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Esa Tuesday March 15 2006

It was a beautiful day, even with the ominous grey clouds that hung over head and the cooler than normal temperatures. A chilly breeze blew on through this afternoon. It was around one o'clock in Bolivar and the children of Cabimas were out in the streets playing ball.

Indeed, the town itself appears to continue stabilizing with the efforts of Terrasave and friends. Hope could be felt within the township and by the laughter and giggles of children. Pleased mouths were being fed on a more regular basis causing a jubilous feel to the town.

Within the tents, patients were being given checkups by doctors and physicians. Fewer patients could be seen from the first time the tents went up.

Indeed, the town was shifting from the madhouse rush of people to the tents and taking whatever they could on the first day, to a more hopeful and prideful city.

But even still, work needed to be finished. A few homes were requiring to be built, trucks being brought in under semi-armed security were requiring offloading, patients needing to be checked and supplies recounted.

For his part, Esa is seen working on a house. Even with the cooler breeze, he was sweating from the hard work. He spoke Spanish to several of the towns people, pointing and directing on how things were supposed to go. Taking a step back, he sips on his bottle of water and takes a five minute break.
Emma Emma is doing what she does best, tending to patients. That's consumed her for a good while, a lot of people were unwell, the time rounds took was double than normal. But at last, she is done, and in need if a break.

Coming from a tent she goes to a water station and grabs a bottle of water, pulling off the cap and taking a sip. While doing so she casually walks, looking over everything until she spots Esa, working topless. Cheeks go a bit red, she looks down and clears her throat.
Maxim Having done some security rounds, Maxim makes his way toward a water station himself. Pausing briefly to show a few of the children coin tricks, and leaving them with some quarters to practice he picks up a bottle and makes his way toward Emma and Esa to see what they're up to. Offering a bow he gives his usual, "Greetings."
Eve Eve stumbles out of a tent looking flustered and quite a bit confused at where she is. She rubs her eyes and blinks, hiccupping sleepily. She manages to get her balance and stumbles to the coffee pot, a determined look on her face. Once she has a cup of coffee in hand she sips it slowly as one of the kids comes up to her, holding up a ball and jumping around. As she is still not yet fully awake she stares at the child for more than a minute before she finally makes sense with what the child wants. The ball is handed over and Eve rears back, throwing it towards an empty field. Three kids go pelting after it, yelling in Spanish.
Tabitha Tabitha , for a change, wasn't working with patients. She arrives from a suppy tent, clipboard in hand and looking a bit frazzled. She spies Emma and rushes over to try to get her attention. She spots Eve and starts to go to her, but notices that for once, Eve is in far less than Pristine condition. She slows as she gets to Emma. "Hey!", calling out.. She pauses to stand next to Emma. Her eyes follow Emma's.. Tabitha too pauses for a moment. "...hey...", watching and not really doing anything else. "...need to talk to you.. about.. ..something..", eyes finally torn away from Esa. "..About supplies.."
Esa Sweat glistened on his body as he lifted the bottle, drinking down half the bottle before bringing it back down to mid-chest. Esa gives a fervent smile to Emma, taking a few steps toward her before pausing as Maxim arrives. Looking to him, a softer smile is given as he replies "Hello Max." Eyes linger away as the watch the kids yelling run off after the ball.

