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Emma Emma had lead John through a weaving pattern between tents, until they come to a smaller one, by all the medical tents. She'd of walked like her normal, graceful self, giving quick greetings om the way. By her tent was an aid, in which gets the order for a pot of coffee to be brought in.

When one walks through the tent, to go within they'd be greeted by a desk filled with papers, a plate of cold food and chairs. The lass goes to take her normal seat, motioning for him to take the chair across from her.
John Black John ducks under the tent flap after you've entered, his coffee mug now empty after he drained it on the way here and his muffin all but gone into his belly. "More coffee, your a godsend Doc. When you motion for him to take a seat, he does just that and plops himself down on the chair almost as if falling into it. "So, lets get down to business shall we? Tell me why Terrasave is interested in contacting us?" He refrains from using the word rebels since he either knows it has a negative connotation or he just forgot the words.
Emma Emma, she smirks some. "It's - It's important to see how people work, ya'know." Likely, she noted how the coffee made up for what she assumed was his nights of dirinking.

And just as that was said, a fresh pot of hot coffee is brought in, the aid then leaving. So once it's just them, the lass sits back, studying him some with thise big grey-green eyes. "Well, I - I think we could work well together, I think o - our ideals are somewhat the same, an' ta be - be honest, having people able to keep us safe is important. Also, our job as aid workers will give y - your people support, medical attention and so on."
John Black John nods and sets his empty mug down on your desk and casually leans one arm over the back of the chair while kicking his feet out as if making himself comfortable. "I see..." Is his only reply when he hears your comments about working together and then helps himself to the fresh pot of coffee, pouring it into his own mug first and then remembering his manners. "Oh, would you like some?" He smiles just slightly and hopes that his faux pas wasn't caught. "That does make a lot of sense and I think from what I've seen, you certainly do need the protection." He pauses and then adds, "No offence. Bolivar is a dangerous place as you well know now and we can offer you protection, as well as safe passage through certain areas."
Emma There is a hint of amusement in her eyes, as he kicks back and relaxes. The lass seems more happy to see it than not, actually. Idly some papers are moved into a pile. Following that is a laugh. "No - no thank ya, I am awake to much as is." A delicate hand would of come up to decline the offer. "Well if - if yer hangin' 'round me, there is bound ta - ta br danger, I am sort of a black hole to it, just happens." But to this, she frowns a little and looks away, using the need of water to mask it if she can. There is a case of bottled water by her desk. "Th - that is important. Safe passage. I - I have ta keep my people safe, that is tha priority. I don't want them hurt. Or anyone f - for that matter, but ya'know, don't have that omnipotent power." She shrugs helplessly.
John Black "Huh? I never would have guessed. So what kinds of trouble have you encountered so far, well besides a long gunman running into your camp and then escapes?" John says, while taking a slow sip from the fresh coffee and not really caring if it burns him. He takes it black, just like his name funny enough. He nods idly when you mention safe passage and that keeping your people out of danger is a priority. "Well, with all the instability going on in this country it is difficult to keep anyone safe but if you decide to ally yourselves with us, that is a step in the right direction." Looks like the coffee does have a positive effect on him, since he seems a bit more coherent for the time being.
Emma Well, John has made Emma go silent, and introverted in a way. It's a story and she doesn't know how much to tell. Pressing her lips together, a hand idly rubs at the freckles on her cheek, eyes were focused on her water.

"Tha - tha most recent? Someone tried ta - a kill me with a car bomb, they did in fact kill me, but I was brought back. Lost my - my memory for a while an' all. Log recovery. I had another assassination attempt right before I came here. Due to sheer luck, I won that fight." She looks at him, and pulls down the neckline just enough to show the top of a scar. "Been ripped apart, looked into my - my kidnappers eyes as he tried ta - ta kill me, oh, that was a while ago mind. An' so on - on an' so forth." And it's here cracks are seen, that she has put up a wall to be strong and push on. "But - but people need help, I refuse ta stop until I die, again." There is another helpless shrug.
John Black John was in mid-sip when you start going on about all the dangers you've encountered in your young life and nearly spits it out after you finish. He doesn't though, thankfully and coughs clearing his throat and banging on his chest with a fist. "Oh, well that does sound very...I was actually just meaning to ask about what you've encountered in Bolivar but thanks for sharing." He puts the mug of coffee down on your desk once more and then motions towards one of the unopend water bottles. "Do you mind if I have a water as well?" He offers a sympathetic expression but from behind that big beard of his, it isn't easy to tell what he's really thinking. "Your obviously, very resilient and that will help you down here."
Emma The poor, shy lass, goes red. Cheeks flush, making the freckles stand out a little more. Shyly looking down, red hair is tucked behind her ear. "S - sorry." Is the stuttered reply.

