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Eve The evening is settling on the city of Cabimas and the work is winding down as people get food and settle in to eat and converse quietly. The storm that threatened earlier seems to have passed over, leaving behind a star streaked night with ribbons of clouds that cross the sky.

Eve is sitting near Tabitha, quietly eating the stew that had been passed out to the relief workers, volunteers and some hungry townsfolk who aren't able to cook for themselves.
Tabitha Tabitha sits beside Eve, scrubs bearing dust and a stain or two of stew. While Eve may be eating quietly, Tabitha is talking with a few of the volunteers, lauging at far-too-silly jokes, eager for some distraction. With a few wild gesticulations, she recants some old joke from back home. Thus explains the stew stains on her scrubs.
James Scott With all the food prep and supply hunting finally done for the day James is settling in, sat at a table with Eve and Tabitha. He's not eating though, truth be told he looks about ready to go to sleep. The teenager is dressed in a pair of sweats and a light t-shirt, and for the first time in a long time his eyepatch has been left behind. Or rather, it's been misplaced. He listens to the jokes quietly, managing a quiet chuckle at a few of them.
Sergio Sergio, looking tired and warn, trecks down the road, and slowly makes his way into the arrangement of tents. He casts about for someone in charge and finally approaches the group at the table. He stands a bit away from them, apparently not wanting to encroach on their festivities, they looked to be warn too, in their own ways. Instead he stands up straight and clasps his hands behind his back, waiting patiently.
Eve Eve glances over at Tabitha when she mentions someting to another relief worker and she asks. "Have you seen Emma?" She glances around the camp with a slight fron on her face and sighs. "I think she got away from security again."
James Scott As Sergio approaches somebody does indeed rise to meet him, though it's actually the youngest member of the group that does so. A gruff looking teenager by the name of James scott, who sports a number of scars, including a missing portion of his ear as well as a milky right eye. "Hello there, something I can help you with?"
Tabitha Tabitha blinks at Eve. Tabitha looks at nothing for a moment, as if listening for some sound. Her eyes widen a bit. "I dont fee-", word catching in her throat. "I dont think she's here", eyes meeting Eve's and a slight little glimmer of worry crosses Tabitha's face, but trying to keep that emotion from the rest of the group.
Sergio Sergio squints at the young man before him, but doesn't shy away from his scard image. Canting his head to the side it looks as if he's trying to understand something. In a stumbling grumble, "I... ah.. I am look... looking, for amigo in...", he looks about frowning as if searching for something, and then gesturing about with his hands before finishing, "command.?".
Eve Eve gets to her feet and walks slowly towards James and Sergio, one hand behind her back. "Good evening, I'm Eve Magnusson, while I'm not in charage I can help you if you need it." She says, a polite smile on her face.
James Scott "James Scott." James says with a slight nod. "I'm not in charge of everything, but I'm in charge of security for this area." He crosses his arms in front of his chest, ever polite. "Something we can help you with?"
Sergio Sergio blinks as Eve walks over, he looks a little uncertain as she speaks, but catches her name and the sense of the words. He glances back to James and nods his head. "Supplies? Um, peroxide, iodine.", in his thick spanish accent, he Begins tapping his fingers as he lists the items, "wraps, rubbing alcohol.". He speaks in a quick spanish, heavy with a cultural inflection, "I'm a survivalist in the forests. I only come into town once maybe twice a year for supplies...", he pauses as he realizes he's speaking in spanish and sighs. "Comprende?", he doesn't look hopeful.
Eve Eve tilts her head slightly and then understands what Sergio is getting at. She switches to fluid Spanish her hands on her hips. "You need supplies for yourself or others?" She asks, her accent showing that this isn't her primary language. "We're using these supplies to take care of the folks here, and there are a lot in need, are you from Cabimas?"
James Scott "I don't speak the language." James says with a shake of his head, taking a step back to let Eve handle the situation. He does nod slightly when he picks up bits and pieces. He's working towards learning.
Sergio Sergio looks a little relieved as Eve begins speaking in Spanish. He shakes his head to her first question, and then says "Ees just me synorita.", he points off into the far distance away from any populous cities or wellknown settlements. Shaking his head again, "Alone, city not want me.", he says, uncertainty mixed with longing on his face.
Eve Eve stares Sergio down, her eyes taking in his clothes and then gazes where he points for a moment before she speaks up again. "These supplies are for Cabimas, however..if you're interested in coming back here to help us work towards stablizing this city, I might be willing to help you out a little bit." She points to where people have turned over the earth to prepare to plant things and tents with patients inside. "We need hands, and help. You prove you're able to give, then we'll see about you getting some things."
James Scott James continues to listen, clearly not having a say in it either way. After all his job was to ensure the items weren't stolen, Eve handing them out is a different story entirely. "As long as we don't have to worry about any more of our stuff going missing."
Sergio Sergio glances over at the turned soil and then to the tents. He nods slowly, ascending his afrimation. Frowning and glancing back at the fires, he thinks for a moment before looking back to Eve, "I can hunt and cook instead? Game is plentiful, I am experienced.".
Eve "Any assistance that you're wanting to render will be appreciated." Eve says, a smile on her face as she speaks with Sergio in Spanish. "However, if I catch you pilfering from us, you'll have to deal with our security. I do not want that to happen, we're here to do some good."
Tabitha Tabitha busies herself scarfing down the lat of her soup. Yea, it's gone cold, but she cant blame anyone else for that. Being on the wrong side of Eve is somewhere Tab never wants to be. She casts an eye to James, as Tab hasn't picked up the language either.
James Scott James eventually breaks away to walk back over to where his baseball bat is stored, picking it up and giving it a few practice swings before setting it back down. With that out of the way he walks back over to Tabitha, "Any idea what's happening?" he asks her quietly.
