Umbrella Surveillance System
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Cerberus Wed Mar 09, 2006

Darkening clouds hung over the city of Maracaibo, threatening to awash the city with heavy rains. As the clouds begun to roll through, the temperature lowers bringing about a cooling touch to the consistent warm weather.

The sun hung high in the sky, slowly lowering toward the east to indicate it was about midway. Inside the Bastion Hotel, it was quiet. few people were present in the lobby, and fewer were walking past Natalya's door.
Natalya Natalya sits on the bed in her room, her legs crossed indian style as she keeps one eye on the television and one on her shotgun. She's just finished cleaning the weapon and it's laying across her lap. Her right fingers idly tap across the metal as she waits for her phone to ring. A quick glance towards the window shows that the sun is being obscured by clouds and that brings a quick frown to her face.
Cerberus Someone approaches the door, touching the handle gently before pausing. There is a beep shortly thereafter as someone attempts to use the card reader, followed shortly by another pause and attempt again.

Then a knock as someone with a thick accent says, "Honey? The damn badge isn't working again. Could you let me in?"
Natalya Natalya can't speak, but she wouldn't answer anyway because only one person would call her honey and she didn't give him a key. She primes the shotgun and rolls backwards off the bed, her eyes on the door to wait to see if the person moves on.
Cerberus "This isn't funny!" A pause, glancing to the door "Oh.. wrong room number." The footfall wanders away, down the hallway quickly. Soon silence appears to fall outside the door once more.
Natalya Natalya shakes her head, taking a deep bracing breath. After some of the things she's seen and done, she's always waiting for the other shoe to drop. She's waiting for the person to come and claim some bounty on her. She climbs back into the bed, chiding herself. It isn't like her whereabouts are well known. Who would come looking for her here?
Cerberus Minutes would pass after the guy left, giving an easing calming feeling as no one else could be heard in the hall. Quiet, calm, serene.

Two quiet pops from a pistol is heard against the door handle. A second, maybe two later a foot hits the door near the handle with enough force to send it crashing open. Stepping inside, is a man with weapon drawn, eyes scanning the room.
Natalya A fucking silencer? When the two pops are heard Natalya rolls off the bed, hitting the floor with a muffled thud. She sees the feet of the intruder as he steps inside and she takes a slow breath, moving her shotgun to aim at his feet.
Cerberus As the gun goes off, the spread catches the mans left foot, ankle and lower leg. Blood sprays everywhere as the shell shreds apart the skin and muscle. "God damnit bitch." He shouts, stumbling back aiming toward the bed in an angle to open fire.
Natalya Natalya's eyes go wide as the man stumbles and aims towards her, when she hears the muffled sound of the shot being fired she is already rolling away. She tries to gain her feet, popping the shotgun to prime another shell, a furious look on her face. She aims for the arm that is holding the gun, wanting to get information before she kills him.
Cerberus The gun trails after Natalya as he attempts to aim. A finger moves to pull the trigger but she beats him to it as blasts him once more with the shotgun. The blast shreds through arm and torso region and sends him flying off his feet and into a chair behind him. He spits up blood, coughing ever so slightly as he does. The equal force and shredding of his left leg leaves part of it standing next the bed, blood spurting from where it is severed.
Natalya Natalya walks over to the man, she's got no voice but she's pretty inventive when the need calls for it. She picks up his gun, and tosses it far enough away that he can't make any use of it (not that he can walk) and smears her fingers in a puddle of blood on the floor. The window is right next to the gunman and she tilts her head as she writes 'WHO?' on the window. She pops the shell she just used from her shotgun and raises it, pointing it at his head as she jerks her chin towards what she's written.
Cerberus Coughing up blood, the man laughs. Now that the battle has settled, that everything is slowing down she finally can get a good look at this hitman. He was Spanish, possibly Bolivarian citizen, wearing a now bloody, torn beige suit jacket, white button up shirt, matching beige kakis and black shoe. The other shoe, of course, resided next to the bed. His eyes were blue and he had swept back black hair.

"Doesn't matter who I am or who sent me." He says before coughing up blood again.
Natalya Natalya rolls her eyes, and dips her fingers in the blood again. Since he's being difficult and she's on a limited time frame until law enforcement shows up she paints a frown on his face in his own blood. Her eyes watching him as she does so, a small smile on her face. When he's suitably painted she writes 'Last Chance.' on the window before she holds the shotgun on him again.
Cerberus "Fuck you." The man states as he gives her the middle finger and laughing as he leans forward, pressing the barrel against his head "Pull it I fucking dare you."
Natalya Natalya jerks her shotgun away from his head, wheezing out a silent laugh before she raises a foot, pushing him back against the chair. She doesn't display a lot of emotion when she pulls the trigger, shooting him full on in the chest. The hotel room isn't in her name, she's smarter than that. So it's simply a matter of gathering her things and leaving. She doesn't even wash off the blood, why bother? She'll get more on her soon, she's sure.