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Eve The sun is going down in Cabimas, the last beams of light reflecting on the lake. The volunteers are still working on the plots, but they've moved to planting and there is a lot of silliness going on with buckets of water. A cluster of doctors sits off to one side, eating a late dinner and people just mill around several bonfires, talking quietly amongst themselves.

After Elliott raised some concerns about safety and security, Eve finds herself taking a walk closer to the water, looking out for anything that might be out of the ordinary. She's wearing a pair of of ratty denim jeans and a mud stained t-shirt.
Esa Leaving little baby Daisy to sleep in the basinet, Esa made his way to the water quietly. Rubbing the back of his neck ever so slightly, his eyes gaze upon the lake before looking across the sandy beach. His gaze falls upon Eve and a soft smile is given with the words "Evening" spoken to her. "How are you?" He asks, walking over to her.
Isabel Having just returned after a quick daytrip into the city for more batteries, Isabel Welsh finds herself at loose ends. With her equipment, she can't be anywhere near the water-bucket silliness, and she's had enough of digging to last a month. And then there's the natural reserve people feel around journalists in this part of the world, pushy folk that most of them are.
So she's off by herself near the lake, looking rather like a local herself in the fading light: patched jeans, well-worn TerraSave tee, and long, unbound black hair. She's getting a shot of it, to complement the recent human aid footage from Cabimas. The only trouble is where to use any of it; this isn't exactly Zombietown Journal material...
The sound of voices not far away makes her grimace faintly: She'd hoped for a lonely shot of the lake, with only the natural sounds. But the voices themselves draw her away, leaving the camera to film for itself. Lifting a hand in a wave, she moves to join the speaking pair.
Eve Eve smiles at Esa and shrugs. "I'm doing okay, I need a shower...a few days ago, actually. I have mud in places I've only ever experienced via mudbath before." She glances back towards the camp, her eyes lingering for a moment or two. "But we're getting a lot accomplished. This place is coming together wonderfully." She hasn't spotted Isabel yet, her focus on Esa at the moment.
Esa A pull on his lips twists them in to a small teasing grin as he says, "So that was the smell that lingering in the tents." He winks and takes in a slow breath before releasing it. "Yeah, I remember Iraq and Afghanistan.. how the sand got everywhere." Looking back to her, he adds "You ever seen those comical little scenes where people dump like a foot and half of sand from a boot?" He pauses for a moment and adds "It really does happen."

