Umbrella Surveillance System
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Maxim It's morning, well...Barely morning. The sunrise can be beautiful, if you're able to find a spot to see it nicely. Some people were up far too late skinny dipping to be up so early. Some people just never sleep so are up anyway. Some people have work to do and so suck it up, with coffee.

Maxim is the second option. especially since Emma rarely sleeps and his job is to guard her he seems to get by on the occasional nap. Coming back to camp from the direction of the lake, he was either swimming all night long, or just had reason to be back out there.

The air is a touch cooler (Just hot instead of unbearably humid OMG), but for this place cooler, as the sun hasn't made it's way up high enough to really crank on the heat yet. As Max doesn't make treats or coffee, both are regrettably deficient unless someone else who's an early bird gets at least the coffee going.
Tabitha Tabitha can be seen sneaking from one tent, slipping out, and ducking into another, wearing just a towel. A few moments later, Tabitha emerges from that tent, hair tied up and weaing clean scrubs. Seems she as a skinnydipping victim, but daytime and coffee and inevitable work are a draw that she cant ignore
Maxim Making his way to one of the tables in camp, Max hops into one of the chairs, but instead of sitting normally he literally hops onto it, crouching down his toes resting on the edge of said chair, balanced there as he sets a notepad and pencil down on the table. Arms resting on his knees he sees Tabitha, and as she gets herself put together and makes her way out of the second tent Maxim says, "Greetings." It's quiet out, only a few other people up yet, so it's possible his voice carries enough.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes dark, squinting in the early light, but moves over to the sound.. "Oh, hey", sheilding her eyes.. "is there coffee?" glancing around despirately
Maxim Maxim hmms and looks at where the coffee was made the other day, it is quite unused this morning. "I... I have never made coffee, or I would have. I am sorry." He looks slightly sheepish at that. He flips open his notepad and looks it over in the light, and picking up the pencil does this thing with it where he flips it around his thumb and catches it over and over as he looks at the page. "Did you sleep well?" He looks over at the tents, but doesn't say any more than that. Either it's none of his business to pry or... well the man is rather sheltered regardless.
James Scott Did somebody say coffee? One James Scott, the crasher of parties, scourge of bio-weapons, his own worst enemy, walks into the tent with a campfire percolator in one hand and a guitar strapped onto his back. "Morning." he says quietly, setting the still warm thing down on a tabletop. He wasn't skinny dipping and he also doesn't drink coffee, but that doesn't mean he couldn't make some for the others.
Esa Esa awoke early in the morning and made way to the tents once more. His time was spent between Cabimas and Maracaibo's FBC base of operations, though as of late he's fielded most of his work to his personal tent to conduct his duties via his laptop.

Heading inside the tent, he grabs a cup of coffee and a muffin sandwich and heads on over to Daisy. the young Hispanic lady says "She has just been changed and needs another bottle, so I was about to feed her."

Giving a nod and Smiling to the volunteer, Esa says "Well, how about you go rest and I'll take it from here." He gentle takes the babe from the volunteer and begins to feed her while sitting down in a chair once more.
Tabitha Tabitha eyes the twirl of the pencil over Maxim's thumb, never having the skill to do that. She grumbles something noncomittal and stomps over to the coffee maker. There, she proceeds to brow-beat the device, forcing it to issue forth coffee through sheer grumbling and frustration alone. And, some bleery-eyed reading. After a few curse words, the smell of brewing coffee begins to dance on the breeze. The scent of coffee is enough for her to actually open her eyes past a squint, noticing Esa and the small child. She grumbles but not quite do darkly..
Maxim Maxim blinks as Tabitha tries, eventually successfully to get the coffee maker working. He nods after a moment and then says, "I will try to remember those steps next time, and have it ready for you." But then there's a James coming in with coffee for all, and it seems Tabitha won't have to wait.