His request for water is a welcomed distraction, leaning over to grab a bottle she would then toss it over the desk, assuming he would be able to catch it.

"I - I am what I am. Simply me." Yet again, there is a shrug, clearly she views herself in the most simplicist of ways. A person trying to fight through life. "Tell - tell me 'bout yerself now."
John Black John does manage to catch the water bottle, quite easily actually and manages to open it, taking a sip from it in one smooth motion. After he finishes gulping half of it down, he lets out an aaaahhhh, "See told you I had steady hands." He rubs that in but in a half joking sort of manner and then wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. "Not much to tell really. I had some bad luck during a combat mission, didn't think I would make it but I did and when I ran out of money. I got an offer I couldn't really refuse with the rebels and well, the rest is history so they say." He sets the half finished water bottle down and switches back to his coffee mug now, taking a small sip. "That's mighty fine coffee."
Emma She didn't quite expect to have him catch it -that- easy, having half assumed he was badly hungover. With the added jab, she laughs in her soft sweet way. "I - I deserved that." Can't not admit it!

As he tells his story she nods a little while listening, sipping her water here and there. "So - sounds like yer - yer hogtied then. Yer a - a brave man comin' in here." Her water is lifted as if in toast. "A - aye need ta keep people happy. Speakin' of, wh - where are ya goin' when we're done here?"
John Black "Never judge a book by it's cover." John quickly retorts but grins when you laugh and lifts his coffee mug to toast you in return. But when you start talking about the future, he gets a bit pensive. "I'm not sure, don't like thinking too far ahead of myself but probably much of the same." He shrugs and takes a gulp of coffee.
Emma "Ya - ya know," Emma says, going to lock eyes with him if she can. "Yer - yer right, I'm sorry. It - it was wrong of me too." Adding to that is a shy if not kind smile. There is no way to not own up to her mistake there, and she'd glady offer the apology where it's due.

"N - not sayin' yer needin' ta think years a head. But, is - is there an office in Bolivar? What is tha - tha Rebel structure like?"
John Black John rubs his forehead with his hand, hiding a wince after putting his coffee mug down. "It's okay. A lot of people do and it works to my advantage sometimes." He switches back to the bottled water and drains it, probably quite dehydrated due to heat or other things.

"Office? Structure? We're rebels doc and fighting against a government that is well equipped, well rested and better trained." He slaps the table with his hand to emphasize his point. "But what we lack in resources, the people make up for it in heart and they truly believe in he cause. That is why foreign aid, like me and you is a welcome sight."
Emma "I - I know all to well what it - it's like ta be underestimated." He's give a sympathetic smile.

Grabbing some paper, and a pen, she begins to write down a few things. When done, it's handed over to him. "Th - that makes sense, but if we're ta be workin' along side each other, well, that there is tha - tha address to tha TerraSave office, my office number an' cell. Tha more lines of communication we got, tha - tha more chance of success we'll have in this."
John Black Nodding, John takes the piece of paper, reading it and then folds it up before stuffing into his pants pocket. "I will take this message back to my people and I'll be in touch soon." He then drains the last of the coffee in one long gulp and sets the empty mug down on your desk. "In the meantime I would suggest putting more security around your perimeter and with your transports. I will send word out that you will be under our protection and hopefully that will alleviate some of the risks." He pauses and then picks up the water bottle but doesn't drink from it yet. "I will try to send some of my men to assist you with added protection."

John then slowly stands from the chair. "Take care doc and I'll pack up my things before heading out." The old beat up jeep that he arrived in was still here last time he checked, but whether or not it starts is another matter.