He glances back to the camp, nodding "Terrasave has done this little city a good service. I remember seeing despair the first time I was here; now there is hope." He looks back to her now, smiling again as he digs his hands into his jean pocket.
Isabel "Sounds like I need to try and rig up a shower like we used back in the theater in Raccoon," Isabel comments as she gets into conversational range. "Hey, Eve, and friend! I guess the digging's still going well?"
So much for her peacefully unattended lake shot. Oh, well... she's probably got enough footage anyway. And she could just show it without sound.
Eve Eve turns as she hears Isabel and she grins over at the dark haired woman. "I wouldn't say no to a shower, and because I need one so badly..I won't hug you right now." She jokes, her arms folded loosely over her chest. "The digging is still going well, we've got planting done, water filters made and most of the people who needed treated here when we arrived are doing well." She glances between Esa and Isabel and adds. "Going to speak briefly with Emma, see if she would be all right if we give some of the men here basic defense training, so they don't fall to the Government again right after we leave."
Esa Giving Isabel a small smile, Esa says "Hello Isabel." in a kind tone of voice as he steps back from the lake a bit. Looking back to Eve, his head nods in agreement. "Wouldn't hurt really to have some informal or formal training."
Isabel "Probably a good idea," Isabel replies teasingly... but she hugs Eve anyway. "I'll just not breathe too deeply; my father used to say that the sweat of work didn't smell bad, but it won't be the first thing we've disagreed on."
Her attention slips to Esa, even as she tries to remember where she's met this man. "You have me at a disadvantage, sir," she says at last. "But from what I've heard of El Presidente, who has been elected by nobody, training would be a good thing."
Eve Eve jerks her chin towards Esa and grins at Isabel. "You interivewed him for the clip about the FBC." She reminds her gently, glancing back towards the city again, sniffing briefly at herself as she does. "I walked out here because I was half tempted to take a dip if nobody was watching." She has an impish twinkle in her eyes. "Think I should?"
Esa At that, Esa steps back and smiles "On that note, I probably should go check on Daisy." He tells the women as he turns to head back.
Isabel Isabel frowns in confusion, hearing Eve. She peers at Esa, then recognition dawns. "Holy fudge... /that's/ where I remember you from! You seemed so much different then, and now... wow, what a turnaround!" She smiles, barely restraining herself from hugging him. "How are you? You look so much better... who's Daisy?"
Eve's impish suggestion draws a faint smile. "I wouldn't go too far out. I don't think this lake's got pirahna, but other things might be in there."
Eve Eve gives the water a considering look and then glances down at herself, a frown on her face. "If I don't get submerged in water soon, I may never recover." She jokes softly, giggling. "I don't have any abraisions or scrapes, even after that gunfight last night. I would..hopefully be safe?"
Esa Esa heads back up to the tents quietly, hands dug in his pockets.
Isabel "There was a /gunfight/ last night?" Isabel exclaims, blinking. She'd gone back to Maracaybo right after putting away her shovel the previous day, and so had missed the altercation. "What happened?"
Eve "Well.." Eve begins, sighing heavily as she turns to tell Isabel the story. "We had been robbed twice now, last night some man came here intending to rob us again. We had enough, we took steps." She glances around to make sure they're alone before she takes a step closer, her voice lower. "He was wearing FBC gear, they had information on him. He had gone AWOL...It was bad."
Isabel "I'm sorry I wasn't here to help," Isabel replies, lowering her voice and giving Eve another quick hug. "So, a lone gunman pretending to be FBC was the culprit... Did they say who he was?"
Eve Eve blushes as Isabel gives her another hug and she scuffs her foot on the dirt. "Well, he actually was FBC, AWOL...but affiliated with them none-the-less. The media got a hold of it so once again..what a mess." She narrows her eyes as she shifts through her memory before she replies. "Thomas was his name."
Isabel "Sounds like I'll be doing another counterpiece to a BBC smear campaign. I saw it on the news this morning; I thought it was just a sighting or something," Isabel murmurs, hugging Eve a little tighter. "I figured Tommy Boy was twisting the facts, like good ol' Dale. I had no idea this creep had opened fire on the town. Did he hurt anyone?"
Eve "He shot James once, but ...he seemed to shake it off." Eve says, sounding a bit shaken about that. "The volunteers dropped at the first hint of gunfire, not that I can blame them." She wrinkles her nose and exhales a soft sigh, hugging Isabel back. "We're going to need to release *something* to the media, but it'll have to be well written."
Isabel "You're trembling," Isabel whispers, hugging Eve a little closer. She runs her hand through the taller woman's long hair soothingly. "I don't think I'll be going back into Maracaybo 'til we're done here. Just in case he's got friends."
She glances back towards the camp, in the direction Esa had gone. "The FBC might not want the tree shaken just yet..." Isabel stifles a smile. "I guess it's a good thing I don't answer to any networks. What do we know about this nutjob?"
Eve "I had to shoot him, and I still feel horrible about that." Eve admits quietly, not moving in case Isabel is tempted to let go. "We don't know much, just that he ..well..I don't even know where to begin, honestly.
Isabel Isabel isn't tempted, either to let go or to stop comforting Eve. "Maybe we should talk about him later," she suggests. "For now, I think you suggested a swim... or was it a wade? Either way, it involved returning some mud to nature," she teases gently, trying to lift the blonde's spirits.
Tabitha Tabitha pokes her head from the tents, looking around for someone of importance, then hurries over to where she spots Eve. "Hey! Eve!", calling out.. "Who did that gut shot? Did Emma do it, or did Frank?", said a bit softer as she gets closer
Eve Eve jumps as Tabitha calls out and she turns, waving at Tabitha from Isabel's arms. "We're going for a swim, you're welcome to join us." A beat. "Frank took care of it." She answers quietly, wrinkling her nose. "The guy escaped this morning though, fell into the river."
Isabel Isabel gasps, both at the sound of Tabitha's voice so suddenly close and the feeling of Eve nearly jumping out of her embrace. It takes her a second to realize what just happened. "Jeez, Tabi... give us girls a little warning?" she asks, sighing in relief. "What Eve said... wait, gut shot? What happened? Who escaped? Our FBC deserter?"
Tabitha Tabitha pulls up short, seeing how the two were sitting, eyes widening. "Oh.. Um.. Sorry. I..", forgetting a bit about her patient. "I .. maybe should go clean some stuff", taking a step or two back towards the tents, cheeks flushing fiercely.
Eve Eve smirks in Tabitha's direction and she gently disentangles herself from Isabel's arms. She marches up to Tabitha and snags her hand, pulling her down towards the lake. "You're coming with us, if there are pirahna, you're going to have to save our life." She jokes, winking at Isabel. "We could all use some...refreshment."
Isabel Isabel blushes as well, looking after Tabitha as Eve slips from her embrace. She's not about to stop her. "Sorry... it's been that kind of past two days," she says, as Eve drags the doctor back. "But Eve's right about the lake, and you're the local professional, aside from Emma. And I don't see her here."
Maxim It's been a rough time of it there lately for Max. Well, not entirely, and that's almost why it is. Thefts and attempted thefts when he was off duty or on duty elsewhere, he was beginning to feel useless. And so Maxim decides to do something relaxing, and to help get some of the sweat off and cool down, a nice trip to the lake. As silent footsteps carry him to the area he slows up as he hears that he's not alone in his idea, hearing familiar voices before he gets closer to see familiar faces by the lake.
James Scott From the darkness on the other side of the river there's a subtle *thunk* followed by a small splash. Immediately after there's a much larger splash, something roughly human hitting the water, followed by the sounds of struggle. This only lasts for about fifteen seconds before everything falls quiet.
Tabitha Tabitha gets a bemused expression on her face as Eve leades her back, holding her hand, and feeling a tad sheepish as well. She waves to Isabel and Is NOT about to argue with Eve. "I've been eyeing this water since we got here. Never knew if it was safe for swimming. Haven't checked for critters and whatnot." She glances towards the spash.. "..thats a big jumping fish!", squinting in that direction. "They got gators here?"
Eve Eve stares at Tabitha and Isabel, the desire to be clean and wet warring with the possibility that creatures might be in there. She squares her shoulders and pulls off her shirt, kicks off her boots and wiggles out of her jeans, leaving on her underthings on. They're not fancy, and they'll do in a pinch when it comes to going for a swim. She marches out into the water, not splashing a lot as she eases into deeper water. "Come on in you two!" She calls out. "If there is a gator we can wrestle it together!"
Isabel "It certainly /looks/ peaceful..." Isabel muses, looking out over the lake.
Until that splash and countersplash come from the river. "Crocodiles," she says, remembering something from school. "There are crocodiles on this continent, but I don't know if they're local residents."
Still, Eve's offer is too tempting, especially in this climate. "Sounds like a plan... but who gets the tail?" she asks through giggles, even as she's taking off her hiking boots. Stupid laces...
Maxim Not wanting to startle anyone more than just getting into the water would, Max eventually calls out as he gets closer, "Greetings." Well not much of a yell. Max doesn't seem to be the yelling type. Well not much the talking type either but definitely not the yelling type. Still as he gets closer to the sound of the people already there he slows up, looking about.
James Scott Rising out of the water in front of Eve is none other than James Scott, an absolutely /massive/ goliath tigerfish dead in his arms, a sharpened wooden stick protruding from the center of it's body. "Usually I get the tail, but I'll settle for head." he says quietly, what little light there is reflecting off of his left eye much in the same way it would a cat's. Judging from that it's very possible that he had been able to see women the entire time he was on the opposite bank.
Tabitha Tabitha , following Eve's directive, doesn't even flinch when James appears with a fish. She peels off her scrubs, revealing a black sports bra and french-cuts, and a figure she normally tries despirately to hide. But, water, and the days she's had so far, she just cant say no. She begins moving into the water, letting toes explore the unseen bottom, as she draws closer to Eve
Eve Eve swims quietly towards Tabitha, wrapping wet arms around her friend as she squeezes her in a hug. When James suddenly appears, she lets out a yelping short scream that brings security to the edge of the lake. When she realizes what is going on Eve starts to laugh, and suddenly she's crying. It's unclear if the tears are happy, sad or exhausted tears, but she is hiccuping as she treads water.
Esa Esa is drawn back to the lake along with the security at the yelping, short scream that comes from Eve with a flashlight in hand.
Maxim There's a tensing as the scream occurs. James popping from the water doesn't seem to bother Max, but the ensuing scream has him on edge, crouched down, not sure what to do as he feels something is wrong, but.. It's just James. Eventually Max stands back up and slips his boots off, his coat and folds it neatly down, the starts to remove his other clothing.

