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Isabel With the Digital Revolution busily taking place across America, largely thanks to good ol' Umbrella, the university library isn't a common stop for students who don't absolutely have to be there. Even the computer lab is a tool of necessity rather than the wondrous gateway to the rest of the world that it used to be. The occasional bibliophile does still drop by, though; to be fair, RCU's library is an excellent one.

Like Isabel Welsh, for instance. The young bookworm is currently walking down an aisle in the middle of the stacks, frowning thoughtfully as she casts her gaze about in search of something. She pauses at the edge of one rank of shelves, brushing her search-mussed hair back over her shoulders and sighing softly.
Ashley Graham There's a touch of commotion by the door. Through it passes the Dean of Admissions, two men in cheap suites, and a drop-dead gorgeous natural blonde that someone may or may not recognize. She's not on TV so much now that the campaign is over, but the campaign was only a few months prior, and the inauguration but three months ago. So it's still possible the 'First Hottie' as some corners of the internet have started to call her may be recognizable. The Dean seems to be tripping over himself to extol the virtues of the university. Apparently the library is the next stop on the tour. Immediately, one of the two security guards, for it's clear that's what they are, slowly begins to walk through the room in a sweep, looking smoothly and slowly this way and that while Ashley speaks with the Dean. After some time, she gives the Dean a winning, nearly breathtaking smile. "If it's alright, I'd like to look around in the library a bit, and perhaps talk to a few of your current students to get some thoughts from them on how they like the campus." The Dean trips over himself again. Of course of course! And so off Ashley wanders.

The blonde is wearing a tan skirt with a black belt, an ivory lace blouse tucked into said skirt, and black booties with a cute black hat. She begins to wander the aisle, looking not at the books but at the people.
Isabel While Isabel herself didn't follow the campaign that closely, having been busy keeping her grades within college-prep levels, she did see some of the ads. And she's often on the internet. So the First Hottie's appearance isn't missed, nor is the fact that she looks familiar. But the election was /so/ yesterday, so the crucial name doesn't fit itself to the kinda-familiar face.

The fact that this is another girl her own age does, though, as do the cute queen-bee clothes. And Isabel's own well-worn attire reflects her rural roots: Old, and style was definitely sacrificed for comfort. Even her semi-stylish hiking boots show hints that they were actually /used/ for /hiking/! Gasp!

Isabel's deep-blue eyes widen, meeting those of the nation's angel, and she quickly turns the corner of one of the shelves, stepping out of harm's way.
Ashley Graham The meeting of the eyes is all it takes for Ashley to flash one of those pearly perfect smiles Isabel's way. "I'm so sorry," she says, smoothly and easily. "if I've disturbed you. I'm taking a tour of the campus to see if I want to apply for the fall," she explains apologetically, coming around the corner as well and stopping so she can speak easily with the other girl without blocking the aisle.

The clothes don't seem to phase Ashley. Despite her beauty and her own stylish garb, she wears her things as comfortably as Isabel does her own, and with no pretenses or delusions of grandeur, by her stance and demeanor. Which can make her all the more annoying--who dresses fashionably and still manages to make it look unintentional?! Some people just have all the natural luck, don't they.

"Do you like it here, may I ask?" she does, in fact, ask, cocking her head slightly in curiosity.
Isabel For a moment, Isabel looks like she might flee down the aisle. But her eyes do lift at the friendly tone, meeting Ashley's again. That hint of kindness keeps her there, but what makes her answer is the sincerity of the blonde's whole demeanor. She offers a shaky smile in return. Charlie Brown would know the one. "No, it's okay... it was rude of me to ignore you," she admits. "I'm not sure how I feel about the U. I'm here myself to enroll for the fall semester." Her tone suggests that there's no decision to make, even if she doesn't voice it aloud: It's here or nowhere.

She looks the presidential offspring up and down covertly. "Have we met? I'd almost swear I know you from someplace..."
Ashley Graham The potential recognition makes Ashley smile and glance downward, almost shyly. "I get that a lot. I've been on TV some," she says by way of explanation. "That's one of the reasons my Father is pushing so hard for this particular University. A bit ... away from things. In a good way, of course," she's quick to add, lest she offend the girl who may well be her classmate in a few months.

