Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa Tuesday, Mar 15
FBC base
Maracaibo, Bolivar

Ominous grey clouds hung over the city of Maracaibo, once more threatening to bring in storms from west. The temperature was rather pleasant, if not a little chilly for South America.

A US Naval boat brought in another series of soldiers for the FBC. This group was much smaller than the first group that came aboard the USS Liberty. In all, there were only about ten people that got off the boat.

For Barns, he was escorted to the FBC base and directly to Agent Collins office. The young Corporal who brought him to the office knocks gentle on Collins doorframe. "Sir, I have Corporal Barns here."

Giving a small smile, his head nods ever so slightly. "Thank you Corporal Johnson. Please allow him in and close the door behind you." Collin replies as he stands up.
Barns Barns Steps into the office he understood the protocall he had to follow. One in the office he stood at attention and saluted Esa "Corporal Barns reporting for duty sir!" He kept the salute for a brief moment before lowing his hand to his side keeping his posture in attention till told otherwise.
Esa "No need for salutes, Corporal." Esa replies as the man salutes him and instead gestures to the chair in front of his desk, his other hand stretching out to shake. "Please sit. You will find that, while the FBC does follow military protocols we are a little looser about it." A brief pause is given before adds "So why the FBC, Jacob?"
Barns Barns Nods his head ever so slightly before shaking his hand and taking a seat. Once asked about why he joined the FBC he spoke. " Well sir, after that shit storm in Raccoon City and losing my squad to that thing with the rocket launcher I decided to help fight things like that I dont want people  to go threw a situation like that ever so here I am. "He takes a moment to pause "besides the military is all I know."
Esa His grip was firm as he shook Barns hand before letting go to allow him to sit. "That thing was called a Nemsis. Dangerous, powerful and if you see one your best option is run like hell." He states calmly as he seats himself. "Right now the FBC is officially here to work alongside the Boliviarian government and to quell any issues with biological weapons and outbreaks. There has been a lot of rumors being spread around here and with the chaos that looms over the country, it makes for a perfect breeding ground in illegal use of biological weapons and research."
Barns Barns keeps his eyes on Esa's as he speaks "I'll assist to the best of my ability sir." Barns thinks for a moment before asking "sir if I may, I have some contacts that could assist with any large scale campaigns you have going they may not be much but I'm sure the assistance would help."
Esa Rubbing his chin, Esa nods ever so slightly. "I suppose that could work. Though, large scale campaigns will be handled by Major Stadler and the Raptor Team. My suggestion will be to talk to him and see if your contacts will be beneficial to him." He notes and stands.

Moving over to a makeshift armory locker, he enters a set of codes and opens it. Taking out a few miscellaneous items he turns, closing the locker with his foot to an audible click as a latch locks, he sets down a pair of folded fatigues, a vest M9 pistol and rests a M4 carbine against the table. "Your equipment. Should you need ammo, see Major Stadler."