He looks to everyone, Max is not good with all the feels, so he keeps looking to the others as Eve breaks down and starts crying. Surely someone knows what to do about that cause he's kind of at a loss especially not being in the water yet.
Isabel "Hi, Max!" Isabel calls cheerfully, toeing off her last boot. She pauses to wave and smile to the big man, then gets back to work. That water looks inviting, and she's still too dressed to go in. At least nothing else she's wearing has laces!
Off come her jeans, joining her boots on a rock on the lake shore. She's just pulling off her TerraSave tee when Eve screams.
"Eve!" The dark-skinned girl dashes into the water, lunging into a quick crawl-stroke. Only when she's within touching distance does she realize that what made her friend scream was human. She gives James a reproachful look, moving to give Eve a comforting hug.
James Scott "Sorry about that." James sighs quietly. "This guy had been attacking people. I didn't want you to get hurt." He exits the water to to toss the fish on the bank. He's not nude, but he isn't too far from it, having jumped in in his underwear. Not really wanting to be seen dressed like that he quickly enters the water again. "Don't worry, I'm not staying to cause you any more problems." Just like that he's under the water, swimming for the other side.
Emma There is another flashlight that marks the way of another. It weaves and wobbles over the ground, hurriedly so as the scream was heard. The person holding it would be Emma, rushing forward to make sure what's going on.

"E - everythin' okay?!" asks the lass.
Tabitha Tabitha hugs Eve in the water before she dunks herself below the surface, lifting back up with a sputter, slicking her hair back behind her. "Emma?" she calls out to the light, not sure.. but.. it sorta 'feels' like Emma, or maybe she's imagining things..
Eve Eve blinks, wiping at her eyes with both hands, her head shaking as James speaks up. "It's not you.." She manages, hiccuping still. "It's just the last week, I wasn't expecting South America to be so.. soo.." She can't say anything else because of her emotions so she simply dunks her whole head into the lake and comes up sputtering. "Oh dear.." She holds tight onto Tabitha, fearing that she might sink.
Maxim Maxim slips into the water, his clothing left on a pile on shore. whether he left anything on, I guess unless someone hit him with a flashlight you'll never know. But he's in the water, with much less fanfare, or noise. He merely treads water there, quiet as usual, though he does circle closer to Eve.
Isabel Isabel slips her arms around Eve, treading water to help hold them all up. "Maybe we'd better get back to shallower water," she suggests, nodding in the direction of the shore. James's departure is met only with a glance in the direction of the far side. She doesn't know the man well, and with his tendency to keep to himself, she isn't sure that's going to change anytime soon.
Esa Shifting a bit as he sees what is happening, Esa gives a small sigh of relief that no harm was coming to anyone. Turning, he nearly bumps into Emma and smiles warmly to her "Yeah, James scared Eve after he came out of the water with some kind of river fish." He tells her kindly.
Emma Emma happens upon them all, her jaw dropping a little. They are in the water. And with so much stress over the past few days, her eyes wonder over them each, fixing on Esa a moment then to the water. She decided then and there to remove her scrubs. Yes, the Scottish lass doesn't always show her body, but daaayum. When the scurbs come off, the hot little number underneath is something! Tossing the clothes aside, she goes to jump into the water.
James Scott James breaches the water in time to see Emma arrive on the scene. Then promptly strip. His jaw sets and he simply keeps going, collecting the bow he used to spear the river monster as well as his clothes and stalking into the darkness. He goes unseen unless somebody shines a light on him.
Eve Eve lets herself be towed back towards the shallow water. She gets her breath and finally manages to stop hiccupping and crying. She gazes out at the water, silent as she's lost in thought.
Esa Esa just blinks, his cheeks flushing as the clothes come off Emma to show her nakedness. There is a brief unease, but still, a smile. Turning, the young man shrugs "Eh." And takes his shirt, boots and pants off (leaving his underwear on) and runs on after Emma and to the lake water, jumping in. Coming up, he splashes water at Emma with a smirk.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes widen as Emma goes Full Monty. A moment later, soggy wet underclothes are tossed up onto the shore to land atop Tabitha's scrubs. "oh.. gods.. I've not done this since I was... gods.. I dont remember" She turns to Eve. "Lose the Last of it, Miss Prude!", she calls out giggling as she swims over to Eve and Isabel.
Isabel "Eve? You okay?" Isabel asks, still concerned by the blonde's silence. It's been a long week out here, after all. James's badly-timed surprise couldn't have been the sole cause of this sudden collapse.
She doesn't see Emma on the shore, but she does see Tabitha suddenly cast aside her unmentionables, and it leaves her blinking in surprise. "Tabitha..?" she tries to ask, blushing again.
And now there's water being thrown around? Isabel looks that way and sees Emma at last. Not all of her, obviously, with the fading light and the lake in the way. But she's not seeing bra straps. Mystery solved!
Emma Emma needed to do something wild, something crazy, given all the shit thats happened to her. Down the middle of her bare chest one can see a scar where the mutated licker ripped her skin.

