Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alejandro For a tent, this place is well appointed. There are chairs filled with well equipped mercenaries and freedom fighters, big maps and photographs everywhere and a table up front with papers on it. Next to that table is Alejandro, dressed in a black turtleneck, BDU pants and boots. Once everyones inside he doesnt waste any time pleasantries, just getting straight down to business.

"Our plan is very straightforward. We'll be moving our personnel into position in the docks and outskirts of Puerto Cabello in order to attempt to strangle the governments supply routes into the city. Once this is accomplished we'll begin operations in the city itself."

"Our goal for tonight is to seize the Naval base and checkpoints leading into the city. The first of these, the Naval base, is located here," Alejandro uses a laser pointer to circle a small area on the city map.

"That is what we in this room will be moving to capture. We are Alpha Unit, just to keep things easy. Bravo to Golf Units will be capturing the government checkpoints. We have the most difficult job ahead of us."

"The base, as you can see, is rather small," the laser moves to photographs of the base itself. Much of it is actually open, not fenced in at all. There are three destroyers dry-docked there and a number of container ships, a colonial era stone fort, a small, empty resort area with tropical type huts and a hotel, tons of shipping containers and trucks and even a baseball field. Finally, the laser lingers on one building in particular.

"This is the headquarters of Commander Sanchez of the Bolivar Navy. He is a coward and a murderer. Our goal is to capture him alive and have him order his men to surrender. If we can manage that well take them alive and save ourselves the effort of fighting a pitched battle. We can then hopefully round up the prisoners. They are Naval personnel, many will not be armed and they should give up without a fight."

"We have a number of assets at our disposal. Weve got mortar teams ready to drop ordnance wherever we need it but they'll only be able to get off a shot or two before government forces can track them so well have to use them judiciously. Additionally, in order to use them to their fullest we need the most exact coordinates possible. We have GPS devices that can help with this but we lack laser targeting."

"We have rigid hull inflatable boats, or zodiacs, with which we can land at any stretch of the beach near the port."

"Finally, we have one gunboat. Think of it as the motor boat version of a technical. Its a piece of shit, but it has a DShK. If it comes under fire for very long it will sink."

Alejandro looks around at the assembled people thoughtfully, doing his best to memorize each face before him. "My initial thought is to move in separate teams. One team, made up of you guys," he gestures to the NPCs. "Will land their zodiacs on the Eastern side of the base and assault the front gate. It's not particularly well defended and a sudden, violent attack should catch the guards there off balance and leave them unable to defend themselves. That will enable us to bring in more reinforcements from the sea."

"The second force," Alejandro touches himself on the chest and then nods to the player characters. "Will land just west of the tropical resort, Playa Delphin, and attempt to use stealth to approach the headquarters building. If stealth fails well need to move quickly but there shouldn't be much resistance. My preference is to avoid shooting, at least unsuppressed, until we're at our objective."

"That being said, Im open to suggestions on how to carry out this objective. I chose all of you because youre professionals and I think you may have valuable insight with regards on how to proceed."
Natalya Natalya leans over the map, gazing down at at the Playa Delphin. She taps it with two fingers and pulls out a small notebook to write. "I have a silencer, so if we need to take out something on our way in, it shouldn't be an issue." She holds that up to Alejandro and offers him what might be a reassuring grin.
Thomas Thomas looks over to the map breefly getting a few ideas "if i may i could make a jury rigged bomb as a distraction" thomas begins looking to the npc's "i have confidence in out fellow fighters but if we keep the enemy guessing by making a few minor explosions near the base before the initail attack roll in we have better chance in keeping our numbers from dieing off "
Alejandro "Excellent," Alejandro replies to Natalya with a grin of his own, glad that she's happy to help. "I should also be able to disable guards quietly using unarmed combat, but your greater range gives you much more of an advantage."

As people make their discussions a runner comes in carrying a wooden crate and brings it up front. Alejandro begins to pull two fragmentation grenades out of said crate, "Since we may be encountering great numbers of enemies Id like you all to take one or two of these for use in this mission."

