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Ada Wong Theme:

My name is, Ada.

    You do not know me and that's probably for the best but nevertheless, here you are.
    Before we begin, I ask you ask yourself: Why are you here? Curiosity, perhaps?
    An eager one, you are. Well, whatever your reason is, I invite you along on this little venture down memory lane to a more peaceful time where the city you presently inhabit went "Belly-Up" and left its streets littered with the bodies of the dead.
    It was four months ago. December, 2004 during the week of Christmas. The Umbrella Corporation decided to express its gratitude in lavish fashion for its employees. The organization was celebrating a rather profitable and successful end of the year worldwide. However, it was encouraged for those able to attend their most profitable center in Raccoon City. The evening was filled with a gorgeous crimson outline that coursed across the rocky mountains, just as clouds began to come over the horizon. The crimson outline mixed with the sun as it set, giving a nice contrast of red and orange amongst the purple mountains majesty. The beautiful skyline lasted just long enough to shine with what appeared to their "Symbol" before it was enveloped by clouds, leading to a beautiful and subtle snowfall that fell over the city. How do I know this, you might ask?

The answer is simple as I was in attendance. The date of one of the lead researchers of the Arklay Facility, a man by the name, John Clemens.


    The scene transitions to Uptown Raccoon City, just outside of the Umbrella Corporation building. The building has been decorated semi-ceremoniously, keeping in line with the company's image and yet appearing to be somewhat festive. It is the week of Christmas, after all.
Ada Wong     Individuals are continuing to arrive in large numbers and are begin directed off to the to a lavish ballroom, where unlike the outside, no expense has been spared. The ballroom has been completely outfitted in a traditional Christmas theme with servers and waitresses dressed in various Red and White Elf outfits. Dining tables have been arranged in the theme of Umbrella, color designated with Red and White. A large dancing area has been arranged in the center of the room, which seems rather sparse at present. Along the outskirts of the room, an extravagant and lovely display of appetizers and horderves are available for eating, along with a full-bar equipped with only the best for its guests.
    The ballroom appears to be filled with a variety of Christmas music being played by a live band. Meanwhile, a large display screen lines the one of the far walls, more than likely for presentation purposes. The screen shortly turns on, displaying a number of collages from the past year: challenging times, successful product launches, and employee testimonies.

    While the party begins to get underway down below, a figure wanders closer to the windows, watches down from a-top of the penthouse. Tapping his cane gently against the glass, the figure is revealed to be, Oswald E. Spencer, the president of the Umbrella Corporation.
    Oswald merely watches the people wander into the building. A small smirk comes across his lips, as he remains grateful for the work his employees have put into furthering the research and goals of the organization but part of him can't help but consider them to be ants. Having grown more and more cynical in his old age, Spencer's desires do tend to be selfish ones. After all, when you are powerful enough to practically do or have anything you desire, one's curiosity tends wander.
    Spencer hobbles away from the window and back to his desk. A large and mahogany desk rests nearby and the older man presses a button on his desk, "Proceed with the festivities and make sure our guests are well taken care of. They've earned it."

"Security, sir?"

"The usual.", emits lowly from Spencer's lips and the only reply is, "Certainly, sir."
Ada Wong --

Meanwhile, back outside, a number of what appears to be VIP guests begin to arrive to the event and Valet is quick to approach upon the vehicle's arrival, opening the doors and bidding their new guests with a warm, "Hello!" and "Welcome!

    First off, a black Lincoln limo arrives, pulling into the roundabout and stopping at the entrance. As Valet takes their cue, a pair of men exit the vehicle both with a pair of women at their side.
    The first off is a elderly man in his late fifties with salt and peppered hair and a nicely pressed tuxedo of his own. Following him is a young woman, many years younger dressed in a rather conservative white evening gown. The Valets nod and offer a smile as they address them as, "Mayor Warren. Miss Warren."
    Meanwhile, the second pair show to initially be a stocky and gruff man in his forties with a beautiful young lady, who appears to not be much for the man's type by first glance. The valet smiles and says, "Chief Irons, sir.'

Warren smiles and nods to the Valet, along with his daughter's genuine curtsey, while Irons merely gruffs and scoffs loudly. The two pairs of individuals leave their vehicle in capable hands and begin making their way up to the entrance to join in the party.
    Next, a nicely outfitted Cadillac pulls up to the entrance of the Umbrella Corporation. A man steps out from the Cadlliac, dressed in a Tuexdo and nicely groomed. He appears to be an intelligent man, pressing up on his glasses as he takes in a breath of the cold mountain air for a moment then exhales, "Good ol' Colorado."
    The man proceeds around the vehicle as the passenger door is opened slowly and the Valet nods to the woman inside, "Evening, sir and ma'am."