Playfully she splashes back at Esa, trying to duck from his. Looking over her shoulder, eyes fix on the rest, grin getting bigger as Tabitha joins in. "Ya - ya all okay" Asks the bare freckle covered Scot.
Eve Eve glances at all the suddeny nudity and she shakes her head back and forth as Tabitha tells her to join them. She keeps her voice low as she speaks to Isabel. "Just a lot of stress all crashing down at once. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cry."
Esa Moving Closer to Emma, Esa attempts to wrap and playfully pull her under for a moment before releasing as soon as they go under to allow her come up quickly. there is a smirk on the face and tell in the eyes and look prior to even attempting.
Tabitha Tabitha sticks out her tongue at Eve as she shakes her head. She dunks back under the water again, taking care not to rise too far out of the water when she emerges again.. She looks to Essa, smiling. She moves over to Isabell and Eve, swiming closer
Emma Aa she was looking over her shoulder, the sudden dunk from Esa makes her yelp a little and laugh. But the devious redhead, before coming up, had yanked down Esa's shorts! Coming up from the water with her own devious look she'd turn, in the nude, and go to rush to the other girls, with the aim to hide behind them.
Isabel "I think you needed to, maybe," Isabel says, hugging Eve warmly. "It's been a long week." Not wanting to upset Eve further, she doesn't say why.
"I think we're good, Emma," she says instead, looking to the freckled doctor with a relieved smile, one which turns just a touch impish at the sight of Esa coming up behind her. She stifles giggles as Emma gets pounced and pulled under!
Tabitha's approach draws her attention... and more than a little puzzlement, as she and Eve are within touching distance of the bottom due to the aide's earlier distress. Suddenly there's a smirking Emma coming their way as well. "Emma..? What did you just do?" she has to ask, knowing /something/ must've happened out there.
Esa "Oh that is cold against the Johnson." Esa squeaks as the boxer shorts disappear leaving him naked in the water as he wades. Blinking ever so slightly, he glares playfully as she swam away and hmm before deciding to follow... He'd need those underwear back at some point.
Eve Eve gazes at the activity around her, sitting placidly in the shallow water, breathing in and out slowly. She gazes out at the lake for a moment and then speaks up quietly to Isabel. "I like to pretend that all that stuff doesn't get to me, actually. For a while I convinced myself that it didn't." When Tabitha swims closer, Eve holds out her arms asking the doctor for a hug. "Hey, come here naked butt, give me a hug, it'll make me feel better."
Tabitha Tabitha holds her position.. sorta hovering between Eve and Isabell, and Emma and Essa. Glancing between the two pairs, she pulls back a bit, inching over towards the shoreline. She wipes water from her face, staying down neck deep in the water.
Emma Emma is laughing, her freckled nude body moving through the water. In one hand is Esa's brief. Her aim would he to hide behind Tabita, kneeling down a little. "He - help me Obiwan Kanobi yer my only hope!" Aka, Princess Leia asking for aid against the evil Darth Vader, which is Esa.
Esa Not briefs, Boxer shorts..Briefs were also too tight against him. Anyways, Esa stops at the wall of woman, staring. "Yes, I am Darth Vader." He says in a deep voice, ho-keeshing as he does so. Waving his hand to Eve and Isabel, he says "You will part and let me through."
Eve Eve glances at Isabel and then at Esa, reflexively glancing down into the dark water to verify what Emma just said. This doesn't cause her to blush, she's seen it all before but she does start to laugh, wrapping her wet arms around Isabel as she starts to giggle. "We're not moving!" She squeals, trying to catch her breath.
Isabel "I know how you feel," Isabel replies softly to Eve. "Back in Raccoon, it was just... it got to you." She goes still for a moment at the memory.
But not for long. "Come on, Tabitha! Eve needs hugs," Isabel calls to Tabitha, smiling even as she reaches for the diminutive doctor.
And then she has to try not to laugh, hearing Emma's bad Leia Organa impression and an equally bad Darth Vader from Esa. "I perceive a distinct lack of armor, Lord Vader. I don't think we're going anywhere," she says, holding her position and grinning impishly at the soldier.
James Scott After a little while James returns down the opposite bank to collect the tigerfish, though this time he's clothed. "You realize that Darth Vader is Leia's father, right?" he sounds annoyed. "Also, what the fuck are we here doing?" The teen shakes his head, not looking back at the swimming group. "Our friends are dying, right now a group of rebels is being executed and tortured, and we're out here trying to fuck."

In case it wasn't obvious for Eve, Emma, or Tabitha, the teen security officer is already broken. Perhaps a sign that in the end skinny dipping doesn't win against PTSD. "You have fun out here. I'm going to fry this fish. I'll need to talk to you later." this is directed at Emma.
Tabitha Tabitha eyes widen as Emma hides behind her, giggling. She presses back against the woman, spotting Esa moving up. "Fuck That!" and moves over to Eve, the naked Tabitha grabbing and squeezing tight. "You're on yer own, Emma. I've seen Eve's Gun. Obiwan is underpowered", giggling.
Emma "Traitor!" Emma playfully yells to Tabitha as she switches sides, now standing there lone, nude in the water. She lifts the shorts, being brave and stares down Esa. "Ar - aren't ya a lil' short for a stormtrooper?" Brows waggle some, yeah she went there! Isn't the water cold?

Just then James is there, bringing a gloom down on them. She shakes her head, wet red hair smacking against her bare freckled skin. "E - enough James! Truly! Yer actin' like we're out here tryin' ta hurt yer feelin's or somethin'! We're not here ta fuck, you as much as anyone else knows tha fuckin' hell I've been through. It's time for some fun! Now, take of yer girly underwear, put on a bloody smile an' come an' join us for some fun! That's an order for fucks sake!"
Esa Oh, she went there. He wades closer, smirking "Never been accused of that one before." He replies smoothly as Eve is caught off guard by Isabel and she giggles, giving him a chance to swim over to Emma. "Now now Princess, give'm back." He says with a grin and wink.

James bantering and sour attitude cuts in. He pauses momentarily, thinking the playtime was over.. But was surprised by Emma's reaction at him. He was impressed, a warm smile creases his lips. And, of course that presented the perfect time to attack! He leaps in the water slightly to draw closer to her, a hand grabbing her side to tickle, the other reaching for the underwear.
James Scott "No." James says simply, taking the fish and turning to leave. "Wouldn't expect you to know what I've been through. We haven't talked in a long time Emma." With that he heads back towards the camp.
Eve Eve wilts as James starts his tirade and she just looks tired now. She leans in and kisses Tabitha and Isabel on the cheek and then untangles herself from the limbs and legs and trudges out of the water, looking a bit like a drowned blonde rat. "I'm gonna go see about getting us some more cinnamon rolls and coffee." She calls out, snagging her clothes as she moves along the shore.
Isabel Did he just..? The same guy who scared Eve half to death earlier? Isabel's eyes almost flash in the darkness, so sudden and sharp is the flare of her anger. Even if she doesn't know this guy well, she's going to give him a piece of her mind.
She's opening her mouth to do so when Emma beats her to it. And he's gone before the air's even cooled from the Scottish doctor's four-letter words.
It sounds like another deep-seated and longstanding problem, one she's not equipped to deal with. The anger fades, leaving her floating there confused. She looks between Emma and the spot where James was. "I have a feeling I just missed something very important."
And now Eve's leaving? She lets herself be kissed, sighing. "Watch for snakes and crazies."
Tabitha Tabitha blushes at the kiss, watching Eve leave, left floating next to isabel, brushing against her under the water. "..James must be out of weed.. ", tab mumbles softly, shaking her head. She looks to emma. "You tried..". A pout darkens her features a bit as Eve picks up her clothing. At least she was having for a little bit. Still, the thoughts of warm rolls with chilly skin is indeed inviting.
Emma Emma is caught off guard, she looks at James as he goes away. There is a sense if something unsaid, like she knows the layers behind all this. Looking to Tabitha there is a small frown. "I - I am fine," Eyes briefly look to where James had gone and then Isabel. The look says it all, something was missed. She isn't saying what.

