going to do your fucking job, get on goddamn point."

Flicking back to his radio and turning his back to Andrei. "Reading five by five. Nice of you to join us, Winters. Silencers up if you have them, resume formation and advance, all of you. Outstanding work, for most of you. We've got a ways to go and I want to get the rest of this mission done exactly like that. Minus the rushing to hide behind a car."
Esa With the Zombies dead, well dead once more, the team could continue onward. Nothing else comes in their way as they move up the street and to the Church proper.

The Church was an old Spaniard build from the late seventeen hundreds, early eighteen hundreds. Windows align either side, and there was one interesting at the front. It had a single bell tower at the top. Around the church was open space, grass and dry sand. Then uneven payment and finally buildings. Trees also dotted the land.

As did about twenty zombies; some clawing at the doors, banging on the windows or just walking in the grass.
Trixie "Oh, shit..." Trixie murmurs into her headset, grabbing concealment and cover at the mouth of an alley at the sight of the church. "We're gonna have to thin out that herd, Boss. Recommend silenced weapons only, until they figure out we're here. I doubt I can drop an egg in there danger close without endangering the congregation," she adds, referring to the civilians inside the church.
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler goes pale for a moment as the radio silence breaks with the news. They were there already? She could hardly remember the past 15 minutes, at Trixie's suggestion she cuts in and adds, "If there's that many, probably best to break into two groups, distraction and retraction. This isn't a clear.". She keeps an eye on their 6, waiting for orders.
PrestigeAndrei OH you bet your ass he picked up that twenty dollar bill from Stadler. Thats like 2 weeks worth of food in Bolivar. Sucker. Also a tank of gas becuase Bolivar is likley part of OPEC. Foolish Stadler! YOu should of dropped five dollars!

Andrei Kirov just laughs slightly in response to Trixie then before casting a glance aside at the woman for a second. "What? And give them a chance to do some crazy shit like break down the doors and eat the people inside right? We better just start blastin and killing. Sure it'll be more dangerous for us.. but you know.. I mean, we can let them go inside and try eating them you know?" Andrei points out before he looks to Barns. "You seem all gun-ho about this shit. You go shoot one in the face and run away. It'll be bleedin great! Then I can.."
Richard Stadler Stadler was trying to make a point. The point was well worth 20 dollars for the President of a Mulitnational research company. SUCK IT, ANDREI. Not that he was thinking that. But at the very leaset, they now had the target in sight, with very good sightlines. And 20 odd zombies. Five trained people... this would be tough. Tougher than last time, but if Andrei actually fired a shot, they'd have a chance her. "All right. They haven't noticed us, so here's how we're going to play this. I want heads on swivels and people checking the rear after every three shots; avenue of escape always need to remain open. Silenced weapons fire on the zombies that are directly threatening anything but the windows. Watch bouncers. If we attract the horde, louder fire can join in. If they clump, I want that grenade launcher of your going off, Mackenzie. You've got this. Andrei, I actually want you /shooting/ targets this time. Don't screw this up, because I've seen what you can do with a rifle, and it's goddamned impressive. Don't waste it. Everyone clear?"
Cecily At least the clusterfuck out here isn't as bad as the last stand in Raccoon, right? Still, being around a church and zeds sends a little shudder down Cecily's spine. "Fox here. If we need to go loud, give me the order. I've got some heavy artillery with me," she transmits briefly, snapping the stock on her PDW into place, bringing it up. Snap snap, the report of the silenced weapon is better than a full on peal of thunder in comparison to an unsuppressed gun in these quarters, but her aim is true, thinning out the herd by one as the small-but-mighty rounds pierce rotting flesh and bone, sending the zed to the ground. "One."
Esa As Cecily aims and fires, the two rounds hit the zombie twice, but it still stands, turns and begins to shamble after her. It would appear luck was in her favor, for now, as the other zombies didn't see her.

Then, things got interesting. One could say hell in a handbasket sort of way. The whistle of munitions being dropped in could be heard in the air. It was the most distinct whistle that any veteran of war knew instantly what was coming in - Mortars.