    A slender figure initially steps out, one leg at a time before being offered a hand by the man. She takes the hand gently before exiting the vehicle, "So gentlemanly, John."
    The man, now identified as John Clemens, smiles at the woman before him and replies, "How else could I be with someone such as you at my side, Ada?"
    Ada Wong fully stands, matching her date's smile, nodding to him as she replies, "Always trying to put on the charm. Shall we?", then she loops her arm around John's and the pair proceed up the party that awaits them.
Rain Ocampo This was not Rain Ocampo, Lieutenant Ocampo by the bars on her dress uniform, gig. Her hair was pulled back into a neat bun at the back of her neck and she wore her army uniform rather than formal wear. The right breast literally a who's who of accomodations from her time in the service. Every line is perfect, the lid turned up beneath her left elbow as she makes her way through the crowds with the grace and charm of a rattlesnake.

Does she even know it's Christmas?

She certainly isn't trying to exchange pleasantries with anyone and has just enough outward magnetism to ward off otherwise cheap attempts at her attention. With the possible exclusion of the bartender with whom she will no doubt be fast friends.

"Scotch, neat." Flipping her cap out from beneath her arm to lay down atop the table and turning to regard the collection of higher ups she's paid to ''protect''.
Ada Wong     As the guests arrive and gather in the executive ballroom of the main building, many are beginning to loosen up and enjoy themselves amongst the number of pleasures that surround them.
    A few moments later, the view-screen on the far wall transfers over from its original programming to the image of Oswald Spencer. As the President of the Umbrella Corporation comes on screen, the entire complex goes quiet and all eyes in attendance turn upward towards the elderly man.
    The elderly man sits quietly at his vast mahogany desk at the top of the complex, addressing the camera front and center.

    "My fellow members of The Umbrella Corporation. Tonight, we gather to celebrate the past year. Our faults, our lessons, our successes, and of course, the journey that has led us to this point. I come before you tonight to thank each of you for your hard and honest work. The organization has taken notice of your endeavors and as a result, we ask you consider tonight to be a small token of our appreciation. Without you, we would not be where we are today and of course, "Our Business" would not be "Life itself."

At that moment, the bartender looks to address Lt. Ocampo, replying with, "As you wish, ma'am.", then quickly prepares her drink, setting it cleanly before her.

At that point, Mayor Warren and Chief Irons enter the ballroom with their designated dates, each having similar ideas as Lt. Ocampo but deciding to use others to furnish their drinks. Mayor Warren calls over a waiter, who eagerly takes their order and rushes off with it to the bar, coming back just as fast with their drinks and dispensing them amongst the group.
    John and Ada enter the ballroom during Spencer's address. Ada looks curiously upon the elderly man on the viewscreen. She has not had the pleasure, or unpleasure depending on your point of view, of making the president's acquaintance or happen to see him face to face, "So that's the president, huh?", inquiring to John.
    John looks back to Ada and nods before returning his gaze towards the view-screen, "Yep. That's President Spencer. We don't get to see him address the company very often so this must be a special occasion for him to publicly address the company."
    Ada nods in response but then finds it curious that such a powerful man would even bother to make such an address. Most unusual.
    The pair gather a some glasses of champagne from a nearby waitress and continue to watch The President 's address.

    Spencer raises his cane and as he does so, many members equally raise their glasses, ready to toast as they listen to his words intently,

    "Let us recite the motto of the Umbrella Corporation: "Obedience breeds Discipline, Discipline breeds Unity, Unity breeds Power, and Power is Life."

    The audience then raises their glasses and recites the motto verbatim, almost like drones themselves. Just showing some of the power Umbrella holds amongst their own people, as they do out in the real world.
Rain Ocampo Notable amongst those who do not recite the motto is Rain, who instead sips at her scotch during the robot revival with a dark eyed stare turning towards the drones with a little smirk. Her job isn't blind loyalty to the company and nobody here would ever question her resolve to do what Umbrella needs doing.

Even those who don't know what she's already done certainly don't want to do it to her face.

She's fierce.