And being so distracted, Esa manages to tackle her into the water, the briefs fly out of her hand as she falls into the water.    
Esa Out, out, out to the middle of the lake they go, the boxers float out with the gentle tides pulling water away and out of reach. He was prepared to actually tackle her and as they both go under, he immediately grabs her side and pulls her back out of the water and close to him; cheeks flush. "I'm so sorry, I .. I didn't mean to do that."
Eve When Eve comes back to the lake there are three security men behind her, dutifully avoiding looking out at the lake, probably by order of the woman they're following. One peeks, and she catches him doing it, giving him a chiding smak on the arm. She points out a spot in the sand and soft grass and the men start digging a short trench and setting out rocks. The last man has some wood, which he manages to get lit. A cheery fire is soon going and Eve sets out a blanket nearby, humming to herself. She clears her throat and calls out. "Olly Olly Oxenfree! I got the volunteers some pastry and I got you all some cinnamon rolls and coffee. Get out of the water, get in here and get dried off before they get cold." A woman strides down along the shore and hands Eve a bundle of towels, giggling softly.
Isabel Somehow Isabel thought she'd missed something. She gives Tabitha a quick hug, naked under the water or not. "Or something," she says simply.
She glances up just in time to see Emma get tackled and Esa's boxers go a-yondering. She tries not to smile, but it won't stay hidden. Shaking her head, she gives the man a bemused look as Eve and company make their grand entrance. "You might want to walk behind us once we leave the water," she suggests, turning that way. Those rolls do smell good...
Emma Before going right in, Emma is caught by Esa. Eyes widen, cheeks flair red. "Th - thank ya." Mutters the lass, stepping back oh so shyly and tucking some red hair behind her ear. A hand motions to his breifs. "So - sorry 'bout tha, ah, yeah sorry." Eyes look over to where the briefs are floating away.

She looks to Isabel then Tabitha and then Eve. "Di - did ya bring my tea?" She asks.
Esa "It's okay.. I have another pair in my tent." Esa tells her quietly before turning away and swims back to shore. "Alright ladies.. I'm coming out of the water, no peeking.. and where is one of those towels?" He asks kind casual tone of voice.
Tabitha Tabitha was about to ask how she was supposed to get out of the water, naked, with a crowd.. then spots Eve with the towels. Tabitha gives Isabell a warm snuggling squeeze before gliding over to where Eve stands.. staying in the water 'gator style' until she can stand up before Eve, thankfully taking a towel, wrapping it over her bare skin quickly. "thanks. cheeks flushed. She tucks the towel around her and begins wrining the water out of her hair. She does this, while standing next to Eve closely, offering a Wider barrier to watching eyes. Tabitha looks out over the water, not wanting to meet the eyes of any of the security guys.
Eve "Who is your favorite assistant?" Eve asks, a cup of tea in hand. She hands off the tea to Emma and then picks up towels, handing them out hither and yon. She looks more relaxed now and she plops down on the blanket, enjoying the fire and the sound of the lake water beating against the rocks on the shore.
Isabel Isabel lets Tabitha go, as Eve's being helpful-like. For her own part, she makes sure to stay in front of Esa, wringing the water out of her hair as best she can and reaching for a towel.
Somehow she's always protecting the public image of the FBC these days... there ought to be a medal for this kind of service!
Emma Emma watches Esa go, face still red. Seems she is the last in the water now. As everyone else goes for towels, in that moment she shrugs. She already stormed in naked, why not walk out that way. For tonight seems to be an unprecedented wave of confidence for her, one of need, to break from the hell that's rained down.

Movements from the water are graceful, the bonfire reflecting off her wet freckled body. "Yer - yer tha best assiatant." The lass says to Eve, with a smile. She takes the tea, letting the warmth of it and the fire sooth her. A second after, delicte fingers reach for a towel, to wrap around herself.
Esa Esa watches as Isabel steps in front of him to block the others from seeing him. A polite, soft nod is given and smile before taking a towel and wrapping around himself. Stepping around her, he slips his boots on and picks up his clothes before giving Tabitha and Eve a polite smile. "I am going to head back up to my tent and turn in. Thank-you, though, Eve for the cinnamon roll and coffee. It was a rather kind gesture." He tells her cordially. Looking to Emma, he gives her a sincere smile before turning and heads toward the path leading up to the tents.
Eve Now that she's finished handing out towels, food and coffee, Eve gestures to Isabel. She walks toward the dark haired woman and lowers her voice. "Can we take a walk, and talk?" She asks, holding out a cup of coffee as a bribe of sorts.
Elliott     Smeared with dirt, sweat, Elliott drops the trowel and lets out a long, weary breath as he squats before the plants he had just finished up planting. He lifts an arm to wipe the back of his hand over an eyebrow, bobbing his head slowly. The giggling from the lake can be heard, and it makes him smile. It's good to hear that some fun is being had with all the work that everyone has been doing, with the stress of losing supplies and all. Elliott chooses to keep working, probably because he feels that should he intrude might ruin Emma mood. No, he's pretty sure it would. But he stands now, running a hand through his hair and cringes, regretting that unconscious action as bits of dirt come off in it. Slowly, he makes his way towards the wash station, pausing when he comes into site of the group by the water. His gaze looks away almost immediately even as he clears his throat and shifts on his feet. Let them know he's there so it's not like he's sneaking or anything. "Going to go... grab some coffee."
Isabel Isabel nods and smiles sympathetically at Esa, drying herself off as best she can. Even in this heat, there's enough of a breeze to be chilly. She notices Emma stepping from the water out of the corner of her eye, giving the doctor a faint smile. The redhead gets props for bravery, that's for sure.
Is Eve trying to get her attention? If she is, it works: Isabel wraps the towel around herself, glad of the warmth, and accepts the offered cup of coffee. "Let's." If her smile is a little shaky, she hides it well. The nod to the man coming for coffee might help with the hiding.
Tabitha Tabitha settles down at the bonfire after fetching her clothes. She remains in her towel, clothes nearyby before something tugs them away. Coffee! wonderful, and takes an offered up, curling up, legs tucked beneath her
Eve Eve leads Isabel off and she sits on a little grassy knoll that still overlooks the lake. "So, what do you think?" She gestures to the others by the bonfire and then her gesture moves towards the city. "Oh..and did ydou get any good pictures? I saw you with your camera before I dragged you out towards the lake."
Emma All Emma has wrapped around her is a towel, her bare shoulders and legs, even gair, reflecting the glow of fire which she stands close to, to keep warm. Looking around a little, wet red hair slapping against her bare freckled skin some she realizes she has no idea where her scrubs and undergarments are, it's dark and they were left in a pile.

