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Elliott     Elliott has just gotten cleaned up a little, his hair still damp and slicked back as he walks through camp. He carries with him a notebook and pen, walking aimlessly and occasionally pausing to say a few words to people. While his expression is warm and pleasant, he's got a sharp, perceptive look in his eyes, assessing individuals with a critical eye as he tries to find how they're doing. Exchanging words now and then, checking to see how they're adapting and so forth. And of course he's making notes in his notebook, pausing with it propped at his elbow as he writes.
Eve Eve is sitting under a tree with a group of women and a few children. They're discussing knitting in Spanish and laughing together as they teach other other different techniques. One woman in particular has her hands over Eve's and is teaching her a knit and purl technique using her hands. They seem to find this funny, especailly when Eve's fingers get tangled up in the yarn. It's a nice relaxed atmostphere, people are certainly calmer here now.
Elliott     Elliott is focused on the notebook as he writes in it, and then lifts his head to let his gaze scan the area. As he walks, and the sound of laughing reaches his ears, he stops as the knitting group comes into view. For a moment he stands back and watches silently, a smile resting lightly on his lips. Then he shifts when he gives an unconscious, quick shake of his head, and looks off to see who else is nearby before he steps closer. "Hello, Eve," he greets warmly, flashing a toothy, disarming smile as he waves the fingers that also hold onto the pen.
Eve Eve blinks, distracted and glances up to see Elliott waving hello. "Oh, Elliott, please come and join us. How are you doing?" She asks, patting the grass beside her. "We're just having a little bit of fun here while we knit something for Daisy." She glances over at one of the older women who makes a comment and she nods slowly. "What are you up to today?" She asks, glancing back up at Elliott, returning his smile with one of her own.
Elliott     Elliott drops his head in a nod, holds up a finger, and shifts so that he's looking down at the notebook again. The tip of his tongue touching his upper lip while he reads a sentence, and then releases a breath as he closes the book, lowering it to his side and looks back over. "Doing all right," he answers as he approaches, smiling brightly. "Thanks. Good to see everyone having fun," he adds in genuinely. His light blue eyes glance down to the book and he gestures with as he answers the question, "Making assessments. Seems like the place will really flourish." As he lowers into a squat, he nods his head warmly to the other women, and shifts into a seated position with one knee raised to rest his arm on top. "Right, the baby," he murmurs. "How's she doing?"
Eve "Daisy is doing well." Eve says, folding her hands in her lap. She gazes at Elliott when he sits near her and offers him a pleasant smile. "You're doing assessments? What kind?" She asks, trying to lean in to see what he's writing. "Some of the women here have a lot of skills, I think they'll be okay."
Elliott     "Mhm-hmm, that's grand," says Elliott with a bob his head. "Great to see new life," he adds, and he turns thoughtful as he glances aside briefly. "What?" he says as he's brought back by her question. There is a quick glance to his notebook and he says, "Oh, just seeing how everyone's emotional state is doing. Most seem ready to keep going." He gives a light shake of his head, a smile pulling at his lips. When his thoughts return, he hums quietly before a single hand gestures. "Is there someone who'll be looking after the baby?" he asks earnestly.
Eve Eve gazes at Elliott for a few moments and then she turns and leans in towards the older woman, speaking quiet Spanish. After a few earnest nods and a whispered reply Eve turns back to smile at Elliott. "Yes actually, there is a young couple, just starting out who can't have children. They're looking forward to the opportunity to apply to adopt her." She untangles herself from the yarn and leans back on her hands. "So Elliott, why don't you tell me a bit about you?"
Elliott     The news about the couple brings out a bright smile, teeth visible as Elliott nods. "That's good to hear," he says, a bit of relief escaping. It is good to know they'll be designed parents. Leaving the book to rest on the grass in front of him, he spins the pen in an idle gesture, watching it before he says, "TerraSave," he says slowly. "I'm impressed with the group." He lifts his head at Eve's question, bringing his striking blue eyes up to lock on her as his mouth curves and he lets out a short chuckle after the brief look of surprise. If he's a little worried - thoughts moving towards Emma briefly - he tries not to show it. "Well, what is it you want to know?" he asks warmly. He hmms, angling his head as he looks towards he water. Amused, the corner of his mouth twitching, he leans closer so that he can say, as if it were a big secret, "Well I never learned to swim."