As Tabitha arrives, he gives a soft smile to her as well before stepping away Emma's attention is needed about supplies. Taking the bottle, he finishes off the last of the water and tosses it in a trash can, turns and walks back toward the houses.
Sergio Sergio is sitting at a nearby bench, with a card table in front of him, cards set for solitare atop it. He glances up and nods to those who are looking his way, before looking back down at the table.
Emma Emma pulls her eyes from Esa, sipping from her water. "Y - yes Tabitha?" She asks.
Maxim Maxim looks at Esa and Emma, and then Tabitha is coming over with something that seems like it might be important. And then there's Eve playing fetch with the children. Or... some other ball related activity but that's what it looks like. Max's coin slips out, flipping over his fingers as he spots Sergio, offering a brief nod and then looking to Eve while the others converse.
Eve Eve sips at her coffee, a serene look on her face as she starts to feel better. The children come back with the ball and Eve gazes at them for a moment before holding her hand out. She didn't think this was going to be a repeated activity. She throws the ball again and the kids go running off, calling out brief "Thank You"s in Spanish as they all chase after the bouncing ball. That's when Eve makes her escape, striding over to a supply tent to help unload some crates. She sets the now empty coffee cup away and reaches up to deftly french braid her pale blonde hair. Once it's secure she steps briefly in the tent and comes out with a crate that she opens and begins to dig through.
Esa Picking up nails, boards and a hammer, Esa heads inside the home to begin work once more. Inside, he helps put up dry wall, tear out rotting boards and replace them, run wiring and pipes. Tedious work, but when completed a family would have a nearly minted new home.
Sergio Sergio lets out a loud sigh as he realizes he's got himself stuck. Collecting his cards he glances around. Spotting Esa, he heads over his way and attempts to lend a hand.
Tabitha Tabitha hand the clipboard over to Emma. "Supplies are ..holding out, but.. we're getting to the end of what we brought. I dont know if you wanna order more, but most of what we have left is stuff left over from the more critical cases.. I wanted to know if you wanted to order more, or if you think this will hold us." she looks about, not able to really judge. "I think we may be good sparing some kinna nastiness that slams upon us."
Emma Emma keeps her attention on Tabitha, so she isn't distracted. A hand fiddles with the necklace around her neck while thinking.

"Le - lets hold off on orderin' more. I will want another shipment sent in for those stayin' be - behind when tha time comes. We sh - should save our pennies how we can. Plus, with all the - the fine help 'round here, I think we'll be good."
Maxim Continuing to watch everyone for a bit while he sips at his water, eventually the bottle is gone. He looks about once more, and starts to take a step toward the houses, but if he was intending to lend a hand that seems to be derailed when he shifts and starts to make his way out of the camp. Either something grabbed his attention, or he felt more security work was in order. Whatever the reason Max starts to head out.
Esa As Sergio walks over, Esa smiles and, speaking in Spanish, says "In one of the back rooms they need to tear the wall down and replace it with new plaster and boards. Think you could help with that?" as he pauses with what he was doing.
Eve Eve finishes her work in supplies and walks over to socialize with a few of the women who were knitting yesterday. They gesture at Emma and speak to Eve in Spanish, chattering softly. Eve gestures for them to go ahead and the four women approach Emma, holding out a bundle of knitted garments for the baby. As they hand them over they bow and giggle to themselves, turning to make their way back into the heart of the city, away from the tents. Eve has settled under a tree, notebook out, making notes for things that need to be completed.
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Emma, letting the clipboard fall to her side.. "we've.. ..done it.. I dont know how, and I dont really want to know.. but.. this place is 'better'.. " a cleansing sigh escaping past her lips. ".. you're amazing, Emma. You know that? Is one thing to set up first aid tents.. Is a complete Other Thing to do..", hands gesturing. "..this.." Arms wrap around Emma in a hug as Tabitha squeezes. "I'm so glad i'm where i'm at."
Sergio Sergio nods and looks around for something to break away plasters, and settles on a sledge hammer. He sets to work and manages to break the top half down in no time, the "waCK, whaCK! whaCK" of destruction marking the passage of time.
Emma Cheeks redden anew, Emma looks down shyly when Tabitha compliments her. "No - no, it was all - all of us, not just me. We all worked together." She is by far to modest! But does give Tabitha a hug. "Gl - glad yer here too."

For a second she looks to the working men, then quickly adverts her eyes to Eve. "Oh ho - how wonderful!" She grins at seeing all the stuff, and goes to hug Eve too. "I - I got news too." She adds.
Eve Eve gets to her feet and hugs Emma back. "News?" She asks, dropping her pen and notebook under the tree. "What kind of news?" She asks quietly.
Esa The clouds continued to darken, but no rain fell. The air had picked up from a chilly wind to a warmer temperature, rising quickly to the eighties.