The speech, however, isn't going over her head. She too finds it cruious that one of the most powerful men in the world took time to address employees.. even on Christmas... even after a successful year.
Ada Wong Oswald E. Spencer looks those speaking around him, appearing pleased at their gestures as he cracks a small grin. He nods to the group, "With that said, please take the opportunity and enjoy the evening before you. Each of you have earned it.", then with cheers from the audience, the viewscreen turns off, leaving the masses to the evening.
    The music resumes and the mass group resumes their prior activities. Conversation ensues, drinks and food a plenty, and some even begin to make their way to the dance floor.

    Michael raises his glass and takes a sip from his drink, "He certainly does have a way with words, does he not, Beverly?", looking over to address his daughter, Beverly, whom replies with a nod and soft tone, "Yes, eloquent and yet.. Oddly, unnerving if I might say so."
    Irons glances over at Beverly, his gaze not appearing so pleasant as he speaks with a near scowl, "Watch your tone, girl. You speak of one of the elite in society. Just keep your opinions to yourself."
    Beverly quiets herself but Warren shoots a menacing and irritated look at Irons' response. Nevertheless, the mayor cannot exactly correct him either. From what he knew of Spencer, Warren did not like what he had heard and as a result, just stayed quiet while Beverly simply looked away.

    John and Ada however, finish their drinks and watch on as the elderly man fades away. The pair do not further discuss the president but rather turn to each other with a smile. Ada gazes at John and continues, "You seem a little stiff, Johnny. Why don't you loosen up a bit. After all, while I know it is early, I believe you might owe me a dance, no?"
    Ada's words were enough to bring him back, having John turn to her and nod, "I guess you are right. After all, I am not the 'party-type' as you know."
    Ada smiles and nods, "That I do."
    John says nothing more but rather takes his date out to the dance floor where a slow musical number begins. The pair intertwine with one another, slowly moving to the beat, smoothly moving between the others like a wave in the ocean!
    Ada rests her head on John's shoulder for a moment, seeming to appear with the desire to be close but rather, continues to survey the surroundings. This obviously giving her a great point of view to do so.
    Meanwhile, back at the bar, Rain's nondescript yet oddly fierce nature does give off an aura of intimidation that has others keeping her distance. The Bartender looks to Rain and inquires, following with a sigh, "So, what's your story? I mean, its not my business but you appear ready to kick a person's ass at a moment's notice. Also, while in blues, you appear more ready for war than to attend a party. What gives?", asking rather genuinely.
Rain Ocampo "Forced occupation of enemy territory." Rain says around the lip of her glass in response to the inquiry of her otherwise stand-offish demeanor, but a little grin tugs at the edges of her mouth just prior to taking another warming sip of scotch. "I don't do functions. I'm not a lab tech or scientist. I'm not in corperate."

She watches them from her position, but without the investigative nature inherent to Ada it's more of a spectator waiting for a spectacle than hunting for anything in particular that doesn't go by the name trouble. "I got an invitation, said it would be ''advisable'' to show up.. In my experience that's as good as an order."

Rain Ocampo, the oft designated ''clean up crew'' for Umbrella disasters, leans a little against the bar and turns just enough to catch the bartender with a piercing stare. "Why? You intimidated?"
Ada Wong     The Bartender nods and simply listens to Rain's explanations quietly, washing a glass as he does so. He puts the glass up on the side of the bar and then looks to the commando with some genuine interest, "I see. Once military, always military, I suppose, huh?" and then he quickly looks to address her other question quite bluntly, "Of course. After all, your body language and composure says it all. Who wouldn't be intimidated?", resisting the opportunity to comment about loosening up, as he wants to keep his head where it is and his teeth in place.

    Ada and John continue their venture around the dance floor. With each turn, the young lady takes note of another potential opportunity.
    The Exit door, the lobby, the elevator at the far end of the room.
    Ada pulls up and glance at John, gently caressing the man's face as she stares once more into his eyes. The caressing touch moves to a finger that traces down the bridge of his nose before the scientist twirls her out, allowing her to spot some more intestine ventures: Cameras, then is pulled back in. Mid-way through the song, Ada and John suddenly find themselves in the middle of the floor with others parting ways. The two seem to have caught the eye of the crowd with their footwork, also with the band. The two remain at arms-length for a moment as the music slowly fades out. They look to each other with a smile as the band counts a loud, "1. 1, 2, 3, 4!", then builds up with another song and dance number, this one with more tempo and a beat!
    "On with the show as they say.", comments Ada as she continues. The pair of Ada and John speed up as others join in the number and the dance floor becomes alive with people!