Eve Eve watches Elliott's face and catches the response her question brings. The quick look of surprise and the brief flicker of worry makes her eyebrows lift briefly before she schools her expression back to something more neutral. "Well, I want to know about you. Where you come from? How you found yourself in this job?" She leans forward a bit and her voice lowers, her eyes still locked on his. "Why you never learned how to swim?"
Elliott     Eyebrows flicker expressively as Elliott keeps his eyes on Eve, drawn to keep a study of her. His hand comes down to rest lightly on the pen, stopping its movement as he smiles. "Mhm-hm, well if I bore you, don't let me keep prattling on," he says in a joking, light-hearted way. "I think your story might be more interesting." He lets out a mirthful chuckle, shifting his gaze briefly to watch one woman knit, angling as he stares at the needles curiously. "Always seems like an impressive talent," he comments lightly, looking back to Eve and stating, "I was born in Knightsbridge, London, travelled regularly though. Whenever my dad had a premiere, we would be first to see it." His lips twist and he lets out a little laugh. "The parties here fantastic," he lets out with a twinkle in his eyes. Giving a shake of his head, he continues, "Anyway, I found psychology interesting so I took it up. Went to school and then moved away so I can get a start on my own." He lowers his voice a little, "You don't really feel the independency when your parents can get you benefits." He sits back, tapping his knee with the fingers of the arm resting on top. With a simple shrug, he says, "I was never interested in swimming. My mum never had the time, anyway. Spent a lot of time at the studios. No, I can definitely not sing like her," he adds in for a bit of a merry joke.
Eve Eve laughs softly and shakes her head at Elliott. "I have my doubts about my story being interesting. Growing up in Stockholm is..well it's more than a bit boring if we're to be honest." She listens to him talk about the travel, the parties and the studios, an interested look on her face as she leans forward and gives Elliott her attention. Finally after a few minutes pass she speaks up. "Swimming is a lot of fun, if you want, I can teach you."
Maxim Making his way by around, footsteps light as always, Max nears the tree where Eve and Elliott are chatting. Hearing the familiar voices, he diverts his path toward said tree, and seeing the two smiles and offers a bow. "Greetings." He looks back and forth between Eve and Elliott, perhaps trying to determine if he's interrupting.
Elliott     "Stockholm. I've never been there," Elliott muses. "Been too Milan, in Italy," he adds. He's watching Eve thoughtfully, his entrancing eyes looking her over as he considers. "I bet you have some stories about when you worked for security. Did you wear a uniform? I bet you looked really /good/ in a uniform." He flashes a smile, one eyebrow arching as he lifts his hands as he angles his head. Then, "Oh, yea, I guess I could learn to swim," he remarks, just as his gaze lifts to Maxim's arrival. "Hiya," he greets welcomingly. "I know we've sorta met, but remembering everyone's names...." he says, looking rather apologetic.
Eve Eve flushes, her cheeks going pink at Elliot's compliment and when Max walks over, she looks almost relieved. She pats the grass next to an older lady who is knitting and flashes the security man a grin. "C'mon Max, have a seat with us." She says before she clears her throat and turns to regard Elliott again. "I worked corporate security, so most time my uniform was just business dress. Something that could hide a holster well." She points to the lake and grins. "We have the lake there, and a pool near our offices...which I'll be showing you around soon I bet."
Maxim Maxim smiles as Eve pats next to her and offers a seat. He lightly steps over to her and crouches down, then tips back to land on his rear the last few inches, careful not to pin his coat down. To Elliott's question he answers simply with the name clarification of, "Maxim," bowing his head slightly to him. Looking back and forth between them he looks like he wants to ask what's going on, but instead just stays quiet and lets them speak.
James Scott James is apparently in a good mood today, as his whistling gives him away long before he's seen. It's the tune fron Twisted Nerve and Kill Bill. The young monster raises his hand in a wave towards the group he recognizes, making his way over.