Walking back out of the house for the second time, Esa stretches his limbs and glanced to the sky. He sighs, and grabs a towel before heading back to the area with the bottle of waters; dabbing the towel against his face, neck and chest as he moves.

Upon reaching the area, he takes a bottle and opens it again and drinks.
Tabitha Tabitha blinks, curiously, and tugs Emma down where they stand, sitting crosslegged. Seems there's some stuff to discuss, and damn if she lets Emma do it standing. Eve, if she doesn't move to sit is likewise tugged down to a sitting position. Tab's insistant.. and, well, her feet hurt.
Emma Emma is suddenly tugged down, she looks over her shoulder to the working men and then to Eve and Tabitha, grinning. "I - I found someone ta - ta adopt Daisy!" She is so excited. "The secretary in tha - tha office! She can't have kids, this means Daisy will always be around. I- I approved her bein' allowed ta come to tha office."
Sergio Sergio lets the hammer fall, leaning the handle against the side of the house. He wipes his brow and looks around. Spotting Emma, Eve, and Tabitha, he begins to meander over towards them.
Barns Barns road on the side of one of three trucks coming to a stop near a Terrasave tent .Word around town is your trying to help the people here so I thought id chip in. Barns stated as he moved to the back of one of the trucks and opening it reveling aid supplies and the like.
Eve Eve gets to her feet when the truck pulls up and she walks close to Emma, her eyes on the supplies. "Looks like Tabitha's worry about not having enough has just been solved." She murmurs quietly to her boss. "I'll get the volunteers on it right away."
Esa Esa heads over to a picnic table and sits on the bench, leaning his back against the table and places the towel on the table. He drinks idly from the bottle of water, eyes gazing around slowly. As the relief truck rolls in, he heads on over, still shirtless, to assist.
Barns Barns started to unload the supplies when he noticed Esa "told you my contacts could prove useful." The grizzled veit starts to let out a chuckle as he elps unload.
Emma Emma's jaw drops, she pushes to stand. "B - bloody'ell." She states looking to Barns and going to extend a hand to him. "Th - thank ya. I'm Doctor Emma O'Connal, TerraSave leader. We - we greatly appreciate this."
Sergio Sergio gets lost in the rush of people who head over to help unload the trucks. Unsure of what to do next, he goes back to work at the house to break off the last pieces of the wall. He picks up a couple of boards and quickly and efficiently begins nailing them into place.
Eve Eve and a group starts to pull supplies from the truck, handing them off to other volunteers who take the marked packages to different ares of the camp and city. Plenty of people are cheering at the influx of new supplies and lines form to distribute several things to people who might have needed them.
Sergio Sergio spends about five minutes per board, and nails up a total of 10 boards over the course of the next fifty or so minutes before heading off for a siesta, just lacking the meal before.
Tabitha Tabitha moves to help, offering her services.. If nothing else, she can unload into categories, knowing where the supplies will eventually be stored. She smiles, humming to herself.. An activity that doesn't involve bodily fluids offers a rather refreshing departure from her normal work.
Esa Giving a smile, Esa nods patting Barns on the shoulder. "Your right, thank-you Jacob." He says as he helps unload the truck and bring the tents quickly. As he passes Emma, a warm, fond smile is given before continuing to unload the trucks.
Barns Barns shakes Emma's hand, "no poroblem just trying to offer aid to those who need it." He lets go of her hand to assist in distributing the supplies out to those in need.
Emma "Well it's a - a wonderful act of kindness." Emma says to him and with the others, goes to help unload.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles, rushing to help. Far be it from her to deny good work for good causes. "yes! thank you!" she adds, working to turn a truck of boxes into supplies she can add to the clipboard that was causing her all kinds of stress.