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Eve Eve stands outside of Emma's tent, speaking to herself. While that in itself is unusual, the topic of the one sided conversation is another strange thing. "She's not going to yell at you, silly woman. You did what you were supposed to do. Is she going to be pissed that we have a prisoner? Probably. Just..get it over with."

She stares at the tent entrance again and then glances around, the volunteers are working, things are getting done. People are planting and others are still being treated by different doctors.

Eve squares her shoulders and taps on the entrance to Emma's tent. "Emma, can you come out? I need to talk to you." She hopes that the cup of tea that she brought for a peace offering will be accepted.
Bob After putting in his time on the quick reaction force and at the FBC aid station Bob has elected to return to see about helping out the people of Cabimas some more. Having made it out to tents set up by the other aid workers Bob's decided it's time to check in with Emma and see what they need for him to do today.

As he passes through the tents on his way he gives waves, smiles or words of greeting to the people he passes, enjoying the camaraderie he feels out here. Even as he approaches Emma's tent and sees Eve outside of it having some sort of issue he doesn't have his mood dampened. Instead, he gives her a friendly greeting, "Good day to you!"
Emma Emma doesn't spent to much time in her tent, the girl is a workaholic. She had spent the night helping out in surgery, not only did it offer a change of pace but, well, it's a medical field she is interested in. Then again, the lass is interested in most anything, and absorbs it like a sponge.

When done there, the redhead had come to her tent and laid upon her bed, staring at the ceiling, fingers fiddling with a necklace as she thinks. There is no way to find sleep, and taking her sleeping pills will knock her out, which to her isn't smart, what if she is needed?

Hearing Eve, the doctor slowly sits up, stands and then heads to the flap of the tent, stepping out in her normal graceful way. Her scrubs are dirty, along with her runners, a cardigan has been pulled over that. The TerraSave head looks tired, and worn, and all around, exhausted. Still she managed a smile. "Wh - what did ya - ya need Eve?" In no way does she expect the news, but grey-green eyes do note the tea, before they turn to regard Bob, who gets a tired smile ingreeting.
Esa One could find Esa tending to Daisy once more, a fresh bottle in his hand, he rocked the child soothingly in a chair. He was unbeknownst to the events that unfolded overnight, having slept hard inside his tent.
Eve Eve takes a deep breath and opens her mouth to speak when she spots Bob. She goes a bit red in the face, aims a quick smile his way and a wave, having a feeling that this conversation is about to get interesting. "Well Emma, I wanted to stop by and let you know about an incident last night. I think you might need to call Esa Collins or..." She glances over at Bob as she scuffs her feet in the dust. "..well we were attacked last night, someone tried to rob us again." She folds her arms over her chest and clears her throat.

"The man was in FBC gear, and we have him detained in a tent." She gestures a slender hand towards a tent a little off in the distance, two security men standing in front of it. She winces, waiting for Emma to start yelling.
Bob "What's cookin', good lookin'?" Bob asks Emma with a big grin on his face and an amused little wink, clearly just meaning to be friendly. He shuts himself up after giving the greeting and rocks back on his heels somewhat, letting the women talk while looking aside and pretending to be focusing on something else. Until he hears Eve mention the prisoner and he snaps his head back around to look at her, "Holy shit!" There's a momentary pause, "That explains some shit, but... my god. That son of a bitch is going to be in all kinds of trouble."
Emma First thing Emma does, is take the tea, with a thankful smile. Eve sure does know her, and tea right now, well, just hits the spot. Delicate hands wrap around the mug, taking in the warmth. While sipping, the lass looks over the mug to her assistant, the remark from Bob, well the reply is a quick glance his way, with a reddening of her cheeks.

Upon hearing that they were attacked, and that there is a prisoner, well the doctor, mid sip, starts to cough and hack, her cup of tea being spilt as a hand pats her chest firmly, trying to catch her breath. Eyes had watered up some, her face had turned red.

"What?" Is all that's managed, eyes fixed on Eve as she slowly gets past choking on her drink.
Sergio Sergio, sitting at a nearby fire, has a bundle of something very messy looking next to him. Looks like a bundle of brown matted fur, possibly a hare or something similar. The wafting smell of charring meat announces that he's definitly cooking something. While some folks might've given him curious looks when he started, they don't seem to be as interested as they were before.
Eve Eve winces when Emma chokes on her tea and she releases a slow breath before she starts to speak. "It was quiet here all day yesterday. We got planting started in the plots, built some water filters and I was talking to a man named Sergio who is gonna hunt for food, for Cabimas, in exchange for some essentials." She gestures towards the road and looks exasperated. "Sergio spotted some jackass with a large gun and a ski mask demanding medical supplies or he would *SHOOT* us and we..." Eve takes a breath and gets herself back under control before she continues. "He threatened us." She says simply and then props both hands on her hips. "So we took him down, and I had Tabitha treat him so he wouldn't like...die or anything."