    A man soon comes up to Rain during her conversation, "Excuse me, ma'am. there is an urgent call for you in the office next door. If you would come with me?"
Rain Ocampo "I guess so." Rain agrees with a nod, draining her drink in one final smooth swallow. She clearly has all intentions of a refill too, it is a party afterall, but she's interrupted from whatever reply might have followed by the man coming to retrieve her.

The glass is set down, her hat is twisted beneath her right arm, and she offers a clipped nod to the batender before joining the man sent to collect her for the call. This is her profession, it's what she does, and she doesn't even ask who would call her at a function until they've stepped into the office.

Once the phone is spied, she heads over and picks up the receiver, "Lieutenant Ocampo."
Ada Wong     The bartender nods to Rain as she has to swiftly depart. The whole scene causes him to curl a smile, as he knows that lifestyle himself all to well being former military. Knowing this, he does take the opportunity to make another for the Lieutenant on the side, this one a bit lighter than the last because the look on her face didn't seem to portray much opportunity in the future.

    As Lt. Ocampo picks up the phone and answers, a voice comes on the line, "Ocampo. We don't mean to spoil your fun but the boys in ops received some intel that we need investigated on and you are the only one right now on site. Intel reports that there was a leak at a facility in India about 48 hours ago regarding a classified research project. The information that was compromised indicated a potential connection to the Arklay facility near Raccoon City. Analysts suspect that who ever managed to breach security will attempt to follow up near there and may even be in attendance at the party. Your orders are as follows: First, keep an eye out for and investigate any suspicious activity you might encounter. Secondly, you are to monitor activity. You do have permission to engage -only- on the grounds that there is NO civilian involvement. Do you copy?"

--Meanwhile, back at the party, the upbeat song has come to a close, with members on the outside of the dance floor, offering up their applause for those who kept up!
    Ada and John begin to make their way off the dance floor, when Ada pulls away a bit and causes her date to look at her.
    Ada motions away, "That was quite the number, John. I am going to go freshen up a bit. Why don't you go to get us some drinks?"
    Seeing Ada's point, John nods for a moment then smiles, "Alright, well don't be gone too long."
    Ada smiles and shakes her head, "I won't.", then begins to make her way off to towards the rest room, getting herself lost amongst the crowd.

    John begins to make his way back towards the bartender and looks around for a moment before raising his hand, "Hey, Barkeep. How about a scotch on the rocks and something nice for a lady."
    The Bartender smiles and nods, "Sure thing, my man. Give me a few moments.", then proceeds on to make drinks.
Rain Ocampo Rain listens with that same intent stare focused on a random point halfway up the wall as the other end briefs her on her unofficial mission, "I copy." She says definitively, lowering the phone back down on the receiver and retrieving her lid.

As she passes the individual who brought her she gives him a curt nod and then slips back out to the party proper with her casual inspective spectating become more of a predatory analysis. The higher-ups know who she is... she is not site specialist sent in to reeducate wayward employees.

She's a serated knife used to cut out cancer.
Ada Wong Rain hangs up and proceeds to go about her duties as ordered. As she returns to the party, the commando notices it progressing as a corporate holiday party would, many of its members are enjoying themselves, some going a overboard with having a bit too much to drink while others are mixing it up with the groovy beats out on the dance floor.

    The bartender has acquired a few new faces, however. One being John, who appears to be conversing with the mixologist and the two appear to be hitting it off.
    The Bartender looks away for a moment and then back to John, "You know. I was wondering, my good man. Where did you manage to score a babe like that? She doesn't seem like your type."
    John smiles, taking the question as a compliment and proceeds to scratch his head sheepishly, "You know, funny story about that. We just happen to run into each other near downtown. A couple dates later, one thing lead to another, and yeah.. that's the story."
    The scientist looks around for a moment, "You know, speaking of her. She has been gone for sometime now. I hope everything is going ok and I didn't wear her out on the dance floor."
    The Bartender smiles and shakes his head, "Somehow, I have the feeling it might be the otherway around, my friend."
Rain Ocampo Rain returns to the bar for the purpose of keeping up image, but she's no longer paying attention to any notions of drinking or having a festive time. Her gaze is outward, but no so much so that she missed the conversation between Bartender and John nearby. "Which one is she?" She asks with a smile that isn't as friendly, but she probably isn't trying either.

