Umbrella Surveillance System
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Vinz After a rapid knock, Vinz invites himself in. He seems pale as he was on that day, with the blood and the bodies. He stands before the desk and then asks plainly, "Kas dar atsitiko ten atgal? Visi staigoms, vis kraujo? Ar tai, k is darbas yra? Ar tai, k mes apie? Tai nra tai, k a usiregistravau! K apie vaik?!" His speech is perfectly fluid, his gestures are wild but course he clearly has forgotten himself again fallen into Lithuanian. He yelling all of this to Archene while he sits at his best reviewing some paperwork.
Silent Night It is a normal day for Archene. Yes, he just killed a number of thugs a night or two ago. But still, he seems as always as he types away things in his laptop. He is probably even wearing the very same suit as that night. If there is anything strange about him though, is that the bruise he had on his face is gone.

He calmly looks up at Vinz, "At least close the door because filling so much complaints. Back there we were removing needless variables to peacefy the nation, easy access to the river is vital and if they decided to attack any of our transports moving through it the monetary damage would be absurd." He looks back at his laptop, probably just saving a document, "And of course there was blood, it appears when people die suddenly that. While I could have killed them all cleanly and alone, it'd likely end up with a bunch of villagers hurting themselves and children too. And no one would like any innocent dying. That isn't all we are about, we are about obtaining knowledge. We are about making a better world. Whether through cosmetics to make the rich feel better about themselves, technology for society to advance, phamaceuticals to keep people better alive, or simply shipping to connect places. Those children, that we -saved- were subjected to slave labor. We will be building another school in the area and providing appropriate labor to the locals in the lands we seized. Don't worry about that."

He then smiles, "As for whether or not that is your job. It is better to get you on a mission against something known first, instead of getting you somewhere where you might find a dozen guards, or a hundred zombies, twenty lickers and a Tyrant. Because the later is likely to eventually be one of your field trips, one involving BoWs, and the unknown. One where not only you but others will be risking their lives to be sure the world can keep joking about BoWs, keep that problem a small one."
Vinz Seems taken aback by Archene's reply but then does go back to close the door. He sits down and takes a long slow breath, "I don't mean to sound like I am complaining that we saved the children. I just don't understand why this comes to us? Aren't we suppose to be pushing the limits on this via pharmacologically? Why are we in the streets with guns?" He takes another long slow breath before then asking, "I still don't understand why we are taking to the streets like this...and that woman...she isn't a scientist. We need bodyguards but she seems to even ENJOY it. That's what we have here?" He rubs his face, perhaps for dramatic pause, "I want to help, but this whole situation seems like its already out of control!"
Silent Night Archene sighs and says, "Thank you, you can also have a seat and breath." He smiles lightly, "I'm glad you aren't complaining about that, it'd make me question your actions and my judging of your character." He smiles softly, "As for why it comes down to us? I have to ask, if you'd be able to research with material support. You could say yes, and I'd ask if you'd go faster doing so with a latest generation lab with various samples from BoWs. Then, you'd say yes. I'd then tell you that such lab requires funding given by Tricell. And Tricell money's come from a good number of business, which this civil war is impeding the growth of. Cartels and the like fuel this civil war with illegal weapons, while we sell legal weapons so that it may be finished swiftly. Sadly, given that we don't work only with pharmaceuticals. ANd sincerely, tell me if Raccoon City could have been avoided with a vaccine? Yes, it could, but such vaccinne also would not even come into existence without proper funding. Sincerely that entire accident could have been avoided if the facilities in the city had been preemptively destroyed rather than just nuking it once it was past the point of no return." He sighs, "As for the psychological condition of my agents. In her case the crusade against the carter is personel, and she has never shot an innocent during her time with us. Only BoWs and aggressors. This Business isn't just about scientists. But given that you wish to help," He smiles as if he has had this kind of conversation before, "Tell me, what do you plan on doing? You don't have to take part on every part of the process, but I prefer to be honest with the honest people who work alongside myself. So tell me what you need, and I will make arrangements for that."
Vinz Vinz mutters funding under his breath, "It always comes back to the money doesn't it? Good men can do nothing without it and the people who hold most of it tend to not care at all." He rubs his eyes, clearly now it can be seen that his eyes are rather blood shot, must not have slept after that night. "We have money, i know we have at least some. We need more research materials yes, but so far we dont have any samples to even begin to work with of the 'Plaga'. If I am honest, I don't want to ever have to see something like that again. It just isn't who I am, I was willing to do a great deal in order to protect those children but it isn't me who will bloody his hands. We seem to have no problem being able to hire people who do. Even Markus was confident with a gun...which mostly confuses me beyond anything else." He glances around the room for a few minutes before he finishes, "I don't know what I need anymore, I was going to say servers, ASAs, routers, just more computing power so i could begin to search with real intensity, but it doesn't seem like that is how this problem will be solved, will it?"
Silent Night Archene nods at every word, specially at the first saying. He says, "We do, as for samples, when dealing with BoWs, assume that live samples will try to kill you. So we will try to get you those only if it is truly safe." He sighs, "We will be sure to keep you out of basic missions like these, and leave you with the ones more directly related with your job." He sighs, "As for why Markus could do that. Me and him are survivors from Raccoon City, not those VIP 'survivors' who just left with the government early on. We were only lucky to be able to obtain transport from Tricell after a month in there, just before the nuke." He sighs, "I can provide you that if it will help you get some sleep. But this world is far less pretty than what people know. Just know that Raccoon City was what I prefer to call a small apocalypse, on Earth. And it isn't, it hasn't been the only one. It is just what happened due to lack of haste." He sighs once more, "Something I don't plan on allowing to happen ever again. And while I do consider the prices paid. The life of a few thugs to facilitate my job to provide this world a better future, is nothing. You don't need to take part on that part of the process and remain in a lab awaiting for samples and images. I'll surely be doing my best to provide you that."
Vinz "You were in Raccoon City? You actually survived their for a MONTH?!" Vinz seems completely taken aback by that. He shakes his head, "Yes, well, then perhaps I will just have to start realizing whats actually at stake here. I wasn't imagining having to go before these things while i was researching them...but Raccoon City can't happen again, it was too close...but you dont need to hear that, you lived it." He stands up and paces behind the chair, "This is just all so surreal, you hear about these things on the news, but you dont go there. You don't fight those people...or i guess you do. I guess I just don't know how to handle it, I need to work and to sleep." He looks back up at Archene and then says very quietly, "I'm sorry to burst in like that, I think i'll go back to my hotel room and take some Temazepam or something." He begins to collect his things scattered near the door.
Silent Night "Yeah, me, Markus, Emma, Benny, James and Rick. You might meet Rick sometime, he is also doing his bits of science for a better world. Emma, Benny and James have their own lives, either try to live it or doing the same as us another way." Archene smiles osftly, "But yeah, it was... there were smaller incidents around the globe too, luckly all too small and properly cleaned out."

He sighs, "I'm already a bit too jaded, so getting input on ways to do this, is always good. Power corrupts, obsession blinds. But my objective is just to make this world a better place." He sighs quietly, "I think I'll try to get you some footage of a mission against zombies for you to see what I deal with while working alongside BSAA." He smiles, "But go and rest, avoid excessive medicines and if you need someone to take proper psycological care of you, contact us. It is better on the long term than becoming dependant on medicine."
Vinz Vinz just nods to Archene, "Understood, it won't become a habit." He finishes gathering his things and steps to the door, "I can't believe you all have that experience. I guess I need to start getting my head in the game if this is the world we live in." He glances back into the office, "Thanks for letting me get that out. I'll catch you around Archene." With that, he heads down the hallway.