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Cerberus Mar 13 2006
Bastion Hotel

They stormed the building quickly, taking hostages as they moved along. Tow desk services employees, a lady and a guy, a few random guests and proceeded up the elevator to the top floor. Sealing the elevator and barricading the stairs, the ragtag group made sure there was no clear way up without people being injured.

Soon after, the Maracaibo police showed. They evacuated the floors below and proceeded up the stairs, weapons drawn. A close quarters firefight broke out as they attempted to breach the top floor and withdrew after a man speaking Arabic stated he had a biological weapon and was not afraid to detonate it.

With the threat of a biological weapon, the Government ordered the pull back of the police from the hotel. In response, they asked the Federal Bioterrorism Commission and Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance to step in; with the F.B.C leading the mission and the B.S.A.A assisting the mission.

FBC/BSAA: You are outside the building in a staging area. further orders will come in via game play.

Civilians: your starting area is near the building that is quarantined off by FBC and government officials. Getting in will be difficult, but not impossible.
Esa From the Command Operations Center at the FBC base in Maracaibo, Esa and his team monitors the activity on the ground at the Bastion Hotel. The initial chaos of getting set up was calming down to a precision run of the operations center.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, weve got an unknown Arabic terrorist holding up the hotel. As of a few minutes ago, we have eyes in the building." He informs the ground team through his head piece.

"Bob, youll be running point on this and Ill guide you up to the top floor. Remember this guy has threaten the use of a biological weapon; so, lets be ready for anything."
Bob Having gotten the call to arms, Bob Delgado is ready to respond to the threat. Loaded for bear and ready for both taking care of the injured and killing people. It is Bob's way to try to master both. Rocking his aid bag on his back and a fresh can of first aid spray he waits patiently under the canopy with his suppressed MP7 hanging on a sling at his side. When Esa starts addressing people Bob stares at the hotel, trying to memorize everything he can about it before it's time to hit it. Over the radio headset in his helmet he responds, "Roger, Collins. I'll take it as slow and quiet as I can to avoid spooking them until we've got the package and the civilians secure."
Natalya Natalya wanted to see what happened to the man who stormed her room a few days ago, trying to kill her. She didn't expect to find the hotel roped off and the military here. She gazes around and slips in with a group of civilians who are watching what is going on, listening hard to get information to see if it's worth slipping in and trying to assist.
Bryant Crothers Another day another crazy asshole with some sort of B.O.W, Bryant wasn't sure why this kind of thing still suprised him. Still being slightly bothered by the catacombs incident after all this time he was slightly paranoid about another run-in with those leech monsters. He shuddered at the thought of it before shaking his head and taking a deep breath, he had to be serious and realtivley fearless, he was a professional after all. "So are we rushing in or are we gonna tip-toe our way up to the hostages and ask nicley?" He asks Bob with that shit-eating grin he was known for. Joking around before these kinds of things never failed to calm his nerves.
Silent Night Archene was one of the BSAA members assembled, possibly the only one. He was only a liason and would only know should he not find the rest of them there. He had his armor over some sort of black bodysuit, his Arbiter and a pistol as well as a knife hostered to his waist. He felt more than ready for this hostage situation. He didn't spare many words to talk with his those that were going to work along with him and was just waiting for proper, direct and on-site orders in regards to how to proceed.
Esa "We need to take this approach quietly as possible." Esa responds as he watches the feed. "Okay, remember, BSAA is working with you. Bob, again point. You are clear for entry into the lobby. Camera angles are not that great, but from what we make out, your clear to breach the main lobby. Second floor appears clear, but cannot confirm. Have not seen any patrols yet."
Bob "I aim to move in quietly and let my weapon do the talking," Bob replies to Bryant with a wicked little smirk, doing his damnedest to show confidence he may or may not feel. Archene, another guy he's worked with before, gets a lift of Bob's chin in his direction by way of a greeting. Bob furrows his brow a little when he notices Archene's distinct lack of fifty caliber weaponry, but he doesn't comment as the smaller caliber makes sense for this mission.