Looking to Thomas Alejandro nods his head. "That sounds like an excellent idea, but we don't have the time to place explosives before going in. Perhaps instead we could call in mortar strikes on locations we've already passed through?"
Natalya Natalya pats her belt, thinking that she already has the grenades that they're handing out but she finds that she has something completely different. She holds out a hand for one of the grenades and then shifts her weight, pulling on her belt to steady herself. She glances around, and then nods to Alejandro, tapping her rifle to show that she's prepared when they are.
Thomas Thomas nodds "that would definatly work but after we take those checkpoints out we need to remember to write down those corrordanates " thomas thinks for a minute ill make sure to take care of that " thomas then rack and clears his gun before nodding his head that hes ready
Ward Ward reluctantly takes a fragmentation from Alejandro. "Been a while since I held one of these." he says with a crooked look on his face. Shrugging, Ward puts the grenade away before taking out a cigarette and holding it in his lips, "Any chance of some R&R at the Playa Delphin afterwards, boss?" he says in jest while patting around his pockets for a lighter.
Grant Senan Grant, silent until now, sighs heavily. Leaning back in his chair he ponders about when he had signed up with the BLF he had intitially imagined freedom to work on his projects, or even just BOW work. Now he was expected to overtake a naval army. "I hope you remember that I'm not exactly a soldier. I expected to be more of a backline than a participant." he comments carefully cradeling the grenade he was previously handed.
Natalya Natalya glances over at Alejandro, both eyebrows raised slightly. She then gives both Ward and Veir a once over, hiding her sigh by breathing through her nose. She jerks her chin towards the map and waits for any further instructions, her gun held in a ready position.
Alejandro "You can party to your heart's content once we take the city, mi amigo," Alejandro replies to Ward cheerfully, enjoying the bit of pre-combat joking around that they're doing. His gaze then turns to Grant and he nods, "I hope to keep you out of harm's way, but should the base's mechanical equipment malfunction we'll need someone along who is able to repair it. Unfortunately we're shy technicians. The good news is that the base should have a fully stocked laboratory that's all yours once we take it."

He stands back up straight to look around the tent again, catching Natalya's eye and nodding to her, even throwing in a thumb's up. Then he says, "Alright. If there are no further questions or suggestion then we're leaving in exactly thirty minutes. Our rides are the zodiacs at the docks here."
Thomas Thomas nodds before walking over to ward lighting his cigarett with a lighter "comon shouldnt keep their gods waiting for them" thomas says before leaving the tent and heading to the zodiac
Ward Ward raises both eyebrows with sueprise and nods to Thomas as his cigarette is lit. Taking a deep inhale he nods to Alejandro and steps out of the tent, releasing the skunky cigarette smoke as he exits.
Natalya Natalya rolls her eyes and walks out behind the rest of the men, checking her ammo and her shotgun as she walks. She pulls her hair back in a quick braid, tying the end off with a strip of fabric.
Grant Senan Grant nods. Standing, he clips the grenade to his belt and comforts himself by touching the hilt of his holstered gun. Before walking out with the rest of the group, he bolsters his own confidence with future thoughts of what he would do with his new lab.
Alejandro The zodiacs everyone rides in are fairly quiet and its late at night. The combination of the two enables the freedom fighters to pull up onto the beach (+roll awareness). The beach itself is a short stretch of sand next to a short commercial dock for the tourist hotel and its parking lot. Theres not much cover for the first stretch so speed and stealth are of the essence.
Flynn War.

War never changes.

Bolivar stood as a prime example as to how war never evolved beyond the ruthless killings, pillaging and vey for control. Headlines were written in the blood of the innocent as newcasters and journalists flocked to the country to get that big headline that would plaster across the front page. Soldiers would fight and die for dictators and those bent to control, believing in whatever fanatical cause those representing them spouted from tainted mouths.

One of Flynns goals was oversight and watch of the various fires called warzones that broke out across Bolivars eastern area; an area once known as Venezuela. It felt only like days ago when he observed the first sign of change through humanitarian aid, though truly a week had passed.

And yet, war never changes.

Tonight of all days was a prime example ... The Bolivar Liberation Front was making a move on Puerto Cabello. So, upon hearing about Puerto Cabello he knew he had to check in on it.