The glass previously poured for her before heading to the bar is taken in hand, lifted to the mix-man, and sipped absently while looking at John. "Sorry, manners. Lt. Ocampo.. Rain Ocampo. Umbrella Security."
Ada Wong     Rain's comment has taken the pair off guard, as both are startled by the commando's sudden (re)appearance!
    The bartender smiles as Rain returns but keeps quiet in order to let's the commando conduct her business. After all, its not his business!
    Meanwhile, John turns over to Rain, obviously a little more intimidated than his newly found friend and even more so when she mentions being a member of Umbrella Security. He begins to shake a bit and jumbles his words between mumbles, "Umm.. Uh.. I'm sorry, you Umbrella Security?"
    "I believe she means me, John.", another sultry voice comes from behind the small crowd, followed by Ada making a re-appearance of her own. She takes John's hand into hers and smiles at him before turning to Rain, "Lt. Ocampo, was it?"
Rain Ocampo Rain sips absently at her drink, noting the confusion and discombobulation of her question without taking any joy from it. "Yes I am." She says with a nod, but the voice behind them has her turning as did her own behind John. Not so much with a sharp shift, but a steady spin of her heels that follows Ada back around to where she settles beside her date.

"I did." A clipped nod, it is entirely possible that, from one professional to another, Rain is sizing Ada up.
Ada Wong Mroooow! Hisss!

    The tension sure appears to have increased at the bar as both Ada and Rain make contact.

    As with the women beside her, Ada too appears to be glancing Rain up and down momentarily in order to get a better idea of the woman in question. She disregards the rudeness of not addressing her inquiry, letting it slide for the moment. She glances over at John, turning to his drink for a moment, "All this time and no drink for me?"
    John looks sheepishly at Ada's question, obviously blundering again amidst feeling overwhelmed by both the ladies nearby him, "Oh yeah.. Right, drink.", turning to address the bartender.
    Who in fact appears to be enjoying himself a great deal at the moment, mostly at John's plight. However, he manages to have some compassion by having Ada's drink on the ready. As much as he would like to see this little episode continue, the barkeep decides to help John out, especially since he did ask for the drink earlier, "A drink for elegant lady in question. Your date was on point."
    Ada takes the drink, offering both a smile and a nod to the bartender as a sign of appreciation and recognition. She takes a sip of her drink before turning to John and offering him a reassuring squeeze of his hand then turns to Rain, "Unusual attire for a party. It almost seems like you are ready for war. Is there something we should be aware of?", inquiring rather curiously.
Rain Ocampo "No, if I ever come for war, you'll not have any question about. There's no almosts." Rain assures, turning the glass upon the table with a few fingers running along the middle of lip. "So do you." She counters easily, looking up to the barkeep and his muted amusement and solumn attempts to pull John from the fire pit.

"So, you two just met?" Motioning between Ada and her date with a finger bouncing back and forth, "He certainly must have the luck of the Irish, huh? This close to such a big function and all.."
Ada Wong     Hmm... Better than expected. This one has bite. I like her.

The aforementioned thought crosses Ada's mind as Rain replies to her inquires, appearing to be slightly impressed by those responses before having the tables turned towards her. She glances at John and comments cooly, "Talking about our business to everyone again are we?"
    John just scratches his head and sighs, finally admitting defeat with a rather deep sigh, "Yeah, I am sorry about that. I mean you were just so amazing. I can't help it but..", then he gives a squeeze of his own to Ada's hand, "Yeah. We did. Over a month ago today, if I recall correctly."
    Ada smiles, feeling the man's gentle squeeze and sincerity as he speaks. She frees her hand and caresses his face warmly, offering him a smile, "Even the intelligent have a sweet side if given the chance."
    Ada returns to address Rain's comments with, "I wouldn't call it so much luck but rather persistence. My work keeps me busy and when I was transferred to Raccoon on assignment, we just happen to meet.", then she sighs deeply, "Though the consistent calls were somewhat grating, if I must admit."
Rain Ocampo "oh? So was I correct in hearing you say you're Security?" Rain follows the conversation while all but ignoring the small signs of affection exchanged between the pair of Ada and John. That's the beauty of having a drink on hand to focus her attention when things get a little personal.

"I considered taking a reassignment in India, myself." She offers conversationally following Ada's admission of recent arrival, watching the couple in the mirror back behind the bartender, "Not that I have anything against Raccoon City, but small towns don't offer much room for elevation." Said with another long drink.
Ada Wong     Ada quirks a brow at Rain's inquiry, appearing to be a little perplexed and then exchanges glances between her and John though she moves to address the matter, "I believe you might be mistaken or misheard though I do not share a background in security. Most of my work resides in analytics, education, and public relations.", then follows with a sip of her drink.