When Esa starts talking again Bob stares off a little bit to make sure that he absorbs everything being imparted before he responds, "Roger. We'll move in through the lobby and take the stairs. You got eyes on the hostages or the weapon?" As soon as he's done talking he looks at the guys behind him and flashes a big grin before pulling on his gas mask and affixing it to his helmet. Even with all his gear on it's evident when he takes a deep breath and strides forward towards the lobby doors, weapon at the low ready.
Natalya Natalya sees the military getting mobilized and she glances towards one of the side doors, seeing it secured as well. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head slowly. Getting in won't be easy.
Bryant Crothers "Let's hope your weapon doesn't tell the assholes to execute the Hostages." Bryant mutters playfully before checking his weapon and begins his final brief preparation for what's to come.
Silent Night Archene nods back at Bob. And obviously, he'd not use a weapon such as the M82 against just humans. The bullets were literally more expensive than their lives. He glances at Bryant rbiefly hearing his comment, but then just shaking his head. FBC truly has strange people. Regardless, Archene is as ready as he has been.
Cerberus A guard turns to head down the alley way for a moment, passing underneath a short ladder that is connected to emergency outside stair case leading up. The stairs look worn, warped beyond the third floor and probably hasnt seen a inspector in a long time. Best case, shed get to the third, worse case, second. the time for her was right for her to go.


The FBC and lone BSAA man, Archene the adventurous and man of International Mystery, breach the lobby. Walking in, they were greeted to a simple set up with a service desk in the middle of the far wall, two hallways leading down to rooms and elevators. Off to the left was a bar and dining/lounge section and to the right was the restrooms.

Bodies laid on the floor, men woman and even children. It would appear the terrorists entered firing weapons as they took hostages. The best direction was down either hallway. But which one?
Bryant Crothers The sight of the bodies was a bit unnerving for Bryant, the last time he saw something like this he was almost one of them. Walking up to a wall, Bryant runs his hands across one of the many bullet holes dotted across it. After trying to stick his finger in it, to get an idea of the circumfrence, and starting at it for a bit he begins to speak; "AK's maybe? CMMG or MGI? Whatever they have, they're using 7.62 caliber ammunition. Pretty standard for Terrorists in these times I guess." He turns back to the rest of the group and resumes formation.
Esa Esa hmm on the comms "Your call point. I don't have good angles on either hallway." He replies calmly as he watches the feeds. "I do see patrols heading around on the second, third and fifth floors. No confirmations for the fourth or above the fifth."
Natalya Natalya hops a fence while everyone is oohing and aahing at the military and emergency vehicles pulling up to the hotel. She's dressed mostly in black so it's only a matter a time before she's safely in shadow. She nimbly scales the ladder and slips onto the staircase gingerly making her way further up. She peeks in a third floor window quickly, trying hard not to shake the already rickety staircase. If she can get the window open and get in, all the better.
Thomas Thomas looks to see the comotion at the hotel he stays at "shit fbc and bsaa,well the front doors out of the question" looking around he spots a fire escape from a neer bye building once he climbed up a decent hight he aims himself at a window before jumping for it
Bob "Roger," Bob calls back over the radio as he makes a choice, heading to the left side to search out what may lie there. "AKs, probbaly. They're a dime a dozen in South America," he says to Bryant as he moves towards the chosen hallway, lifting his weapon up to aim down the sights in preparation for engaging hostiles.
Silent Night Unaffected by the bodies, the man of International Mystery, Archene, advances along with the rest of the team, more specially following Bob. His rifle ready in case he has to quickly take down any target in sight.
Cerberus Natalya made it up without a sound, and on approach to the window is able to open it with barely a sound; just a slight creak that no one inside or outside hears. With simple ease, she'd be inside without anyone being the wiser.

Thomas doesn't see a way in yet; the crowd was too thick and it wouldn't help that the wounds hurt from the field dressing that would've been done.

