Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's a warmer day, and partially cloudy. The sun is shining off the lake as it begins to set, the clouds casted in bright hues of orange and pink. The water ripples gentle in the breeze.

The city is improving every day now, more and more people are seen getting better, happier, and all around, the tireless efforts of TerraSave and the volunteers are helping greatly. And for that reason, there is less stress. Not that there still isn't stress, but improvement lifts spirits. Because of that, Emma has taken a small break.

There was also the need to talk to Markus and Tabitha about some information, and yet this redhead plays a slightly devious card. She is sitting on a blanket, legs out, hands behind her as the lass rests back watching the sun set. There is a basket of food beside her, a bottle of wine, it's unopened right now, seems she is awaiting the arrival of them, those reflective aviators showing the sunset.
Markus Berger It took Markus a while until he managed to get to the city, mainly because the had to get rid of the telltale signs of having been in combat about a day or so ago which is also one of the rasons he isn't wearing his trenchcoat for once and is carrying his jacket under his arm today. Still he does show up relatively on time as he trudges along the lake to where Emma is waiting and gives a slight wave in case she spots him.
Tabitha Tabitha arrives, wearing clean scrubs for a change. She got the message just before starting her shift, so talked one of the other folks into covering for her while she goes to see what Emma wants to discuss. She even regrets not picking up a cup of coffee for the walk over. getting closer, she lifts an eyebrow at the setup.
Emma Looking over her shoulder a little, eyes befall Markus. There is a small grin. Sitting up fully a hand comes up to wave his way. A second later, Tabitha is spotted to. Her smile turns into a small smirk.

"He - hey ya two!" Says the lass, shifting a bit, making room on the blanket. "I - I hope this is okay? Quiet here, we can - can talk, an' all, without people disturbin' us, an' - an' we can relax some. Lord knows we all - all need it."
Markus Berger Markus unceremoniously just plops down on the blanket and shrugs with a slight smirk. "Trust me. After my day yesterday everything is okay. Especially some peace and quiet." He looks around a bit and waves to the approaching Tabitha.
Tabitha Tabitha settles down opposite of markus, looking dubiously at Emma. "You're buttering us up for something unpleasant, aren't you? I know it!", she says with mock annoyance. "Let me guess. entire camp is moving a half mile inland."
Emma Emma had made room for them to sit, eyes looking to them from beind her reflective aviator sunglasses. The blanket isn't overly big, they'd need to sit close, the bottle of wine is being chilled in a bucket of ice. And in the basket is some food she has cooked, and yes, the lass is a damn fine cook.

"I - I figured ya - ya both needed a break, we've been workin' non stop, an', well, why not get one, eh?"
Markus Berger Markus does indeed shift about a bit and tosses his jacket a couple of steps away. "You have no idea. I might have had the luxury of spending most of my time working in an office, but that is abruptly changing since yesterday." With that said he does start digging through the basket to help himself to some food.
Tabitha Tabitha continues to look dubiously at Emma, moving to the bottle of wine. Snagging the corkscrew, Tabitha begins the process of getting the booze flowing. With pop, she begins filling three glasses. "What on the menu?" she asks of the man pawing at the food."
Emma Emma looks at Markus. "H - how so?" Asks the lass, curious now, she doesn't know what has happened.

To Tabitha, there is a grin. "I - I had ta use what I could, it's a tossed salad, an' - an' a pasta bake. There isn't all that's to fancy here, given much is rations. But I- I did manage some cinnamon buns for dessert."
Markus Berger "Lets just say that the local cartell wants certain individuals dead. Those individuals in question went ahead yesterday and turned that on its head for a bit. It involved a lot of bullets." With that said Markus shrugs and proceeds to get the food out of the basket.
Tabitha Tabitha beams. "sweet lord, a salad?" and proceeds to jump on the vegie food. "I'm a carnivore mostly, but even here most stuff is wilted or half manky, or the bugs have nibbled most of it" She passes a lass of wine to Markus and Emma. "Here"
Emma Looking at Markus, Emma is quiet, she is frowning as well. Sighing heavily, a hand rubs the back of her neck, then smoothes out some of her red hair. "Da - damn." Her tone is soft, in its shy sweet way. Following that, there is a shake of her head. "Th - that is awful, Markus. Yer - yer okay?"

As the wine is handed over, the doctor looks to Tabitha and shakes her head. "I - I need ta go an' do rounds in a bit." The confession is made with a small, ever faintly devious sort of smile. "Ya two enjoy, Tabitha consider yer - yerself on break. An' aye, I got my hands on lettuce, so it's a rare treat here ya both better enjoy."

