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Eve It's morning in Cabimas and the break is over.

Everyone has shown up again ready to work. The doctors are scrubbed up and ready, several nurses came to assist and the aid workers are back, ready to help work on the plots of fruits and vegetables to make sure they're growing properly. Today several able bodied men are helping to make several buildings livable again and a small group of them are training for defense. It's a busy time.

Eve is in the middle of that chaos, dressed casually and already splattered with mud. She speaks to people, moves on, and speaks some more. With each conversation checking off things in her notebook. They're down to the final days and the work has a more serious edge to it.
James Scott James is getting a later start than usual, stepping out of his tent and raising a hand to block the sun from his eyes. He blinks a few times before spotting Eve, so naturally he heads over to intercept her. "Yo, boss." the teen greets, "Where do you need me today?"
Tabitha Tabitha isn't too long lowing up either. Her route, however, has her arriving from the tent with coffee. A box of rice-crispy treats showed up, so she's nommbing one as she makes her way to Eve and james. She's wearing scrubs, but the legs have been rolled up short. Slucking coffee, she comes to see what today's plan is.
Eve Eve glances up, distracted for a moment, she was in her zone and suddenly everything comes to a halt. She doesn't waste time though and nods to James, pointing in the field where a small group of men are learning how to defend themselves. "We're not the kind of organization that hands out guns. If the Rebels want to do that, it's on them. Give those guys some help with hand to hand combat." She says, offering James a polite smile.

She turns to Tabitha and she eyes her to see how the coffee is working on the small doctor. "Tabitha, most of the critical cases are dealt with but we have a few people with chronic conditions that need some education." She makes a note in her book and continues to speak. "Can you grab two doctors and split the cases up and try to get them on the same page. I have some people who will interpert if you don't speak Spanish." She points at two men loitering around the coffee pot.

"Lets try to get as much done today as possible. When you finish what I gave you to work on, we'll all go together and try to get some more of these houses in livable shape."
James Scott "Sure thing." James taps out a salute and turns to head out that way. As he passes Tabitha he gives the woman a slight bump with his hip. He greets the men and offers a few pointers, adjusting forms and observing from the sidelines for the moment. Best to get a feel for what he's working with first.
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Eve. "We have some nurses who can help with patient education. Lots of them already have been. I'll get on it." Tabitha grabs someone, speaks a few words and gets messages going. "Tent 8 is open now. That'll be our new education area." slucking more coffee. Before long, extra chairs start being moved around and a line begins to slowly form near the tent. Tabitha freshens her coffee and wrangles her a personal translator as she begins asking questions of those in line, waiting to be seen.
Eve Eve sets down her notebook, satisfied that people are going to be busy for a while and she walks over to the plots of dirt, pulling on gloves as she goes. Two plots have been fully planted and watered and there are at least six others that need the same treatment. She doesn't direct people, there are others giving instruction, she simply picks up some tools, seeds and starts to work with a mixed group, digging, planting and labeling. The hope is to get as much done before the sun hits its zenith or a rainshower arrives.
Esa Working in the military one learns many tools of the trade. Esa wasn't just some specialist with talents lying in computers and weapon systems, but also with tools and hands. And thus, he puts these other skills to work.

He can be seen shirtless, moving two by fours to a old home that was in need of repair. He wore dirtied jeans, black boots and thick gloves as he walks. Fresh were the scares of battle; a bullet wound healing on his upper right pec of his chest and two more along the left side gut. He also has a over all slight muscular frame and was sweaty after working most of the morning.
James Scott Before long James joins in with the men. His own shirt comes off, and he doesn't even have a bruise where he took the bullets to his chest piece. Watching the men try to hit him is almost comical, and ends with a few bruised egos and the teenager in charge without any more complaints.

He ends up splitting them off into pairs, practicing throwing punches. It's almost like a third world boxing gym.
Eve Eve continues to dig in the dirt, using her gloved hands to drop seeds into the ground with little fanfare. She moves steadily down the plot and soon she's on the second row, digging away with a trowel and using a spade to toss weeds and other greenery that doesn't belong to the wayside. There are several other people working with her, but they're not wasting time on talking, merely working to get the seeds in the ground and the plot watered.
Esa Back inside, Esa begins work in setting the frame work, hammering and nailing things in place. He works with a small team of people, locals from the township. His Spanish was lacking, but was good enough to keep up and give instructions.
Tabitha Tabitha arrives from the tents, once more, passing off a clipboard with a stack of complaints to an attendant. she moves out to where the groundwork is being done. She puts hands at the small of her back and stretches. Yes, she's been hunched over, but not reall doing any back-straining work.. just the normal bending over people kind. She smiles at Eve, and still has trouble imagining the woman dirty. He even seems to make that look stylishly grubby, instead of just normally dirty.