The Jeep Wrangler pulled up to a perch on a hill several miles from the coastal city, a key area to observe and watch the Bolivar Liberation Front make its move. He took no sides in the violence of Bolivar, refusing to finger to aid either side. Out came a pair of night visions as he swept it over the city. So far, quiet.
Grant Senan Grant quickly pointed out towards a man exiting a cabana hut. "We're trying to avoid being noticed right? Let's not alert him then."
Natalya Natalya has her gun held in the ready position, taking slow steps as they get onto dry land. She holds one hand up, indicating that everything looks clear from what she's seen thus far. She walks foward slowly, looking upwards for a good place to set up to snipe. When Veir points out a man in the distance she quirks an eyebrow at Al, taking aim in case she's instructed to shoot.
Alejandro As Grant points out the sailor leaving a building it's not particularly difficult to spot him. He's across a canal from your present location but if you use stealth you should be able to avoid his notice.
Thomas Thomas moves quietly along the beachhead keeping his head on a swivle his eyes dart back and forth as he syncs is footsteps with the crashing of the waves as he makes his way quickly and quietly twords the first checkpoint
Alejandro Alejandro remains close to the others, keeping himself as quiet as he can, having not even drawn a gun in favor of using his brass knuckles. He eyes the distant sailor and motions for everyone to stay low. He then attempts to move stealthily, preferring to avoid contact at the moment.
Alejandro Even at this distance it's easy to tell that the enemy hasn't spotted you. He's merely enjoying some time off from work, watching the waves crash against the beach. A bottle of dark liquor is pulled out of his pocket and pressed to his lips for a long, healthy drink.
Alejandro Flynn can make out a group of men approaching the front gate of the navy base, as well as many smaller groups approaching the various checkpoints at the major roads leading into town. It's almost as though they're waiting for a signal before attacking.
Flynn Leaning against the cooling hood of the Jeep, Flynn uses the nvd's as he surveys the town. He quickly spots the men approach various checkpoints and gave a hmm. Something, he knew, was going to happen soon; though it would appear they were waiting on a signal.
Alejandro Once past the hotel is one of the bases main streets. On this side of the street there is very little cover or concealment to be had. On the opposite side of the street there are a number of pushes and trees around a large fountain. In the distance headlights can be seen heading this way. A quick inspection of the vehicle shows it to belong to military police!
Natalya Natalya sees the vehicle heading towards them and she gestures towards the bushes and trees as a possible hiding spot. She glances around at the others with her, waiting to see if they come to a quick consensus.
Thomas Thomas thomas sees the mp's and the vehical and ducks out of sight using a neerbye bush as cover and looks to the rest of the team jestering to stay low
Grant Senan Following the indication of someone who he assumes has much more experience than himself in the field, Grant follows Natalya's direction and runs for the bushes, staying as low as possible.
Natalya Natalya ducks into the bushes as well, kneeling as she waits for the military police to pass them by. She looks mildly annoyed at this, but since she can't speak, nobody might ever know.
Alejandro As the team races to the bushes Veir is just a little behind everyone else and finds himself illuminated by headlights. The vehicle races ahead and then the driver slams on the brakes. He calls out in Spanish to the figure attempting to hide and steps out of the vehicle with his hand on his holstered pistol.
Thomas Thomas thomas sees the mp and motions to nat to get ready before steathing over to the cop
Natalya Natalya glances over at Alejandro and taps her rifle right on the silencer. She quirks an eyebrow and points at the officer, pulling her gun up to the ready position.
Grant Senan Grant's heart begins racing. Sweat starts rolling down his face. His hand reactively places itself on his gun. His thoughts race, his weapon is unsilenced. Firing it here would jeopardize everything. He considers giving himself up, but the only thing he can do is duck himself further down and hope they go away.
Alejandro Alejandro looks between Nat and the cop, then points towards Thomas. Unfortunately, the now alert MP seems to have spotted Thomas and attempts to unholster his firearm!
Thomas Thomas "shit " thomas cursed as he noticed the cop spotting veir so he moves to try to take the cop out before he could alert the compound unfortunitly he wasnt exactly quick enogh as the cop easily avoided him
Alejandro Alejandro charges at the cop when he sees that he's noticed Thomas, trying to forego stealth for speed. He leaps at the man and strikes at him with a rapid fire punch combination that leaves the MP reeling but still able to function. Alejandro sees the man unsnap his holster and draw his weapon and a look of fear crosses his face.
Natalya Natalya watches Thomas and Alejandro attempt to take out the cop quietly, and when they both back off slightly she raises her gun, gets the cop in her sights and fires off a single round, taking him in the neck and dropping him. She doesn't bother looking smug, she simply walks out to the body, nudges him with a toe to make sure he's done and searches him for the keys to the vehicle. She hands the keys over to Alejandro and shoulders her rifle, ready to move on.
Alejandro From his position Flynn can make out a vehicle moving across the Navy base. It comes to a stop and someone exits it. The person that exits the vehicle is approached by two others and then drops to the ground. The rest of the men Flynn saw earlier appear to be in position. They check their watches and one of them nods... things are about to kick off.