The hallway leads down to a open section with a set of stairs and four elevator banks.
Esa Esa continues to watch from the CoC quietly, eyes monitoring movements on the various cameras. For now, he keeps quiet until they reach the elevators "Again, point your call. Suggestion from overwatch is use the stairs."
Thomas Thomas looks around briefly before attempting to stealth his way into window on the first floor hoping no ones going to see him hoping most of the forces are busy dealing with the press "god i hope this works " thomas says to himself his arm and leg still acking from his actions last night
Natalya Natalya slips inside the window, her eyes on the hallway for the first hint of movement. She turns slightly and pulls her rifle from her guitar case and starts to slowly make her way to the stairs, eyes moving and ears open for clues that someone might be approaching. It seems as if most doors are open and people who were once inside are now elsewhere.
Silent Night Archene is CLEARLY very focused on his mission and as quiet as always! He really doesn't make no comments on the point method of searching, but in the least he stays in the back of this little force ensuring that other bullets will come in contact with others and give him appropriate amount of time to respond to any problems that he may find on this little quest to rescue hostages and possible obtain unused Biological Weapons.
Bob "Stairs up ahead," Bob says over the radio as he moves towards them, slowing down a little bit and reducing his speed to help maintain stealth and the element of surprise. "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast," he whispers, mostly to himself. If he's worried he's not showing it, though he's doing everything he can to maintain awareness of the situation.
Cerberus As Natalya steps out, she hears whispering and chattering. They are approaching her location because the voices grow nearer.

Thomas with a bit of luck and stealth, finds himself inside the first floor bedroom.

The stairs were clear heading up, but are blocked at the third floor, meaning they would have to make entrance on the second floor and find another set of stairs.
Esa stepping back, Esa walks over to Nancy and leans over her shoulder "The city just sent us the schematics of the building... In fucking Spanish." He sighs. "And, what do you know, there photographic copies of the building's actually plans. There faded and worn." He is both annoyed and amused at the same time with the Hodge-podge of old tech and new tech. "Alright. There is a set of stairs on the far north side of the building." He informs them as he looks to the screen. "Also, a patrol team of three. Unknown where.. I've just lost camera feeds to Second floor."
Natalya Natalya shakes her head and moves to find cover a little ways away from the direction of the voices, trying to keep eyes on the location so she can spot the source of the chatter. She holds her gun up, ready to shoot if necessary, a slight frown on her face.
Bryant Crothers Keeping his rifle tucked to his chest Bryant peeks around the corner into the second floor before looking back to Bob. "What's the plan?" He asks Bob quietley before peeking back around the corner again. "I don't see anything."
Bob A barricade isn't the end of the world, or even that much of a detriment to the mission. There's always another way, after all and it's apparently up to Bob to find it. Time to start searching. Still leading the way Bob begins to do just that, moving meticulously from area to area to do his best to avoid overlooking anything that might point them in the right direction. Like little 'in case of fire' signs or something. Luckily, Esa's on the ball and able to guide the team in the correct direction. Bob glances at Bryant and says over the radio, "Proceeding north."
Silent Night Archene just moves on along with Bob, however many steps behind he finds necessary. His eyes always open behind his sunglasses, just in case there is something comes into his field of vision and is a valid target.
Cerberus The two guards continue to approach Natalya chatting about something in Arabic of all languages. there were two of them coming toward her.

Meanwhile, as the FBC/BSAA move, they hear two approaching men also talking in Arabic.

The cameras angles suck for Esa and he doesn't see Natalya.
Bryant Crothers Lifting his rife Bryant immediatley begins to fire at one of the two terrorists in the hallway. /BRRRRRT/ the sound of his weapon echoes through the second floor as bullets tear through the the poor soul, blood spraying out of him like a living blood-fountain. To Bryants unpleasant surprise the man is still standing, and pointing his gun straight at him. "Shit!" Bryant exclaims.
Silent Night Archene is just very quick at shooting twice at one of the terrorist's head... very effecitvely. Well, two bullets to the head tends to kill most people, so his focus is quickly changed to the other as he paces forward, hoping the rest of the tem also succesfully opens fire.
Bob With a much quieter weapon than Bryant or Archene, Bob still manages to make a mess of the bad guy on the receiving end of his automatic fire. His little 4.6 millimeter rounds zipping through the air and impacting the terrorist in the center of his torso and leaving the man dead before he can hit the ground. Behind his gas mask Bob issues the next order, "Let's hurry it up. The tangos probably heard the gunfire."
Natalya Natalya gazes down at her belt and shrugs. She pulls a flashbang from her belt and idly tosses it down the hallway, turning her head away ..just in case. When the surprised yelps and swearing starts she turns out of cover and takes a quick sight, shooting the first goon in the chest. Damn armor, he's still moving. Ah well, she'll do better next time. Suddenly bullets, now that's not friendly. She ducks back behind her corner and wheezes out a silent laugh.
Cerberus Thud, BOOM. comes the noise from the third floor. Both of the men are blinded by the flashbang. A second later, Terrorrist 1 screams as bullets rip into his vest. Raising his gun, he returns fire blndly with the AK 47 as does his friend, Terrorist two.