Ashley pauses to glance around, giving a pleasant smile and a passing wave to two boys who meander past the aisle. Then her attention turns fully back to Isabel. "Are you local, then?" That would explain why she's using the library if she's not yet a student. "Actually this is my first time to this state, believe it or not. Truly unexplored territory, for me." She smiles again. So many damn smiles!
Isabel "Sort of local. I'm from in-state, but not from Raccoon City," Isabel replies, spotting the two boys over Ashley's shoulder. The other girl's confidence is infectious, and she waves as well, though her own wave is low and close in and her smile is much shyer. Night and day, in personality as well as appearance. "I always find the library first. My friends swear I can sniff out old paper at five miles," she adds, blushing a little. She's already missing those few familiar people.

"But you've got me curious now. Where are you from? And why does your father want to tuck you out of sight?" she has to ask, frowning in puzzlement. "Did... was it something you did?"
Ashley Graham Ashley grins, not just a pretty, polite grin. But a wild grin of girlish amusement. "You mean, did I make a sex tape or something?" she asks, though she almost immediately shakes her head. "No, it's nothing like that. He would just prefer if I focus on myself, my career, and my life rather than get wrapped up in his. The nature of his job means he's very much in the public eye, and very controversial too. And when it comes to politics and controversy, people--and by extension, reporters--tell themselves that the general rules of decency don't apply." She sighs, shaking her head at some private extension of that train of thought.

But Ashley's attention soon turns back to Isabel. "Are you looking to study something to do with books and literature? Library studies, maybe? When I was in Spain I was given a tour of a book preservation organization, it was very cool but it looked very tedious and very exact. People sitting at wooden desks rebinding and recovering books that were hundreds of years old." She pauses for a moment, thinking. "Honestly I have no idea what you'd study in order to get into that line of work, though. Seems very specialized, almost like a trade. But it must take higher study, I'd think." Now she's just musing.
Isabel Isabel blinks, her sudden blush visible even with her half-Arabian skintone to mask it. "Oh! Oh, I didn't mean anything like dropping your drawers on camera," she protests, though that matching grin says that it's certainly occurred to her /now/. "Trent Bradwell back home got in trouble. He 'borrowed' a city truck and turned it over in the mayor's yard. Got a DUI in the process, too. His family whisked him out of state to college just so the story'd have some time to die down." She shakes her head, bemused. "But I think it's taken on the character of Abu Hasan farting by this time; it'll never go away." Which might say something about how seriously this girl takes her reading: That particular story rarely makes it into modern translations of /Arabian Nights/.

But the subject turns, and Isabel's attention turns with it. "I... I never thought about it, really. I know it's important to preserve all those old manuscripts and books." And then something lights up in her brain. "Wait, /Spain/? You've been to /Spain/?"
Ashley Graham The story is enough make Ashley laugh, a pretty sound, like the rest of her. But a natural, honest one too. "I wish I were brave enough to pull something like that, sometimes," she admits. "But there's no way on G-d's green earth I could." She shakes her head again with a bit of a sigh.

Then Isabel asks about Spain, and Ashley nods, leaning back against the shelf. She tests it first with only a little bit of her weight, and then finally relaxes against it once it's clear she won't knock it over and start a domino effect in the stacks. "Oh, sure. Gosh, it's been years now. Let's see. Spain, France a few times, Italy of course, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Hungary weirdly enough, Japan that one time, Egypt but I was only a very young kid for that one. I mean, this is over the course of my entire life, not just in the last year or anything," she's quick to explain. In addition to being on TV, this girl's family must also be loaded.
Isabel "Neither could I," Isabel confesses, her girlish amusement fading down to a small, warm smile, sympathetic and encouraging at once. "I'd be too embarrassed. I did something close one time, and that was bad enough."

But, travel. "Wow... you've been to so many places. I've never even been to Denver," the dark-haired girl confesses. "Or Lebanon, and that's where my mother's from."