Eve fidgets a bit as she continues to speak. "But yeah, he was wearing FBC gear and..I figured you would want to turn him over to the FBC..alive, and..he's alive. Just...detained in that tent." She lamely finishes, her hand gesturing again towards the tent in the distance.
Esa The babe demanded most of Esa's attention as he fed the child and sung to her in Gaelic. It would seem that Esa progression in the language was getting better.
Emma Her tea cup is empty, which, well at this point, Emma wouldn't notice anyway. "Blo - bloody'ell." Say the Scot, though she looks calm, there is a bubbling of anger in her normally soft grey-green eyes. "Fu - fuck." Even a curse, which barely makes it out through the clear tension in her jaw.

Things seem to get more and more complicated as the days go by, and the recent news of their stolen truck had hit her hard. Grabbing her phone from her pocket, she makes a call. "E - Esa, come ta - ta my tent, please." It's a short call, with a short cut tone to it, not that she is trying to be rude, the lass is simply upset, and doing all she can to keep it together.

Given that her hair is down right now, hands rake through it, deep breaths are taken, but the redhead needs to move before she explodes, so a few steps forward are taken, just to keep her a tad distracted. The more she moves the more she smells something cooking at looks the way of Sergio. It's a smell she knows, it sort of reminds her of home, and oddly, briefly, pulls her from her anger enough to not become a ginger-bomb and explode right there.
Bob "I sincerely hope that shit's stolen. Don't need any more bad publicity for the commission," Bob says to Eve with a huge sigh, shaking his head from side to side and sighing deeply. "The good news is that I can probably let Esa handle this shit since I'm just a fancy medical grunt and he does the thinking jobs." The tent the guy in FBC gear is secured in gets a long look and a huge frown.
Esa Receiving the call thankfully didn't wake Daisy. Nodding his head, Esa hung up with Emma and handed the baby off to a volunteer before making his way to them.

"What's up?" Esa asks as he approaches Eve, Emma and Bob. A small smile is given to Eve and Bob, a warmer one to Emma.
Maxim As Emma was busy in surgery, Maxim took turns watching the prisoner. But he made his way out after tagging out, and decided to see how she was doing. lo and behold apparently everyone decided to stop by and see her as well. Arriving a little after Esa, he peeks in at everyone and offers a general bow, and if noticed by anyone will even follow it up with "Greetings."
Sergio Sergio has a small iron skillet over the flames, with what appear to be several long strips of extraordinarily white meat within its contents. There's a slight spice in the air, the closer you are to him, but it's not too complex, and with any amount of luck, can be detected as black pepper.
Bob "Yo Collins. Don't punch anything," Bob gives the guy a warning in a friendly tone of voice, though the level of tension he's feeling is impossible to hide. When someone new, Maxim, approaches, Bob turns to look at them and gives a nod, "Hola. How's it going? Bob Delgado." He sticks out his right hand for a shake, not wasting any time before going for the introduction. Sergio's cooking gets looked over and Bob licks his lips, but doesn't do anything more other than give the dude cooking a wave, should he look his way.
Eve Eve folds her hands behind her back and she glances between Emma, Esa and Bob. To Emma she offers a wan smile and an apologetic wave of her hands. "Do you want to see the prisoner, we can explain what is going on to Esa as we walk over to the tent?" She gives a warm smile to Maxim as he walks up, reaching out to give him a gentle pat on the arm. "We couldn't find any identification for him, but I figured if he really is an FBC agent, you'll know him when you see his face."
Emma For a second Emma is watching Sergio, but her attention is pulled away as Esa arrives. Crossing her arms, frowning she motions to Eve. "I - I was just told of an - an attack last night, an' we got a prisoner, who may be - be FBC." Her Scottish acent is thick, but the edges are in it, more than normal." She nods. "An - an I wanna speak ta him. Can I now?"
Maxim Maxim blinks as he sees the hand for a handshake with Bob. Yes, that handshake thing again. Max moves to offer his hand as well to Bob, his grip firm but not overkill. He smiles as Eve approaches, though he raises a brow at her statement about an FBC agent. "I will?"

The bronze coin makes it's way to his free hand and starts to flip over his fingers. "I merely wished to see how Emma was doing. If you need to speak to the prisoner though..." He motions with his other hand, post handshake, toward where the prisoner is being kept.
Esa Giving Esa a curious look, his head cants in a slow, steady nod. "Uhm, okay. Sure." He replies with a puzzled expression before glancing to Emma and Eve. "Why would I punch something?" He asks curiously.