The two terrorists on Floor 2 lie dead, riddled with bullets.
Bob "Fuck! Move it!" Bob calls out to his team when he hears the boom from up above, hauling ass to get himself to the stairs and not hesitating to lead the way forward. With the potential danger to the hostages there may be only a limited amount of time left to save them. Over the radio he calls out, "We heard an explosion. Moving to check it out."
Bryant Crothers Bryant stops to look at the bodies of the men, hoping to find some connection to an organziation or terror group. Nothing. Just some poor bastards who got the short end of a gunfight. Hearing Bobs orders Bryant follows behind him as quickly as possible.
Natalya Natalya leans out to fire again, this time aiming slightly above where she fired before. When she plugs the man, he stumbles back but doesn't fall. She offers silent curses to whoever came up with armor and then sold it to terrorists. She sees them both raise their guns again and fire towards her but their aim is well off. It's then that she makes a mental note to buy more flashbang grenades, her wheezing silent laughter shaking her shoulders as she pulls back into cover.
Silent Night Archene proceeds to fucking move ahead along with Bob, "Does he have any visuals?" He keeps moving along to the next floor, for obvious reasons.
Cerberus The two men, still blinded fire wildly; however, the blindness is fading. One is critical injured and lies on his back now, the other kneeling, blinking his eyes to get the flashbang effects gone.

The FBC/BSAA group manage to get to the third floor and find a predicament. A female, unknown person with a weapon against two men just down the hallway, one dying the other semi-blinded.

Esa can see the combat unfolding on the third floor.
Esa "Point, I have eyes. Female battling it out with two armed men. Our cameras caught some kind of explosive flash; possibly flash grenade." Esa replies; adding "Let me know when you have visual."
Bryant Crothers Acting swiftly, Bryant raised his assualt rifle, and with a single shot and a sickening crunch, the terrorist's head burst into pieces like a Gallagher Watermelon. Exhaling deeply he lowered his rifle reluctantly and looked to Bob for the next call.
Silent Night As soon as he sees another two terrorists Archene is quick to dispatch them, shooting one at the torso and the other one in the neck. Nothing that would kill them. Luckly, Bryant is the one to finish him off. Team work is marvelous.
Natalya Natalya slings her rifle over her shoulder and then comes out around the corner, her hands held up in front of her. She walks a few steps closer and she eyes the group before her for a second before her hands start to move.

'I'm a guest here.' She signs. 'Some asshole tried to take me hostage, I declined his invitation.'