The moment of self-pity doesn't last long, though. Over Ashley's shoulder, she spies what she'd been looking for earlier. "Stepstool!" And she hurries over to claim it.
Ashley Graham When Isabel exclaims over her found treasure, Ashley shifts just a little to stand up straight, in case she might be in the way and need to move. But she doesn't, so she settles back to her lean again. "Well, you have to tell me about that," she says playfully. That being whatever it is that Isabel done that's even close to what dear Trent Bradwell did.

"Was Lebannon nice? Have you been to Petra? I'd love to see Petra, personally. I don't know if I could climb the stairs though, but I'd love to try. It's supposed to be an incredible experience. And it's very cool that you have foreign relatives. My family's as American as they come, I suppose," she says with a shrug. "But my father wanted me to be wordly, so he's made a point of making summer vacations rather busy."
Isabel "I don't know. Mom's told me a little about it, but she only knew it as a little girl, when the massacres swept across the country," Isabel replies, grimacing faintly at the memory. "People like her family were being killed everywhere, when they couldn't get out. There aren't any left there now. It's probably a completely different place than she remembers, nothing like here." She frowns down at the stool, which seemed so important a moment ago. "But I still want to go someday with her, just to see it."

Ashley's playful tone of moments ago doesn't let her forget what she'd spoken of, though. "Promise you'll keep it quiet, um..?" She shakes her head, smiling ruefully. "We never did introduce ourselves, did we? I'm Isabel, Isabel Welsh. It's my Dad's name."
Ashley Graham "Oh Jesus, that's right. I'd forgotten about that. I'm so sorry, that must be so difficult for her. But what a wonderful thing that she made it out, and hopefully she's had a happy life so far here in the States." Because America is the bestest. How could the President's daughter say otherwise?

"Of course, I'll keep it to myself. If you'll keep my name to yourself, too. My detail would have an aneurysm if it got out where I'm considering schools." Detail? Oh, the guards. "Ashley Graham."
Isabel "She has, I think," Isabel replies. "I don't think you ever forget something like that, but she's made a new life with my Dad and she's always seemed happy enough. Maybe a little disappointed in little ol' me, though." If Ashley ever met Aalia Welsh, she might understand why.

Then Ashley says her name, and the familiarity of earlier strums the right memory chords. "Detail? Wait... you're /that/..." She stops herself and claps her hands over her mouth. It's a moment before she can speak again, lowering her voice considerably and leaning close. "You're /that/ Ashley Graham? The President's daughter? Wow... no wonder you're here!"
Ashley Graham "Dissapointed, why on earth? You're getting ready to enter college. And it better be a good college or I'm in trouble too," Ashley admits with a laugh. When Isabel finally realizes who the girl is, though, she actually blushes a touch but she nods. "Yes," she explains. "I'm that Ashley Graham. So you can kind of get the whole get-out-of-the-limelight thing. It's kind of weird; we're going to be American royalty for 4 or 8 years and then back to being nobodies. So he's really big on making sure I don't rely too much on the royalty part. Which makes perfect sense." She nods, an additional gesture of agreement to that statement. "But like I said, if you could keep that to yourself ... it'd be great. The last thing I want is another security debriefing where they basically tell me I'm doing everything wrong, and I might die, and all the rest. It's a bit of a downer."
Isabel "I'm only barely getting in. This is the only college that'd take my application," Isabel confesses. "I /think/ it's a good school. I've never heard anything bad about it, anyway."