She gazes at James and Esa working.. smiling to herself as her hand moves to shade her eyes. All in All, things are looking a lot better than when they arrived.
Eve A truck pulls up and some people start to load some of the debris from the house that Esa and his team are working on. The sun continues to rise, and several aproned women start to gather in the camp, different foodstuffs in hand to be prepared for lunch. They settle down at one of the tables and begin to chop and work, laughing amongst themselves.

Another group of men push out into the lake in a newly repaired boat, fishing gear in hand to get supplies for dinner.

Eve and a few other people are kneeling near the plot they just finished, discussing the best possible way to get water from the lake up to the plots without a lot of back and forth with buckets. One of the men starts to explain the best way to get irrigation from the lake to the plots, drawing in the dirt to showcase his point.
Esa Assisting with the debris, Esa moves to the truck with brush, bricks, torn out plaster walls and old wiring. The work was grueling and tough, but he enjoyed the work. After taking a third load, he stops and wipes his brow, sighing and grabs a bottle of water to drink from.
Tabitha Tabitha begins making round to those working. She's got a backpack full of water bottles and old rags, offering water and damp rags to those working. If nothing else, she help those working stay hydrated. The locals are used to it, so Tabitha tends to pay speciall attention to the volutneers who may think they're aclimated, but still tend to push themselves a little hard.
James Scott James sends the men that were training out for their road work, taking the opportunity to sit quietly. He'll catch a nap while they're gone, then work quietly with them.
Eve Eve walks over to Esa as they're working, peeking around him at some of the materials that they're using. "So uhm, do you think it might be possible to get some of the pipe that you guys aren't using? We're coming up with some ideas for irrigation and I think they might be useful." She gives him a brief smile as she continues to survey the different materials that the builders are working with.

A second man comes up behind Eve and begins to explain what he's attempting to do in Spanish, and Eve seems to be following along pretty well. Several of the other builders start to talk to the man and soon plans are being made and materials are being discussed and sorted out.
Esa Giving a warm, gentle smile to Eve, Esa lifts up several pieces of pvc pipes and gestures with a hand "Lead the way." He tells her in a genial voice.
Tabitha Tabitha gets drawn back into one of the tents to attend something. Nothing dire. but important enough that they grab the first unbusy doctor they can find. Glancing back at the outside once more, Tabitha vanishes into the nest of tents.
Eve Eve leads Esa over to the plots that they've set up. There are six of them, three wide. The men follow along, still bantering about the best way to take care of the irrigation as they walk. She gestures towards the plots and speaks quietly. "We planted as much as we could that might feed the less fortunate in the city. We've also passed out seed packets so that people could plant items on their own land. All in all, we hope to make these people as self sufficient as possible." She says, her eyes going to the work going on in several of the homes. "Irrigation for these will be important because people will only be tending them as needed while they all still try to get more on their feet."
Esa Turning to the men that followed, Esa begins to speak Spanish to the; saying "Okay, this is what I want, a line -" His hand motions down the side of the plots about two feet from them "- down the this way and smaller lines connecting to each plot. 1 foot down should suffice." A pause and then gestures to the Pvc pipes and fittings and in Spanish, says "After that, lay the pip and fittings together." He shows an example by taking to pipes and connecting them, then another into the open T portion. "This head" pointing to the single piece coming off the T "goes to the plot, these" gesturing to the other half of the T "go to the down the line. Got it?"
Eve Eve wasn't sure if Esa knew much about irrigation but the Spanish speaking builders who are conversing with him seem to agree to his assessment. She feels it's okay to leave the construction in his hands and moves with several other women to another plot where they begin to start planting seeds. The townsfolk start to sing, and the melodic accompaniment to the work makes it go quickly and smoothly.
Esa After orders were given, Esa himself begins to help. After all, it's better to lead by example. Digging the shovel in, he begins to plow the dirt up, working alongside the builders.
Eve The large group of workers, volunteers and townsfolk break for lunch. Food is passed out and tables are occupied as people sit down to eat and drink. The water provides a sparkling backdrop to the business of the day and a few people, after eating, take a break for a siesta.

Eve sits and eats slowly, picking at her food as she writes something in her notebook and types on her laptop. She hums to herself, enjoying the quiet of the early afternoon.