"Howdy, howdy. How's it going?" His sharp nails clack against the denim of his jeans, though not hard enough to puncture the material.
Tabitha Tabitha crawls out of a tent in back.. groans and shuffles over to get coffee, then shuffles and groans her way towards the others.. one hand trying to keep the evil dwarves from mining right through the side of her skull. She pauses.. looks at the coffee, then goes back to get two bottles of water. She empties one on the way over, takes a sip of coffee and begins working on the second water bottle.
Eve At this point Eve figures it might be better to occupy her hands again. She picks up the yarn she was working with and begins to knit again with her hands. Slowly though as she's still learning the technique. She spots Tabitha and James and waves them over to where Maxim, Elliot and herself are seated. There are about half a dozen women of varying ages sitting with them, speaking conversationally in spanish as they all are knitting. Some with rudimentary materials and others with actual needles. The things that are being made are pink, undoubtedly for the newborn girl people have been taking care of.
Maxim Maxim sees James and Tabitha, his bronze coin slipping to his hand to keep one occupied apparently while Eve practises knitting. He smiles at them, but then watches what Eve and the other women are doing, having never seen knitting apparently.
James Scott "So, you guys wanna see me convince a bunch of old women I'm the devil?" James asks casually, taking a seat next to the trio. "Got a new ability I kind of want to show off. But I should probably wait until we actually need it in a fight." He brushes something off of his grey tank-top before resting his hands atop his knees.
Elliott     Elliott bobs his head knowingly as he lets out, "Right. You were guarding the tent?" He tries to remember, offering a little smile. A grin widens the smile as he looks to Eve again. "Of course," he says, "I bet you'd look good in anything," he alters, and then lifts a hand palm upright and gestures at Maxim. "Don't you think?" The corner of his lips twitch, and he nods slowly. "I definitely want a gander around the offices," said as his gaze lifts, spying the others and offering a friendly smile and a wave. "Hello."
Tabitha Tabitha grumbles her way over to the group, and grumbles her way into a sitting position near Eve. She gives a Happy James an absolutely scathing glare and proceeds to turn up her second bottle of water. "vodka is never this evil..", grumbling a bit around the words..
Eve Eve frowns at James and shakes her head. "We're trying to get some stuff done, and these people shouldn't be afraid of you. If something happens you'll be the one protecting them." There is definitely a little sass to her as she says that. SHe continues to awkwardly knit with her hands, a slight grumbling monologue starting to escape her lips in a few different languages. When Elliott speaks up she blinks and then glances over at him, trying to decide how to react to the obvious flirting.
Maxim Maxim blinks as Elliott asks the question of him. He tilts his head, and then replies, "She is very pretty." Though it sounds more matter-of-factly than flirty. He looks to Tabitha. "Are you unwell?" The coin stops it's traversing his fingers, and slips back to whatever hiding spot as he goes to grab his pad of paper from his coat pocket.
James Scott "Yeah, that was a stupid thing to ask." James decides. "Is it something I can help with?" His gaze moves to the knitting, the he looks at Tabitha in time to catch the glare. His expression drops a touch, uncertainty creeping into his expression. "Maybe I should just go. I obviously pissed you guys off."
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head. "No, i'm just mad because i'm not the chipper one and I don't know of anyway to give you my hangover. You're fine and i'll be good once the meds kick in" She tries a weary smile at James. "never wine, never again."
Eve "You can stay, just don't scare the old women, the last thing we need is for Tabitha to have to treat a heart attack." Eve answers, gesturing to several balls of yarn. "If you know how to knit, throw down, but right now I think we're making booties and hats." She shoots a concerned glance at Tabitha and tilts her head. "Did you find a leech or something? You look like someone pissed you off right good."
Maxim Maxim looks to James. "Stay and learn to... you say.. Knit?" He looks toward some of the ladies, then Eve. Perhaps he was paying attention to them while they were speaking amongst themselves.