It doesn't take much thinking to arrive at the same conclusion about staying out of the public spotlight, though Isabel wouldn't have guessed how touchy security would be about the whole thing. Still, her sympathy is totally engaged. She steps forward, giving the taller girl a warm hug that's only slightly awkward. "It's totally our secret," she promises. "To me, you're just Ashley, and to everybody who asks, too."
Ashley Graham The hug is certainly unexpected, but it is returned and Ashley can't help but grin. "Aren't you a sweetheart," the blonde gushes once they've stepped back. "Thank you. I do appreciate it, very much." She shakes her head then. "Anyway, if I were you I wouldn't worry about being able to paper your walls with college acceptance letters. Life isn't defined by that. It's really an empty victory. Getting into a college and making good use of yourself there is the first real step into success. And here you are in the library, so it seems like you're already well on your way in that direction. I always thought it was so silly to judge the success of children. They're children! They haven't even begun to live and what living they've done has been under the roof and rules of adults. You can't declare someone a success or a failure if they've never really had the opportunity to be either, yet." She blushes a little, biting on the lower right corner of her mouth in self-deprecation. "That's my thought, anyway. For what that's worth. But I'm fairly liberal in most things."
Isabel Isabel's answering smile is a little sheepish. "Actually, I was just here to do my library acid test. I wasn't here to start studying... I don't even have a course curriculum yet." She glances around, and, eyes lighting on the spine of a book a ways down, smiles and gestures to Ashley to follow her. Kicking the wheeled stepstool ahead of her, she makes her way down the aisle. "But I think you're right about judging children. Even at my age, I'm only barely starting to think about my life and future, and I'm pretty lost. I have a feeling being a sweetheart won't be much of a bill-paying skill... even if it really should be."
Ashley Graham "I mean, it could be but I'm not sure you want to pay your bills that way," Ashley teases good-naturedly. She easily turns and follows the other girl toward the book she's looking for, curiosity lit across those bright baby blue eyes. "I'm assuming you're going to teach me about library acid tests right now? Because I have absolutely no clue what that is." But she's interested to learn! So along she goes. "Do you know what major you want to do yet, or still thinking on it?"
Isabel Isabel giggles at that observation. Teasing, sure, but sometimes that's very insightful. "No, I probably don't. It's probably too much like dropping your drawers on camera," she ripostes playfully, getting the stepstool situated under the book in question. "My library acid test is simple. I check the computer area, and then I look at the encyclopedia selection. And then I look for three books. This is the first one."

She clambers easily up onto the stepstool, stretches up, and plucks that book from its place, handing it down to Ashley. It's a large, illustrated copy of /Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass/, well-annotated.
Ashley Graham Ashley and Isabel are back in the stacks at the library. It's 2004. The former is wearing a tan A-line skirt with a belt, off-white knit stockings, an ivory lace blouse tucked into said skirt, with black booties and a black stylish hat over her lovely blonde hair. The Dean of Admissions is in the front of the library, chatting with one fellow in a suit while another wanders the library seemingly-idle. Students mull around doing their thing.

For her part, Ashley has a broad grin on her face while she and the other woman talk. She watches Isabel draw the book out and peers over her shoulder at it. Finally there's a knowing grin of pearly whites on the First Daughter's face. "This test has nothing to do with acid, does it." She asks, rhetorically.
Leon Kennedy "I'll be huhhhh for huh-huh," a young man mutters to himself, wandering down the aisle towards the young ladies, his eyes on the shelves. "Youuu can da da daaa..." It's a little sing-songy mutter-hum, quiet and mumbled, a scrap of paper with Dewey Decimal notation scribbled on it clutched in his hand. The other hand brushes his long bangs back out of his eyes, glancing towards the pair only as he's just a few feet away and will need to apparently get past them. "'scuse me," Leon shyly offers, because the library is the one place where gregariousness is frowned upon, and turns his body to try to squeeze past. "Just looking for a book or two."
Isabel "Wrong kind of acid," Isabel replies, stifling giggles. "If it doesn't have my three books, good internet, and good reference books, it's not a good library."
She's about to clamber down from the stepstool when someone comes by. A good-looking someone, and he looks to be just as non-social at the moment as she usually is. "Oh... hi!" she replies, managing a smile. "Literature or reference?" Helpful Bookworm is Helpful!
Ashley Graham "What are the three books? Minus this one of course." Gregariousness is frowned on in a library? Nobody told Ashley! So when Leon tries to squeeze by, she offers him the same million-dollar smile as she's offered everyone else today. "No trouble," she assures the young man, stepping aside to allow him to pass as he needs. She'll rest her weight against the end-corner of the stacks so as to continue conversation with Isabel, but also to give them both room to maneuver. Isabel's words cause that pearly white grin to grow, and amusement to twinkle in those baby blue eyes. "She doesn't even work here," she tells Leon, matter-of-factly. "She's just brilliant, she can tell you where anything is." Apparently Ashley's the wingman, today.
Leon Kennedy "Uh, literature," Leon replies, glancing down at his scrap of paper and grinning, slightly apologetically. He's not the quiet sort, generally, but this is the /library/. "I think I'm close, thanks," he assures them, with a broad, glowing smile of his own. Damn, that's a beautiful man. "Don't let me interrupt, I'm just, uh, well, I'm Leon," comes the abrupt greeting, apparently deciding to interrupt after all and turning sharp blue eyes from Isabel to Ashley. "Nice to meet you."
Isabel Ashley smiles, and Isabel blushes. She really hadn't expected a glowing endorsement, so it's kind of embarrassing when she gets it. Not that she's not grateful, but... "Isabel," she replies, managing to keep her smile.

