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Emma The day before, another truck load of supplies had come in. It's been distributed and everything seems to be going well.

With the city improving, and now at a stable, good point, it's time for TerraSave to move onto it's next project. While some members and volunteers are staying behind to help the city move on more, the majority of people are leaving.

This means, it's time to clean up. And Emma, who is dressed in a pair of sweapants, and a tank top, with her hair up in a bun, is helping to take down tents, and get supplies packed up. The sun is bright, and the day is warm and muggy.
James Scott James is out and about assisting as well. He's wearing his TerraSave tank top and the matching board shorts, he' even got his hair tied back, actually looking the hippie part for once. He's taking tents down and loading them up. It was fun, but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't ready to leave.
Sergio Sergio assists where he can, but for the most part he's just trying to stay out of the way. He spots Emma and begins walking over to her, a small wave offered in greeting. "Where are you heading off to next?", he asks as he approaches.
Emma Emma lifts some tent parts into the back of a truck, wiping her brow with the back of her hand. There is a smuge there, of some dirt, but this isn't clean work either. In the sun she wears some refective aviators.

"S - Sergio." She says to him, grabbing a bottle of water and going to head in his direction, she gives a wave to James as well. "'ello, James!" She calls out to him.
James Scott "'sup?" James calls over to Emma, raising a hand in a brief wave. The last of the tents on his side get loaded up and he breaks away to get a bottle of water himself. "Looks like we're about done, finally. Be glad to sleep on a bed again."
Emma "Aye I - I will be to. An' ta see Shaemus." Emma replies to James, with a smile. Hands go to her hips, she looks around slowly, taking in all they've done. "I - I can't believe what we did here, it's amazin'. These people.." She is rather breathless as she sits and takes it all in.
Sergio Sergio follows Emma's gaze and also looks around as well. He nodss and adds, "I hope it stays this way. People can turn pretty quickly against one another.".
James Scott "Yeah." James nods, looking around. "They'll be fine, as long as the government doesn't roll through." The teen unscrews the cap from his bottle and turns it up. "Hell, they'll be fine even if they do."
Emma Emma looks over to Sergio, and nods a little. "I - I get that worry, but we're keepin' a - a small group of people here, to continue with aid efforts until we're totally sure all is fine." He's given a smile,, then she looks to James. "Well, if - if they do, we'll deal with that as it comes."
Sergio Sergio nods to James before turning back to Emma with a nod, "Yeah, that's a good idea.". He rubs the back of his neck with a large hand and looks a little uncomfortable, "Eve said if I helpped out around here that I'd be able to get supplies? Iodine, peroxide, bandages that sort of thing. If you guys are packing up to leave, then I probably should as well...", he arches an eyebrow questioningly.
James Scott "Well, you're welcome to stay in the city I'm sure." James lifts his shoulders in a shrug. He doesn't have any say in the supplies issue, so he falls quiet, attention turning to the other people packing up.
Emma Emma looks to James a moment, then back to Sergio.

"I - I will not leave a person high'n dry, ya'know." A hand moves some hair from her face. "Do ya - ya just wonder out on yer own?"
Sergio Sergio shakes his head and jerks his thumb to the forest, "I have several camping spots I tend to travel between. Even with all of the dangers, it's still better to me than staying in the cities. It's why I needed the chemicals. no way to make them on my own.".
Emma "I - I understand." Emma says to Sergio with a smile and nod, she motions for him to follow her. "Co - come on, I'll get ya setup with some things so yer - yer not needin' ta know what's what, and we'll get ya some kids ta keep in all in, too. Labelled all that."
Sergio Sergio nods curtly and falls in step with Emma as she moves. Glancing sidelong at her he adds, "Do you know where you're headed next?".
Emma "Ba - Back ta Bolivar." Emma replies, reaching a tent that's not yet taken down, it's one for medical supplies.

She goes to open a few boxes, her delicate hands removing item after item, setting them out so she can see what is what and to organize them the best she can. A few empty first aid kits are taken too. "Un - until tha next work effort that it. There is always pe - people in need." He's given a sad smile, before she looks down, putting a few items in a first aid kit.
Sergio Sergio runs a hand through his hair and cuckles, "That is true. Surprises me that people still try honestly. Someone has to though, eh?". He smiles at that. "I'd like to join, but my records here. Not so good. I doubt they'd let me in.".
Emma Emma looks up from her work. "W - wait what, join us? TerraSave?" She asks, surprise hinting in that thick Scottish accent. "Wh - what record are ya talkin' 'bout?"
Sergio Sergio leans over to speak in a lower volume, "I'll be blunt. I have been involved with a reb... well, not even a rebelion. It was more like a group of thugs, though at the time I thought we were making a differences. Making things better for people here.". He shakes his head and straightens up, "They were just using us. The people here, they have a strong memory for things like that. Why I avoid cities, or least part of the reason.".
Emma Emma is putting away supplies as he mentions this, lips turning, of all things, into a bit of a smirk. She looks up from the work, grey-green eyes on Sergio. "We - we're all rebel's, in a - a way, with what we do." The shy, sweet woman states, shrugging a little.

"An' - an' some here have a colourful past, but, I ain't gonna turn someone away if they - they want ta prove an' move forward for tha better, either. I'd happy have ya - ya join us, if yer so wishin'."
Sergio Sergio inclines his head and says, "Gracias, I would. Anything to get out of here.". He looks a little relieved, "After yesterday, I wasn't sure what I was going to do.". He gestures to the goods, "This isn't nesesary then. You're medics will take care of me if I get injured yeah?".
Emma Emma continues sorting, giving him a big smile. "I - I'm a doctor." She remarks. Doctor and head of TerraSave, this branch. "Yer - yer in good hands. But we should set up some first aid kits, for tha - tha people, care ta help? Just follow what I'm doin', and we'll hand them out ta - ta locals."
Sergio Sergio carefully watches Emma pack up a couple kits before attempting himself. His first box is a little rough, but he adjusts it and begins working on a second, this one coming out better than the last. And so he goes on to do, pack and stack, pack and stack, pack and stack.