"What Prisoner?" Esa asks Eve before his attention is taken to Emma. "Attack? I .. slept through an attack?" Well, that's new; although he was exhausted after his return from the base. As the words FBC slips through her mouth, his eyes narrow and a frown creases his lips as he looks to Eve "Your telling me an FBC officer shot at everyone?" He asks placidly. A glance to Emma is given "I would like to join you."
Sergio Sergio finishes up his cooking, the meat finally browning. He pulls off a tender strip, still piping hot, and bites into it. He takes the prepared food over to a table, and sets it inside of a contained dish. He returns to his spot at the fire to collect the scraps of meat still on the bone and takes it over to a just now boiling pot and dumps them in.
Eve "We're not completely sure he's FBC. He is wearing the gear, so we detained him because it's not really our place to handle something like that." Eve explains as the group starts to move. "He got pretty wounded, but we had Tabitha treat him so he wouldn't..bleed out or anything.." She coughs, looking slightly embarassed as she glances over at Esa. "So uhm, yeah..I'm sorry." She looks slightly upset. "We just..after everything that's happened the past few days, and all of the missing goods, we may have over reacted a little bit. He was alone though." She gestures to the tent and waves the security man aside so they can enter.
Elliott     Well Elliott is working. His breath his laboured as he works steadily at plowing an area of ground for planting. Pants mucked up, even with them rolled partially up his calfs, grey shirt stained with dirt and damp with sweat. Sweat also drips from his hair, which hangs over his forehead as his head hangs, working methodically at the task. He doesn't pause, just keeps a steady rhythm through his heavy breathing, pushing away the weariness as he continues to work. His head lifts occasionally to glance at people nearby, so when he notices familiar faces, his first instinct is to greet them. A quick nod, but then before his eyes turn down to the earth again, he pauses, his gaze locking on expressions. He stares after them curiously.
Emma Emma looks to Esa. "Fi - fine, but, I'd like ta - ta take lead on talkin' to him. He shot at my people." This alone makes the normally calm lass angry. She looks to Even, frowning more. "I - I get it, but if it - it gets out we're firin' at people. this'll look horrible. Who fired?" Though, her mind may be guessing at who. Glancing to Maxim some, he regards him with a simple. "I - I'm fine."

That's when she steps away from them, arms crossed, and takes a few paces back and forth, because, she needs to calm down before talking to this person who fired, on, her, people.
Esa Esa shakes his head "Fucker deserved to get shot if he was trying to attack you." He replies in a cold-hearted tone of voice. It bothered him greatly that a FBC solider would've attacked Terrasave and even more so, the danger the person put the innocent in. A quiet sigh escapes his lips as he begins to follow Eve and Emma. His eyes look to Emma briefly "Remember what I showed you back in Paris?" He says, regarding the intelligence. "This could be but the first." He adds, frown still heavy on his face.
Eve Eve gazes calmly at Emma and after a moment she folds her arms over her chest and sighs. "If word gets out that we've got decent security - then perhaps people will stop robbing us." She says, her chin coming up slightly. "I take full responsibility for this man being injured, I shot at him as did John Black. I felt it was safer for us to take him down quickly than risk him firing into a city where volunteers were still working." She takes a deep breath and then adds. "I'm sorry Emma, I did what I thought was best to keep people safe. If that reflects badly on me, I understand completely."
Bob Bob's just along for the ride, watching everyone else do the talking and stuff, content to follow along behind them. That is until he passes Elliott and slows down, giving the other fellow a nod, "Hey man. Having fun out here?" Slowing down so that he can converse a little, Bob, kind of worried looking, says, "How come you're doing this stuff and not counseling people? You need an interpreter or something?"
Thomas Thomas lays in the medical cot unable to move as he trys to get his barings he starts to remember the night before " shit hope this wasnt traced back to the others " thomas prepares himself for the possible interagation
Elliott     Elliott can tell by the expressions on people's faces that there is something going on. Stilling the hoe, he shifts, leaning against the handle as he angles his head. Then he is turning as Bob addresses him, glancing to him with a faint smile. "Hello," he greets, pulling in a lungful of air and letting it out. The worried look does not go unnoticed, and Elliott lets out a 'hmm' of thought. "What's... going on?" he asks in his heavy, British accent. He glances down to the tool beneath his hands, a little frown turning down his mouth. Dragging a hand through his hair, he slides his gaze back to Bob again. "Who is in need of counselling?"
Emma Emma stops, and looks to Eve. "I - I know yer doin' yer best." She says, and truly means it, following it with a small warm smile. "I - I just, I get it." She does, and can't really dispute that. Looking to Esa she nods slowly, sighing heavily. "A - a spy in every corner." It may be an odd statement to some, as a hand sweeps through her hair. "Le - let's go talk ta him."