Of course, his eyes are all for Ashley. Sigh. "And I don't know where it is, but I /do/ know I could find it." /That/ she's sure of, and her smile gains a touch of confidence. And that won't match Ashley's golden radiance by a long shot, but it's /something/.
Ashley Graham "You are close, I think," Ashley confirms with a slight nod. She'll wait for Isabel to introduce herself, and only speaks after the other girl. "I'm Ashley." Of course she is. All blondes are Ashleys aren't they. "It's nice to meet you, Leon. That's a very interesting name, I'm not sure I've heard it before." She pauses, looking up at Isabel for a quick second--perhaps for encouragement?--before turning her eyes back down to Leon. "Are you a student here, Leon?"
Leon Kennedy "Nice to meet you, Isabel, and Ashley," Leon replies politely, not really focusing too hard on either one of them to the exclusion of the other. He's just meeting new people, that's all, not fixating on one or the other. "It's a name," he mentions, of his name. "Greek or something." He's not going to get into the full etymology because that would be weird. "And something like that," he answers about being a student. "I'm finishing up at the police academy this fall, and I wanted to check out the city before I put my preference in for my first assignment."
Isabel "What do you think so far? I've only just arrived in town myself," Isabel admits, not without a grateful look for Ashley. Grateful Bookworm is Grateful! "We'll both be starting college here in the fall, if all goes well."

And that name. "Leon does sound Greek... maybe Roman. I'm pretty sure Ashley is Scottish," she says, unable to help herself. She knows a lot about languages and literature, and evidently she likes to share, NERD that she is. Embarrassing much? She's blushing again as she climbs down from the stepstool. Maybe she'll do her life a favor and bore /herself/ to death as well as Leon.
Ashley Graham "Is it?" Ashley asks curiously, turning her attention back to Isabel. "I've never researched it. I always joked that my father simply picked the whitest name he could imagine." The blonde chuckles at her own little joke. To be fair, Ashley is the whitest name imaginable, isn't it?