Sergio Sergio nods his understanding, and in half spanish half english "Se se, no, uh funny business, eh?". He smiles and nods, (in spanish) "It is just the chemicals I cannot survive without...". As if just remembering something he looks very excited and asks, "Do you have mosqito repellent?". Several if not dozens of mosqito bites can be seen along his arms and shoulders, "Ees bad for hunting, but good for walking.".
Eve Eve turns to Tabitha and speaks up. "Tabitha, can you come take care of these bites and get him some insect repellant?" She asks, gesturing towards Sergio. She gazes at him again and offers him a smile. In Spanish she reminds him. "Don't cross me now, all right?"
Tabitha Tabitha nods "Oh,sure!", hopping up from her seat, setting the bowl down next to someone else to put up. she dusts her hands off and moves over to take a look at Sergio. "Just mosquitoes or did something else get ya?"
James Scott As it currently stands, James is standing near one of the tables with his arms crossed over his chest. He's in the process of watching Eve and Sergio speak, then Tabitha move to take care of the other man's bites. He leans against the edge of the table now, a bowl of stew beside him.
Sergio Sergio looks down at his arms and then to Tabitha. Slowly he turns around and lifts his backpack and shirt exposing a some what healed minor gash at the small of his back. It doesn't look too bad, but with the infection rate here, it doesn't hurt to be cautious. There are several scars across his skin, leaving it far from unmarred by his rough lifestyle. He turns back around and is compliant with the rest of Tabitha's suggestions.
Eve Eve perches on one of the tables, crosses her legs and watches Sergio interact with Tabitha. "If you need me to translate anything for you Tabitha, let me know." She says quietly, her hands folded in her lap. She gives James a look and subtly jerks her chin towards Tabitha, mouthing. "Keep two eyes on him when he's here."
Thomas Thomas watches from a distance from his vehicle he looks at the total ammount of ocupants before dawning a black skimask to hide his face and then puts on his helmet before getting out of his vehicle in plain veiw stealth wasnt his speacilty killing was but he hopes id dosnt have to comeb to that moving to the passingers side door he opens it pulling free his carbine and handgun before closing the door this is all happening about 20-30 meters away
Tabitha Tabitha eyes the wounds. "Bug bites, my ass.. Translate that, Eve", as Tabitha curses softly, grabs a small bag and begins cleaning sErgio's assorted cuts. She is a lot more careful with supplies than she used to be, ever little drop of alcohol or antibiotic creme is precious. Tape is put over gauze pads in the skimpiest bandages she can manage and still keep the wounds reasonably clean, that is, for a given value of 'clean'. "Tell him to run from these bugs next time", Tab calls out to Eve.
Eve Eve gazes at Tabitha amused before she turns to Sergio, speaking up in fluid Spanish. "The lady doctor there says that the next time you see one of those 'bugs' that you should avoid it, friend." She sounds amused, her hands folded in her lap.
James Scott "Shit, I left my gear in the rhino." James swears. "Keep an eye on him." He walks back out the nearby exit to the small vehicle and starts grabbing and strapping items on. Arm guards, greaves, a thick coat, and finally a metallic helmet. Balor is back in the house, even if it's just long enough to take it back to his locker.
Sergio Sergio turns from Tabitha to look over at Eve as she speaks. In doing so, he spots something down the street. In spanish he points and shouts loudly, "Look look, he's got a gun.". He quickly grabs Tabitha's hand, jerks her back towards shelter, and fumbles around on his pack, attempting to grab at something.
Eve Eve gets to her feet and pulls a gun from her holster, turning towards where Sergio pointed, her eyes narrowed. She subtly speaks into a small handheld device as she calls for security. She strides over towards Tabitha and Sergio and speaking lowly in Spanish to Sergio she murmurs. "Not so loud, friend, you'll scare the volunteers." She notices the security from around the camp all moving towards the location she directed them towards.
Tabitha Tabitha hears the shout more than understands it, but who something that gets Sergio in a panic isn't good. She ducks down, then looks behind her at the tents, her face growing pale. Her eyes turn to saucers at the image of Eve with a gun. Even the woman's Gun is Stylish! Holy frakin crap! A crouching Tabitha suddenly flumps back on her butt at that.
Thomas Thomas saw one of the civi's point him out before running back with a woman and security starts to show up cursing to himself he moves to the back of his car cocking his rifle before shouting "dosnt have to be like this just give me some supplies and ill be on my way no one has to die today"
Eve Eve hears the man in the distance call out about wanting supplies and she turns to Sergio, speaking in Spanish. "Now you see why I was so wary?" She says, she turns, her hand with the gun behind her back as she walks towards the man demanding supplies. She walks towards him slowly, trusting that he wouldn't shoot an apparently unarmed woman. She calls out towards Thomas. "Come closer and speak with me, if you truly want something then demands are not the way to get it."
Sergio Sergio looks at Eve and her shiney piece. A little bewildered, he looks at his hand which is clutching the grip of his crossbow's stock, and glances around a little daised. With everybody's focus on the man in the distance, he finds it a prime opportunity to slip out of sight.
Tabitha Tabitha moves from the little card table to behind some supply boxes, trying to stay low
James Scott "Doesn't have to be like what?" Balor asks from behind his mask. Thomas' demands are met by the armored figure breaking out into a full sprint at him, and holy shit is he fast. There's a resounding *CRACK* as the barbed wire wrapped bat slams into the would-be thief's right arm.
Thomas Thomas curses "fuck" his arm hurts from the bat luckly he can still move turning to face the man who hit him and fires a three round burst into him
John Black John was just about to have a night cap in his tent this evening, when he hears the unmistakeable sound of gunfire nearby. He didn't have time to strap on his armor, but he still has his pistol as a side arm and his submachine gun. He takes a look at the pelican case nearby but it's locked up, shaking his head and muttering. " fucking time. Better earn my pay." He quickly rushes out of his tent, there are many civilians who looked panicked and running away from the commotion nearby. A Bolivar native points towards where the fighting is, John nods in reply and rushes over there.