Walking with her typical grace, the lass looks to Bob and Sergio, then over to Maxim, and then spies Elliott. "E - Elliott." She nods for him to follow, a psych may be good to have.

Once at the tent the first thought it to storm in, but that isn't the right way. So Emma stands there a second, taking a few deep breaths in, working to calm herself down some, before she'd enter.
Bob "Well, you're vetted to hear all kinds of shit so I can tell you," Bob starts off talking to Elliott with a bit of thought and preparation. "There's a prisoner here who might be a member of the FBC." He sticks his thumb out in the direction of the prisoner's tent just as Emma calls for Elliott, sort of unconscious perfect timing. Turning the rest of the way in that direction Bob says to, "Leave the hoe here. Could be used as a weapon if he gets his hands on it." And then he goes back to the thought about who needs counseling, "I figured all these people here have been through some hardships and many of them have had traumatic experiences. If any of them need some head shrinking and I'm around and not too busy come grab me. I speak Spanish well and I'm picking up the Bolivarian colloquialisms pretty quick."
Esa It is never a good thing with the XO of the outfit is stepping inside the room alongside two Terrasave employees. Worse when his face is cold and placid. Esa steps in with Emma and Eve and moves to the side as, technically, this was Emma's show.

Pulling out his cellphone, Esa takes a snap photo of Thomas and sends it to someone and waits.
Eve Eve had already done her part last night when she shot the poor man twice. Since he's detained and in a hospital bed it's certain that she won't need to do anything else here either. She comes as Emma's backup and to make a record of what is said. She takes a seat on a stool, pulls out a notebook and prepared to take notes in her own shorthand. She doesn't make eye contact with Thomas, she simply waits.
Sergio Sergio is still by the pot, stirring it every once in a while. He's got a few cleaned roots next to him, and begins chopping them up for the soup.
Thomas Thomas looks at the group that enters to interogate him spotting esa he gives off a shaken chuckle "its not everyday i get to be interagated by one of my marks btw hows you cars windsheild "
Maxim Maxim stands by the tent. He holds the flap open for the others to enter and do their thing, merely telling them as they do so, "If anything happens, I will be close." However he's not one for interrogation (Paris showed that) and so as such he just waits out of the way so they can get to work and find the answers they need.
Emma Emma enters, her long red hair around her, big grey-green eyes, which are tired, are focused on Thomas. Her scrubs, while dirty, are given no care, this is not clean work. Her light, graceful steps bring her hi way, to his bedside. There, delicate hands take up her chart, and look him over with a steady gaze, eyeing the IV to see how much is left. Putting the chart back, she crosses her arms to regard the wounded FBC man. "I - I am Doctor Emma O'Connal." Her tone is soft, and kind, echoing with it's normal shyness. "I - I understand ya came in an' - and attacked my people, for supplies?" Eyes don't leave him. "An' ya caused a stir in tha process, makin' it hard for us."

But then, Thomas admits to something that makes her pale. "Holy fuck." The words are low, laced with anger, a temper not normally one for her to have but damn, it's hard to not have right now. "Ya - ya shot -at- Agent Collins durin' that chase? Yer - Yer an BLF agent, aren't ya?" If she had a gun, it'd be pointed at him. So, the lass turns to Esa. "We - we need him questioned for information on the truck theft, and you can - can take him inta yer custody for attempt murder of his superior. If he really is FBC."
Elliott     Elliott hears Bob's answer seconds before Emma calls his name. His gaze trails over to her, catching sight of her and lower his head in an acknowledged nod. Then he blows out a breath as he looks to Bob. "Thanks, mate," he says, even as his gaze moves towards the tent as the others disappear inside. Elliott straightens, drawing in a breath. "I better..." He murmurs out, gesturing. His hands are wiped on his pants briefly before he claps Bob on the shoulder appreciatively. On his way to the tent, he'll find place to prop the hoe before he approaches.
Esa Watching Emma quietly, Esa steps back as she moves forward to talk to Thomas. He studies the man on the bed with a content, look and anger flashes in his eyes as he spoke of shooting him. Eyes dart to Emma, and reads her like a book. He steps forward, a hand suddenly reaching to her shoulder, his eyes looking to hers. "I've got this." He whispers with a warm smile.

