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Buck Rogers Sweet Carora, the town on the river; it flourishes on cattle ranching, milk production, and grape wines, surrounded by fertile green fields and visions of distant mountains. The further into the town one goes, the denser it becomes, bright buildings and wide streets-- but Archene and his companions approach from the outskirts, having sent word to the local militia he armed that he would be initiating the attack tonight.

This far out, the land is vineyard and river and grass, grass, grass; the streets are more driven-over dirt paths than pavement and walkways stomped flat by heavy boots. The plantation house can be seen looming in the distance, and the fields, once made for grapes, have been repurposed for coca plants-- rows upon rows of them, feeding the river boats that carry it downriver to be processed and later sold.

It is the beginning of evening. The horizon is a pale red. In the heat, shirtless children work in the field, wielding machetes and harvesting the crop. Three armed men watch from the back of a pick-up truck a short distance away.
Silent Night Archene and the other of Tricell people were on foot, while it'd be acceptable to come on a vehicle given possible resistance and the lack of an armored one, that'd just be a way to get them all up in smoke just due to bad luck.

"Just a recap for all of you, I've contacted the milia already, they should be attacking later today. What we are doing now is to make sure they get as little resistance as possible, and in the end are thankful to us. This area here is vital to Tricell." Archene explained quietly to the others are he walked forth in his office suit, a sniper rifle slung across his back while a pistol was holstered at his waist, "Vinz, consider this a field practice for you. This is clearly far less resistance than you may get should you encounter Umbrella resistence while working alongside Berger. Just stick along with us, and be sure to not shoot civilians. Otherwise, consider this a learning experience." He gives him an encounraging smile before ajusting his shades and looking off towards the three armed men by a pick-up truck.

"Delia, I think I can take two of those down, quickly, can you take the other one before he reacts?" Archene then glances at Markus, "Else, we might end up getting children needlessly hurt tonight. And that, will certainly hurt the PR on a local level."
Delia Delia follows along and carefully get behind cover. At Archene's words she nods and takes her pistols out of their holsters, double checks the safeties are off as well as the chamber is loaded. She is waiting for Archene signal before she is ready to blast her target. Hopefully getting a head shot and causing a lovely red mist to temporarily fill the air.
Markus Berger Markus follows along as well with his assault rifle ready and gets into cover while gesturing for Vinz to get down as well. Having no specific target himself he prepares to take care of any stragglers, unwelcome surprise visitors or whoever survives getting shot at by either Delia and Archene. After all, they are the experts when it comes to killing others.
Vinz Vinz looks pale and rather terrified. He nods to Archene's speech and replies softly, "Yes sir, I will do my best, ive never fired a gun before..." He lets that hang in the air as he draws the pistol and then settles in with it. He remembers something from the explanation given to him that he needs to keep his finger off the trigger until he fires, so he does so. He falls into position near Markus, waiting for him to clean up and just doing his best to not get in the way and stop someone from taking free shots at him. "I think I am as ready as i can be sir." He whispers softly to Markus.
Silent Night "Markus, just be sure to take care of anyone who runs away, if they run towards the kids. Leave those for me. Burst fire and the like can get us needless accidents."

Giving Delia a nod, Archene draws his Arbiter, taking aim at the head of the furtherst of the three, whom he thought would have more chances of hiding behind the pick up truck. He fires a bullet, quickly aiming at the second nearest target, firing again just after. Delia could take care of them given this much support, or so he'd expect. This was, however, the first field mission afterall. Trust-building is important.
Buck Rogers Archene's aim is almost as divine as his Tricell-marketed cologne; his shot carries right through the chest of one thug sitting on the side of the truck's back, blasts out his back, shatters the truck's rear window and destroys the driver's shoulder; in a panic, he slams on the gas. The truck lurches forward with a chug, but he can't steer right-- he's in shock, wounded, unsteady. It veers left and right and ahead of it is a group of walking kids, carrying baskets!

Delia's own cowboy pistols clean up where Archene didn't. Even as the truck moves, she's expertly placing bullets in the men still in the pick-up's back, who are smacking the side and screaming to drive, drive.

As for Markus and Vinz? The two of them, not engaged with the truck or combat, see something that warrants immediate attention..