Alejandro grabs the keys and moves the vehicle off to the side of the road quickly, shutting it down and turning off the lights before returning to his team to lead them to the fountain. Once can then hear the sound of gunfire in the distance, coming from the east. Its easy to surmise that its the other half of the team attacking the main gate. Theres another street to cross but beyond that is a few buildings and a bunch of trees to use as cover. Unfortunately, there is a pair of clearly drunk sailors stumbling down the street in a hurry to get somewhere now that theres shooting happening.
Alejandro This time around the team manages to avoid being noticed. The two drunks are way too caught up in not getting shot to be much of a threat beyond the noises they might make. They run off down the street in a manner that resembles headless chickens.
Natalya Natalya walks along the street, being stealthy, but in a smart way. Her guns are shouldered in the same place her guitar case is and anyone who might spot her when she's walking among the shadows would only see a woman with a guitar walking down the street. She glances back when the drunks run by and she wheezes out a silent laugh, shaking her head slowly.
Thomas Thomas dicides to call in the morter strikes "nightmare this is apex one fire for effect on these coordanence , grid one-niner-fife-tree-two-over , grid two-delta-tango-juliet-two over" waits for comframation on the other line
Grant Senan Grant crawls out of the bushes and silently walks on, following Natalya. His gun still holstered, the scientist can't help but feel grossly out of his element.
Alejandro Once across the street its easy to stick to the trees in the small wooded area and make your way to where you can see the entrance to the headquarters building. Out front are two panicked looking guards carrying assault rifles. One of them is currently yelling in Spanish over a handheld radio, "What is going on? How many are there?" The radios reply is static. Just then, a loud siren blares, seeming to come from everywhere all at once. Behind the team it's easy to hear the sound of mortars raining down and exploding when they impact the earth. Even at this distance the sound is extremely loud and could drown out most small arms fire. Alejandro uses this to his advantage as he tells his team to "Gun them down!"
Alejandro After having given the order to fire to his team Alejandro drops his right hand brass knuckles into his pocket and draws his machine pistol with the same hand. He doesn't bother to aim, more shooting instinctively at the enemy. The rounds strike him in the chest but don't drop him.
Thomas Thomas thomas readys his rifle seeing the guy all just shot at still standing but as he squeezed his trigger the crack of his rifle roard as the mans head shatterd from the impact
Alejandro From atop his perch Flynn can see action on all sides of the city. There are firefights and explosions at all the major roadways leading in as well as at the main gate to the naval base. On the edge of the base that touches the Caribbean sea he can even make out mortars striking the hotel and inflicting heavy damage to the building.