Seeing as she walked in and out of the lake naked, well, whatever, sometimes you just need to be bold and and do it. A foot come up to scratch the back of her leg, perhaps due to a misquito bite, big grey-green eyes looking to the others, the smile suggests she is having fun. A wave to, would of been given to Esa with a warm smile before he left. Then the girls are given a look. "Ya - ya don't think he was offended that I - I called him stormtrooper small right?" With a smirk, she sips her tea.
Elliott     With that, Elliott carries on, looking towards the tents rather than, well, the group. Too much temptation, it's too easy to lose trust in his own self. So he's quite grateful to turn away, ducking into the tent to grab some coffee.
Isabel "Surely not, Emma. The proof was right in front of him, right?" Giving a wave to the bonfire crowd, Isabel steps away with Eve, glad of the distraction and a little distance. Now that everyone's out of the water, the gathering was beginning to feel more like a crowd. There's just something about swimming that takes the awkwardness out of a large group.
She doesn't sit down just yet, frowning as she looks around. "Funny you should mention a camera... I left one sitting here filming the lake. I think I'll have to do some erasing, since we decided the water was fine."
Eve Eve points down to where Isabel left her clothes piled, a camera sits atop the boots, likely to keep it safe and dry. "Is that it, down there?" She asks, smiling up at the darker haired woman.
Tabitha Tabitha sits, slucking coffee noisily. She pulls her hair over her shoulder to dry. She watches Eve and Isabel.. glances to Emma. Her stomach rumbles noisily beneath her towel, appetite worked up for some reason. A hand rakes back through her dark wet hair.. She begins squeezing the water out of her underclothes and sets them on her scrubs to dry.
Emma Emma laughs at what Isabel has to say, and nods a little. A hand comes up, idly fiddling with a necklace she is wearing, looking down to it and smiling to herself. "Ya - ya know." She half turns to the water. "I - I sort of feel bad for tossin' his briefs inta tha water like that, maybe I oughta buy him a new pair?" Because that underwear drifted way out into the lake.

"Oy wh - where is my stuff." Yeah it's dark, and she can't see that far, likely her scrubs and undergarments are off some place on the beach. So the lass turns to the others. "We - we've been doin' well here ya'know, minus tha - tha shootin' an' all, we may be able ta leave for home soon."
Eve Eve doesn't voice her opinion on the shooting. She thinks that was well done as well, and look.. a whole day of no attempted robberies! That reminds her of what was going on before she walked down to the lake and while Isabel goes to check on her camera, Eve gets to her feet and she walks back towards the plots that were being planted. Someone had finished with all of the seeds and watered the plots as well.
Isabel "Maybe..?" Isabel blinks in surprise, seeing the camera there. /She/ sure hadn't put it with her things! It was such a magnificent sunset over the lake, too... but there's always tomorrow.
"Now I wonder who took it down there." She goes to check on it. Not her first impulse, but it's an expensive camera, after all.
Emma's observation hits a soft spot. "Do you think so? This is a great first step and all, but I have to wonder. What we've done here... do you think it'll last without someone here to keep it going? Will anyone step up? We've only planted. Somebody's still got to harvest it."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles over her coffee, words soft. "Hope can be powerful. Lose that, and the world crumbles. Give Hope, and things happen. Sometimes it's not enough, but its a step in the right direction. Maybe someone will help. I hope so."
Eve "I think that some people here know how to harvest, and if not we can cover that when we teach some of the men some self defense. We want them to keep this city, after all." Eve says as she walks back down towards the bonfire. "I'm sure that some of us will keep an eye on this place as long as we're down here." She gazes over at Emma, thinking about Daisy. "We've made some real connections here, we just need to make sure we foster them."
Emma "Well," Emma says looking up to them from the fire, the glow of it making her hair all the more red. "We - we won't leave completely. There is - is still plenty of work, but once there is more balance, we cam relax, a lil'." Eyes move to Tabitha, then Isabel and then Eve, with a nod.
Isabel Isabel smiles at Tabitha, a little relieved. Then Eve. Then Emma. "I hope so. I'd hate to see these people lose everything again after what we've done, and what they've done. Maybe we can squeeze in some marksmanship training, along with the self-defense."
Her eyes stray to the plantings. "I think I'll try to get some footage of the work tomorrow, and the fields before it starts. That'd probably beat the sunset I was trying for."
Tabitha Tabitha stretches, arms over her head as her back arches. "..I look forward to hot showers again..", Tabitha groans as she stretches, then seems to melt again.. "and i better check myself for leeches. Suckers get everywhere."
Emma Emma lifts a foot to scratch the back of her bare leg, looking down to the sand under her foot. A hand shifts the towel she is wearing. "D - damn misquotes." The lass says to hersrlf, finding her clothes would help but that's work and the fire is nice and warm. So she nears it, her freckled skin reflecting in the firelight.

"Ay - aye hot showers, an' I'd like ta see Shaemus again, poor dog must be goin' mad right now." She does miss her dog.

"I - I remember when I was growin' up on - on tha acreage back in Scotland. We'd hike ta some spots, start a fire, put our sleepin' bags out an' sit an' talk or sing, I'd bring my violin, papa his guitar." This seems to be a happy memory for her, as she smiles while sipping her tea.
John Black John has kept to himself mostly, quite happy to be left alone to his own devices and spent the last few hours in his tent. He finally emerged, wearing a simple black tee shirt, military style camoflage pants and black combat boots. He also is carrying a pistol for a sidearm and a submachine gun slung over one shoulder.

Speaking to one of the volunteers, they point him in the direction where the Terrasave people went too and he still needs to speak to that Doctor...Emily or O'Hagis or whatever her name is. The bit of action the other night with that robber hasn't really put him on edge much, although it probably should so either he's got a lot of experience dealingwith this sort of thing or he just doesn't give a damn.

John approaches the bonfire, his footsteps making a cruching sound with each footfall and he's holding a cup of coffee in one hand. He glances around and grunts, "Didn't expect to see this when I came to Bolivar, that is for sure..." He nods to Tabitha, "Hey bungirl...nice...nah, too easy." He then looks towards Eve, "Blondie." and then Isabel. "Hi." Finally his gaze settles on Emma. "Doctor O'Hagis, I've been looking for you but you seem...preoccupied at the moment." He takes a long sip from his coffee and waits for a response. Yeah, most can smell the booze off of him.
Eve Eve glances up at John and decides not to comment, Blondie isn't a bad nickname after all. When he calls Emma Doctor O'Hagis her shoulders shake with laughter that she is containing, if only barely. She finally manages to clear her throat, as she scoots towards Tabitha, intent on waking her up.
Isabel "If we're going to keep doing this kind of thing, I'd better fix up a shower like we had back in Raccoon," Isabel recalls, smiling wryly. "There's something to be said for being able to stay clean, especially after you've been grubbing in the dirt all day. I'll get the things together once we're back in Maracaybo."
She gives Eve a quick hug. She's about to do the same to Emma when she realizes someone's there, especially once he calls Emma Doctor O'Haggis. Stifling a smile, she bows her head to the guy and moves to collect her clothes and her camera. "See you all tomorrow." And with that, she's off to her own tent.
Tabitha Tabitha moves to put an arm around Eve, smiling. Tabitha waves a hand to Isabel. "Look for leeches!" she calls out..
Emma Emma, the TerraSave head, and doctor, is in nothing but a towel, by the fire, with her red hair damp. Having a pretty good time - for a change, the approach of John is taken in with watchful eyes, and a risen brow. Of course the restraint of humour from her aid is spotted, and maybe it's lucky for John that the lass is in a better mood. With both hands around her cup of tea, she walks even gracefully bare footed on the sand, stopping about a foot away from him, catching the smell of booze.