Tucking his feet under him, he leans back to get them under him more, then shifts forward standing in a fluid motion. looking at the sky he says, "I should be going. There is a place i would like to draw. If you would excuse me." To Elliott he says, "It was nice to meet you again."

He gives a slight bow to Eve, and to Tabitha. As he steps around people to depart he steps by Tabitha and adds to her, "I hope you feel better." And then he's making his way out, light of step as always.
James Scott "Shit, passed Home Ec with a hundred." James says, taking up the needles. When Maxim gets up he nods at the other man. "I got something you can take for that hangover. Even you right out." This is aimed at Tabitha. "Why I gave up drinking. That and I fall a lot more now that my depth perception is kinda fucked."
Elliott     Pale blue eyes flick from face to face as they speak before Elliott glances down, picking up the notebook and pen that had been in front of him. He shifts, too, keeping his knee raised but getting into more of a relaxed position, slumping back against the tree. His gaze moves from Eve to James with one raised eyebrow, his lips twisting with a charming smile. To James, he says, "Sorry, mate. Maybe you have a less intimidating skill you'd like to talk about?" he offers. He glances to Tabitha with a grimace. "Wine, it's always so..." He gives a small shake of his head, expression showing his disapproval. "Best cure for hangover? Nice, big, greasy hamburger," he grins, and then gestures at the water. "Or, some water." He shrugs.
Eve Eve uses a foot to nudge some yarn towards James and deadpans. "Lets see what you can do." While she continues to knit quietly. She's not currently involved in any conversations, just listening as she knits using both of her hands.
John Black John groans, not wanting to wake up and has no idea what time of the day it is. Slowly, he rolls over in his cot and begrudingly swings his legs over, sitting up but puttings both hands over his face, rubbing his eyes gingerly then yawns. "Damn...I wasn't dreaming...I'm still here." He mutters to himself, taking a few more minutes to just sit there and strongly considering laying back down again.

Finally, he gets up to his feet and stumbles towards a basin, splashing some water onto his face and looks into the mirror. The face staring back at him is almost unrecognizeable, a wild looking bearded man and he splashes more water onto his face. Managing to get changed is quite the feat, almost laughable if one were watching and he's only putting on a tee shirt, military style camoflage fatigues as well as combat boots. Almost forgetting, he grabs his pistol sidearm and loops the holster through his belt.

John thinks he showered last night but isn't a hundred percent sure but takes a breath before, moving the flap of his tent and stepping outside.
James Scott "If she punches you in the face, I'm not blaming her." James informs Elliott, the thought of greasy food turning his stomach too. He takes the yarn and needle up, and apparently he wasn't lying about being able to knit. "Know my way around a sewing machine too." he informs Eve. "Just something you gotta learn when you got siblings and no money."
Tabitha Tabitha rubs her palm over her forehead, taking a sip of coffee now that's cooled down. She sits near Eve, her hangover finally fading to a dull roar, two empty water bottles beside her. She pipes up. "You know james, I got some scrubs you can hem up for me.. I get tired of turning up the cuffs.."
Eve "I'm a lady, I don't punch someone in the face when they flirt with me. I wear stilettos and a short skirt and break their heart instead." Eve says, her eyes on her hands as she continues to knit. A few saques, booties and hats are in a pile along with a colorful blanket. That little baby girl is sure going to be spoiled. She starts to hum under her breath and she sees John stepping out of his tent, but doesn't call him over. Not yet at least.
Emma Emma had returned to rounds, but as things seem to calm down, she relaxes a little more. Her scrubs - covered in -some- grime, are not as dirty as normal. Her hair is pulled back into a messy bun, and there is a cardiagan worn on top of her scrubs, with a stethoscope around her next.

