Umbrella Surveillance System
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Natalya Natalya kept that card, it's been tucked into her vest since she met Flynn. She walks into his office now, the anger on her features evident from the moment she crosses the threshold. Blood is spattered across her chest and torso and her right hand is almost caked in it. She walks right past poor Kathy and drops a pistol, silencer attached on his desk. She raises her hands and signs 'I think I pissed someone off, just by showing up in the neighborhood.'
Flynn It was a quiet afternoon inside Flynn's PI Investigation. It was so quiet that borderline boredom shows on Kathy's beautiful face as she files her nails with a sigh. When the doors open up, she glances up, smiling "Welcome to Flynns Priv-Holy fuck what happened to you?" she squeeks, standing as the other woman walks past "Ma'am! you can't go back there!" She follows quickly on the heels she wore. "Miss?"

As they approach the door and Natalya steps in, Flynn looks up and blinks. It takes him a minute to really register whom was standing before him, and even more so, that she was actually caked in blood. Glancing from her to the gun then back in time to catch the signing "Yeah, apparently." He said in a nonchalant tone of voice. "Kathy, bring the Wrangler around. We'll exit through the back." He says standing "Follow me."

Kathy gives a small nod and disappears in a slight jog, having no issue with the heels as she ran.
Natalya Natalya raises both eyebrows and then with a fuck it shrug she moves to follow Flynn. She isn't moving as fast as she could be, she's carrying a duffel bag and a guitar case along with a shotgun slung over her shoulder.
Flynn Turning around, He helps her by taking the duffel bag from her. "Did you get anything off this person?" He asks, waiting long enough for her to sign before turning back around. He leads her down a secondary exit, a flight of stairs and to a Wrangler. Opening the rear passenger door, he sets the duffel bag inside and opens her door. "I'm taking you to my residence at least for now. It's safer than my office and most places within this city."
Natalya Natalya holds up both hands and quickly signs. 'He wouldn't talk, and I'm not sure I need a place to stay ..yet. I do need information though, I want to know who the fuck did this.' She gets inside the jeep anyway and shrugs. 'I will bum a shower off of you though, since I can't go back to my hotel room now.' She rolls her eyes and looks disgruntled.
Flynn The Wrangler was already running and Kathy was heading back inside. Looking over to Natalya, his head nods to the signing. "Well if it was a hitman that could be a few factions or cartels." A beat "The biggest Cartel in the country is ran by one named El Papa. Could be the BLF or the Government themselves. Rebels don't normally work with assassins and hired hitmen." He replies to her as he shifts the vehicle in reverse. "Then again, could be someone else entirely." He shrugs at that.
Natalya Natalya shakes her head and wheezes out a laugh as she signs. 'Can't be the BLF, I'm working for them, and if they're trying to weasel out of the agreement someone is getting shot.' She watches the scenery fly past, and then she adds when she catches his attention, 'The guy was a professional, and well dressed, don't know if that makes any kind of difference.'
Flynn Biting his lip, Flynn shrugs "Cartel maybe then or the Government." He shrugs slightly again frowning. "In any case you did piss someone off. Have you been snooping around lately or digging into something you shouldn't have?" He asks, looking over to her as he came to a halt a red light.
Natalya Natalya rolls her eyes at Flynn and smirks. 'I dig into everything.' She signs, turning her attention to the road to cut off any more discussion about what she's been up to.
Flynn "I ... see." Flynn replies, looking away again as the light turns green. He mulls that one over quietly as the Wrangler heads into the old colonial section of the residence district. A minute or two later, they pull in to rather nice, but older looking home.
Natalya Natalya lets out a slow breath and before he can climb out of the jeep she taps him on the shoulder, her hands animated as soon as his gaze turns her way. 'Hey, I never pretended to be some bastion of justice or some angel. I get paid to plug people, and while I try not to plug anyone who doesn't deserve it. It happens sometimes, alright?' With that signed, she climbs out of the jeep before he can open her door for her again.
Flynn Flynn shrugs his shoulders, responding smoothly "Hey, I am not judging nor will I judge you. We all have skeletons in our closet. Think being a PI is easy? I've had to kill before." it's said as she steps out and in to the garage. Climbing out, he proceeds over to the door. "I asked because it would help narrow down whom is sending people after you." He notes in a mellow tone of voice, unlocking the door and steps inside. An alarm system goes off of which he is already on it, disarming the system a few seconds after it sounded.
Natalya 'My skeletons aren't in a closet, they're on parade for anyone who pays me the correct amount.' Natalya signs, glancing around the area with a yawn. 'Adrenaline must be wearing off..' She adds before she trails after Flynn. 'So uh, can you do me a favor?' She signs after catching up to him, a half pleading smile on her face.
Flynn A small chuckle is given as he sees the sign and grins softly. "I see." He says, waving her inside as he adds "Well give me fair warning if I end up on that list; I'll make sure to pay double what they were offering." He notes simply as the keys are set on the kitchen counter. Looking back, he catches the rest of the signing and says, "Sure what's up?"
Natalya Natalya watches Flynn for a moment and then she nods, if it's to the first thing he said or the second, nobody will probably ever know. 'I need to get a hold of someone.' She signs, an abashed look on her face. 'Sadly, I'm not really able to use a phone..' She glances down at her feet for a moment, scuffing a little bit of dirt onto the floor.
Flynn Giving a small smile, the man turns and gestures her into the living room "I have a phone on the table. Local land line, comes back as a restricted number." He says, hand gesturing to the phone. "Mi Casa Es Su Casa. Beer and food in the fridge, spare bedroom is yours to use and has a shower."
Natalya Natalya stares at Flynn for a moment and then she walks up close to him, smacks him on the shoulder and opens her mouth. The sight is not pretty. She holds up both hands and smirks in a How. The. Fuck. Do. You. Suggest. I. Use. The. Phone. look. Her right eye twitches slightly as she waits for him to realize his mistake.
Flynn As the hand the smacks his shoulder, the shoulder pushes backwards little and a small grin shifts across his lips. Upon seeing the missing tongue, he doesn't flinch; nor does he grimace, wince or look in any form disgusted; rather a brow perks up. "Some day your going to have to tell me how that happened." He responds casually, arms folding against his chest in amiable manner. "Okay, so that was a dumb as fuck response to a person that can't talk." He responds. "Who do you want me to call?"
Natalya 'Ares.' Comes the response from Natalya, her arms folded over her chest. She takes a few steps back and makes her way towards the shower.
Flynn Taking the number from her, Flynn makes a phone call to Ares as he walks over to a couch and sits.