One child worker making eye contact with them as he crouches amidst the coca plants. He fidgets. And scrambles for a radio on the ground next to him.
Markus Berger Markus suddenly has a problem of practical and moralic issues. Shooting the child worker who is the easier target or the radio next to him. Being who he is he of course goes with the impractical approach of starting to fire at the radio instead in the hopes that he hits it.
Delia Delia immediately moves and begins to shoot at the enemies when Archene nods. A sick grin curling her lips as she watches the bullets from both her chest hit her target and looks to be in pure bliss as she watches the blood explode from the wounds and then the body drop. Dun. Dun. Dun. Another one bites the dust! Her eyes quickly searching for her next target which is the tires on the truck. And it wonderously pops as she lands both bullets in that rubber bitch!
Vinz Vinz sees his chance and decides its time to act, he moves forward with his cellphone in his hand reading while running in broken portuguese, "I am help, run me follow!" He yells. He waves his arms trying to get the kids attention to move them away from where the bullets are flying.
Buck Rogers The radio is shot and sparks out before the young boy lays a finger on it. He freezes, stares up at Markus, and then scrambles away, breaking into a run away from the armed interlopers.

Delia's quick-thinking manages to blow out the front right tire of the pick-up. The driver's poor steering is now nonexistent, careening off the path away from the kids and, turning too sharply, flipping onto its side. The corpses of the thugs in the back of it tumble out and bleed into the drug plants.

Some of the children follow Vinz as he moves them away. They might not trust him, but they know that when bullets fly, you get your head down and get out.

The plantation might have heard the gunfire. Might not have. The radio alert was stopped, at least. Next move.
Silent Night "Well, that went well enough." Archene glances at the truck, "At least it did not explode." He looks back towarsd Vinz before saying, "We should get going, even if they haven't heard the shots, I'm sure they have their ways to keep track of the situation here. And I'd rather keep the surprise effect."

He just gives an approving nod to Vinz, before starting to go towards the Plantation.
Delia Delia listens to Archene and is easily following along with him. Her pistols remain drawn as she continues to do her checks. One can never be too careful of possible attack from the sides or the rear for that matter. She is ready to fire on anything that springs out at them in truth.
Vinz "Follow help, faces near earth." He repeats to the children from his translator app. He nods to Archene, "Yes, lets keep them moving. Hopefully they realize they are being rescued." He searches his app before trying again, "We are rescue here, please follow, no more work here for bad men." He hopes that this last will gather any of the stragglers unsure of them.
Buck Rogers The plantation house is a stately thing done in old colonial style. It is painted white and the windows have red shutters. The front of it has a set of majestic twin stairs climbing a small hill, a statue between them at its base of El Papa himself. The stairs lead to the porch and home atop the hill. A guard is taking a piss off to the side, a lit cigarette clasped between his teeth. He's the one who'd see the group as they come, if he weren't distracted-- the others are sitting on the front porch at a small coffee table, gambling over a local game played on a checkerboard-esque square. The lot of them have alcohol and smokes, the smell of which is pushed out by the rotating electric fan pointing at them from a nearby windowsil.

Vinz's humanitarian efforts pay off. The majority of the kids have gotten low and stopped moving. Whether they understand it's a rescue and not a takeover is unclear, but they obey.. never letting go of their machetes.
Silent Night "Well, after I shoot the watcher... Sincerely, short of needly use of property damaging explosives, other than sustained fire there is little I can recommend. Just shoot anyone holding a weapon, once we fight here, people from the hosue are likely to come over as well." Archene has never truly been a team worker, but some things have to change right? If orders are vague enough, people might even take initiative to just do the right thing consistently!

With that, he aims the rifle at the watchrs head, very carefully before firing.
Delia Delia aims her guns at two seperate men on the porch, shooting each of them twice before moving onto her next targets. Immediately moving for cover to be behind, yes she is wearing armor but better to avoid being shot at all.
Vinz Vinz stays with the children, his pistol ready but hoping he doesn't have to use it. He waves for the children to find some cover behind things, moving himself to at least give him something to hide behind if the bullets start flying from the house. He readies himself to shoot to the front door if needed.
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile just aims in the general direction of anyone that looks armed. After all, its unlikely that he will be needed to kill any of the three targets right now so no need to waste ammo on them just yet.
Buck Rogers With a blast like the sun, the watcher's head erupts in a mist that paints the wall red. It takes his body a moment to realize he died-- he finishes his piss, shakes the drips off, and then falls to the side, just another corpse.

So close, however, there's no way to mask the sound of weaponry. The other cartel goons around the table stand up and quickly retrieve their weapons, knocking over their board in their haste. They yell and look toward the source of the fire.. but Delia had moved to flank, and before they know it she's pumped a hunk'a burning lead into each.