He see's James engaged in melee combat with another man who is holding an automatic weapon. Eve, Sergio and Tabitha are nearby as well. "What the fuck is going on here!?" He yells out as he gets closer, taking cover near some supply boxes where Tabitha is. "Surrender! Your outnumbered and outgunned." He quickly takes aim with his submachine gun and he's a pretty good shot but doesn't want to hit James if he's standing right next to the guy.

"Hey, blondie! Get behind cover!" He yells out towards Eve if she hasn't done so already. Is he the only Rebel in this entire camp? Where the hell was the rest of his men? FML.
Sergio Sergio pops up behind an overturned barrel and lines up a shot, and squeezing the trigger. Almost imperceptable, the bolt flies out over the ground, igrazing the side of Thomas's head. The fletching was blue and green.
Eve Eve is a bit sick of being threatened and robbed when they're trying to do some good so when the opportunity presents itself she finds cover and manages to fire two shots at the man who threatened to shoot them, one right after another. She peeks up to see if she had hit him and looks pleased for a moment when she realizes she has. Then she looks slightly sickened when she realizes that the rounds in her gun set the poor schmuck on fire. "Maybe the next person who comes to rob us will have heard about this guy.." She mutters, peeking out to make sure that Tabitha is okay.
John Black John glances towards Eve, when she fires that gold plated hand cannon of her's that has incindiary rounds. "Holy shit..." he mutters when he see's that Thomas is set on fire from the first blast and watches as blondiei did take cover first. Huh, go figure?

"Stay down, quiet bun eating girl." He says to Tabitha since he doesn't really know her name. Also, since he doesn't want to hit James, so he takes careful aim first with his submachine gun and won't burst fire either. "James get down!" He then fires a single shot once he has a clear line of sight. His bullet hits Thomas's Torso, but the armor was weakened from Eve's incindiary round. The bullet goes through and looks like it may have dropped the man.