Seconds later explosions rip across the landscape around the church as localized mortar rounds are dumped near the church. Explosion after explosion goes off, causing mass panic within the church as fires ignite on the dry grass and zombies disappear in heated flames.

One shell slams into the tower, causing an explosion that rips the top half off and sends crashing to the ground below.


Inside the SOC, Esa is alerted seconds to late to the morter rounds being let loose. Yelling in the mic, he says "DOWN NOW! Boliviarian Military is dropping shells!." Then the screen lights up as the heat signatures are finally being picked up. White lights like Christmas lights shine brightly on the screen.

"God damnit. Alpha Team report." He states looking to the screen where fires can be seen. "Alpha team, report in." A pause, lengthy as he waits for response.
Trixie Trixie looks up, blinking. "Wait... what the /hell/ is... SHIT!!!" The last is a scream, though it's drowned out as the first mortar shell hits - much too close!

She instinctively cringes back against the wall she's next to, crushing her hand over her mouth to keep in a scream that threatens to erupt along with the mortar shell explosions. For several screamingly agonizing moments she remains this way, as the ground around the church turns into a reenactment of some French village in World War II.

And then finally, mercifully, it stops. She opens one eye, then the other, blinking away dust, and scans the church. Her XM8 sweeps up, and she opens fire on several zombies closest to the church door, the suppressed XM8 carbine coughing steadily, swiftly followed by three zombies getting a foot shorter at the top in sprays of gore. "Squad, you're covered! Get those people out of there before those damned stupid tequila suckers cook the damned church!"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov will then yelp and start screaming aloud as an explosion rips through the air and the church is litertally on fire. "WHAT THE FU-OH my god.. my ears! My fucking ears!" Andrei screams aloud as he starts looking around and makes a beeping sound before he exhales. "Oh th-" A beat then before he looks up at the now slightly thinned out horde then as he lifts up his gun.

The instant though that Trixie starts firing, Andrei is much the asme, carefully lifting up his Carbine, he'll aim carefully down the sights and just start popping off shots.. in one long burst, bullets tearing through walls.. and zombies with ease as he presses the trigger down for like a good four seconds. Yet as the smoke clears.. there is no immediate dangerous movement at the Church as he grins.

"That'll be another twenty fuckin dollars Stadler." Andrei cheerfully comments before stepping forward t hen, one might even see him skip a little bit. "No more zeds. Probably now right?"
Richard Stadler Oh, my, this was a new experience for Rick. Certainly, he'd had /some/ experience with artillery fire in training, esspecially after Raccoon, but he hadn't actually been hit with indirect fire before. It was a very new type of sheer terror that takes his mind a few seconds of groping around for a rote response for. Thankfully, Rick was the type to think quickly these days, so he's quickly getting off the road, heading to the grass, looking to get into any divot avalible. "They're bracketing land marks! Get off the goddamn road!" He yells, before reaching for the radio. "Ops, X-Ray 6-1 Actual, we've got mortars hitting the church! I don't care what you have to do, find out whose operating the firebase those are coming from and tell them to cease fire! We've got civilians here!" He says.

The doors are on fire. There's a decison to make, as Trixie does have that grenade launcher, but there could be people desceperately trying to get through that door on the other side. With his weapon up, he aims toward the windows of the church, attempting to shatter the glass the strike didn't. People inside were probably going to get hurt, but maybe they would have a way out! "We can't get close now. If those moraters are targeting the church we are going to die getting closer. They need to /stop/ before we can get close. Once they do, I want people at the windows breaking as much glass as possible!"