Stepping to the foot of the bed, his phone chimes. reaching inside the pocket, he pulls out and hehs. "Thomas Dirriger, 23 years old and currently listed as AWOL within the Federal Bioterrorism Commission." He says in a bitter tone of voice. "And just confessed to attempted murder of his superior officer. Which means he is working with whom I suspect took the supplies - BLF." He says with deprecated voice. "Your fucked son. No simple way about it."
Eve Eve raises both eyebrows and she glances over at Emma, going still as she keeps her gaze on the Doctor. She takes some notes as she slowly shakes her head deciding that speaking up at this point won't add anything to the conversation.
Bob Rather than get involved in what might be a war crime, Bob stays outside of the tent where the interrogation is going. Instead he looks around for something else to do to keep himself busy while he waits. That's when he spots Sergio again and heads off that way towards the fire. As he closes in on Sergio Bob asks, "What you got going there?" He's rather casual about the whole thing, hands in his pockets, rather relaxed looking. Although that's probably just a way to mask the tension he's feeling knowing someone is being interrogated so close by.
Emma Emma nods slowly to Esa, he could feel her trembling a little. Out of anger. The lass turns away and steps closer to the enterance of the tent, then faces Eve. "Get. James." Now the lass isn't trying to be stern, or mean, she's simply angry. Then, barely reagarding anyone else, she looks to Esa and Thomas, watching.
Sergio Sergio looks up and gives a slight crack of a smile towards Bob, "Ees a stew, con uh, bunny, and roots, like um, turn tips?". He shakes his head as he continues stirring and glances down, "Me English, ees no so good.".
Thomas Thomas thomas laughs sure he knows hes fucked but knowing this means he will ride things out as long as possible " so tell me bout a week ago at ammo lockup have you found the two grunts who were guarding it or not because that was alot of ammo and explosives that went missing aint it" thomas grins
Bob When Sergio admits his English isn't good Bob doesn't hesitate before switching over to Spanish, heavily east coast US accented, "Good. I thought it was rabbit but I could not tell." Kneeling down nearby he keeps speaking, "I'm originally from the US so I don't know much about the animals down here. You could have told me it was a baby capybara and I would have believed you." A grin shows up on his face at his own little joke. Then he extends his right hand forward, "I'm Roberto Delgado."
Eve Eve clears her throat and gets her phone from her jeans, tapping it with one hand, her eyes on Emma the whole time. "He'll be here soon, Emma." She says quietly, her hand still poised to write. She stuffs the phone back into her jeans pocket and glances towards Esa, a frown on her face.
Sergio Sergio switches the stirring spoon to his left hand and grips Roberto's hand firmly shaking it. In Spanish, "Honestly, I don't know the names of half of the things I've ate. They don't exactly have name tags, understand?", he chuckles at his own lame ejoke. Glancing down to the pot and then back up to Roberto, "Can you get the meat from the dish over on that table.", he accompaies the request with a gesture to a nearby table with a covered wooden dish on it.
Elliott     Elliott is just going to be silent, giving no interruptions, and learn what he can of the situation through listening. As he enters the tent too, he only gives a silent nod. Here's here. And he's automatically studying everyone, simply frowning with focus, paying little attention to what he, himself, is feeling and what the others are. His eyes show concern, however, as Elliott looks to Emma.
Esa Feeling her tremble out of anger surprised Esa. He's only seen her completely angry once before. He smiles softly to her, a knowing smile and look in his eyes prior to the questioning of Thomas.

"Well, we can and lying to one of his skill sets. Horrible at it too." Esa responds as he centers and calms the anger within. "You'll be arrested and tried for your crimes. We can make this easier by telling us where the medical and food supplies are and I will work in reducing any sentences to a simple dishonorable discharge from service."
Bob Laughing along with Sergio, Bob nods his head and goes back to speaking in Spanish, "I understand that. Big mammal is big mammal." But then he's going to grab the meat as instructed, picking up the container and bringing it back to Sergio. "Do you do a lot of hunting? I used to go hunting wild pigs when I lived in Georgia, USA. There are so many on Fort Benning that they will pay you when you kill them."
Emma Emma is pacing just a little now, her attention is fully on Esa and Thomas, there is a scowl, but she won't add anything.
Thomas Thomas lets out a sigh they just givin him the best possible way out and to him he was going to take it " there in the slums not far from here in a garage lockup thats really all i know"
Eve Eve clears her throat and jots down something else in her notebook, her lips pressed in a thin line. She gets to her feet and walks closer to Emma, her voice pitched low. "Do you think there is a chance that we'll be able to recover any of our stolen supplies?" She asks, glancing back towards the bed. "That would be really good for us."
Sergio Sergio nods to Bob as he accepts the dish and pops off the lid. He dumps the meat into the pot and sets the dish aside, then begins to break the strips apart in the pot with the large wooden spoon. "I tend to stay out in the jungle mostly, things are easier for me that way. My reputation in the cities,", glancing around, "Well, in the larger cities isn't the best. Foolish younger years and a corrupt government can make you do anything if the right person knows how to monipulate you.".
Esa Listening to Thomas, Esa head nods slowly as he turns to walk over to Emma and Eve and listens. "My suggestion would be to send in Andrei's team. FBC won't get involved after nearly losing a Blackhawk and an officer." He replies quietly before stepping back a little to retrieve his phone. "Yes this is Charlie one. I need armed pick up in Cabimas. It is a prisoner transfer to FBC."