As Thomas tosses his grenade the second soldier in front of the two dives out of the way for cover. The good news is that the grenade blows up the front door to the headquarters building!
Flynn Flynn sighs. War never changes. His head shook ever so slightly as the campaign for the city took off. Small arm fire to explosions ripping in through the city. A look of disgust is given, a want to take off in the Jeep and just leave crosses his mind, but his head shook. The information here would be vital.
Natalya Natalya gets the order to open fire and trying to be stealthy is out the window. She likes it better that way, honestly. She watches several shots fired off and she raises her gun, her head cocked slightly as she fires off a shot at the soldier. It takes him full in the upper right chest, her aim off by a few inches. She sucks in air through her teeth and shrugs, moving to cover as she pops the shell on her rifle and loads it for the next.
Grant Senan Grant dives behind cover the momenting the shooting starts. He kept repeating "lablablablablab" under his breath, reminding himself why he's here.
Alejandro The soldier remaining alive outside dashes back towards the cover of the half blown up doorway. Once he gets where he's going he levels his gun at Natalya and cuts loose with a burst of automatic fire...
Natalya Natalya sees the bullets coming and she doesn't think she simply throws herself to where Veir had gone, crashing into him a bit as her ass hits the ground. She would swear if she could speak, instead she just looks pissed off. She gets to her feet and readys her weapon, ready to fire again.
Thomas Thomas thomas sees the guy still up and shhots at nat thomas moves his body infront of al so he dosnt get shot and fires his rifle hitting the man but not killing him
Natalya Natalya tilts her head slight, gives Veir a slap on the shoulder to apologize for crashing into him and peeks out, firing once at the second guard. The bullet strikes his head and suddenly he drops to the ground, dead.
Alejandro "Gracias, mi amigo," Alejandro says to Thomas as the larger man moves to cover him, giving an affectionate pat on the shoulder with his non-gun wielding hand, trying not to come down very hard with the brass knuckles he's holding. Once the shooting's over he yells, "Into the building, but be careful! There are more men inside."
Alejandro "Gracias, mi amigo," Alejandro says to Thomas as the larger man moves to cover him, giving an affectionate pat on the shoulder with his non-gun wielding hand, trying not to come down very hard with the brass knuckles he's holding. Once the shooting's over he yells, "Into the building, but be careful! There are more men inside." He steps up to lead the way!
Alejandro There's more gunfire and explosions where Flynn can see. Another explosion at the Naval base, more throughout the checkpoints. The guys at the base's front gate seem to have stopped shooting and movement can be made out heading inland. There's even motion on the sea of boats heading straight for the base.
Flynn Taking out a journal like book, Flynn scribbles in it quietly before closing it. It would appear, for now, that the campaign was in favor to the BLF. But, like any war the opposing side will regroup, strengthen and attack.

