Umbrella Surveillance System
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Natalya Natalya had a bit of a busy evening. Most people would be traumatized if someone tried to take their life, but she isn't traumatized. She's just tired. She sits at the back table of the establishment, mostly in shadow. A bottle of tequila sits at her left hand, and a cut lime and shotglass sit near her right hand. Her feet are up on another chair and she watches each person who comes in, making sure she wasn't followed or worse..that someone doesn't show up here to make attempt number two on her life.
Vinz Vinz arrives looking a bit out of his wits. He seems to be wearing a mock impression of casual wear of someone who clearly doesn't get it. He takes a seat at the bar and orders vodka cut with orange. He seems to quickly reach into his pocket to fumble with a phone, checking through dozens of screens incredibly quickly while nursing his drink.
Natalya Natalya eyes Vinz with amusement, she's almost a hundred precent certain that this isn't another hit man. She gets to her feet, a bit curious and makes her way to the bar, like a cat about to play with a mouse. She leans against the bar and aims a polite smile at Vinz, the movement making the scars on her face pull a bit. It results in the grin looking more like a grimace, but it is what it is. She nods to his drink and raises an eyebrow.
Vinz Vinz glances up from his phone and seems confused at first. She couldnt possible be interested in him. He then glances behind him and back to her, then down to his drink. "Oh...its a screwdriver, can i get you one?" He seems to fumble at this part, he is suppose to order them right? Thats how these bar exchanges work in the movies.
Natalya Natalya shakes her head and then she narrows her eyes slightly, raising her hands. Her fingers move quickly as she asks 'ASL?' Both eyebrows raised as she waits to see if he understands sign language, if he doesn't, well then she'll just have to figure something else out.
Vinz Frowning, Vinz watches the movements and then shakes his head, "I am afraid not." His Lithuanian accent heavy now that he is speaking more, "Even if I had learned sign, it wouldn't be what you learned." He then reaches into his backpack and pulls out a notebook, he scrambles through some pages before removing a sheet from it and setting it down before her. He then sets a rather pricy pen upon it, "Sorry, will this do?"
Natalya Natalya picks up the pen and leans over to write "I was just wondering what you were drinking, and how you came to be here." She sets the pen down, takes a seat on a barstool and smiles at Vinz, waiting for a response.
Vinz Taking up the pen, Vinz quickly writes something in cyrillic like language and then scribbles it out. He mutters and then very slowly replaces it with english letters. "I am visiting, perhaps moving here but unsure. I am drinking a vodka orange. I could get you one, if you'd like?" He sets the pen down to return it to her.
Natalya Natalya gazes down at the notebook and then glances at Vinz, and then back at the notebook. She bursts out laughing, but the sound is just a wheezing rush of air though her shoulders move for a moment or two. She picks up the pen and considers her answer before she starts to write. "Don't move down here, it's pretty sometimes but this place is a shithole. It'll eat you alive. I have my own drink, but I'll try what you've got if you're gonna buy me one." She glances at him, an impish smile on her face before she adds. "I can't talk, but I can hear just fine. You don't have to answer me on the notebook."
Vinz Looking down at the paper, Vinz smirks and replies in his heavy Lithuanian accent, "Ah, well, ja, i just thought it might have been polite." He then leans over and orders a second for the woman before leaning back and replying, "Work takes me where it takes me, hopefully i can find the nice places if i end up here. Thanks for the warning though. What do you do if i may pry?"
Natalya Natalya gazes at Vinz for a few minutes and then she shakes her head slightly before she picks up the pen. "Best not to ask what I do, you're safer that way. I promise." She waits patiently for the drink to arrive, crossing her legs as she taps her fingers on the bar. She leans over the notebook and begins to write again. "You do anything interesting, or are you perhaps one of those travel people who rate bars and shit?"
Vinz Raising an eyebrow to the woman, Vinz just shakes his head, "Very well, sounds ominous." He frowns when she asks about him, "Well, thats a bit of a sticky situation. I am a biologist...but also an anthropologist. I guess you could say i study people and how they changed. The details are something i cant speak about i am afraid." He sips his drink heavily, becoming a tad nervous now.
Natalya Natalya can almost smell the nervousness on him, he's surely sweating more now. Her eyes are on his face and she seems attentive to his words, her fingers still tapping on the bar. She leans over to write again. "You don't have to be nervous, I don't think anyone has paid me to clean you up or anything." She sets the pen down and offers him another slight grimace, her eyes dancing with merriment.
Vinz That last bit seems to rattle him heavily, "Um...yea, well thats good." He leaves the bits of money perfectly straight out of some kind of almost dispenser perhaps? "I dont mean to be rude...i just need to go. Good to ask you. Hope we can dance again, have a good bedtime." His english leaving him apparently quickly as he makes his escape while he stuffs the notebook back into his backpack before heading to the door.
Natalya Natalya looks completely amused by Vinz and his flight. She folds her arms over her chest and without looking picks up the drink he ordered her and downs it. Setting the class back on the bar she walks back towards her table, taking a seat heavily. She puts her feet back up and yawns again.