"E - Emma, just call me Emma. But yer - yer close ya'know, Haggis bein' a Scottish food." Her foot scratches the back of her leg again, damn mosquitoes! "Wh - what did ya need?"
John Black John seems surprised by Eve's reaction, giving her a little sideways look and then sneaks a peek towards Isabel as she walks off, giving her a small two fingered salute as she leaves.

"Sure thing, doc." He turns his attention back to Emma, since she's right in front of him and looks down at her, taking another sip of coffee. "Well, we still haven't had our little chat yet from when I first came to your camp. As much as I do enjoy being around here, there are some things we need to discuss and I wanted to ask you about what happened to that guy I helped put down the other night?" He tries to keep his eyes focused on your eyes but he's having some problems at the moment.
Eve Eve leans against Tabitha, resting her head on the woman's shoulder. "Tonight was kind of nice, what do you think?" She asks quietly, giving the other doctor a smile. "How are you doing?"
Tabitha Tabitha snugs Eve warmly, closing her eyes. "I needed that, for one. Not done that since I was 12". She rests her head against Eve's, letting thoughts of home sorta dance through her head. "we done good. You done Awesome", giving Eve a squeeze.
Emma Emma stands there, sipping her tea, looking back to John, her big grey-green eyes unwavering from his, even if his aren't as steady. Yet, the mention of the 'prisoner' makes her frown, jaw tense just a little. "He - he got away." Her reply is simple, with a helpess shrug. "Bu - but not before he outed himself as BLF, where our stolen goods may be, and hi - his admittance of bein' tha one ta try ta kill Agent Collins. We - we may be workin' on a plan ta get the supplies back, I've not yet spoken to Esa of tha - tha details." She was a little busy skinny dipping it seems.
John Black John's reaction is to just scowl at the news, his own jaw tightening and he grips his coffee cup that much tigheter. " away?, I don't really want to know." He shakes his head and takes a long gulp of his coffee, closing his eyes to savour the extra flavor from it.

When he finally opens his eyes, he shrugs those broad shoulders of his. "I see, well I guess it is what it is." He glances towards Eve and Tabitha as they hug each other, both of them not wearing too much either, letting his eyes linger for a few moments but then slowly turns to look back towards Emma. "Sorry, I lost my train of thought there..." He takes another sip from his coffee.
Eve Eve tries not to laugh, her lips pressed together firmly. She glances at Emma and waits to see how she reacts to what is going on right now. She snuggles against Tabitha, enjoying the feeling of being close to someone.
Emma Her gaze remains steady, perhaps she is studying him in a way.

"Un - unfortunate." She replies, finally looking down to her bare feet in the sand, a hand idly fiddles with a shiny necklace she is wearing. "At - at least, we know what he looks like, so - so that is a bonus. We likely know where th - tha supplies are, another bonus."
    For a second she looks over her shoulder, to Eve and Tabitha, and then back to John. "A - are ya always drunk? A drunk hand do - doesn't always make for a steady shot."
Tabitha Tabitha opens her eye slowly, looking to Eve and John, a smile curling her lips. She's content, happy, and Emma seems in ..spirits if not good ones, but generally nothing too bad. And, John did help out, even if she's 'bungirl' now. He still hasn't used her name. Prolly forgot it.

With a happy little sigh, she squeezes Eve closer. Surely nothing could go wrong now.
John Black John's left eye twitches just a touch when Emma comments on him being drunk but he holds out his hand palm towards the ground with his fingers together, his hand does not shake not even a bit. "I'm actually a very good shot and as you can see, my hand is fine." He replies in a rather confident tone.

"I do like to have a few now and again, but what I do on my own time is my business." He then abruptly changes the subejct. "As, I was saying earlier I need to speak with you about an important matter. I was sent here for a reason." He then contemplates taking another sip from his coffee but he doensn't and keeps eye contact with Doctor O'Hagis.
Emma Emma looks to his hand, raising a brow a little. As a doctor, little things mean a lot, and there isn't any shaking, which is good. So for now, the lass will be satisfied enough to not mention it further, and return her gaze to John. Sure, there is a sweet, shy like air about her - well, perhaps it's a bit bolder tonight, she did run nude into a lake. With her grey-green eyes unwavering from him, there is a small nod, urging him to continue.    
Eve Eve glances between John and Emma, clearly amused by the back and forth. Just amused at John in general. She folds her hands in her lap and then suddenly she has a sense of slight unease. She sits up straight and glances around the perimeter. "Do you feel that?" She asks, a frown on her face. "It almost feels like someone walked over my grave."
Tabitha Tabitha puts a hand on Eve's shoulder, squeezing. She tugs the woman over, whispering something into her ear, tring to calm Eve down. Tab looks all kinds of embarassed
John Black John takes one more glance towards Eve and Tabitha, yup they are still hugging one another wearing nothing but towels apparantly. He never got the Terrasave memo, that there was a skinny dipping toga party social this evening.

Tearing his gaze away from the two ladies, he looks towards Emma grey-green eyes once more. "I'm working with the rebels and they sent me here here to see what Terrasave is all about." There he finally said it and now he takes a small sip from his cup of special coffee, waiting to see a response to that little piece of news.
Eve Eve eyes Tabitha for a few minutes and then she nods slowly. "It's okay Tabitha." She says, quietly but a frown is still on her face. She glances towards John and smiles politely, still slightly subdued from earlier. "I hope they weren't expecting a militaristic group."
Tabitha Tabitha squeezes Eve again as a sort of an appology. "Well, not a fully militeristic group", remembering Eve's gun. "Did appreciate your help the other night"
Emma Delicate fingers fiddle with the necklace she is wearing, in a thought way. "I - I see." Of course, she finds this interesting. "I - I was hopin' ta - ta meet up with tha Rebel's actually, sit down an' have a talk'n all." Her hand legs go of the necklace, and moves to slap her bare, freckled arm, given that the fire is behind her there is a glow to her skin. There is a mutter of something in Gaelic, her gaze then returning to John, fixing there and remain unmoving.

