Umbrella Surveillance System
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Owner Pose
Bob The friendly little joint is pretty quiet at this time, but it's not entirely empty. There's a man there dressed in a happy looking Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts and brown loafers already enjoying a meal and some beer, though, chatting happily with the bartender in US East Coast accented Spanish. The dude doing the talking is Bob Delgado of the FBC and he is most definitely not in work mode.
Barns Barns Walks into the bar wearing a olive green muscle tank and his bdu bottoms, his greying hair kempt and trimed. As he sits down at the bar he askes "give me a pint of the strongest shit you got." then looks to bob "enjoying yourself over there son?"
Bob "Yeah man," Bob replies to the Barns, turning in his seat and giving him a smile while lifting his beer that way. "Good day to be exploring the Maracaibo and enjoying myself with a nice beer and some..." He looks at his meal for a second while he thinks of the word, "Bandeja paisa." From the way he's demolishing it it must be good. "Bolivarian food is damn good. Maybe not like mom's Mexican, but still damn tasty."