"Fuck me. Is everyone alright?" He then moves out of cover slowly keeping his gun trained on Thomas.
Sergio Sergio glances about and carefully stows his precious weapon away back into his pack, hoping nobody saw him draw fire, or stow it.
Tabitha Tabitha winces at the gunfire hands over her ears.. but once the firing has stopped, She's up and looking around, seeing if anyone is injured, Eye darting to Eve first, then the others. "Tabitha", she says to John, checking to make sure she can hear.
Thomas Thomas thomas gets hit with the arrow to wich tore a hole in his mask then recived a burning pain from being lit ablaze from incinerary rounds but dosnt give them satisfaction of hearing him scream he tres to power through it but the last submachien gun hit did him in the last thing he hears is his cellphone going off playing a childish tune "molly "he crokes out before drifting off into uncouncisness
Eve Eve tucks her weapon back into her jeans and steps out from her cover, a scowl on her face. "I'm okay." She calls out, rubbing her hands against her jeans. "Tabitha, take James with you and check out our would be robber. As pissed off as I am that someone tried to rob us again, I don't want him dead. Alright?" She turns to Sergio and speaks to him in Spanish. "Sorry about that, friend, I hope that after seeing that you'll still assist us and let us assist you?"
James Scott "Fuck do I have to get down for? Just bullets." James calls back, he /has/ already been shot in the chest. He kicks the fire out and flips Thomas over, securing his hands behind his back with a zip-tie. "Guess we're gonna have to pull some of his teeth."
John Black John, lowers his submachine gun after he see's that Thomas has been secured by James, as Tabitha looks over him. When Tabitha passes him he says to her, "Bungirl sounds kinda cooler." Giving her a wink and then glances towards Eve as she orders everyone around, except for him since he did call her an Ice Queen, a Hippie Hair Stylist and now Blondie not too long ago.

"I'm going to check the area just in case he wasn't alone." He says aloud and goes off on his own to do this since there isn't really anybody else left to do it really.
Sergio Sergio brushes the dirt off of his arms and looks to Eve with a tired expression, "Is this a regular occurance? I don't have any other options if I want the medicine, but...", he glances to the last of the smoke drifting up from Thomas's unconscious body, "Is ther somewhere I can sleep.". He idly scratches at some bites as he sighs and stops, once he realizes what he's doing.
Eve Eve nods to Sergio and points to the tent that she's been using. "You can use that tent there." She says in Spanish, a smile still on her face. Once that is taken care of Eve moves towards the zip-tied man with Tabitha and after a moment she frowns. "Isn't that...FBC gear?" She asks quietly, glancing between James and Tabitha, her voice quiet. "No pulling teeth." She says to James and then to Tabitha she says, "Get him treated so that he won't die, we're turning him into Agent Collins tomorrow morning."
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Eve, "Yes'm". A moment later she just realized what she did.. and smirks to herself. she quickens her pace, heading out to where the body lay. "Is he breathing?", she calls out when close enough. At least she an see him better that way. A small flashlight begins bobbing as she draws closer.
James Scott "Oh if that's the case then we'll just break his trigger finger." James calls over to Eve, more a question than a statement. He turns his attention briefly to the ringing phone, but just leaves it be for now. Torture was always the best option.
John Black John has a good look around and is satisfied that there is nobody else working with Thomas in this vicinity. "Area is clear. Looks like he was alone." he says to Eve, James, Tabitha and Sergio as he walks past them. "Oh and the vehicle probably came in is back over there." He points a thumb over his shoulder. "Looks like you've got everything handled here...I'm going back to my tent." Yup, he's got a bottle with his name on it back there, not that anybody cares anyways he's just hired help and that's the way he likes it.

John then keeps walking, slinging his submachine gun over his shoulder and runs his hands through his hair. What a shithole this place is....
Eve Eve shakes her head at James her arms folded over her chest. "He's got enough damage, and if you break his finger, Tabitha just has to set it. We're turning him over to the FBC, as is." She says, firmly. "Tabitha see what you can do with him, James and Max, put him in a tent and I want eyes on him at all times. Search him to see if you can find any identification." She says before she walks away to check on the volunteers.
Sergio Sergio makes his way into the indicated tent with a nod of appreciation, "Thank you fire bug.". A soft snoring can be heard only a short time afterwards.
Thomas Thomas phone starts to play the message as hes rolled over due to the assvault hitting a button a voice of a little girl begins to speak "hey daddy you done with your trip yet i cant wait to see you also mommy is getting sicker hope you get the medicen soon love you bye " the message ends
James Scott "Poor kid, loosin' both her parents like that." James simply shrugs then turns to head off, tugging the helmet from his head. "Next time I'm killing them, last thing I need is to have to take another person alive." He sounds mildly annoyed about that. "I'll keep watch over him."