At that, the blonde turns her eyes back to Leon, smiling still. "How wonderful," she says to his plan. "I'm sure both of us will feel better having you around to keep troublemakers at bay," she says, a touch playfully and a touch honestly. "As Isabel said, we'll be attending here in the fall." That makes them both high school students. Jailbait alert! JAILBAIT ALERT!
Leon Kennedy Ashley is pretty white, which makes sense because Ashley is both very pretty and very white, so she's all set. Good job, Mr. President. Leon smiles back as Ashley offers her encouragement, mentally doing the math and finding himself close enough in age that it's not /weird/ to be attracted to them but that it's probably not the coolest either. College girls are way cooler, right? Right?!
"Well, wherever I end up, I'm gonna do my best to keep the streets safe," he replies, only half-kidding. "You guys are lucky to go to a real university. Community college was alright but I felt like my professors were kinda checked-out most of the time," he explains, shrugging. "Plus commuting isn't that cool."
Isabel Leon's still looking at Ashley. Maybe that's for the best. Isabel resigns herself to lacking Ashley's cool-factor and nods agreeably. "I think I feel safer already," she agrees quietly. "It does look like a nice university." In her admittedly-limited experience, anyway. "Plus, they accept my scholarship, so money's a lot less of an issue. There isn't a community college where I'm from." Small-town girl in the big city. Even her circumstances are kind of cliched.
Ashley Graham Ashley chuckles, at Leon or Isabel or both. "College is just what you make of it," she states with confidence that no 17 year old should posses. "It's the opportunity to do well or poorly, not the definition of doing well or poorly." She looks back to Leon. "And we haven't started yet, so for all we know, our Professors will be elbow-patched scatterbrains from whom we learn absolutely nothing. This time next year, you could be chasing us on the streets!" She's not serious, and it shows in her playful smile and tone. "Just promise only to shoot us if we really, really deserve it."
Leon Kennedy "Well, I got a degree, so that's all that really matters," Leon chuckles, because who cares about /learning/ as long as you get your piece of paper that lets you into the next level. "But I can't make any promises," he warns Ashley, with a grin and a wink. And then he's glancing towards Isabel, studying her briefly. "Where are you from? Anywhere near here?"
Isabel "Maybe we'd be partners in crime: Ash and Isa?" Isabel suggests, equally seriously. It's not terribly catchy, but their full names would be much worse. "Just, no hurting innocent people, and we only take from people who can afford it." She'd make a perfectly awful criminal.

There is is: The Question. The one she'd dodged from Ashley. "Mumford," Isabel replies, blushing as she brings for the name of a town neither of them is likely to have ever heard of. That's okay: Neither has the entire rest of the world.
Ashley Graham A wink! Well isn't that retro. Apparently it still has the same effect, though, because it leaves Ashley smiling all the wider. And it's not a shy one either. Confident and pleased. "Hmmmm," she purrs in ascent to Isabel, turning her eyes back to the other girl. "Of course," she agrees. "I imagine we'd be the sort to free dogs from puppy mills and go around keying the cars of spousal abusers. Good deeds, but still crimes, which would put our poor Leon here in just a terrible situation," she admits, looking back to him. That look only lasts a moment though, before Isabel once more has her attention. "How far is Mumford from here?" Because, as Isabel feared, Ashley has never heard tell of such a place.
Leon Kennedy "Mumford," Leon repeats, vacantly. "Mum's the word," is his immediate bastardization of the name, which would be hilarious if he didn't say it with a completely straight face and puns weren't literally the worst form of humor.
"Ash and Isa, the vigilante duo, which makes me the curmudgeonly cop with a vendetta to bring you to 'justice', something something about /the law/ and due process, eventually we all realize we're on the same side just in time to save the campus from a supervillain who turns out to be a member of faculty." Leon apparently reads more than his jock-like exterior suggests.
Isabel "Empires have been forged from less than a good partnership. And I'd totally buy it if it were a novel," Isabel says, trying to keep in the giggles. High praise, from her!

She sticks her tongue out at Leon, barely avoiding making a gagging noise. Seriously, the name draws enough bad jokes. "Just over a hundred miles. It's a long drive for a visit," she replies. "I think it only produces cows, rodeo riders, and arguments with the EPA. But it's home."
Ashley Graham "Does that mean I can have a gun too?" Ashley asks Leon, playful in her tone. She bites down gently on the lower right corner of her lip at that, but then resumes being an active, helpful member of the conversation.

"That sounds rather lovely, actually," the city girl says to the country girl. "I mean I'm sure it has its drawbacks, all places do. But it sounds picturesque." Spoken like a true girl who's never spent any time in real rural 'Murica. Ashley looks back to Leon. "And where are you from, Leon, that you'd rather come to police us fine citizens of Raccoon City rather than remain in your own homestead?"
Leon Kennedy "Sounds familiar," Leon remarks, puffing a light snort through his nose. "I'm closer than that, but it's basically the same story." No one is sure exactly where Raccoon is, which makes Leon a bit taciturn in naming his hometown. "Nowhere important. Chief exports are wannabe cowboys and drug addicts." The academy student shrugs at the question. "Raccoon is bigger, and it's still close enough to visit home. I want to make a name for myself, and that doesn't happen on the force of a small-town police department." Curious eyes study the talkative blonde. "That leaves you as the only remaining mystery to be solved."
Isabel "It does have some great scenery, if you don't see it every day," Isabel admits. One landmark actually made it into a calendar once. "It just wears out pretty quick. Lots to see, but nothing to do."