The surviving thug takes one look at his friends going down, and runs through the front door, slamming it shut and locking it before taking off.

It's hard to hear, but he's saying something like 'oh hell no' in Spanish.

As Delia storms the front, and Archene covers her, Markus and Vinz have the opportunity to follow in or circle around to the back of the house, and see what's there. After all, the kids are sufficiently frightened that, worst case scenario, they're just going to run away from the plantation, rather than to it.
Silent Night Archene quickly slings his sniper rifle over his back, drawing his pistols before walking towards the front door. He stays just besides the door before shooting the lock, or noticiable locks... before kicking the door in. He shouts in Spanish! "Drop your weapons and no one else dies tonight." Of course, he is more than ready to realease a burst shot at anyone who does not... or just hide back behind the corner if there are too many thugs in.
Buck Rogers The door is deadbolted from the inside. But a string of curses follows Archene's comment, and a spray of bullets follows that.
Delia Delia is shooting down anyone who pulls out their weapon on her. That same sick, twist smile curling her lips as she watches the bodies drop. Soon she is ducking behind cover to quickly refill her weapons.
Vinz Vinz decides if the bullets are coming from the front door, more may decide to try to circle around. He then decides to take a longer route, finding something to hide behind as he moves to cover the back of the house. He hopes the kids stay put or at least clear away from the fighting.
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile circles around to the back of the building to be able to shoot anyone deciding to get out that way, keeping his head down all the while since getting shot is not part of the plan today. At all.
Buck Rogers A few of the kids follow Vinz. They're haggard, gaunt creatures, their clothes ratty and torn, and their bodies smeared with dirt. But he is their Pied Piper, and they march with him around the manor, Markus accompanying them all. They're no longer within reach of Archene or Delia, and the group is firmly split up-- but they do see, through one of the bedroom windows up top, a man speaking into a walkie-talkie in a panic. A few words can be made out: crazy white girl, shipment, river, El Papa.

He then opens the window and clambers out as Delia and Archene manage to break the door down and enter a prolonged gun fight with the remaining soldiers. He drops down onto the roof of the back porch, wincing as his ankle rolls. He sees the group in his peripheral, drops to the ground with a pained cry, and begins to quickly limp toward the river that runs along the property. There's a little boat shed there, and a small motorboat.

Inside the foyer, the bullets fly. They smash into walls and paintings; it's an all-out brawl, but Archene and Delia are professional psychopaths. Still, they're outnumbered-- from the halls, from doors, the household comes with guns and blades.
Silent Night The fight is doubtlessly long and hard, but hopefully it will sate the other psychopath's bloodlust. He was just fine shooting anything that moves and shoots back, or simply shooting the way bullets came from. He did Duck, roll and dodge around, but beyond that, just a normal psychopath in a luxury suit shooting off thugs.

It will certainly make a wonderful story to be retold one of these days.
Delia Delia easily moves out of the mirage of bullets coming at them. This pretty little psychopath takes her shots when she can to try and mow down some of those with the guns. Markus or Vinz can always stitch her up if she gets a bullet somewhere right?
Vinz Vinz finds himself a corner of the building to press up against and waits to see if anyone runs out of the back. He sure hopes they don't! He holds ready just in case, letting Markus by him should he decide to take point.
Markus Berger Meanwhile on the other side of the house Markus spotted his next prey. Namely someone who he now wants to greet with a bullet into the leg, simply because he wants to have someone to interogate later. Not to mention that thanks to his medical equipment he is quite capable of making sure that it would take a while for him to bleed out before he got 'proper' medical attention. The result being that a certain running man is getting shot at now.
Buck Rogers The fighting is frantic-- Delia and Archene opted for a direct assault, which let them take out the most men possible in as short a time as possible.. but it also meant the two of them took some injuries-- a cut from a knife here, a grazing bullet there. A few punches or kicks. At one point, a goon got shoved into a shelf, ripped it from the wall, and swung it like a baseball bat at their heads.

The limping man is in no condition to dodge Markus. He cannot get away; the distance between them is closed, the bullet loosed, and on top of his bum ankle he's now got a broken kneecap. He collapses, bleeding, onto the dirt ground, the boat still many yards away.

"Fuck you," he howls, clutching his leg. "You piece of shit, you son of a whore! I'll fuck your mother, asshole! I'll kill you!"