Balanced as he is on the chair he flips the page on the notepad. An astute observer might see there was a drawing on said page, though being caffeine deprived it might have been missed. He just stares at the notepad another moment then offers a bow of his head to the other arrivals after Tabitha.
James Scott "Ah.." James starts to raise a finger to point out the coffee he brought, but thinks better of it. "Yeah." he exhales through his nose and ops to just set his guitar down and move over to brush his hair. After fiddling with it for a second he gives up and ties it behind him. "I think I'll head out today." the teen decides. "Not sure if I'll be coming back."
Esa Glancing over to James, Esa just shakes his head and focuses back on the child quietly. "You know, James, instead of running around spouting off about suicide missions and spouting off about maybe not coming back, maybe you should seek a counselor instead?" He says glancing to the young man. "Like Mister Turner for example." He adds calmly with a knowing look of understanding. Esa service has put him face to face with PTSD soldiers and friends; he sees the signs.
Tabitha Tabitha returns with coffee, a few sips along the way to help her wake up enough to find the table. She moves over to Essa and the child, a sleepy smile warming her face. Smiling at the child, she looks to James. "You gotta come back. we need you. Otherwise we're at the whim of whatever muscley bad guy decides to come in and randomly hassle us."
Maxim A blink is given as Max stops the movement of the pencil, and flips the page back over the notepad, setting it down on the table, pencil resting upon it. He looks to Esa, then to James, confused a bit as he then looks to Tabitha and raises a brow, the slightest of shrugs and then stays quiet to let the people who apparently know what's going on speak. Hopping off the edge of the chair he goes to look at getting something to eat, or some water.
James Scott "It's not a suicide mission, I just mean to this place." James says with a small shake of his head, gaze turning downard. "And I'm not talking to anybody. What's the point? I don't need them to tell me I'm crazy." When Tabitha speaks up he chuckles quietly, "I can't protect anybody. Hell, I'm the reason Emma is as bad off as she is and Vivienne is dead." Clearly he still isn't over Raccoon either.

"That's why I'll face Spencer alone when I find him. I missed the chance to fight that goddamn monster that was wearing my father's skin and selling the virus to terrorists. That's my fucking legacy Esa, the founding of Umbrella and the creation of mutants and monsters. Hell, I'm not even human anymore."
Esa Esa eyes narrow on James. He gently hands off Daisy to Tabitha and stands before walking over to James. "Alright." He says calmly as he focuses on the kid. "A counselor isn't going to tell you that you are crazy, James. He'll find a way to help you get past this aggressive nature you have, to calm the beast with in." He sighs as he pauses in thought before speaking again.

"You need to understand something James. Our minds are built in a very unique way and are not designed to handle undue stress and violence. That is where PTSD comes from, the inability to handle the complete overload of stress and violence that comes from various aspects of our life. For us, it is combat and what we've seen. For you, it's Raccoon City, Umbrella. There are coping mechanism that can be used to combat against PTSD, against the overload. Soldiers have found it in animals or in certain type of jobs that gives back to the people."

"Mister Turner, or hell, any counselor can help you find that coping mechanism; but only IF you give them that chance. Ultimately, it is up to you, James to fight for your life. Emma, Tabitha, Eve, myself and others are here to support, here to help. But we cannot do it for you. It is up to you to take the first step."

His words are spoken in a very calm, smooth tone of voice; as if one who has had to talk down suicidal soldiers in the past. His eyes show remorse, sympathy and complete understanding of the man's situation, of the stress and PTSD; perhaps he has experienced it himself?