And Andrei gets a bit of another look as he runs through all those zombies. "Thank you for going your job." He says, simply. Even if that was impressive.
Cecily The first group of zeds, the silenced weapons fire. All the calm before the storm. A hellstorm or a shitstorm, leave that to the debrief officer to decide. For Cecily, it's shellshock. She's not military. Being shelled isn't something they put you through in RCPD training. When Rick gives the order to get off the road, she's frozen in place for several heartbeats. Andrei's spray of zombie-shredding gunfire keeps her feet from staying lead as she hurtles herself towards the nearest sturdy piece of cover, huddling up against whatever waist-high wall or intact doorway happens to be closest to her, clutching her PDW to her chest. "...the air support's always been spot on... mechanized and armor suppression never so danger close... who the hell is bombing us?!"
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler throws herself to the ground after the first explosion rips the world asunder Once her ears stop ringing she hears Rick's shouts before the tear of gun clatter and the breaking of the windows snaps her back into reality. Before she knows it she's running head long at the remainder of the window, smashing at it with the butt of her gun. She tears her jacket off and throws it over the sharp edges, "Date prisa, sube y aprate!", she yells, (Hurry, climb up and over, hurry hurry!). She checks the inside finally, making sure there aren't any hostiles, her training kicking in even under this stress. If all clear, she assists those who attempt to clamber out.
Esa "SOC to Baker Bravo Niner. Cease fire, our units are on the ground. Cease fucking firing." Esa replies with a frown as he watches the screen.


The mortar rounds lasted for a bout thirty seconds with a deafening halt. Fires spotted the damaged landscape as parts belonging to human beings turned zombies laid strewn everywhere.

The fire burns on the door, moving quickly to the structure. The windows break with ease and the glass can be scrapped away easily, making for a quick exit for the civilians.

However, not everything is peachy. those rounds have caught the attention of the zombie horde that is now proceeding there way.


"SOC to Alpha team. You have fifty or so Zombies attracted to the noise. ETA about ten minutes. Get those civilians out and back to the bird now. Bird will be at LZ when you arrive."
Barns Barns being a marine first and fbc second  dosnt flinch at the morter fire instead he runs headlong into the bombardment twords the doors before crashing threw them the embers grazing his skin as he dose using his cammanding voice "everyone come on were getting you out of here " he assists in leading  them out of the church and back to the chopper
Sienna Fowler Sienna Fowler ducks down below the frame as Barns plows through the door like a boar, or maybe an elephant, she isn't certain. Either way the civs now have a burning doorway to head through, faster but more dangerous. She shouts for them to follow after barns and turns back to run ahead. Now that the zeds were on route, there was no need for restrain. She readies her extra clips from her belt pouch and switches her carbine to full auto, ready to shred any grays where they stand.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei laughs softly then for a second as he casts a glance over at Cecily before pointing at her. "Smart lady. Smartest person I've met!" He'll offer even as Barns and Sienna seem to be doing all sorts of things to try and save people. Andrei on the other hand seems less than thrilled with that sort of thing and just waits nearby, he might help direct a person or two but for the most part he'll just keep an eye on avenues for approaching hordes....

Then the guilt starts to wriggle in his head then as he moves towards the church then to perhaps take a more active hand in evacuating.. but only just long enough to ensure that a decent amount of people are getting out of there... he has a car to get to after all!
Trixie Trixie dashes for the church, swapping her partly-used 'century' mag for her fresh one and stowing the other away in its pouch. She moves to assist people climbing through the shattered windows, shouting, "Vamanos! Arriba, arriba, endelez, endelez!!" and pointing toward the waiting Chinook, to funnel the evacuees in the right direction. Maybe it's Speedy Gonzales, but it's in Spanish, and she's fairly sure they'll get the message under these circumstances.
Cecily Cecily has to put some effort into getting out of her funk. Andrei pointing at her and commenting certainly helps as she glares at him. Shaky, she gets up, as quickly as she can, and stows her smaller firearm. "'re a damn good shot, Kirov, but you're still an ass..." she says, respect in one hand, disdain in the other, and embrassment on her face. She hauls her LMG out of her backpack and starts moving towards the evac zone at half the pace of the survivors being evaced, directing them and ensuring nothing creeps out of the sidestreets to chew on them. "Come on, come on, go go! We've got enough space for you but we're running out of time!"
Esa The team is able to extract the civilians on to the chinook. Looking back as the helicopter takes off with the loaded down civilians and team, they see not fifty zombies, but rather fifteen. Seems technical glitches were still happening at the SOC.

Hour later, the helicopter touches down at the FBC base where a shelter and LNO teams have been setup to handle the twenty new civilians and dozens other.

Questions abound though as to how this could've happened, and how were some of these civilians not affected by the T-Virus outbreak.