Moving away from the medical tent, idly a hand fiddles with the necklace around her neck, grey-green eyes showing inner reflection until she wanders over to where the group is knitting. There is a grin, but that doesn't last long, she looks to John who had come out of his tent. Well might as well rip thr bandaid off, thinks the doctor. So it's his way she heads, walking lightly.

"He - hello, Mr. Black. Ya - ya got time for that meetin' at all?"
James Scott "Bring 'em by my tent later, I'll have a look." James says with a slight nod. "Been missing our talks anyway." He shoots the woman a bright grin before he goes back to knitting a baby blanket. "Usually I do the punching, but I'm working on stopping that. Apparently it's bad for the company image."
John Black John is barely awake, the cobwebs are thick in his head and he rubs at his eyes once more as his senses get assaulted by stimulus from the outside world.

When Emma walks up to him all he see's is a blurry outline and red hair. At first he thinks that he's being acosted by an emaciated Ronald McDonald but after rubbing his eyes one more, he realizes it is someone else. "Morning...uh, I think Doc O'Haggis." Stifling a yawn with the back of his hand and then stretches his large muscular arms over his head, hearing some vertabrea cracking as a result. "Meeting? Oh yes, but first things first. I need some coffee and then we can chat." He looks around and is trying to remember where the mess tent is where the coffee is kept. Caffine before anything so it seems is this man's priority.
Tabitha Tabitha nods to James, his smile seeming to make her feel better, or maybe it's the pain meds kicking in. Tabitha's eyes warm at the sight of Emma, her face beaming. She calls out to the woman. "I hate you and your Evil Evil wine", her face still holding a smile.
Elliott     Elliott angles his head in response to James, arching a brow as his lips curve into a smirk. He's about to respond to him, too, but Eve is quicker and in turn, Elliott holds up a hand, looking amused. "Aha, see, nothing to worry about. Just breaks hearts..." He chuckles heartily until that fades off and he's watching James with the knitting needles. "Impressive," he says in a more sober tone. Letting out a 'hmm,' as he glances to Eve, tilts his head as he lifts his shoulder up. "Sorry," he says, clearing his throat. "I'm just playing around."

    His gaze trails off to catch John exiting, and in doing so, catches sight of Emma. The fun he seemed to be showing disappears as he clears his throat, looking down to the notebook as he ponders.
Emma Emma doesn't bother to correct, as he doesn't seem to care to learn her name. A delicate hand motions to the mess tent. "Co - coffee is there." The lass says kindly, in her shy sweet way.

Looking over to Tabitha there is a smirk, a devilish sort. She nods to the rest though, watching them a moment as they go about their work.
Eve Eve rolls her eyes briefly and simply continues to knit. Men seem to be the same everywhere, all bark and no follow through. She leans over slightly and bumps shoulders with Tabitha. "Could you be a darling and get me a cup of coffee?"
James Scott "There you go making people think you're serious all the time again." James says aside to Eve, winking at the woman. "You should come over when she brings her pants. We can drink and see how many times I stab my fingers." he suggests, attention returning to the yarn he's working with.
John Black John nods, a grateful expression to say the least and heads towards the indicated tent where the precious life giving coffee is kept. He barrels into the tent like a man possessed, well more like a slow moving, clumsy baby elephant and as he dissapears behind the flap, there is a yell, "Hey! Watch where you are going, you jackass!" Then a quick retort from John, "Sorry...need coffee."