"As for Emma, you are not the reason she is how she is currently. She's been targeted by people, and like you, had to deal with the amount of stress overload that both Paris and Racoon City has put upon her." He says truthfully. "Additionally, your legacy is not your family, not Umbrella or what you are. YOUR Legacy is what you make of it. Here and now."
Tabitha Tabitha blinks as she's suddenly Babied, cuddling up the small bundle of delightful little joy cuddles the little girl. She turns her back to Esa as he begins speaking.. moving a few steps away. Her cheeks flush as she starts making little cute baby-noises, holding the bottle as she settles down in a chair, lost for a moment with the child.
Maxim Maxim blinks as he watches what's unfolding between Esa and James. His hands are balled up some, apparently the conversation hits a little close to home, though the reasons might be different. "Monster. That is a familiar name." His bronze coin finally comes out, and starts flipping over his fingers as he passes on food. "Also Ghost, Shadow, Boogey Man..." He looks to James. "I do not know what you have done. these people have been supportive of me. I would hope they... We, can be supportive of you as well." He heads back to his original chair and table, moving to pick up the notepad.
James Scott James raises his hand, and his nails actually start to grow out, coming to a point. It's almost like Sabertooth stepped out of an X-Men comic. "You misunderstand me Maxim, I was being literal. Last time I checked a human can't see in the dark and rip people apart with it's hands." His nails shrink back some, but they're still thicker and come to a point. Apparently there's no coming back from the mutation.

His gaze turns back onto Esa now, "Nobody's ever done anything for me Esa, so I'm not expecting it. And as for Emma, did she tell you about Raccoon? It wasn't the zombies that broke her, it was my incompetent ass. I'd just been filled with holes from Nemesis, then given a concussion. I couldn't save her. It's kind of funny how the women I love keep getting hurt."

He turns to head out, but comes to a stop nex to Maxim. "Umbrella Security Services, I was a captain. On top of the training I got a few more doses of the Progenitor virus. I'm not much different from some of the monster's I've fought."

With that, he walks out. Something he's gotten very good at over the last year.
Esa "Yes, she has spoken to me about Raccoon City." Esa said calmly. "And again, it was not your fault, James." He added before James walks away. "Right." He sighs and walks over to his coffee and takes a sip.

When it came to PTSD, there were a few that were just beyond saving. Esa feared James was one of them.
Tabitha Tabitha half listens to the conversation.. the little bundle of life and joy.. well, she's like any young woman presented with a baby. She does glance up, giving James a bit a wounded expression.. She's got perhaps the strongest force in the universe cuddled into her arms, and the thing most people would lay down their life for. To see James so deep in the Abyss is painful to watch. Especially when a thrown rope generally gets ignored.

Tabitha sighs softly as he departs, eyes moist as she's unsure if she will see him again. She smiles at Daisy, sniffling a bit before moving to plant a soft kiss on the child's forehead.
Maxim After James holds his hand and does the Sabertooth reinactment, Max blinks a few times, and watches as James departs, raising a brow. He looks at his own gloved hand, and flexes his fingers some. Flipping his coin to that hand to continue it's movement he reaches down with the now free hand to finish picking up his notepad like he had started.

"I was fortunate to avoid that. Though I am not sure if I avoided everything that was done..." He looks distant a bit as the coin moves, his hand working it on an instinctual level. He looks to Tabitha and Daisy, and then to Esa. "Oh. I almost forgot again. I was going to give it to Emma, but since it is of you as well..."

The coin disappears a moment and he opens the notepad. Carefully tearing a page out he hands it over to Esa. Upon it, a drawing while small looks very much like Esa and Emma, in the midst of a dance it seems.
Esa Esa takes the paper and smiles warmly. Cheeks tinting, he nods in appreciation, saying "Thank-you Maxim." His free hand extends out to him. "I'm glad you are protecting her." He adds fondly.
Tabitha Tabitha glances over at the drawing, smiling.. She stands up, and, with reluctance, offers the child back to Esa. "If I keep her any longer, I think my ovaries will begin a civil war. Here..", and gently passes the child back. The feeding complete, Tabitha winks to Esa. "You get to burp her." The best kind of baby. the one you can hand back.
Maxim Maxim blinks at Tabitha as she speaks of ovaries and civil war. Yes something else he'll have to look up later perhaps. Still he bows his head to Esa. "You are welcome. I will make a better one for Emma, so you both can have one."