There is a flash of anger and surprise on Esa's face as someone speaks to him. "Are you fucking kidding me?" He states, eyes looking to Thomas. "Damn to hell." He mutters, head nodding. "Alright, thank-you. ETA 20? Understood." And hangs up the phone. Stepping back to the two women, he says "The news caught wind of the attack and publicized on television."
Bob "You're not the first guy to get caught up in some bad stuff as a kid," Bob says, a little shrug showing he doesn't care too much about past mistakes. The jungle living, on the other hand, sounds very exciting, "So you spend your time in the jungle? That sounds amazing to me. I've conducted survival training in the jungles but I haven't really spent a lot of time there."
Emma Emma shrugs to Eve. "I - I have no idea." She says, breathing deeply, to help calm herself. Eyes snap to Esa, when he mentions the media. "-What-?! Fuck this - this just keeps gettin' better an' better!"
Eve Eve places a gentle hand on Emma's arm and speaks calmly and quietly. "Emma, the media is on our side. We didn't do anything wrong." She gives Esa a look and then sighs. "Of course, this is bad for the FBC, but you can issue a statement to help them out if you just take a few deep breaths and center yourself. I will help." She holds up her notebook and adds. "This doesn't need to be a horrible thing."
Thomas Thomas thomas says a small prayer before using his strength to rip out of his bonds and makes a run for it
Kitten A chubby local in the room who is volunteering with TerraSave yells, "Oh no Boss! He's getawaying. Da Plane! Da Plane Boss!"
Kitten Thomas manages to break free of his bonds with his near-herculean strength before tearing straight through the side of the tent, bursting through like the Kool-Aid man on the other side just without the OH-YEAH!
Eve Eve sees Thomas break out of the zip ties and she swears quietly, moving to back Emma away from Thomas when he's free. Suddenly the younger man is gone and her mouth drops open as she yells for security.
Emma "I - I know Eve. I'm just -" But holy shit! Thomas manages to suddenly break fee and run for it, getting out of their grasp. Wanting to jump forward, her stops are halted by the realization that just happened, jaw dropping as well.
Sergio Sergio looks about to respond to Bob's question, but the sudden apearance of Thomas startles him. Though he's not that fast to respond, he does manage to come up with a plan. Snatching up the ho left behind, he hurles it at Thomas, intending for it to trip him up by slipping between his legs.
Esa Esa watches Thomas run, his head shaking slowly. "I'm not chasing him." He said flatly as the limp would only slow him down. He sighs, hands pinching his eyes as he picks up his cell phone.

"Yeah.. This is Charlie One, disregard that pickup. The Fucker got away. Put an All Points Bulletin out for one Thomas Dirriger." He says before closing his cellphone.
Kitten The hoe hits Thomas hard in the right arm, cracking the bone in his wrist. The force of the hit causes him to be carried forward by the momentum of his speedy running and he /flies/ forward over the side of a hill.

The last anyone sees of Thomas is him rolling and rolling down the hill before landing in a River.

The currents of the river carry Thomas downstream and out of sight, far out of sight.

