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Silent Night Tricell Office Building
Maracaibo, Bolivar

For most, rumors of Plaga, canibalism and zombies werre nothing but that... rumors, creations of locals on too many drugs. But if there is something a certain, recently transfered scientist would know is that Plaga is not just an invention. It was once known as a God of Plague. It was the thing known for destroy ancient native empires. It was even the cause of several mines through Bolivar being closed in the late 80s to make sure it did not spread. Or at least, that was the information Vinz would get on his dossier before being transfered to the South American Branch of Tricell due to his expertise with both the occult as well as virology. Hopefully this would also be a great opportunity to Vinz.

At the present, Sir Archene Night, Regional Direction of the Branch, was waiting on his room. Even before Vinz arrived at Bolivar, he already had gotten a notice to visit Archene's office as soon as he visited Maracaibo. The reason was as simple as to be sure that the doctor was what his own file said as well as introducing him to the scenario he'd be challenging as a Tricell scientist for the next few months in the least.
Delia Delia was in the office with Archene looking over some of the paperwork on the desk and pointing out certain points and signing shorthand to Archene. Upon her form is a blouse with a pair of bondage pants and she is always armed. Especially with the new information at hand.
Vinz Arriving from just off the plane, Vinz enters the office dressed professionally, in a collared shirt and loose fitting slacks. He enters into the room, a smile across his face and moves to the desk, adjusting his backpack before reaching his hand over the desk to Sir Archene. "It is a pleasure to be assigned under you sir, I know youre looking at something very strange here but I believe I can help." He does his best to keep his accent under control, speaking slowly and methodically. He then seems to see Delia, he appears a bit nervous seeing her obvious firearm.
Silent Night "Well, well, well." Archene smiles at Vinz as he walks in, "Welcome to Bolivar." He pauses for a moment, having a good look at the man, "It is always good to have people as dedicated as yourself around. And don't worry, you might not need to work directly under me, Doctor Berger is the one taking care of the science division and will be the one who will certainly enjoy your knowledge to the best."

He smiles softly as he notices the man looking a bit nervous, "And don't worry, this here is Agent Monroe, she is in charge of my personal security and also of any personel affiliated with Tricell that is in her vincinity. As you know, this country is in a civil war after all." He smiles, "But don't worry, though you will doubtless be assigned to partake in some fieldwork, you will probably not need to worry about your personal safety at those times." He says very amicably.
Delia Delia looks up at Vinz offering a soft smile to him as he approaches. As she shifts, he will notice the fact she has two guns on her at all times, not just the one. Though typically, they are hidden under her skirt, though her pants cause her to wear them on the outside today. She then smirks as she signs to Vinz "I won't shoot you. As long as you aren't a double agent of course. Merely teasing but you don't need to worry. I help kill anything that could harm you."
Vinz Vinz takes a seat after glancing over Delia once more. He seems to work up a half smile and then gets comfortable with her attempts to ease his stress. "Thank you, I am glad to have someone on my side if things get hairy." He slides his bag to the floor and replies, "I look forward to meeting them then. I heard things here are a bit complicated, exciting I believe was how the explanation went." He frowns some thinking on that and asks, "So we will always have armed guards near us when we are doing field work? I knew about the civil war, but I thought it was just in the remote areas until I arrived. It must be a bit more pronounced than I had original anticipated." He removes his glasses and polishes them on his shirt before asking, "What is it that you would like me to help with?"
Silent Night Archene grins slightly, "It should be getting more pronounced, I won't be getting much profit from this war so I was planning on having it ending as soon as I can. Plus, it will be hard to proceed with research and investigations while also dealing with various factions." Archene nods, "But yes, you will get security to move along with you in situations that warrant it. But for now, I want you to have a look at Project OAE from the Head Scientist, Doctor Berger, it has our information on BoWs, and you may add comments into it. I'll leave a note to the Doctor."
Delia Delia nods at Vinz's words and helps herself to sit atop of the desk, not on the paperwork though. Just enough out of the way and she is feeling lazy and doesn't want to walk around the table. She then signs to Archene "Uno and Dos should be able to protect both Markus and Vinz right?" She then nods at Archene's words and signs to him "You know I can't wait to help spill the blood to end this war for you."
Vinz "Project OAE, that's our research division on anti-viral approaches to the Biologicals? I had grown accustom to calling that Project Pan Helsing" Vinz comments before Delia's comment sinks entirely in to him. He pales a bit raising an eyebrow before trying to just stride past that, "Yes, i suppose the war is troublesome..." He then asks softly, "Are you looking for my specility to be added to these reports or should they be vanilla virology?"
Silent Night "Yes, there seem to be other minor variants of the project in other branches, but don't worry, ours is the most advanced one." Archne grins, "This does mean that your confidentiality clauses apply when interacting to personel of other branches." He smiles, "Your speciality is very much welcome, but I'll leave the final decision with Doctor Berger as he is the Lead of the project. And likely took care of both the vanilla and more indepth reports for the most part. As it is, I am currently gathering more information regarding BoWs through others who have had considerable combat experience against them to add depth to the information currently archived in the Project."
Delia Delia smirks as she sees Vinz's paling and shifts a bit on the desk. Her gaze then flits to Archene as he speaks and signs "I think we should have a group meeting soon so Markus can tell him what he wants Vinz to work on and all. Maybe we can swing tomorrow if Markus isn't too busy?"
Vinz "Well, then once I get a chance to speak with who is in charge of the project, I will begin my assessment. I really look forward to getting into it and seeing about gathering the data for my personal research, all subject to be revealed to our corporation of course. I just have a good feeling that there are answers here." Vinz explains, "Ones I believe will be worth our time and efforts. Do we have company housing as well? That is something I forgot to ask about. Otherwise I suppose i had better find a place to stay while i get established"
Silent Night Archene nods at Delia before saying, "Yes, I'll see if he is free tomorrow." He then turns to Vinz, saying, "Perfect, I hope that your research is one we will be glad to support and endorse, feel free to send me a dossier containing its details. I'll gladly read it." He smiles, "Currently, we are all staying at the hotel, but we can finance housing if required for those who prefer to have a place to call home. We already have a room reserved for you at the hotel, there is no need to worry about it. In regards to equipment, we will see about what we can issue you soon. There have been certain complications at this office that didn't allow us to prepare everything beforehand."
Delia Delia lets Archene and Vinz talk as she looks over the paperwork upon Archene's desk once more. She doesn't have much else to add in truthfully. Archene is covering everything else after all. She stretches a bit, looking stiff as a board for a moment before wilting back to her normal relaxed state.
Vinz "Well that seems to just about cover it. Once I have my equipment, then its just a matter of heading out to the field. The hotel will do nicely as long as it has an internet connection. I would be willing to check on the ASA for the hotel as well to ensure that the firewall is up to snuff as well. Can never be to careful." Vinz finishes and takes up his bag, then asks before standing, "Anything else then sir or ma'am?" His accent heavy on the last sentence, as he seems to forgot himself for a moment.
Silent Night "Their connection is very good and stable," Archene nods, "But double checking the ASA will be good, since I refrain from using the internet for important matters outside of this building, I had not thought of checking it yet." He hmms thoughtfully before offering Vinz a smile, "You may go now, this meeting is over. Enjoy your stay in Maracaibo." He smiles even more warmly.
Delia Delia looks to Vinz and offers a shrug of her shoulders to him. Her attention then looks back to Archene and signs to him "We should break for late lunch or early dinner. I am starving Archene."