Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger It has come to Doctor Bergers attention that supposedly a new scientist has been assigned to TRICELL South America and arrived recently. That particular person has been ordered to the Doctors office where he is currently sitting at his desk, glancing at both the laptop in front of him and the door both, switching between each every couple of minutes.
Vinz Vinz arrives in a bit of a rush. He carries with him, a loose overcoat from the 80s, a sleek new style backpack and a large three ring binder. He moves in after closing the door and offers his free hand to Markus after juggling his equipment, "Good afternoon Pan Bergers, I am Bonnasudasavage Vinz, Pleasure to meet you." His accent is heavy and hard to place within any real Baltic interactions, Russian maybe? But its softer. He offers a smile with the handshake.
Markus Berger Markus nods slightly and shakes the offered hand before gesturing to the chair on the other side of the desk. "I'm Doctor Markus Berger. Head Researcher of TRICELL down here. Please, take a seat and... tell me what you know about what we are doing here and if you have heard 'unusuall' things."
Vinz Returning a firm handshake, Vinz nods and sits down with the chair offered. He sets this things down and nods, "Ja Gydytojas..." He stops himself, "Yes, Doctor. I am glad to be working with you. I have heard I was going to be assigned to a special project. Something that required my special talents and in hopes insights to our collective problem. I heard that among the rumors that biologicals have been reported stalking here? Something we are to investigate?" His accent begins to fade, though his words come much slower now.
Markus Berger The doctor simply nods after listening for a while. "Correct. I will be blunt since you are as stuck down here as everyone else, so... the former executives that all have disappeared had been financing unsanctioned research, research they in turn originaly stole from Umbrella. Namely turning prehistoric parasites into bioweapons with the aim to control those infected by them. I require your help in my search for where this research was conducted, where the original archelogical digsite where they got it from was in the first place and then I need you to help me research it to find a way how to properly destroy it all."
Vinz Vinz's face brightens, "This could be it then. This is what I have been waiting for. I can't wait to get started." After a moment the full rammifications of what Markus said sinks in, "This research, it was completed then? They have used this already?" He frowns and then finishes with, "Then we can't wait much longer...I am glad to have come before it got too far and out of hand."
Markus Berger The doctor quickly raises his hands in a placating gesture and gestures for Vinz to slow down. "Hold your horses. I do know that it was being researched but I have no idea how far it progressed until we can find the locations where it was being researched in the first place. If we are lucky its all securely locked up in some sealed lab somewhere, although the Regional Director who happens to be a friend of mine has heard reports that in some old mines there was some kind of infection decades ago upon which those were sealed with the mine workers still in them. Knowing our luck it were the parasites, considering that those supposedly were also involved in the demise of the Maya Empire. For ease of naming them lets call the parasites... Las Plagas. Considering where we are."
Vinz Shifting uneasily in his chair, Vinz replies, "Sounds as though the mines will be our first stop. I imagine there would be a great deal of legend and history on such an event. I can dig into that as well if you would like." He removes a small notebook from his bag and begins scribbling notes before asking, "Where is it you would like to start? It seems my excitement has gotten the better of me."
Markus Berger The doctor once again nods as he quickly types something on his laptop, likely looking up his own notes as he does so. "Well, I allready dug through every single database and all the paperwork here at our Headquarters and the Director Night is looking into getting us access into the restricted zones in Southern Bolivar where supposedly the former President of TRICELL South America was financing some project, so... what is left is trying to figure out where the Umbrella financed archelogical digsite was and the mines. In case of the former I at least am aware that it was a temple dedicated to some Mayan god called Plaga and a Doctor Alexander Carter from Oxford University was involved and on Umbrellas payroll. Something we should look into."
Vinz "Oxford, most interesting. Should he have used his school's database, I might be able to do some inter-library loan maddness in order to turn up some results without raising too many flags. I believe the mines are our best bet for field work, however I can do some digging and report back to you on whatever information may have been stored in the countries databases...I wonder if we have been authorized to do some more...'intense' digging so to speak." Vinz smiles a bit on that last part, "I can also dig into the local legends and prepare a dossier on this god, 'Plaga'. It would bring me great happiness to be able to link these two things for my research."
Markus Berger "Good, good. Do what you can, but make sure that your behind stays in Maracaibo, since the whole civil war going on makes travel without sufficient protection suicide. I meanwhile am going to look up a few names and see if they are still alive. Report back everything you can find since I doubt we have much time." With that said the doctor starts to furiously type on his laptop, likely searching for SOMETHING.
Vinz Finishing scribbling the cyrillic characters across the page, Vinz nods putting a final point on the sentence. "Very good. I will get started immediately and send my reports directly back to you sir. I hope you find them, I believe you will learn much if they want to talk." He slides the notebook back into his bag and then stands offering another hand shake before heading out of the office finishing with a, "Geros Kloties, doctor."
Markus Berger The doctor briefly shakes the offered hand again before getting back to work as Vinz leaves. "Yes, goodbye. Don't die." So many informations and leads, so little time.