Sometime later, he is found by his friends in the B.L.F. who give him medical treatment but his arm cannot be fixed without a real doctor, something the BLF does not have.
Bob As he stands by the fire talking to Sergio Bob hears the call for security and looks to where the sound is coming from. His eyes settle upon the fast moving form of Thomas making a break for it and Bob dashes off towards him, obviously trying to stop him. But he's a ways behind already and obviously not as physically fit. Though dextrous and nimble Thomas' sheer strength and amazingly wierd luck allows him to escape Bob by falling into a river. Bob ends up coming to a halt and calling out, "Motherfucker! I'll eat your fucking young!" Apparently he has no chill at the moment.
Sergio Sergio doesn't even attempt to run after the guy, afraid to leave his pot of food alone for too long. He calls out in spanish, "El jerko is gone, but comeaundo, food for the hungry.".
Eve Eve recovers quickly, and she blinks once and then twice and then turns to smile at Emma. "Well....uhm.. let me introduce you to Sergio. He came to speak to us last night, he's in need of some medical supplies. Apparently he lives out in the jungle." She speaks quietly as she leads Emma towards Sergio, figuring that if she keeps Emma distracted, she won't explode. "He agreed to assist us by cooking and hunting and gathering to help feed our volunteers and the needy." She says, gesturing towards where the cook pot is set up. "He doesn't speak good English though, how is your Spanish, Emma?"
Emma It's done. Nothing more can happen now. Emma stands there, just, shaking her head. Looking to Eve she does nod then, going to follow. She looks to Sergio and gives a small smile, the smell of the food reminding her of home again. "It - it is good." Is the reply to her assistant. "Ya - ya know," She says to Sergio then. "I - I grew up doin' similar, I guess." This is said in Spanish. "Oh an acreage, tended ta our own animals an' food an' all that."
Sergio Sergio busies himself with filling several bowls with the stew and passes a couple to Emma and Eve. He sets aside one bowl for Bob, since the man is still near the river. Nodding as Emma speaks Sergio responds, "That sounds very enjoyable. Something I wouldn't mind also doing, but likely never going to happen any time soon.". He nods to the stew and adds, "It's hare and turnip stew, with pepper and salt for seasoning. The water got a little too hot, so there may be bone splinters, just try to be careful.".
Bob "I hope piranhas eat your dick, you cocksucker!" Bob yells out at the river, flushed and angry and stomping around a bunch. But the object of his fury is long gone and he eventually realizes he's yelling obscenities in front of a bunch of aid workers when he turns around to notice them. At least there's not many people staring at him. Taking a few deep breaths he counts slowly outloud to ten, hoping to get himself fully back under control before returning to the others.
Eve Eve takes the bowl of soup from Sergio with a smile and then the swearing from Bob reaches her ears. She turns and gazes in his direction with a slightly amused look on her face. She picks up the spoon and watching him stomp around for a few minutes, slowly shaking her head. "Inventive use of words." She comments, taking another slurp from her spoon. "Interesting."
Emma Emma gives a bit of a smile to Sergio and then sighs a bit. "Ya - ya know, I'm - I'm sorry." She musters this throught tiredness. "I need ta - ta go an' take a breath, an relax a moment." Woah, she has not admitted she needed a break since arriving. But here and now, she has. "I - I am gonna go see Daisy, if ya'll excuse me." Her typical, shy sweet smile is given to them before the lass turns, and heads off in her graceful way, to the tent were baby Daisy is.
Elliott     Well, Elliott was unhelpful. Unable to stop the getaway, unable to really do much, he just feels... Well, it hits him hard that he wasn't able to do anything. With a heavy shake of his head, trying, with an effort, to relax, as his stomach muscles clench. He needs a moment. Just... A moment. For a time, the Brit hangs back in the tent, working inwardly on controlling his emotions. Going through the exercises he has learned. The last thing he wants is for people to see him lose his calm, especially in a new place, with new people he's beginning to know. Elliott decides on what he needs to do before he exits, hesitantly at first, and glances around. He approaches, and frowns as he misses Emma. "Where is O'Connal?"
Sergio Sergio fills up another couple of bowls and hands them to some children who've come over from near by parents. He nods to them and offers a weathered smile. Turning back to Eve, "I've been up since before sunrise, I need to rest I think. I'll be close by though.". At Elliott's words he glances over, then prepares another bowl for him as well. The pot is about 2/5 the way gone.
Eve Eve has abandoned the use of the spoon, it was taking too much time to get good soup in her mouth. She's sipping from the bowl now and is slurping when Elliott walks up and askes where Emma had gone. Eve keeps her eyes on him as she drinks and after she's had her fill she takes a breath and answers. "She went to get another break, it's been a tough twenty four hours." She gestures towards the bowl that Sergio has set out for Elliott and smiles. "Soup?"
Bob Lightly smacking himself on the cheeks and then holding his hands over his eyes for a second, Bob is soon ready to return to other people. When he gets close he lets out a deep sigh and admits, "Bad guys getting away always makes me nuts. They'll just be out there doing it again." He's ready to get back to being a more normal person, though, grabbing the stew that had been set aside for him with a hearty, "Gracias."
Elliott     Elliott doesn't move to take a seat, but rather stands just a bit back. His gaze locks onto the new face, Sergio, and gives him a nod. "Thank you," he murmurs quietly. He doesn't move forward for said soup, though, his pale, piercing blue eyes sliding onto Eve. At her answer, he turns his head to look towards the tents, nods slowly, and lets out a breath. He's definitely not going to go intrude on her. So bringing his gaze back, he smiles a pleasant smile to Eve. "Oh, I was thinking I might get back to planting. Thank you," he adds for the hospitality. Studying Eve, Elliott eventually says after a sigh, "I'm sorry, er, that the prisoner got away."