"Wh - what you've seen is what we are. People helpin' people, givin' it our all ta help, though we do not ha - have a strong military focus of any kind. We're humanitarian."
John Black "Well, here's your chance and I'm here repesenting them, so perhaps we can set up a meeting sometime a more, appropriate setting. Although, the ambience is quite nice out here and the bonfire is a nice touch." John smirks ever so slightly after Emma's reply.

Glancing once more towards Eve and Tabitha, "I wasn't expecting you guys to be militaristic with a name like, Terra-save but we can't really afford not to be too careful, with the way things are around here." He shrugs, "But what do I know? I'm just an American, who happened to accept a contract but they sent me here anyways. Something to do about me speaking the same language or something silly like that."

He gives Tabitha a nod and a confident grin, "Your welcome, Bun-girl and that is sweet of you to say. Besides, what kind of guest would I be if I let some crazy idiot run into your encampment here waving a gun, trying to rob you by himself." John, does shake his head a little wanting to say more but decides against commenting further about that prisonor escape situation.

"Yes, yes, helping people and huminatarian causes. I get it. Lets speak more about that tomorrow then. Enjoy your...little toga party or whatever." He takes another sip of his coffee, draining the last of it and seems a bit sad at that when he looks at the bottom of his empty cup.
Eve Eve holds her gun out to Tabitha, a grin on her face. "Wanna hold it?" She asks, snickering softly.
Emma "To - tomorrow works, best I'm not -" She looks down, knowing the only cover she has is a towel, cheeks going red, her clothing and undergarments laying some place by the water, in the dark. Looking back up she too finishes her drink, but seems less disappointed. "It - it has been a lot of work, people need a break." Which coming from the woman who works around the clock, says a lot.

As he addresses Eve and Tabitha, that's when she takes a moment to look over to the tents, eyes scanning the area, but all seems good, all seems quiet. That's a relief.

Another curious glance is passed to John, for a moment she considers something, very clearly weighing him, as if trying to figure something out. Those grey-green eyes show this, but her expression seems netural, if a bit shy. "Ya - ya will find many of us ha - have unseen talents. Tomorrow, wi - will be fine." There is a slight nod, that red hair moving around her some.
Tabitha Tabitha holds her hands up to Eve. "Oh, no. please. I'm not afraid of of guns. I respect the hell out of them. I've heard that one bark and seen it's bite. You keep that little golden dragon right there. I wouldn't know where the safety was." Tabitha catches Emma's words.. " meeting tomorrow.." she says softly to Eve. "and i wasn't kidding about leeches.", she continues with a smirk.
John Black "Yup, I can certainly...see that." John replies to the red headed towel wearing doctor who's name he can never really seem to get right. He then grimaces and puts his hand over his forehead, squeezing his eyes shut. "I have to get going. We'll talk later." Turning, he quickly leaves the area and heads back towards his tent, not even glancing towards Eve or Tabitha again.
Eve "That guy is up to something." Eve states, gesturing towards the tent that John went into. "If his name wasn't so fucking common I'd try to pick something up on him." She scowls and then glances over at Tabitha. "This gun is a kitten, you keep it clean and full and she's pretty happy."
Emma Emma 'huhs' to herself, and watches him go a second, and then shrugs. "I - I am gonna go find my clothes." She looks to the two. "I - I'll be right back."
Tabitha Tabitha nodes to emma, looking down at her own towel-only attire. "I suppose I need to start looking like a Doctor rather than a spring-break co-ed
Eve Eve gets to her feet and yanks on Tabitha. "Go find your stuff and lets go change." She says, an impish smile on her face. "Then we can see if anyone else is awake and pester them." She decides, glancing around the silent camp.
Tabitha Tabitha gathers her clothing, taking care to make sure her towel doesn't slip off. She picks up her clothes, smacking them against her hip to shake the sand and dirt off.. and.. eh.. more laundry, it seems.. She moves to follow Eve, figuring to swing by and at least get some fresh scrubs.
Eve Eve gazes at Tabitha, her steps faltering for a moment before she cants her head to the side. "O-okay." She says, tugging on Tabitha as she heads for her tent. She steps inside and rustles around in her rucksack, looking for something to wear.
Tabitha Tabitha really wishes she hadn't used her clothes as a seat, the dirt a bit ground in, and well, these are probably going to the bottom of the pile of 'what can I wear one more time'.. Still, was worth it. The towel is the closest thing to a dress she's worn in ages.
Eve Eve pulls on a pair of heather gray baggy sweatpants. A cut off white t-shirt is pulled over her top and she gathers her hair on top of her head. The air mattress takes up most of the room in the tent and when Tabitha appears, she gets yanked inside. "So what was that..exactly?"
Tabitha Tabitha settles onto the airmattress, adjusting her towel before raking her fingers back through her hair. "Okey.. um.. It's hard to explain.", taking a few moments to compose herself. "Paris. When I got to Paris, something happened. Scared to death, scared for my life, and thinking someone was following me", sticking her tongue out at Eve, "..and they were. well, I dunno.. My paranoia went up to 11 and when I calmed down, there was something else. a background hum"

"When I met Emma, after a while, I knew stuff about her. Not.. stuff. but.. about Her. She'd be all smiles and feel cold inside. I", licking her lips, "I could feel that. By the time we moved here, I ws sure. I sorta thought I was imagining it in Paris.. but.. when we got to Cabimas it was like a sledgehammer to the gut."
Eve Eve feels skeptical but she tries to keep the emotion from her face. "I see." She finally says, leaning back to pull out another pair of sweats and a t-shirt. She tosses them to Tabitha and then she sighs. "You haven't taken...anything, have you?" She asks hesitantly, her hands fidgeting a bit.
Tabitha Tabitha narrows her eyes a bit.. and gazes at Eve, concentrating and trying to reach out to touch the other woman's mind.. "Nope. If I went looking for it, i'd possibly find what i expect. wanting to throw up on the truck.. that was a whole new one for me", her brows knitting
Eve Eve gazes at Tabitha for a few moments, not realizing what might be going on. She sits still, waiting for the all clear to be able to move. "Are you..." She bites down on her bottom lip. "..doing it again?"
Tabitha Tabitha nodnods "yea.. just now.. did you feel anything?", her brows relaxing finally.. "I.. dunno.. I'm not sure i'm doing things right", nibbling her bottom lip. "Or, could be you're just wrapped tighter than some..
Eve Eve raises a hand and tilts it slightly from side to side. She pulls Tabitha closer and closes the tent flap. "Lets take a nap, it'll be warmer if we're both here." She says, a smile on her face. "I promise to keep my hands to myself."