She returns her attention to Leon, smiling a little. "And cops-to-be, maybe?" she teases lightly. "I think you'll be a good one. You're already asking questions and finding things out. Bet my britches there's a gold shield in your future."
Ashley Graham "Ambitious. An attractive feature," Ashley points out. Okay, so maybe it was a touch flirty. But just a touch, no more than to be expected when boys and girls of an age (or near to) are in proximity to each other.

That does leave Ashley to talk about herself, doesn't it? She doesn't miss a beat, though, speaking so smoothly that Isabel, who knows the truth, might be surprised. "Oh, my father's a lawyer in Washington, DC. I thought I might get a taste of real America," she says with a chuckle and a flutter of her lashes, as though overcome by the prospect of it all. "Someplace to allow for an academic focus. I'm sure my family would be pleased to know that such an ambitious young man would be on the local police force," she says, grinning again.
Leon Kennedy The mention of her family being pleased by Leon's being on the police force is a little weird, but Leon decides to dismiss it as an attempt at flirtation, something he's very, very, very used to, especially from girls like this. The popular ones who assume all they have to do is bat their eyelashes and boys will fall at their feet. He's already been captain of the football team and through all that high school 'my daddy doesn't want you around' stuff, though. "Well, this is definitely fly-over country, for the most part," he replies, nodding, smiling even if he's not exactly fawning over her.
Isabel gets a genuine smile as well. "Thanks. I really just want to help people, even if it's just in a small way."
Isabel And Isabel /is/ surprised, though she doesn't show it. Instead she nods as if she's heard the story herself. "Well, you should be just fine here, then," she replies encouragingly. "Raccoon City's big enough to be interesting, but small enough that it's not too distracting and the welcome is warm. Hope you love it here, Ashley."

Back to Leon. "You really mean that, too," she observes, giving him a smile that's friendly and a little admiring. "I can tell. But we should probably let you get back to finding your books. Even cops have to keep a timetable, right?" That tiny hint of coolness towards Ashley didn't get past her.
Ashley Graham Win some, lose some. Harmless flirting is harmless, and Ashley doesn't seem the least bit phased by the lack of flirtatious response. She just smiles, giving the man a nod. "How wonderful," she agrees with Isabel. When the former suggests that Leon get back to his bookfinding, she nods in agreement. "If you're still having trouble finding it, Isabel could help, like she said. I'm useless at organization." Back to playing wingman, but she'll give it her A game!
Leon Kennedy It's all harmless here, no coolness implied. Leon's just not getting all hot and bothered either. "Right, books," he mutters, glancing back at his little list of numbers. He didn't even write down the titles, just the numbers. Which ones were which again? He's been talking so long it's hard to remember. "I think I'll be okay. Probably." A squint down at the scrap, then at the nearest spine. "You ladies have a nice day, and enjoy your visit. Maybe I can give you a ride in my squad car someday. Or /the back of it,/ you meddling kids." The last bit is imbued with just the right of faux-curmudgeon to be funny without being cheesy. Damn, he's charismatic. And look at that face!
Isabel It's probably just a perception issue, but Isabel /did/ meet Ashley first. Loyal Bookworm is Loyal. But she's not /petty/; she does sneak a peek at that sheet of numbers. "I think what you want are a couple shelves down," she suggests helpfully, trying not to giggle at the Irritable Cop impersonation. "We'll be good, promise!"
Ashley Graham Ashley, for her own part, still seems totally fine. No coolness here, either to or from to her eyes! "Mostly good," she promises, with a playful grin to Isabel. She reaches up to flip her long blonde locks back over her shoulder and out of the way. "Though I have a sneaking suspicion we might have a very awkward reunion at a frat party you're busting," she muses, looking back to Leon with a smirk. "Take care, Officer."
Leon Kennedy With a last grin and a parting wave, Leon heads off to find his books.