After all, war never changes.
Thomas Thomas nods before saying "your welcom " he says as he rechambers his next shot then looking to the rest of the team "i may not be the best soldier but i can say this nomader what happens in there ill try to make sure we all get back safly if i cant well i would be pround of calling you all my brothers and sisters in arms"
Natalya Natalya follows Alejandro as he makes his way towards the building, keeping her rifle in the ready position instead of slinging it over her shoulder. Her gaze flicks around them, making sure nobody is coming up on them from behind.
Ward Emerging from cover, Ward appears following behind the group. He had been previously distracted by something on the beach, and the subsequent that followed gun jam forced him to straggle behind the group. Hoping no one had noticed his absence he attempts to quietly integrate himself into the groups formation. Trying his best to dodge Natalya's gaze as she checks her flank.
Grant Senan Grant follows closely behind Natalya. He trusted in her, so far, reliable aim to keep him alive.
Alejandro The first thing you see inside of the headquarters building is a large lobby with a centrally located desk. The next thing you'll notice is the pair of officers at the desk with their sidearms drawn and pointed towards the invaders! Not only that but there's a second story with a balcony from which more armed men are looking down. Things may be about to get bloody.
Alejandro When they make it through the door there's a moment where time seems to freeze! The three guys up above start to level their weapons while the two dudes behind the desk aim their sidearms. Alejandro takes action by running straight towards the guys on the ground floor, leaping at one of them to strike him with his brass knuckles, following up with an elbow from his other arm. The soldier is clearly very injured but is still in the fight!
Natalya Natalya follows behind Alejandro, focusing her fire on the man he's injured behind the desk. She ducks for cover after, peeking up to see what others are out there that need to be taken care of.
Thomas Thomas thomas walks in he dosnt fear death so he dosnt dodge for cover instead he fires a round off at a desk guard wounding him then throws a granade to the balcony wounding three more guys
Grant Senan Grant dives behind cover, his Umbrella Assault Pistol in hand. He had hoped he wouldn't have to use it, but that hope seemed far beyond slim now.
Alejandro The one remaining soldier behind the desk is freaking out after his mate gets blown away! He turns rapidly towards the psycho trying to punch people to death and levels his weapon, firing off a well aimed shot. Alejandro's attempt to evade getting shot fails and the round takes him in the thigh, a meaty chunk coming out of the exit wound.
Ward Ward raises his custom /Death Bringer/ pistol up towards the balcony and fires numerous shots towards the men on the balcony. Blood sprays across the balcony like a garden sprinkler as bullets tear into the flesh of the one of the poor souls on the balcony. His body flails as the bullets penetrate his ribcage and abdomen, the pain combined with the sheer force of the bullets causes him to loose balance and fall over the railing of the balcony, hitting the ground as the sickening sound of bones shattering echoes throughout the lobby. Ward wastes no time after this small victory and dives behind the nearest solid object he can see, he hoped that the various furniture and surfaces in the lobby were enough to stop a bullet.
Alejandro One of the guys on the balcony directs his attention towards the asshole throwing the hand grenades. He fires his weapon on full auto, leaning forward to help control the recoil! The weapon bucks a little but it's mostly on target as a pair of rounds penetrate Thomas' leg.
Alejandro The other guy upstairs lets loose a barrage of bullets in Ward's direction. Thankfully he's not a particularly good shot and his rounds almost all miss, except for one that'll skim Ward's ribs in a painful but not debilitating injury.
Alejandro Alejandro's a blur, punching his brass knuckled fist into the bad guy behind the desk and driving him back into range where the freedom fighter can kick him in the head. There's a sickening snap as the soldier slumps dead to the floor. Without missing a beat Alejandro spins around and fires a burst from his pistol at one of the guys on the balcony. It's a good hit, but the guy is still in the fight.
Thomas Thomas falls to his back as the pain from his leg is unbearable looking down he sees shredded clothing and what would be under the skin yelling in pain before gritting his teeth aiming his rifle at the last guy and fireing
Natalya Natalya stands from the desk/counter that she has been seeking cover behind and she pops off a quick shot at the man on the balcony that Al was shooting at. The bullet puts a large hole in his neck and he falls from the second floor hitting the ground with a sickening splat. She kneels back down behind the counter and checks her rifle.
Grant Senan Grant puts his gun above his cover and pops off a few rounds in the direction of his enemies, hitting none of them.
Thomas Thomas fired his gun unfortunatly when the shot connected it didnt kill him but insted wounded him "fuck" thomas cursed before rolling over on his back "hey al really didnt think id go out like this"
Ward "Ah! Shit!" Ward yells as a bullet grazes his ribcage. 'I guess this lobby furniture isn't as hardy as I thought.' Ward thinks to himself. Emerging from cover, his eyes narrow toward the one remaining figure on the balcony.

It was a really bad day to be that particular guard.

Ward fires shot after shot, each bullet penetrating the guards armor and tearing apart his organs, before the final shot tags him square in the dome. A sickening squelching can be heard as his pieces of his skull and brains fly across the balcony like confetti.
Alejandro "You won't die any time soon, mi amigo!" Alejandro calls out to Thomas before sucking in air through gritted teeth as he applies pressure to his freshly wounded leg. "Dios mio," he mutters under his breath as he leans against the desk that moments before their enemies had been using as cover. He takes a moment to reload his weapon before attempting to hobble forward into the next section of the building.

As the group travels through the headquarters the world outside has begun to grow quieter. There's still sporadic gunfire and occasional explosions, but Flynn can see that things are starting to wrap up as the rebels take the outskirts of the town, holding the ground they've conquered and not pressing their luck by moving further into the city.

Back in the headquarters building the now half wounded team of mercenaries and freedom fighters makes their way towards the command center. There's no resistance along the way thanks to them attacking at night.