Moving to sit in the corner of the blanket, so the two can sit easier and talk, she rests her hands in the sand behind her. "So - so, what information was this, Markus? Ta - Tabitha mentioned ya got somethin' ta tell me?"
Markus Berger "I'm fine, Arch and our bodyguard Delia had some scrapes and I think I traumatised our new employee, but he was a bit too ethusiastic about what his job would entail considering that he really wants to destroy viruses, B.O.W.s and Umbrella, being the labrat he is. I'll definitely stick him into a lab after this. The other guys look a lot worse though." With that said he takes the offered glass of wine from Tabitha and takes a sip. "As for the information I have... that will take a while. Long story which I need to apply some tactical ommision to since its my company and Umbrella that both were involved. Well, renegades from my company that we are hunting down, but still."
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes widen as Markus speaks, listening, but not commenting. This is really the first she's heard of Markus and his 'company'.. She sips her wine before tucking into her salad.
Emma Emma takes this informtion with a slow nod, eyes moving to Tabitha a moment then back to Markus.

"Then, tell." She says, reaching for a bottle of water and taking a sip, settling in for the story.
Markus Berger "Well, it has come to our attention that local executives of TRICELL were involved in the unsanctioned development of a bioweapon based on prehistoric parasites that supposedly were responsible for the demise of the Maya Empire. Parasites capable of taking full control of their victims. Umbrella apparently dug those out at a archelogical digsite of a temple to some god called Plaga, the renegade TRICELL executives stole them through industrial espionage and murdering everyone at the digsite and later disappeared. The fact that all the executives disappeared and rumors are the reasons why Archene was promoted to Regional Director and I was promoted to both Head Researcher and Chief Investigator. Our goal now being to find the research, analyse what they did and destroy it all while also finding the renegades. Its a mess." The doctor is visibly seething and quickly empties the glass of wine in an attempt to distract himself. Which doesn't quite work as he grinds his teeth.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes widen. "I heard something about that. I thought it was just rumor", crunching around her salad. "the parasites were Real? Like.. not some ancient metaphore for some old virus or something like Toxoplasmosis? I had thought maybe hookworm and anemia, like in the south before they started building outhouses 10 feet deep", She continues to eat, as talk of parasites and outhouses do disturb a Doctor's stomach, as Emma can attest.
Emma "I - I heard of an ancient, or old, or - or somethin' or other virus, that turned people ta zombies, or like zombies." Emma admits, this piece of knowledge she has never shared with anyone before. "I - I also got information on the Plaga, brought by -by Tabitha here, we've yet to analyze it." She is quiet, sips from her water, and things all this through, nodding a little while she had listened and equally, to herself. "Se - seems there be a - a new thing ta worry 'bout. Fun." There is a small sigh. "An - anything else?" The lass inquires of Markus.

A small look is passed to Tabitha, but her eyes then return to Markus.
Markus Berger "Not really. I can only make an educated guess where the digsite and lab might be and that is in Southern Bolivar where we can't even go due to the government restricting passage. So... no. Just trouble everywhere." Markus snarks deadpan before throwing his hands up and just flopping down on the ground backwards from where he sits. "I now declare it to be problems for another day!"
Tabitha Tabitha sniggles a little around her salad as Markus just flumps back. "Here Here!" she calls in agreement and chases down her food with a sip of wine. "Besides.. If we got a place we can trust, and folks who trust us, we'll have a good starting point for whatever we gotta do next.", looking to Emma. "I get the feeling that this isn't just gonna end with use helping out the town.", giving the woman a wink
Emma Emma is.. a little surprised, at seeing Markus flop back and declare relaxing. Brows lift even, but the lass can't help but grin widely at this. She lifts her water, as if in cheers, and then looks to Tabitha giving her a bit of a smirk, and then Markus. "Ca - can ya two make me a promise?" The lass asks.
Markus Berger "Sure." Thats about all Markus has to say as he right now does not bother to get back up. The ground is particularly comfortable right now or rather... he is just particularly lazy right now. Even he has to be that every once in a while.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles, holding up her wine glass as if to seal the promise with a drink. "Whatcha want us to promise?", ready to promise just about anything to Emma.
Emma "Well," Emma says, with a sweet shy smile to them both. "I - I want ya both ta promise ta relax, an' have fun. It's more tha - than well deserved, for both of ya, an' honestly, it'd make my day if ya both did."

At this, the lass stands. "All is in tha - tha basket if ya need it. Another bottle of wine, some pop, an' water, tha food is covered so it'll be hot, now just sit by this lo - lovely sunset, and let tha - tha cares wash away. Now I - I need ta go an' do rounds."

That's when she goes to leave, in her graceful way, looking over her shoulder to give a wave to the two.
Markus Berger With an abrupt motion Markus gets back up and nods as Emma leaves. "Can do. I have no intention on moving away froom this spot for a good long while." That said the doctor quickly gets his hand on the bottle of wine and refills his glass before gesturing towards Tabitha. "Need a refill?"
Tabitha Tabitha starts to sputter something at Emma, but instead just sorta chuckles softly, shakes her head and then nods to Markus "Please. Fill'er up"