Back in the house, eventually, the dozen or so cartel goons operating out of the plantation house have been put down. Archene and Delia are free to loot and pillage, but there isn't much-- some fresh bread and cheese, a really nice bottle of local wine, a chilled cow tongue, and, in the master bedroom, an open window looking out over the backside of the property, the river and boats and grasses.. and the rest of the team looming over a wounded man, a gang of jackal-like children clutching long knives surrounding them.
Delia Delia walks over to the now tackled once limping man with a look of revenge echoing in her eyes as she signs "You aren't going to be doing that to anybody... now... why not be a good little bitch and tells us where to find Papa... and my ex fiance..." Perhaps she is expecting someone to verbally say it for her in case the asshole doesn't understand sign language.
Buck Rogers The man knows a few words in ASL: specifically, the middle finger and a jerking off motion.
Silent Night Archene follows behind Delia, a bruish on his face, some blood on his suit. Nothing unexpected. I'd not make signs like that, he tells the man, "We can remove your fingers after the nails if you have no plans to stop." He smiles before speaking Delia's words, "And she is saying that you aren't going to be doing -that- to anybody. And is very, very politely threatening you to tell us where to find Papa and her ex-fiance."
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile has exactly two reactions. A quick stomp on the offending hand and putting pressure on his chest with a boot to make sure he doesn't squirm too much as he half-heartedly uses his First Aid Spray on the mans bleeding injury. "If you are particularly unlucky I'll be the one handling your 'disassembly' and I know how to drag it out by quite a bit. Trust me, I'm a doctor."
Vinz Vinz is pretty overwhelmed by everyones sudden switch to cutthroat, "Cant we just sedate him and talk him some place quiet? Shouldn't we be getting out of here or like...securing the place or something?" He is obviously new. He glances between the children and then back to Archene, "Should I get the kids out of here or are we safe now? Maybe photo op some of this...minus the bodies?"
Buck Rogers At some point, a few of the kids ventured off. Judging by the screams and chopping sounds that come from the manor, they're butchering the wounded left inside.

Markus' stomp bends the man's middle finger the wrong way and it breaks nosily. He screams. Now that they all get a good look at him, he's better fed than most of the goons, has a thin mustache, and a bald spot on his crown. He nurses the hand close and spits at their feet.

"You don't find him," he says, "he finds you. But I tell you where her man is, yeah?" His good hand curls, beckoning them close.. and then he's grabbing his cock through his pants. "Right here, eh? C'mon, baby, Herman will give you a goooood time!"

He laughs. Even when one of them no doubt hits him again.
Delia Delia doesn't even hesitate, she shoots the limping man right in the dick, emptying a whole clip there. Joy dancing in her eyes as she sadisitically smiles before stepping upon what may be left and twisting her toes down upon it like she is about to spin. Vinz's words ignored, she is in her zone.
Silent Night It doesn't take 5 whole seconds for Archene to shoot the man's face half a dozen times. "Yup, he is useless." He then looks back at the Plantation then at the boats, "In the least, we should properly have a look at the area and secure it before meeting the villagers. This area should be safe, an image is appropraite. But may be troublesome without appropriate edits. We don't exactly look like heroes." He then looks at Vinz for a few more moments, "And good job. But in regards to people like him, it'd be a waste of time and effort, El Papa should be coming for us eventually anyhow. It is just good we managed to strike a limb first."
Vinz Vinz catches two just emptying their magazines into the man on the ground and quickly vomits, falling to all fours. After a few moments he recovers, wiping his mouth and spitting with a shudder. The next few sentences are rapid fire lithuanian while he tries to gather himself.
Markus Berger Markus himself... actually looks slightly disappointed at the sudden demise. "Well, that was abrupt. I actually wanted to kick him dead. I have no patience for those kinds of bastards." With that said he too looks around a bit as well. "Probably should at least move the corpses around a bit. Make it look less like the butchery it was once the villagers get a look at this mess." Vinz freaking out meanwhile causes the Doctor to sigh and him to kneel down next to him. "This is why I'd greatly prefer to not drag you along. You get used to it, but in all honesty? I have seen worse than this."
Buck Rogers The plantation has been conquered; what forces might linger in the town proper will be left to the future actions of Archene and his militia. The main coca fields have been seized, the majority of the cartel's muscle in the area has been executed, and, though the cartel has been alerted, Archene and his friends have time to fortify and recuperate.. after all, it takes at least a little bit to arm helicopters.

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Archene Night: International Man Of Mystery!