Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night Saturday, March, 22nd 2005

Archene was on a luckly empty alley just outside the hospital. He still watched some random passerby zombies affar, luckly, despite his wound he was able to not attract attention this time. It was, indeed, easier to not attract attention when not jumping form car to car fully geared. As for what happened from the moment he jumped down th shaft to the moment he reached the alley. It was a complicated affair involving stairs, running and asking oneself how many analgesics would be needed to help with the pain he was feeling from the scratch he got.

The alley itself was rather quiet with only Archene on it, it had a trashcan to make a good hideout for Archene. He finally spoke on his radio, "Doctor Markus, I'm on the third alley at 3 o'clock of the hospital, the one you can see from your office. Are you still safe?"
Markus Berger Markus fortunately made it out of the hospital quickly and relatively easily due to a certain someone attracting pretty much the entirety of the hospitals zombies and got some distance between him and the hospital towards another alley where he secretly... stashed a few things. One of which is going to make him sound rather muffled. "Yes. Head to the street away from the hospital, cross it and head into the next alley, there is a sideway where I'm currently am. Keep your head down on the way there."
Silent Night Archene quietly listens to the words from Markus, looking out towards the streets as if thinking on the best way to get there. Sadly, he resigns to simply following the direction from Markus, as they do seem perfectly fine. He quietly and quickly sneaks his way off. While he sees a small number of zombies on his way, he does act capably without attracting attention. As he heads into the final alley, he slows down looking back to ensure he isn't being followed by humans or otherwise before saying into the radio, "I'm here, Markus," and heading into the sideway.
Markus Berger The sight thats going to meet Archene looks a lot less like the labcoat clad Doctor Berger of before the Outbreak or the '80s reject' Markus usually seen in his freetime. Instead there is someone standing at the absolute end of the sideway near a large open bag who is clad in full NBC armor, with several pouches and an armored laptop bag attached to it. "Seems like you had less luck than I did Archene." Despite the gasmask muffled sounds its definitely Markus who barely spares Archene a glance as he is far more busy with attaching a silencer to what appears to be a Desert Eagle. Seems like he was even more paranoid then most people would've expected.
Silent Night "Yes, yes. Too many of them on the outside, too many of them on the inside. It was a bit of a pain." Archene sighed, "Glad to see you are doing well enough, Doctor." He looks at the silencer, "Need any help with that?" He asks as he seems to briefly take inventory of what the doctor has in hands.
Markus Berger "Not surprising since the hospital is more or less Ground Zero. I had the questionable luck of seeing the situation change from just before worst case scenario to definitely worst case scenario. A slaughter, I tell you that." With that said the Doctor finishes attaching the silencer to the Desert Eagle and shakes his head. "No, I know how to handle a gun. After what happened in the Arklay facility I did spend quite some time and money to prepare myself for this, as you can see."
Silent Night "That was a good idea. And I assumed that it wouldn't get worst that before, sadly." Archene nodded at him, "It its good to see that you are safe, the company wanted me to get you out of the hospital safe. Here you are, Doctor. I assume that you've prepared yourself for this or, close enough, with more than just a gun, given our last meeting. Correct?" He begins to check his own ammo and weapon.
Markus Berger "I might have a place where can lay low, asses the situation and perhaps meet a few friends of mine. Especially since I have extreme doubts that the company is going to get us out without issue. I mean..." Markus just gestures around him, the gasmask hiding whatever grimace he currently has on his face. "... they did doom an entire city either on purpose or through gross incompetence. The things I have seen in the hospital makes both very likely, truth be told. They likely are way too busy handling loose ends now."
Silent Night "I also find an imediate extraction unlikely, given the current situation." Archene finishes his brief weapon check up before continuing, "But I assume that a security specialist will be a good thing to have along to ensure that you can still get out safely out of the city, with or without Umbrella's assistance." He smiles at Markus.
Markus Berger "Well, shall we then? The faster we get to the safehouse, the better for us." With that Markus swiftly heads to the edge of the alleyway, looks around the corner and gestures for Archene to follow along as he begins to make his way away from here and to perceived safety.
Silent Night "Of course," Archene nods at Markus before following him and speaking no more, thinking that there were things that should only be spoken once they have really reached safety.