    He glances at Bob, and extends the apology to him in response to his words. "It's absolute rubbish, I know. I'm sorry, mate," he says understandingly.
Eve Eve offers Elliott a smile and shrugs slightly. "We have all of his information, and a chance to recover some of the items that were stolen from us." She says quietly taking another sip from her bowl. "No reason to be upset over it."
Bob "It's not your fault, man. Just a fast guy and some bad ass luck," Bob tells Elliott with a head shake and a sad look on his face. Still there's food to fill that face and so the sadness goes away. "This is damn good soup. I'm going to have to take up hunting again while I'm here." Seems that filling his belly helps to calm Bob down. And the soup disappears fast, too. Really fast. Hunger does make perturbed sometimes. Once his grub is finished he sets the bowl down where it belongs and says to the others, "Well, I'm going to go take care of some patients. Get my mind off of terrorists stealing supplies and shit."
Elliott     Elliott looks thoughtful as he nods his head, a small shake of his head as he glances elsewhere in a moment of reflection. The mention of soup, not to mention smell, presents a small growl from his belly. Sheepishly, the man chuckles, the corner of his lips twitching as he shrugs. El offers a nod to Bob as he talks of getting back to helping patients, "Right." He looks over at Eve, an amused smile slipping across his face. "I'll grab a little bit before getting back to the work if that's all right." As he moves over to reach for the bowl, after a moment of thinking he asks as he wonders, "Is there any way to fortify this town a little more? To make it harder for thieves to get in."
Eve Eve gives thought to Elliott's question for a few minutes before she answers. She points out towards the lake as she speaks. "They have too many ways to get into the city unnoticed. We'll probably have to pick up some more guards, but other than that and us keeping an eye out...there isn't much to be done." She says wrinkling her nose a bit. "Emma doesn't want us going around armed, so we might look like easy pickings."
Elliott     Elliott's gaze follows where Eve indicates, looking towards the water. He nods as he murmurs in understanding, looking down as he picks up bowl and spoon. "I guess being ever vigilant will have to do," he says and takes a spoonful of soup.
Eve Eve smiles over at Elliott and nods. "I'll see about getting more security." She says quietly as she finishes up her soup. "I'm sure Emma won't like it, but it might not be a bad idea to give some of the adult men in Cabimas some training. They can defend themselves if the extremists and the Government tries to move in on this place after we've got them back on their feet."
Esa After the fiasco with Thomas, Esa had walked away to tend to Daisy. There, they fell asleep with the babe in his arms, rocking her.
Elliott     Elliott has some more soup from his bowl. He looks to Eve, nodding to her, eyebrows knitting as he hmms. "Having these people able to defend themselves would be beneficial," he says agreeably. More soup is spooned into his mouth, and thoughts of getting to the work he was doing springs to mind. He glances out of the tent, looking pensive and troubled before he looks back. "It's been rough on her," he says compassionately. "I want to keep helping out here, but if my being here is going to add to her stress, maybe there's a better place for me to be." He leans forward to set the bowl on the table, looking away from it. "O'Connal, I mean," he says, if it wasn't obvious. "Does she open up to you at all?" he asks, his striking eyes locking on Eve as he gauges her. Like... has Emma ever mentioned anything about him.
Eve Eve measures Elliott with her gaze for a few minutes, her fingers tapping out a rhythm on the table. "First and foremost, Emma and I are friends. Our working relationship is completely different from that." She gazes down at the table and then quietly adds. "We need hands here, this whole situation is stressful, for all of us, you leaving won't alleviate that stress." She doesn't directly answer his question, because it's really none of his business what she and Emma discuss.
Esa The young man with the babe is stirred awake as Elliott and Eve speak. Eyes opening slowly, he stifles a slight yawn as he looks over to the two with a curious look before glancing down to Daisy whom was still asleep. Standing up carefully, he walks over to lay the baby in the basinet.
Elliott     Elliott watches Eve as she speaks, his head nodding a little as he listens. His teeth flash as he gives her a charming smile. "A loyal assistant is good to have," he comments admiringly. "I'll keep working while I'm here," he assures in response. As he begins to move, however, he isn't so sure what would be for the best. Bloody hell, Emma wasn't even supposed to be around here. It's interesting what life can throw at you. With a little dip of his head to Eve, he says, "Speaking of work, I'm going to get back to it." His gaze slides onto Esa, offering the man a smile and a nod before heading out.