Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa Sitting in the chair next to her, Esa eases himself down and leans back against the backrest wincing when he does so. "Just a few things. I chased after the box truck to a small town several miles down the road. Getting into town, I called in for a Bird and support team." A small pause is given as his eyes look away. "I lost the truck and the Bird was recalled when we both came under fire." He brings his left hand up to touch the upper pec of his right-side chest. "I.. took a bullet, clean through."
Emma Emma listens, eating the sandwhich while doing so, picking it apart in pieces first. A brow lifts as Esa begins his story, and the food forgotten. "Wh - what?" The lass asks, blinking. "Yer - yer shot? Where?" Having seen the wince, she mildly assumes and would begin to stand to examine if she can.
Esa "I'm okay Emma." Esa says quickly, giving her a compassionate smile. "It was three days ago and Bob patched me up." He replies in a mellow voice as he gestures to the food and drink with the left hand. "The bullet went through the upper pec on my right-side chest." He notes calmly, the smile still his face.
Emma Slowly Emma sits, nodding a little, there is an ambivalent expression on her face. Turning to her food, one hand takes up a piece of sandwhich that she ripped apart and eats it, the other smoothes out her hair some, more an idle gesture.

"No - no way ta know who it was that took it?" She asks, tone revealing just how exhausted the woman is. Taking the bottle of water, a refreshing drink is taken. "We - we lost a whole truck load, least we - we seem okay right now, it - it's lookin' like everythin' is getting stable at least."
Esa "If I had to gander a guess, it'd be BLF... The government would've just sent in troops." A pause as he thinks quietly, then "Might be a local mercenary group or other roguish group. My money is on BLF though." Esa replies quietly, eyes focusing on her. "I'd suggest possibly increasing security for the time being.. see if the UN can provide the assistance. Or maybe the rebels?"
Emma "BLF?" Emma whispers that, and lowers her head, rubbing along the hairline as if she were developing a rather large headache. "Fuck." Follows that. "..fuck."

Looking up and to Esa, there is a slow nod. "I - I don't think tha - tha UN can help like that. Tha - tha Rebels would be tha ones ta talk to. I'll see - see what I can I can there." Suddenly, she has lost her appetite.
Esa Brows furrowing, Esa looks at her after she speaks the first time, a curious look on his face is given. As she continues to speak, his head nods slightly "It'd be good for the rebels PR to show support for the city." He says with a soft smile. His look again shifts to concern as he says "What's wrong?"
Emma "A - aye, it would be good." Emma hesitates then, those tired eyes fixed on her food. She goes to speak, stops, thinks and then at last does. "J - James is part of BLF. Ta get Spencer, but still is."
Esa Esa nods slowly at this revelation, a frown creasing his lips as he thinks. "Alright, that complicates things." Lifting a hand, he scratches his chin in continued thought. "Would he help us find the missing supplies?" He asks, eyes looking to her. "If I happened to know, I could send in FBC to reclaim the stash possibly... and if not them, maybe Andrei and his mercenaries." He adds
Emma "He - he may, I'll need ta talk ta - ta him." Even more now, she sounds exhausted. "I - I don't know if I want ta he tied inta him acting on our behalf though, I'm tryin' ta stay away, after Paris." Aka, the car bomb. "But, ta have them gone. I guess, I can talk ta - ta him an' see. No FBC, Andrei would likely be a - a better idea."
Esa A hand reaches out to touch her arm tender touch, a soft smile cross his lips "Then let us not ask him. I can run interference back in Command. Intelligence comes across my desk daily; let me see what I can do about finding the supplies and I will talk to Andrei." He replies cordially, an endearing smile on his face as he completely understands her want for separation from the problem.
Emma Looking to him, Emma gives Esa a thankful and warm smile, a hand going to pat his. "M - maybe. Let me think." She yawns, feeling the tired waves hit her. "I - I will talk ta ya later of this, for - for now, I best go rest." And so, she would stand to do so.