Its easy to figure out where Commander Sanchez is. Its the only guarded room left in the building. Even from outside one can hear shrill screaming in Spanish, "Kill them! Kill them! Dont let them get me! That is an order!" Leading up to the commanders office is a large office area filled with desks. Behind four of those desks are men with assault rifles at the ready.
Natalya Natalya wheezes out a laugh, and mimes a noose, sticking her tongue out as she shakes her head. She checks her rifle and notes that a reload will be necessary soon. She glances at Alejandro and squints at his leg, shouldering her rifle as she signs. 'You all right?'
Ward Ward reloads his /Death Bringer/ pistol and peeks around the corner. Jerking his head back behind the relative saftey of the wall he pulls out the grenade he had recieved previously. "Better late than never, aye boss?" he whispers to Alejandro with a smug grin on his face."
Alejandro Catching Natalya's signing Alejandro gives her a shrug and says, "I've been hurt worse than this before." He's limping along with blood leaking out of him but he does a half decent job of masking the pain that he's feeling. Glancing at Ward, Alejandro gives him a nod, "Get them." He's apparently run out of patience for the gun fighting being done.
Thomas Thomas thomas fires his rifle hiting a guy pretty bad before ducking/falling into cover his mutalated leg not helping matters
Alejandro Following Thomas' lead Alejandro pushes through his pain to try to get into cover. Once there he leans around it and fires a burst from his machine pistol at the guard injured previously by Thomas. While he shoots the guy it doesn't manage to drop him.
Natalya Natalya gets to her feet and shoulders her rifle, pulling something from her belt and pulling the pin. She fakes a throw into the room, wheezes out a silent laugh and then tosses the flashbang grenade into the office. There are some yells inside and a copious amount of swearing, that only makes her shoulders shake with laughter more. She unshoulders her rifle and rolls her eyes.
Grant Senan Grant moves to the corner and waits for his comrades to take care of the enemies around the turn.
Alejandro The guards in the room are suddenly blinded by an explosion of white light and deafening noise! Unable to hear or see properly they still valiantly attempt to keep themselves alive by shooting at their attackers. Guard 1 opens up on Alejandro, shooting the desk he's behind to pieces but missing the mercenary behind it. Guard 2 attempts to blast Thomas but Thomas is too nimble by far to be hit. Guard 3 attempts to get Natalya but she's on the move and he misses her. Guard 4 on the other hand is a much better shot than his comrades and his wild automatic fire gets the big guy through the left bicep, a relatively clean through and through wound.
Flynn Stepping back inside the Jeep, Flynn turns over the engine and pulls away, heading back toward the highway and back to the city.
Ward Ward pops out from behind cover and fires a deafing barrage of lead into the room ahead of him. Bullets rip through furniture, and flesh alike leaving two living piles of swiss cheese of the two guards, each of them barley holding on to life. 'Goddamn, this guys are tougher than those poor bastards in the lobby were.' Ward thinks to himself, slightly frustrated that he couldn't make quick work of them.