Inside the tent, John curses as he gets the last remanants of the coffee at the bottom of the pot but beggars can't be choosers, so he fills the mug with what is remaining and lets out a big sigh when he takes a slow sip. "Ahhh....that's the fucking stuff." Contentment comes in all sizes.
Tabitha Tabitha giggles a bit at Eve's shoulder bump, climbing to her feet and thankful the pain is all gone. All gone. wonderful! She begins moving over to the Land of Coffee and ..someone just got the last of the coffee. "You know that means you have to make more, right? if you get the last, you make a new pot", standing there, arms folded over her chest. "..there's a line"
Emma Emma rubs her head as John enters the tent, then looks up as if requesting help from above. "M - may tha force be with me." The lass says, mustering up some patience. After that, she'd turn, putting her hands put into her pockets, her pace leading her back and forth, as she waits for him to be finished, every now and then her eyes move to the others during her pacing.
Elliott     Elliott shifts his position, dropping his knee to the ground and crossing his ankles together. His head, lowered, he opens his notebook to look over it while listening to the other speakers. He taps his fingers lightly on the pages as he glances up, looking towards John just as he disappears into the tent, and watching what Emma does. Turning his head, he looks to Tabitha as she gets up, and she's gone before he can do anything, looking to James and to Eve. "Is there anything you can't do, Eve?"
Eve "Plenty." Eve replies calmly, glancing over at Elliott with a smile on her face. She turns back to her knitting and after a moment she answers James as well. "I am serious..most of the time, so it shouldn't be a surprise." When her gaze lifts from her knitting to settle on James, she's still grinning. "We've got enough people who clown around, someone has to stay on the ball."
John Black John continues to take small sips from his coffee mug, giving Tabitha a slight eyebrow raise, "Bun-girl. You've got some strange rules in your head but because I'm feeling nice today, I shall grant this request." He then glances over towards Emma, shrugging. "Sorry, them's the rules apparantly. We can have our meeting right after I finish making this new pot of coffee."

So, there goes John, dumping out the old coffee grinds with the old filter, putting in a new filter, adding new coffee and pouring in some clean water into the coffee maker.

"There, happy Bun-girl?" He then takes another long sip from his mug, washes his hands in the sink, drys them off and wipes away any spilled grinds that might have fallen onto the counter with a dish rag.