He grows pensive a moment. The dark haired man looks like he's about to say more, but then grows quiet. Instead he moves back to his chair and has a seat, setting the notepad back down.
Esa Placing the picture in journal like book, "I'm sure she love it, Maxim." There is a pause as he looks to him. "Something wrong?" He asks before turning to find Daisy being handed off to him. Giving a small nod as he carefully takes the babe, a slight grin shifts along his face. "I see." He replies in a calm tone of voice, the grin turning to a warmth of a smile. Laying a towel on his shoulder, he proceeds to burp the child while glancing around. Looking back to Maxim, he smiles kindly encouraging him to speak.
Tabitha Tabitha dusts her hands, moving to take another sip of her coffee to get the smell of Baby out of her sinuses. What an evil smell. it sorta gets you right in the lower abdomen.. Its almost as if she can feel hormones kicking in. She mumbles softly to herself "Coffee to kill them. Coffee to still them.. it is by Beans alone that I set my mind in motion. it is by the power of Java that the mind aquires speed.. the hands aquire shaking. the shaking becomes a warning. it is by java that I set my mind in motion", and quaffs the last of her lukewarm coffee.
Maxim Maxim blinks again as Tab starts muttering... stuff that he has no clue. He looks at her with that kind of 'YoWattheEff??' kind of look, but Esa is talking. Well to be specific he's asking questions, questions of stuff Max is unsure of, but that is probably important he speaks of. "The Company did not do to me what... James' place did to him. It was felt Some should be genetically pure so they could move anywhere without risk."

A breath, and after a pregnant pause he continues, "They did in many of us however impose conditioning. I... I am not sure if I have it. In case I do, everyone should know the word to stop me if... If things go badly." Hands holding each other by his legs as he leans forward slightly, he rubs them together, almost nervously, the slight creaking of leather on leather from his gloves.
Esa Amused by Tabitha's words about coffee beans, Esa face shows one of being amused by the words. Then the baby burps and sighs contently. Smiling still, he shifts to cradle the babe and rock her back to sleep.

Looking to Maxim, he listens quietly and intently. "So, both you and James were Umbrella's Security Services." There is a momentary pause, eyes focusing on the man in front of him, watching him carefully. "And that word is?"
Tabitha Tabitha dusts her hands. "okey. I'm off to actually go put on some underwear and see whats on the schedule" smiling to Esa and giving Maxim a smile. "I'll see you guys later. She disappears into the maze of tents, heading to her own.
Maxim Maxim frowns and shakes his head at the mention of Umbrella. "No. At least, The Company never mentioned this..Umbrella. It was just... The Company." A shrug is added as Maxim really has nothing to add on the place, at least unless asked specifics.

At the mention of the word Max nods and steels himself. "There were a few trigger words. One specifically to unleash.. the Monster. One to put him back. The one to put him back is, Sdaysya. I have heard the Uchitel' use it before, I am sure it is the same for all of them."
Esa Esa listens quietly as Maxim speaks, his head giving a slow steady nod. It was not comforting to know that trigger words may have been programmed in Maxim mind. Worse, Sdaysya could be the trigger to turn off the monster... But without confirmation...

He sighs and smiles gently to him. "I'm sorry Maxim that the Company did that. Seems like there are more monsters in the world today attempting to abuse and control people through various means." His head shakes sadly as he lays Daisy in the basinet. "Makes me scared for the youth." He adds
Maxim Maxim nods solemnly as Esa mentions being afraid for the youth. "I... I worry about everyone. I worry I will only be good for killing, and not protecting. I worry something will happen and I will fail all of you, who have helped me so much. But all I can do is focus." that coin slips back to his hand, flipping over fingers as he seems to relax at least a little.
Esa "It's ultimately up to you on which road you will go down, Maxim." Esa says as he sits back down, looking to him. "I'm a solider. Doesn't mean I have to kill, doesn't mean I always follow orders. Look where I am, and who I am helping." He notes calmly. "We all have a choice, to fight; to figure a way to be better, or to succumb to programming, our negative thoughts and be that monster."
Maxim A nod as esa speaks, and Max moves to tuck his notepad away. Standing, he says, "I should go check on the perimeter, and check on Emma. Thank you Esa. I will take your words... How you say... To heart." He gives a bow to the man, and starts to make his way out.