Ducking back behind cover he reasses his situation, for a moment he considers emptying whats left of his magazine into whats left of the two assholes, or perhaps he'd let his two comrades take care of the rest.
Thomas Thomas thomas fires his rifle hiting a guy killing him instantly before rolling back into vcover his eyes start to droop from the bloodloss
Alejandro Alejandro leans around his cover again and opens fire on two of the government goons. The first barrage of bullets catches a man in the head and blows his brains everywhere, killing him instantly. The second burst? Hits the fucking ceiling.
Natalya There he is, that fucker who fired off a shot at her. Natalya smiles an evil little smile as she scoots out of cover, her gun already up and ready. She gets her sight quickly and pops off a shot, another through the throat. Poor guy, he'll choke for a bit and then he goes still.
Grant Senan Grant continues to wait, realizing the fire fight will draw to a close soon. He clutches his gun in his hands, in a combat stance like he had seen before. However, despite the stance, he didn't participate in the fight itself.
Alejandro The last remaining guard gives killing Alejandro a shot, but the BLF member is far too acrobatic for mere bullets to strike him, nimbly dodging out of the way of the incoming fire in a display of grace that leaves his leg wound seeping blood onto the ground.
Thomas Thomas gets up from behind cover dizzi and stumbaling he ends up using his rifle like a crutch his clothes are soaked in blood from his leg and arm moving twords the door of the last guy the one there all after before oipening it
Alejandro The shooting stops. The government forces lay dead in the bullet riddled room. Things are quiet for a moment. Then the sound of whimpering can be heard from behind the closed office doors up ahead. Words in Spanish come flooding out, "Please don't hurt me! I surrender! Please... please..." And then the sound of sobbing.
Natalya Natalya gets to her feet and she jerks her chin towards the office, an amused look on her face. She shoulders her rifle and walks over to Veir, leaning forward a bit to adjust how he's holding his gun. Satisfied she nods and turns around to watch Al, waiting to see what they're doing with the crybaby inside.
Ward Hearing the multiple thuds of bodies hitting the floor, Ward assumes his group is either dead or winning. He peeks around the corner to see only one guard left standing. Moving swiftly out of cover and through the doorway, Ward unloads pure, leaded DEATH into the guard. The guards body tremors and spasms as the bullets rip through his viscera and sever his spine. The guard falls to the floor with a deep /thud/. As the dust of battle clears, Ward drops the empty magazine out of his pistol and looks down on the dead guard. "I really do kinda feel bad for that guy." he pauses for a moment before chuckling. 'Better him than me.' Ward thinks to himself, still feeling a bit of remorse for filling these men full of holes.
Alejandro "Hijo de puta!" Alejandro exclaims as he approaches the door and puts his shoulder into it, the thin interior door (which isn't even locked) bursting open. The commander is curled up in a ball behind his desk, hands lifted in Alejandro's direction in an obvious sign of surrender. His pistol's already on the desk, so little fight does this man have in him. Grabbing him by the collar Alejandro lifts him and after knocking the pistol off of the desk gestures towards the microphone on the desk, presumably wired into the base's sound systems. Unfortunately, the cables leading to it have been shot and are in need of repairs before the commander can be made to surrender his post. "Fuck!" Al exclaims as he looks at his team. "Can someone fix this fucking thing?"
Thomas Thomas thomas moves away from the doorway before slumping down the wall leaving a trail of blood as he dose "glad i could help al im just going to close my eyes and rest for a bit"
Ward Looking to the torn cables Ward thinks for a moment. "I can try, but I can't guarantee anything, I'm a scientist, not an electrician."
Grant Senan "I'm in the same boat as Ward. I can tell you how to manipulate the genetic code of bacteria and viral substances, but repairing a broken microphone might be a bit trickier." The scientist explained. "But alas, I'll give it a shot."
Alejandro Yeah, right. Bacteria. Grant makes repairing the microphone look easy and soon Alejandro's pushing Commander Sanchez's face towards it and whispering in his ear menacingly while pressing the button to transmit. Sanchez is literally shaking as he says in Spanish, "This is Commander Sanchez of the Bolivarian Navy. I order you to stand down and surrender. I repeat, stand down and surrender. The Bolivar Liberation Front will not hurt you if you do as they say." Once the speakers shut off it's quiet outside and the radio on Alejandro's belt comes on with the words, "They're standing down, sir. We've got the base."
Thomas Thomas thomas moves away from the doorway before slumping down the wall leaving a trail of blood as he dose "glad i could help al im just going to close my eyes and rest for a bit" a loud clatering of his rifle hitting the ground can be herd
Natalya Natalya doesn't really show any emotion, she just slings the rifle over her shoulder and adjusts it until it's comfortable. She glances over at Thomas and then shifts her gaze towards Al, making a slicing notion across her throat with her finger. She shrugs and starts to ransack the office, ignoring the Commander. She finds an apple and bites into it before she walks over to a window, gazing out at the mild chaos in the base.
Grant Senan Grant re-holstered his gun, the combat seemingly over. He moved towards Alejandro, intent on questioning the location of the laboratory, but figured it could wait until another time. Casually, he sat in a nearby chair and waited.
Ward Raises an eyebrow inquisitively at Natalya as she makes that gesture. Looking to Al and back to Natalya he scratches his head for a moment before pulling out another cigarette. "I'm just as eager to celebrate as the rest of you, but maybe we should get Bullet Sponge over there to a doctor, yeah?" he lights his cigarette and jokingly adresses Commander Sanchez, "You don't mind smoking inside right?" he chuckles as he exhales smoke through his nose.
Alejandro Outside of the headquarters building the other team from the tent, plus additional reinforcements, have taken over the Navy base. They've managed to capture the sailors stationed there, not many as it's not a particularly active base, without killing any more. Thomas is given enough medical treatment so that he won't bleed out but without a medical doctor there's not much that can be done at this stage. He'll need to find one or heal naturally on his own. Commander Sanchez joins the rest of his surviving men in the warehouse they'll be locked in.

The checkpoints leading in to town have been captured by the BLF as well. Now they'll be able to maintain a strangehold on the city of Puerto Cabello. It's only a matter of time before the BLF is victorious here.