She punctuates this statement with a swift kick at one of the dead terrorists. She gives the gentlemen a second, waiting to see if any of them show clarity to her hand movements.
Bob "Now who the fuck is this?" Bob asks when he sees Natalya, not angrily, more just surprised by someone else showing up and helping them out. "I have no idea what you're saying, but if you want to keep shooting these fuckers you can come with us." Then he repeats himself in Spanish, just in case the English doesn't work.
Cerberus Coming down the stairs and out of the staircase is none other than a middle eastern man. Most would recognize him as Al-Sayeed Mustafa, the wanted man in Paris and Europe. He holds a small small bomb like device in his hand, and a woman is used as a shield. "Do not move or I -will- detonate this. I want Esa Collins. NOW."
Bryant Crothers Bryant scoffs. "Listen up Habeeb, you're not getting shit from us! Now let go of the woman, drop the device and get down if you know what's good for you." He yells in the most intimidating voice his vocal cords could muster. Bryant was bluffing, he's not going to shoot and risk hitting the woman or risk whatever that device is being activated. He narrows his eyebrows into a scowl and stares right at the Middle-Eastern man, hoping to bait some sort of reaction, and not a fatal one hopefully.
Natalya Natalya doesn't know what an Esa Collins is, but it sounds needy. She simply eyes the coward using a woman for a shield and waits to see what the military men decide to do about this issue. When Bryant starts to yell and use epithets it's all she can do to not wheeze out a laugh, instead she slowly folds her arms over her chest and glances around, looking for other toadies that will likely show up to aid their great leader. Nobody likes getting shot in the back.
Bob "Just put the thing down, Mustafa," Bob calls out to the terrorist, taking his time to aim for the man's face as he speaks. "We both know you only get out of this alive if you surrender the weapon and let the lady go." He's not playing the intimidation card or trying to bluff, it's fully his intention to kill the son of a bitch if he doesn't get his way. "What do you want with Collins, anyway?"
Cerberus "Does it matter? Bring him to me, or ya'll die." Al-Sayeed replies, eyes affixed on the people before him.
Natalya Natalya rolls her eyes and pulls out a notebook, scribbling on it quickly. She holds it up in front of Bryant's face and hopes his reading comprehension is better than his understanding of sign language. "If he detonates the bomb he dies too." She still looks vaguely amused. She scribbles something else on the notepad and holds it back up to Bryant. "Just ask your ..Esa what he wants to do."
Esa "Point, update please." Esa calls out to the mic, seeing the event unfold in real time. "What is his demands?"
Bob Over the radio Bob says to Collins, "Mustafa wants Esa Collins delivered to him. He's got an explosive of some sort, possibly the package, in his hand and a human shield." His weapon is still aimed dead at the terrorist's face and Bob is very calmly controlling his breathing in case he needs to take the shot.
Bryant Crothers Bryant reads Natalya's messages, being careful not to make any sudden moves that might spook Al-Sayeed into triggering his device. "Yeah I'm aware of that, I'm just not sure if he gives a shit." he replies to her quietly. "Bob, what's Esa's call?" he asks under his breath so that Al-Sayeed won't hear.
Cerberus "That's right ESA COLL-" That's about all the terrorist gets out as the bullet pegs him in the forehead, dead center; splattering brain matter along the walls behind him. The man crumbles to the floor, bomb undamaged.
Silent Night Archene lowers his riffle after shooting, muttering something about power-hungry terrorists. He then looks at the two FBC agents, and... the mute girl, "Thank you for providing appropriate distraction." He scans the room to be sure that there are no more terrorists as he raises his rifle one again.
Bryant Crothers "Jesus Christ!" Bryant yells as the sudden gunfire startles him. "Are you fucking crazy!?" Taking a moment and exhaling deeply he hurries over to the former meat sheild to see if she's alright.
Natalya When Archene raises his gun and fires an accurate shot Natalya simply loses it. She's bent over double, and if she had a voice the laughter would be horribly loud, but as it's still apparent that she's laughing. In fact she's holding on to Bryant so that she doesn't fall over. She shakes her head and turns to walk away, giving off a brief wave as she climbs out the window she entered from.
Bob "Nice shooting!" Bob calls out, not waiting to see who took the shot before he darts forward. The package is right there on the floor and it is currently the most important thing in the room. It's his goal to secure it lickedy split so that nothing untoward can happen to it, "Secure the girl, Crothers." He literally stands right over the weapon, giving it a look to make sure it doesn't seem to be armed or anything like that.
Cerberus There is a flicker of lights. then suddenly the pour is cut. Everything within the building goes completely dark.

For Esa: This is the government doing a mandatory powercut to the building as the FBC team was taking to long.
Esa "Point, power was cut due to the Government. Guess they thought were taking to long. I will negotiate to get power back on and notify them of the take down." Esa replies smoothly over the radios.
Silent Night Archene is -very quick- to roll foward and take the bomb. He places it in a pocket of his armor. But soon, he is already pointing his rifle around as if looking for some kind of surprise attack.
Bryant Crothers "Are you alright?" Bryant asks the woman hoping she speaks some damn english as he helps to her feet and tries his best to calm her down.
Bob Flipping his night vision goggles down onto his face, Bob says over the radio, "Mustafa's dead as fuck and the package is secure." Bob even makes sure Mustafa's dead by looking him over again and bending down to feel for a pulse at his neck, probably getting some gray matter on his arm but not seeming to care about it. "Alright. Let's secure any other hostages and neutralize any remaining tangos."
Cerberus A few minutes later, the power returns to the building as the negotiations appear to have been successful. A search of the body would gain nothing, and after combing the building for other hostiles, none were found. In fact, all the hostages were found alive. The only thing missing was the bomb.