    It appears she wants to take the reigns and lead for awhile... Ok, let's dance.

    Ada continues to listen as Rain continues on for a moment. She inquires with, "Reassignment in India?" and then further comments, "I mean I see you must be military based on your attire though is there something of benefit for you out there?"
Rain Ocampo "Ah, yeah, misheard I guess." Rain shrugs and finishes off her drink, then holds the empty out to the bartender before she starts speaking about her ''job change'', "A bit more leniant with Rules of engagement out at the India facility." She reasons, never much of a deceptive sort... never had any real ability with lying.

There's almost no use for it in her work.

"Not to mention frequent security breaches... if rumor holds anyways. Seems like I'd stay busy, right?" Smirking a little. "But the party scene is a little less impressive, I suppose."
Alice Seated at a table with some of the visiting executives from the Board was a woman in a black gown and blonde hair in a regal bun, she seemed far younger than everyone else at the table but the rumor was she had been assigned as the new Director of Security for one of Umbrella's most secretive operations in Raccoon City; The Hive.

She seemed far too young and inexperienced for such a job, but there was a rumor floating around the Corporation that she was one of 'Spencer's Chosen'; that elite group of employees that seemed to float on air and be supremely untouchable. Given privilege and circumstances that few others were within the corporation.

"I must be going now." One of the executives seated with the blonde woman said as he stood up and offered his hand to the woman, "Congratulations again on your new position Alice."

Alice stood and offered her hand in turn, "Thank you Doctor Isaacs. I look forward to working with you more in the future."
Ada Wong     The Bartender nods to Lt. Ocampo as she holds out her drink, preparing her next drink with relative ease and places it neatly out before her.
    Meanwhile, Ada and John both continue to listen to Rain's stories for a few more moments. John, however, is the one that breaks the silence, "I heard something about that. There has been a lot more hostility out there in India as of late."
    Ada nods between the pair and smiles a bit, "Well, I get the feeling you are the type who enjoys staying busy. I can't fault you for that, as I too enjoy staying busy." them she glances around, "Though this is quite the lavish lifestyle. I don't know many who would like to leave such a cushy position. I guess to each their own, no?", then finishes her drink.
    Setting the glass down, Ada glances over to notice the executive's table for a moment, taking particular note of the young woman in black. She inquires to both John and Rain and asks, "If you don't mind my asking, who is that over there?"

    John turns over at where Ada was inquiring about, "That I am not sure. I know that is supposed to be the executives table though those guys are obviously well above where I am that's for sure."
Rain Ocampo Rain is always wired to the security teams on duty, that's what she's here for in the end right? So hearing the voice on the other end she waves off the drink and smiles to Ada, John, and the Bartender. It's a cool expression, as most are with her, "Well, it has been a pleasure. Feliz Navidad, enjoy your hollidays."

A few bills are left as tip for the bartender and the Lieutenant is off with her lid slipped back under her arm as she walks. "Investigate, lock down that wing.. and bring up security footage, I'll be there in five. Have a single team on standby, just to be sure, but keep it quiet. I don't want to alarm any of the guests."
Ada Wong     As Rain must make a quick departure, the trio bid her farewell in unison.

    Meanwhile, Ada keeps her gaze on the young woman in black from the executive table, taking special note to commit her to memory as a key figure. As to what she was up too, that much remains unknown for the moment.

    The Barkeep looks to Ada and John, inquiring with, "Anything else that I can get you both?"

    John looks to Ada, who appears to reply with the shake of her head, then turns back, "Nah, I think we are good. Thank you though."
    Ada glances up to take note of the time and smiles, "What do you say for one more dance, cowboy?"
    John settles his glass on the bar and smiles, placing a rather large tip for the bartender before taking Ada's hand in his, "I think I do that, miss. If you'll have me that is."
    The bartender smiles as the trio make their departure. He takes the generous tips gladly, bidding each of them a fond farewell and watching as Ocampo rushes off and the love birds take off towards the dance floor for the remainder of the evening.
Ada Wong     As she proceeds out to the dance floor with John, Ada brings her hand to her chest and very slyly slips something into the bust of her dress. A hint of gold glimmers off the lights above but no one is sly enough to see that would they?