John then picks up his coffee mug and walks over to Emma, "I'm rea..." He doesn't finish the sentance, walks back to grab a muffin and then goes back to Emma. "Ready."
Tabitha Tabitha joins soon after, commiting the cardinal sin of gettting the first of the coffee, the strongest, filling her up then letting the weaker stuff fill the caraf. She sips over.. a noticable nc-17 sound purring in her throat as she moves back over. It's Medicinal, she tells herself. She blinks, sheepishly, and goes back to get the cup of coffee Eve wanted.. She returns with the other cup for Eve. Tab's already drunk out of her own.
James Scott "Is that so?" James grins at Eve, biting his lower lip slightly. "You might have to give me a personal lesson sometime." Was he flirting? Maybe. "Bring Tabitha and whoever along, we'll make it a group study." Yup, he's flirting. Looks like James really is back. Thank you sketchy cartel pharmaceuticals.
Eve Eve starts to wonder what is in the water as she glances between James and Elliott. She takes the coffee from Tabitha and gives her a puzzled look, both eyebrows raising slightly. She leans closer to her and murmurs. "Hey Tab, can you pinch me real quick? I think I fell asleep."
Emma Emma wasn't all to bothered waiting, she had plenty on her mind to occupy her time. Looking up as John comes, she gives him a nod and motions with a delicate hand. "L - lead tha way." She isn't sure where he wants to go and talk.
John Black John gives Emma a slight nod, "If you have some sort of tent office that would do." He opens the tent flap, walking out and then keeps it open to let you lead the way since he's just starting to wake up now but probably couldn't find his own tent from here much less lead anybody in his current state. Yes, he still has that booze odor about him but it isn't as strong as the other day. He then follows Emma when she starts walking, taking a loud sip from his half finished coffee mug and taking bites out of his muffin.
Sergio Sergio, seeming to always look like he's just run a marathon, makes his way over to the group of people. His pack looks unfilled, and for those who know his job, is a sign that nothing was found. He doesn't look disappointed though. Spotting familiar faces, he gives a small wave in Eve and Tabitha's direction, with a more subdued, although still respectful nod to James.
Elliott     Closing the notebook in his lap, Elliott tap, taps the pen on the cover lightly as his blue eyes study Eve. "Going to share?" he asks with a smile. "I think I might need a little proof," he jokes lightly. He looks between her and James. "You don't want her to goof around all day, mate. She's got important assistant duties to perform." There's a twinkle in his eyes, a playful smile spread across his lips. "Just /some/ of the times, right?" He's joking, the smile curling his lips and the look in his eyes showing that. Elliott looks to Tabitha as she returns, smiling brightly at her.
Eve Eve turns to watch Elliott for a moment and then she gives a wolfish grin before she snaps her teeth at him. "You wouldn't survive trouble like me." She assures him, untangling her fingers from the yarn so she can sip at her coffee. She shifts on the ground until she's comfortable and continues to work on her coffee, ignoring everyone around her until she's nice and alert again.
Tabitha Tabitha seems to be trying to get as much coffee in her as possible.. blowing on the dark liquid and slucking noisly. "so, whats haps?", she asks. Tab waves to Elliot and Sergio, giving both a warm smile. Tab settles down to Eve is there's room, her scrubs clean but pressed with the wrinkles of alcohol-induced unconsciousness.
Sergio Sergio unslings his pack and lets it drop to the ground before crouching to rest aside Tabitha, inclining his head in her direction he says, "Oy, been a long day.". Frowning he also adds, "Nothing today sadly, but uh...". He leans forward towards James and asks in a slightly lower voice than usual, "Eh, you guys still looking to arm these guys?", he gestures to the men of the city.
James Scott "So many strong willed women in one camp. If this wasn't hell you'd think we went to Heaven." James finishes his blanket and adds it to the pile of other gifts. He puts the needles back down and leans back on his palms. When Sergio speaks up he raises his hand and rolls it over, revealing his sharp looking nails. "I'll have to talk with Emma and get back to you on that one."
Eve Eve simply shifts her gaze towards James and takes another sip of her coffee. She gets to her feet and brushes off the back of her jeans and offers the group a smile. "I'm going to go take a walk, I think. Will you all survive without me being present?" She asks, both eyebrows raised slightly.
Tabitha Tabitha looks up to Eve. "I think so", looking to the others around. "If not, just listen for the caterwallin'" She finishes her coffee, tossing back the last of it. "You gonna check on Emma?", asking just in case Eve might be..She cant help but worry a little
Elliott     Both of Elliot's eyebrows spring upward as he regards Eve. And then he chuckles wholeheartedly. His teeth flash as the laughing fades into a smile, and his eyes remain locked on her. "You can get a guy excited with all that talk." His lips flicker to the side, inclining his head one way as he shrugs. Then he sighs, looking down to his notebook, and shifts against the tree as he begins to rise. "I should make a couple more assessments, actually," he says in a more somber tone.
Eve "Emma can handle herself, I'm just taking a walk. If these boys start on you, feel free to come catch up with me." Eve gives the "boys" in question a stern glance and then sets down the empty cup near the dishwashing tent. She gazes back at Elliott when he speaks up again and her cheeks go pink. "Sweet Jesu." She mutters as she walks off.
Sergio Sergio nods at James' reply, and glances to Eve as she walks away. Once Elliott begins to leave he shakes his head and digs out a pack of playing cards. He tries to hide a wide grin as he asks, "Anybody up for a game of cards?".
Tabitha Tabitha stands and brushes herself off. "Not me. I suck at cards.. I'm gonna go see if I can evesdrop on Emma, or barring that, drink more water." She rakes her fingers through her hair.. "Back later guys.."
James Scott "Well since everyone is leaving me, I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette and do some pushups." James says with a small sigh, his good mood faltering slightly. Without saying much of anything else he turns around and heads to his tent.
Sergio Sergio sighs and shakes his head as he begins to lay out cards to play a game of solitare.